Raul Castro’s Daughter Endorses Obama

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“If I were a U.S. citizen I’d vote for Obama for president,” boasted Mariela Castro during her San Francisco conference last week. “I think he is sincere, I think he speaks from the heart.” To cheers and applause from the San Franciscan crowd Raul Castro’s daughter also proclaimed that “what we want is the power of emancipation through socialism.”

Last year, former Democratic president Jimmy Carter thoroughly charmed Mariela’s father and uncle in Havana. “We greeted each other as old friends,” gushed Carter regarding his meeting with Fidel Castro.

“In 2002, we received him warmly,” reciprocated Castro. “Now, I reiterated to him our respect and esteem.”

“Jimmy Carter was the best of all U.S. Presidents,” gushed Raul Castro while seeing his American guest off personally and jovially.

In fact, for many prominent Democrats, Castro’s Cuba resembles the very Land of Oz, with Cubans laughing the days away. If this sounds hyperbolic, here’s “Conscience of the Democratic Party” George McGovern after a visit to Cuba in 1975: “Everywhere we were surrounded by laughing children who obviously loved Fidel.”

Here’s the late Frank Mankiewics, a lifelong Democratic factotum, who served as campaign chairman for presidential candidate George McGovern, press secretary for Senator Robert Kennedy and as head of NPR from 1977-1983: Mankiewics was greatly impressed by “the enthusiasm and unity of the Cuban people…they are proud of their accomplishments and sing songs about themselves and their country that reflect this self-pride.”

Mariela’s uncle Fidel ringingly endorsed Obama the first time around, while greatly fearing for the Democratic candidate’s life. “A profound racism exists in the U.S.,” Fidel revealed in an essay dated October 2008. “It’s a miracle that the Democratic candidate (Obama) has not suffered the fate of other Americans who dreamed of equality and justice like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.”

For the record: Fidel Castro, forcibly overthrew a black Cuban head of state (Fulgencio Batista) and replaced his government with one where only nine percent of the ruling Stalinist party is black and where the prison population is 80-90 percent black. He jailed the longest suffering black political prisoner of modern history (Eusebio Penalver who suffered longer in Castro’s dungeon than Nelson Mandela suffered in South Africa’s). He sentenced other blacks (Dr. Elias Biscet, Jorge Antunez) to 20 year sentences essentially for quoting Martin Luther King Jr. in a public square.

And Chris Matthews isn’t alone in swooning over Obama’s charisma, verbal agility and smarts. Fidel’s leg also tingles: “(Obama) has a habit of looking at his adversary with serenity and laughing at the verbal gaffes of an opponent who looks blankly into space,” continued Castro’s endorsement, where he also denounced McCain as “a habitual liar, who lacks an ethical code and is an instrument of the ‘Miami Mafia'” (i.e. overwhelmingly Republican Cuban-Americans.)

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  • http://frontpage.com richard sherman

    Cuba is a gulag in the Carribean…nothing more or less.

  • Juana

    The friend of my enemy is my enemy. I'd be more surprised if Castro's daughter supported Ron Paul. I guess things aren't really improving in Cuba. I'm sorry.

  • davarino

    San Fransicko, figures. Mentally challenged dolts.

    Thats all

  • PDK

    Funny, how all those liberal dolt leaders, Jimmy, McGovern and others have nothing but praise for Castros Cuba but decide not to give up their American citizenship and join the better team.
    That Raul Castros daughter is for Obama should tell Americans, at least the non liberal, the matured Americans something about his highness the anti American Messiahnic POTUS.
    May Obama be one and done! Thank you.

  • StephenD

    They can talk all they want. Tell me when you start to see a man strap an old door to a couple of 55 gallon drums to float his family TO Cuba and not AWAY from Cuba and then maybe I'll listen to you tell me how good it is there.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Great idea for Obama's soon retirement…….he can go home…………….William

  • Barbc

    Why don't you ask Fidel Castro's daughter what she thinks of Obama. Last I heard she is living some were in Florida. This is after she sneaked out of Cuba because she does not agree with her father.

  • H&R_ Barack

    RE: "Raul Castro’s Daughter Endorses Obama"

    ~ "Leni" Riefenstahl endorsed Adolph Hitler.

  • johnnywoods

    It is fascinating to be lectured on economic and political matters by a shill for the worst economic/political basket case in the hemisphere:)

  • http://www.mailmagazine24.com Bright Knight

    ha… whom else should she endorse? They are partners in crime…

  • WilliamJamesWard

    My nephew the Psychiatrist tells me he has dozens of patients with hundreds of demons
    in their heads and they all endorse Obama, Castro's daughter should get on line, she
    is a candidate for haldol…………………….William

  • mrbean

    Who cares who this insignificant Communist bythch endorses. The Cuban-Americans hate her old man and her Uncle Fidel. Carter should do us a favor and just croak and we'll be rid of the fool Obama for good by January, 2013.

  • Oleg

    I have always wondered why the Left, even so called democratic socialists, are such fans of the Castro regime in Cuba and Fidel himself? They behave like a bunch of teenage groupies around a their favorite rock star. What's even more bizzare is they view that regime as some sort of model for American or Canadian society, like they figure that if the Communists do take over that they will be at the top of the Totem pole, all based on the "Potemkin Village" treatment they get while down there. Does the liberal gentry of San Fransisco really think that they would get to keep their high priced cars, houses, cushy six figure jobs, and champaigne sipping art galas under a Castro like regime? In actual truth, idiots like Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Harry Bellafonte, Ed Asner, Danny Glover, Sheppard Fairey, the occupy leadership, the union bosses, etc. would be the first ones rounded up and shot in the basement of the perverbial Lubyanka if the real hardcore Communists took over. Che Guavera was no better then Charles Manson and was Cuba's answer to Heinrich Himmler, or any number of war criminals, other then have a book of Marx under his arm.

    • TingTang

      It's really pathetic to see college kids walking around in Che T-shirts, a blood thirsty mass murderer. And the doofus-hipsters think they're sooo cool.

  • Ghostwriter

    The daughter of Raul Castro's endorsement isn't one I'd want. As for her quote,"Emancipation through Socialism,"a great many people were emancipated…of their property,their freedom,and finally,their lives.

  • Ghostwriter

    If I were looking for an endorsement,Raul Castro's daughter would not be it.

  • Eva

    What a piece of filth. She is not worthy of being called a woman. A daughter of a murderer, psychopath and one of the biggest druglords in the world.

  • TingTang

    A gay commie endorsing another gay commie. What a shock!