Fact or Fiction?: 1001 Muslim Inventions Comes to Washington D.C.

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National Geographic Explorer’s Hall in Washington D.C. has hosted some of the most prestigious exhibits in America.  Previous exhibits have included the Chinese terracotta warriors, as well as the James Caird, the lifeboat Sir Ernest Shackleton miraculously sailed from Antarctica to South Georgia Island in 1916.  Currently it is hosting a curious exhibit through February 2013 entitled “1001 Inventions: Discover the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization.”  This high tech, slickly produced exhibit explicitly seeks to debunk the “myth” that the dark ages were dark.

The exhibit purports to provide examples of innovations from Muslim civilization, and some of the claims may come as a surprise to those familiar with the Wright Brothers or Yuri Gagarin.

I recently visited “1001 Inventions” which was housed on the same floor as a fantastic Titanic exhibit.  I purchased entry to the museum at a ticket booth staffed by Rebecca Head, a National Geographic employee.  Perhaps assuming I was heading to see the Titanic exhibit, Head pushed attendance at 1001 Inventions  – “There is a really great exhibit on Muslim inventions you should see.”

The exhibit begins with star power – a short movie starring Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley.  Kingsley plays a librarian who faces a trio of young uniformed (presumably British) students seeking information about “the dark ages.”

Kingsley’s character bristles at the children’s characterization, critical of those “filling your head with such nonsense and ripping down the good of former civilizations.”

But “everyone knows the Greeks and Romans invented everything!” one child replies.

Kingsley’s librarian doesn’t equivocate – “some of the most important discoveries” were made by “Muslim civilizations.”

Harry Potter-style magic takes over, and Kingsley is transformed with beautiful flourish from an English librarian into the exotic turban wearing historical figure of Al-Jazari.  The children are enthralled, both on the screen, and in the audience.

Al-Jazari informs the three children that a grand civilization “that stretched from Spain to China” was responsible “for some of the most important discoveries” in the world.  These include, according to Kingsley’s transformed Al-Jazari, devices such as the camera.

And herein lies the most fascinating characteristic of the entire exhibit – the slipperiness of its language.  Indeed, language throughout the exhibit, as we shall see, becomes a way to trick attendees.  Cleverly chosen words nudge readers toward unsupported conclusions.  Myth mingles with science.  Rumor becomes history.

Consider the “invention” of the camera.  Al-Jazari, portrayed masterfully and magically on screen by Kingsley, says “he” was responsible for explaining “how our eyes work” and developed camera obscura. Even if it is historically accurate that Al-Jazari pioneered camera obscura, the slithery language of the screenplay generates an inference that Al-Jazari is somehow legitimately involved in the chain of inventions culminating in my Nikon 35mm.

I was reminded of George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language when he wrote: “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

Kingsley’s Al-Jazari fulfills Orwell’s warning in the film when he introduces another Muslim inventor, Abbas Ibn Firnas, who “dared to dream man could fly 1000 years before the Wright Brothers.”

Outside the theater, Firnas is featured in a flight exhibit.  Firnas is “said to be the first person who tried to fly.  His first attempt which has passed into legend took place when he leapt from the minaret of the Great Mosque in Cordoba.  Equipped with a glider with wooden struts, he managed to fly and landed more or less unharmed.  [His] next flight was more ambitious.  From the top of a nearby hill, he launched himself and his flying machine, apparently gliding for some distance before falling, a problem blamed on the lack of a tail.”

Notice all of the tricks of language.  He was the first “who tried to fly,” and “passed into legend,” “more or less unharmed,” the “flying machine,” (implying moving parts), and “apparently gliding for some distance.”  Naturally he also diagnosed that that cause of his failure was the want of a tail. The exhibit neglects to inform us about whether he applied this fix to his “machine.”

The exhibit also features an interactive game for children where they can help Firnas fly by flapping their arms.

This all might seem harmless, but consider the argument I had with my 8-year-old after leaving the exhibit.  She was convinced that the Wright Brothers were not the first to fly, and instead it was Firnas launched from the mosque at Cordoba a millennium ago.  This would not be the only instance when thought corrupted the language of the exhibit, which in turn corrupted thought, at least among the more impressionable.

The short introductory film with Kingsley playing Al-Jazari goes on to tell the three on-screen students (and the many children in the theatre) that the 1001 inventions include medical devices, ideas or unspecified things which somehow led to the compass and GPS satellite navigation and the very Industrial Revolution itself.

Al-Jazari hands the children a book called “1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World” and urges them plainly to “spread the word.”

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  • jose

    Next thing you know the'll be a tellin us that barack obama is islamic. jeesh

  • LoveFreedom

    Thanks, A.D. White, for mentioning "The Closing of the Muslim Mind." (couldn't remember the title/author)

    –The Closing of the Muslim Mind, interview w/ foreign policy expert Robert Reilly — on WGN's Extension 720 Show, hosted by Milt Rosenberg (Rosenberg is a real erudite, has many superb interviews)

    —Show 586 Dennis Prager talks to the author of Closing the Muslim Mind. 20 minutes.

    —10 Questions with ‘The Closing of the Muslim Mind’ author Robert R. Reilly

  • BS77

    Every day I wake up and thank God I do not live in a country like Sudan or Syria, Afghanistan or Pakistan. Let's protect our incredible nation, the USA!!!

    • manchu

      You thank god you are in USA because you are not on the recieving end of it's brutality. You are the modern definition of selfish.

  • william carr

    This will choke Muslims but the Jews have produced far more intellectual achievements than most other cultures except perhaps the Chinese, who invented almost everything long before the West did. Einstein is the most famous but there are many many more. One of the greatest errors made by Hitler was driving out most of the genius of the Jewish scientists and intellectuals. If he had kept them and treated them well he might possibly have won the war.

    • tedh754

      I've thought that for years. Had Hitler been only a nationalist and used the brains of his country, both Jewish and gentile, the war would have turned out totally different. Same with his invasion of Russia, putting his boots on their necks instead of allowing them to align with the German army as liberators. Bad choices all around.

  • bill carr

    It is often said that the Chinese only used gunpowder for fireworks. This is not correct they also used it for military rockets.

  • bill carr

    Mostly Uneducated Sexstarved Lazy Intolerant Men

    • Yorkshire Mine

      I have to admit that I couldn't think of anything that the Muslims have invented, That was until I realized that they did invent synchronised bowing. We in the West took it and ran with it adapting it too our needs how else would we have had synchronised swimming in the Olympics. You have to admit that that is great achievement. I am surprised that they did not claim that as one of there 1001 inventions


    1001 Inventions.

    As real as 1001 Arabian Nights.

    Both Fiction.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Regardless of whatever contributions Islam has made to society in the past, I have only one question for its followers… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR US LATELY?!?

    All I'm seeing is the crucifixion of Christians, murders between various sects, the enslavement of women and children, lies, and an everlasting hatred of Jews and Israel. If Islam is such a great system, why do the majority of its adherents live in mud huts and caves?

  • nudibranch

    An exhibit purporting to present history, especially one sponsored by National Geographic,

    Stop right there. National Geographic, in the last 50 years, has drifted in its content from insufferably condescending to insufferable PC propaganda. How a former magazine of inquiry into geographic facts morphed into a trendy organ of transnational progressivism, with elgant photography as the sugar coating to attract readers, is a question for another time, but that change is plain as day. It now devotes itself to perfecting the modern citizen through immersion in all the main PC topics – anticolonialism, environmental fundamentalism, multiculturalism, collectivism and anticapitalism.

  • nudibranch

    An exhibit purporting to present history, especially one sponsored by National Geographic,

    And as self-hating transnational progressivism strongly opposes and heaps opprobrium upon Western civilization, it welcomes such allies as Muslim culture who share some of those attributes – never mind its misogynism, misgovernment and antidemocracy, never mind its oppressive colonial past. Hence National Geographic's eagerness to replace the history of that oppressive colonial past with a fine-art fantasy of oh-so-smart scientific development. Some parts of that may even be true (I don't see any reference by Mr. Adams to astronomy), but NG goes so far out of its way here, extolling the virtues of Islamic culture, you'd think they learned the arts of extravagant praise while working for the Dear Leaders of the Kim dynasty.

  • pat

    Yeah. We signs of creative Muslim thinking every day! Oh wait. They are barbarians at the gate.

  • Daphne

    The sand diaphragm should not be overlooked at #1002.

  • Infofact

    With this exposition propaganda designed to whitewash Islam to make it acceptable for the general public, it is of absolute importance to circulate all over the US this brilliant article on WikiIslam which debunks the twenty most advertised bogey inventions by so-called "Islamic inventors" in which you will discover that religious authorities in Saudi Arabia described the Earth as being flat !
    http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Islamic_Inventions%3F_H… in

  • TopAssistant

    Do you want to see what our Founding Fathers thought about Islam and the Koran? Type in your search engine: “John Adams Koran, 1806, Alcoran of Mahomet or you can go directly to it here: http://archive.org/details/korancommonlycal00john and you will come to John Adams Koran published in 1806. Look to the upper left side of the first page and you will see a blinking icon, “View the Book”, right below it you will find, “Read it Online”, link to it and read the 2nd & 3rd pages. It will tell you what they thought of the Koran and it isn’t what the Islamists and media pundits tell us.
    Please review it and post it on every website you can so it increases the opportunities for Muslim to read and quit their lying about how Thomas Jefferson and John Adams loved Islam. They did not. Type in your search engine: John Adams & Thomas Jefferson letter, Grosvenor Square, March 28, 1786.

  • Asher

    More lies, deception, and propaganda. Part of the reason Islam hates Jews and Christians is that they are jealous of accomplishments and a resolve to succeed which we have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the entrepreneurs and innovators…thats why Obama wants to bring down America, to cut us down to size… Perhaps Islam can explain to the people of America on the DNC platform..how Sharia law works and what Freedoms will be taken away from all of us. Perhaps men in this country should think about if they want their wives and children to be governed by Sharia law and treated less than dogs…


    1001 Muslim Inventions, as real as 1001 Arabian Nights.

  • ratonis

    But the Muslims DID invent air travel! They had flying carpets long before anybody else.

  • tedh754

    You would think after all this time that the Muslims could have figured out how to behead a person using something better than a steak knife.

  • tedh754

    It could not possibly be "the" Bob Avakian, the Stalin of our time. Talk about a cult of personality! Everybody will be equal but Chairman Bob. Revolution Books! Stalin, Mao, Lenin…why not Pol Pot? The Ends justify the mean. Millions of dead, just so a worker can have a good day? Certainly not.
    Issues with your jurist dad can only take you so far, Bob.

  • tedh754

    Didn't Kingsley win an Oscar for "Gandhi?" Who murdered Gandhi?

    • Kufar Dawg

      A Hindu murdered Gandhi, for selling out millions of Hindus and Sikhs to muslo-fascists in Bangladesh and Pakistain.

  • LoveFreedom

    TopAssistant, your informative comments and links (thank you) about what the Founding Fathers thought about Islam jogged my memory of another superb FrontPageMag article from several years ago by Dr. Andrew Bostom:

    America’s First War on Terror By: Andrew G. Bostom
    FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, May 04, 2006 http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?…

    Is a gripping historical narrative about how America finally had their fill of paying protection money to the evil Muslim rules of the N. African countries. Shortly after the War of 1812 was over, the President dispatched ships and the Marines to roundly defeat the Muhammedans and force them to stop attacking our ships.

    Am sure many believe, as I do, that defeating the current true-believer followers of the pedophile prophet will again be the only way peace can be achieved–they certainly can't be reasoned or negotiated with. I also believe that things are going to get much worse in Europe and America before they will get any better.

  • Judd Rusnak

    We don't have to go that far into history.

    From 1901 through 2011 there were 850 noble prize winners. From that number, over 170 winners were Jewish 9 were Muslims and the rest were Christians. They could not fudge these stats, it only shows what kind of a people we are dealing with.

    Throughout history, the killed, decapitated, bashed, raped, mugged, etc. etc. etc. they never had the time to invent anything they only managed to produce hate and wars. Look at Israel, such a small tiny nation with more patents than all the Arab countries in the ME and North Africa combined.
    I rest my case

    • manchu

      its funny with all your advancements you lot still rape, kill, decapitate, bash, mugg…

  • Judd Rusnak

    Let me just add a bit for my previous comment.
    From the 9 Noble Prize winners, there were 7 in the area of literature and peace and only TWO in the siences
    So, the Muslim contribution to the world in the past 110 years is around 0.2%, while Jewish contribution is of 20%

    • LoveFreedom

      Good info to have, thanks. It absolutely boggles the mind, doesn't it, how so many "educated" people can not or will not open their eyes to see the threat that islam always has been and continues to be today! The West refused to see the threat that hitler was until it was almost too late—islam has a 1400-year recorded history of backwardness, barbarity, slavery, violence, murder, and mayhem and yet, the dhimmi's and useful idiots in the West defend it today. Incredible!

      We WILL continue to inform and warn all we can. (this is esp informative also– -http://www.jihadwatch.org/islam-101.html)

  • Aussie guest

    The muslims say that they were the first to build hospitals. Actually King Ashoka of India did, he was a Hindu convert to Buddhism, he also was the first to build veterinary hospitals. Oh I am so tired of listening to muslim lies.

  • James Brookner

    In fact the wright brothers were not the first to fly.

    This whole website is an extremely disturbing one and reminds me of the nation front or something. the sheer hatred and ignorance against millions of people is reminiscent of the nazis.

    • Western Spirit

      This web site is an "extremely disturbing one?

      This tells enough about your mindset to nullify anything you say.

    • JoJoJams

      Hey knucklehead (and I usually don't do the name-calling) – there is a vast difference between powered flight and gliding with "wings". Or, one may as well state the French invented "flight" because Rozier and his hot air balloons "flew" in the mid 1700s. But that's not what is claimed of the Wright brothers. Their claim to fame is to be the first in controlled, powered flight. Can you comprehend that distinction?

  • flowerknife_us

    I suppose the Muslims lost out with the whole concept of Marketing. 1001 inventions of which developing any one of them would have made riches beyond their comprehension.

    Let us get this flight story correct

    1. First flight- witnessed by his fellow coreligionists.

    2. Second flight- Having been chased up a mountain side to escape their wrath, he jumps once more.

    3. End of Mans first attempt at flight.

  • Glennd1

    It's so hard to keep track. I thought everything was invented in Africa? And then I was told that women invented everything of value. But now I find out it was really the Muslims who ushered in modernity, wow, it's hard to keep track of the bouncing ball…

  • Kufar Dawg

    Everyone should cancel their subscriptions to National Geographic magazine. Their magazine has been nothing but an outlet for islamofascist propaganda for decades. Throw their magazines in the trash and tell them why you're doing so.

  • Spikey

    Al Gore: "I took the initiative in creating the Internet"
    March 1999 in an interview with Wolf Blitzer……….

    Transcript of the interview: http://www.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/stories/1999/03/09

    Any questions?

    • trickyblain

      He did not say he "invented" the Internet. He did, in fact, create and champion the funding that led to its free use.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ann.kenevan Ann Kenevan

    Revisoionsit history, Is William Aryes writing this also, like he rewrite the history of American slavery for school children?

  • Robert Rockwell

    Thanks for this great article. Once again FPM exposes the whitewashing of Islam to the gullible masses. This exhibition is just as preposterous as the "Islam is peace" load they (the politicians, media, other religions leaders, etc.) were shoveling after 9-11.

    You can spray perfume on a turd, but you won't convince everyone its a rose.

  • http://twitter.com/Brian_R_Allen @Brian_R_Allen

    Islamists and Peking's perilously pernicious predators have been pulling this same kind of delusional re-writing of history for hundreds of years, in the case of the muslims — and 65 for chicoms.

  • dave

    National Geographic lost their objectivity about Israel along time ago. Articles in recent years blame Israel for Christian persecution in the west bank, and question the veracity of Biblical stories based on incomplete archeology. The power of Saudi funding at play.

    • Kufar Dawg

      It goes back for decades. I've read NG's from the 60's and the fedayeen raids in which muslims came across from Jordan and slaughtered unarmed Jews never mentioned the fact they were muslimes at all. Ditto for the artillery fire that used to come from the Golan Heights when Syria owned them. NG has been whitewashing islamofascism for decades.

  • tagalog

    The Arabs are commonly noted for their contributions to mathematics, with the concept of zero and Arabic numerals. However, the concept of zero is from the Indians, while the Arabs referred to the numbers we in the Western world use today as "Indian" numbers, revealing where they got them from.

    The Persians were sophisticated in astronomy. When the Arabs fought the Persian Empire to its end, in the 7th Century A.D., they adopted Persian astronomy for themselves, and the Westerners who became familiar with the Middle Eastern astronomy disciplines thought it came from the Arabs when in fact it came from the Persians.

    For a more complete treatment of Arabic/Muslim adoption of innovations in various areas, read David Lindberg's The Beginnings Of Western Science. Of course, we took what we used as our basic intellectual take-off point from everyone we could, but we built on what we took, something the Arabs can't say. For a good take on the Arabic mind, consider the words of Mullah Omar, an Arabic Muslim caliph when asked if the famous library at Alexandria should be destroyed: "If the books contain ideas that are different from the ideas of the Qur'an, they are false and we don't need them; if they contain ideas that support the ideas of the Qur'an, we have the Qur'an and don't need them; hence, burn them."

  • ConOff

    Pity. I don't see my favorite muslim invention listed here – the long drop. Where would civilization be without that? Still stuck in the 7th century, I suppose.

  • Reese

    This makes me so mad! All of the original beginning knowledge came from the "cream of the crop" Jews that King Nebuchadnazzer had taken captive from Judah (Israel. Judah is where the word Jew comes from) to Babylon (in modern day Iraq), Scarcely a word appears about the ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Iraq, nor about the vast impact the Jews of the region have made on the evolution of the region's culture and civilization. Little note has been taken of the persecution and induced exodus of over 200,000 Jews from Iraq, the virtual elimination of Judaic presence from the land in which they were a dynamic element over thousands of years.

    Nissan Rejwan opens his authoritative work, The Jews of Iraq, with the statement, "For close on four millennia the fortunes of the Jewish people, the growth of their religious beliefs, and the shaping of their culture were, in one way or another, inextricably linked with the 'land of the twin rivers,' now known as Iraq."1

    • Reese

      It can likewise be said that the growth of civilization in that region was inextricably linked to the Jews during those millennia. A substantive Israelite imprint upon Babylonian civilization began with the Assyrian conquest of Samaria in 723-2 BCE and the deportation (according to the Assyrian conqueror) of 27,290 of the most skillful and productive Israelites, the cream of Israelite society.

      The art of glassmaking offers a significant glimpse into the process. It was an art that had disappeared from Mesopotamia, the land in which it had been born. It reappeared in that ancient region with the importation of Israelite artisans. Sargon II, ruler of Assyria, celebrated the conquest by having a glass vase made, engraved with a lion and the insignia "Palace of Sargon, King of Assyria." It is a three-inch high green glass alabastron carved from a single piece of molded glass.2 It is now the treasured possession of the British Museum.

      • Reese

        Nebuchadnazzer, in 587 BCE, likewise deported thousands of Jewish artisans and savants, the cream of Judaic society, into the Mesopotamian heartland. The extent of Judaic influence can be judged by the fact that, by the time the Achaemenid king Cyrus became the ruler of Babylon in 539 BCE, Aramaic, the secular language of the Jews, had become the official language of the Persian civil service. Aramaic remained the region's official medium for local and international commerce and for governmental and diplomatic affairs for the next thousand years.

        Babylonia became the fountain from which scientific knowledge flowed into Greece, and subsequently across North Africa and Europe. The process started when Greek merchants such as Thales, Pythagorus, Herodotus, Leucippus, Democritus and others sojourned in Mesopotamia. The Greeks absorbed mathematics, astronomy and other sciences from the Babylonian sages and brought back the knowledge gained to Greece.3

        • Reese

          The Cambridge History of Judaism (Vol. II) acknowledges this debt Greek, and ultimately Western science owes to the savants of Babylonia. "It was during the Achaemenid period… that the Greeks borrowed several major cultural achievements from Babylonia. The historian Herodotus, who visited Babylonia about 450 B. C. E., and left a detailed description of it, wrote in his great work (11:9) that the Babylonians were the Greek's teachers in mathematics and astronomy. Gradually, the synthesis of scientific knowledge, artistic techniques, and religious beliefs of the various peoples brought about what was a new material and spiritual culture. Later this contributed to the triumph of Hellenism, which was the product of Greek culture with that of the peoples of the East."

          The science of the Babylonian sages lives on in the works of the Greeks, who codified it and made it known to the West. Judaic savants later found themselves in the reverse role of translators of the Greek texts into Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic.

          • Reese

            The concentration of Jews in the industrial, agricultural, and commercial heartland of Mesopotamia made up the most dynamic element of the subsequent Sassanian (3rd-5th century) economy. River navigation and international commerce were largely in the hands of Jewish entrepreneurs. Insurance and banking were carried on by great Jewish financial houses, and trade with silk, linen, glassware, grain, spices, and a variety of other essential goods was promulgated and financed on a scale that approaches that of modern times.4

            The Jews worked the land as tenants of the king, and many of the craftsmen were employed in state enterprises. Weavers and dyers, carpenters and smiths, sailors and singers are among the disciplines mentioned in the Talmud. The wines produced by the Jews of Sura won great praise in poetry quoted by an Arab chronicler of the seventh century. Glassware produced at Ctesiphon, one of the stations along the route into China, presaged the advent of the "Persian" glassware industry.

          • Reese

            Jews were an important part of the royal administration. The Judaic community was headed by the Resh Galutha (Exilarch, Naggid, or Nasi), who was charged with the collection of taxes, supervision of markets, and even had autonomous supervision over criminal cases. In pre-Islamic times the Resh Galutha bore the title "King." Thus the official title of the Persian emperor was "King of Kings." The Persian emperor Yezdegerd I (399-420 CE), married a Jewess, Shushan-Dukhit, daughter of such a Jewish "King." Shushan was no mere palace decoration. She promoted Jewish colonization, founding communities in Isfahan and Hamadan, towns that became of prime importance in Islamic times.5

            During the Mishnaic and Talmudic periods the population of Babylonian Jews may have approached two million. In any event it constituted a sizable proportion of the region's inhabitants. Great Judaic universities flourished and the Babylonian Talmud was compiled.

            See much, much more at Hebrew History Federation: http://www.hebrewhistory.info/factpapers.htm

  • ElrayB

    If all of this is true, then it is the Muslims who have created global warming..er I mean climate change.

  • Anamah

    Muslims clowns are so funny! They are specially attracted to fall in the absurd making historic ridicule.

  • Ann

    all that and they still behead people,stone,rape children and have forced marriages…yep they sure were ahead of their time…out of the cave and back in … they be sooooooooooo smart… propaganda at its best…

  • east1999

    Everyone in this convo watches too much damn tv and probably doesnt have an actual muslim acquaintance let alone friend. Beheadings, rapes, molestation, bigotry, adultery, poverty; all these things that media shows on tv or what people THINK muslims are all about happens everywhere. Its like me hearing about Sandusky and thinking all white people are child molesters. Open your mind, stop the hate and the bs conspiracy theories. No single person can honestly admit that Muslims might have made an impact on the world of science? People actually think that all Muslims are terrorists or trying to take over the U.S or live in huts or beat their wives or any of the other close minded bs i read in these comments? Like it or not, eventually this entire country in going to be brown or beige. Your kids or grandkids will eventually marry a person of color and believe in black Jesus or black Mohammed. And hopefully, the closed minded, racist side of this great country will die. Any questions?

  • http://www.facebook.com/fbwmeyer Wade Meyer

    "You didn't build that! Somebody else did." comes through loud and clear.
    Hey I cancelled my NG subscription a long time ago. The reason I did was because it was becoming more political. It was more like "National Peacenik" or "National Save Whales", "National Global Warming" and "National SUVs Cause Pollution" magazine.

    But this is really sick propaganda. What's missing is truly a report on the scope of open inquiry and philosophy of Arabs PRIOR to Islam. What do you think the "Wise men from the east were in the Bible?" ; it was a culture of Arabs that were astronomers. Islam kills inquiry and independent thought. Because one would be too afraid of pissing off an Imam and be stoned to death.

  • Lyneil

    How could "Muslim culture" have produced so many of these inventions thousands of years ago when the religion wasn't invented until about 700 A.D." ? That's the last time I'll be watching Ben Kingsley in anything too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hindi.drama Hindi Drama

    Totally agree with your suggestion… Very nice post and good information here… Thanks for posting that…

  • http://www.galaxyon.com syed mumtaz shah

    i really good site

  • Manchu

    Very original. But if you want to claim muslims took the credit for inventions they did not invent then Christians should also take the blame for the saw you mention many civilisations before islam including Christians beheaded people.

  • http://galaxyon.com say

    how about detail
    http://g a l a x y o n.com

  • Will

    I am opposed to most of the viewpoints expressed on this site, but having just visited the 1001 Inventions exhibit at National Geographic, I whole-heartedly agree with this particular article.

  • fredfighter

    It is historically accurate that Al-Jazari pioneered the camera obscura, then he is certainly legitimately involved in the chain of inventions culminating in my Nikon 35mm.

    Though I doubt the stories about first flight — the one about rockets sounds like it was borrowed from Chinese legend, the fact is that the Wright brothers were not the first to fly. People flew lifted by kites, in balloons, and in gliders before them. The Wright Brothers themselves flew in gliders before their powered airplane.

  • Amani

    First, Thank you for installing this exhibit.
    Despite your comments guidelines, it seems that you just leave the attacks above. this is very offensive. To those who still have these prejudiced ideas about Islam, please READ about ISLAM from good sources…. and please, I beg you to read the whole BIBLE!

  • Guy Macher

    Muslims invented the suicide belt, the three course lunch, –sand coffee, more sand. They legalized pedophilia and misogyny. They are world class leeches, malingerers, and barbarians. And anyone who disagrees is a racist Islamophobe!