The New York Times and New Black Panthers Protect Election Lawbreakers

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The truth is that True the Vote was deployed all over Harris County, Texas, in 2010.  The only place where their elderly, and usually female, volunteers were met with hostility and discourtesy was in Sheila Jackson Lee’s Congressional district.  Nowhere else did they encounter any objections to their law abiding observation activities.  But in Jackson Lee’s district, these elderly retirees were verbally assaulted and in some cases even removed from the polling places after the personal intervention of Quanell X of the New Black Panther Party.

It makes you wonder what was happening inside the polls that made elderly volunteers with a pen and paper so threatening.

Once upon a time in America, the outrage would be directed toward the uncivil New Black Panthers who threw out the elderly poll watchers, and not toward the poll watchers merely recording events inside the polls.

Small liars at left-wing blogs print lies like the Eric Holder Justice Department is “investigating” Tea Party voter intimidation, and then big liars and big newspapers eventually print the same thing.  This is how decent Americans seeking to improve the election process are smeared and slandered by the irresponsible.  This is another in a growing list of modern examples where the law abiding are attacked while the lawless are defended.

Unfortunately, the New York Times is not alone in smearing law abiding citizens.  The usual suspects have joined in.  The Advancement Project, Demos, the Brennan Center and Common Cause have all resorted to slander and dishonesty to stop the work of law-abiding groups like True the Vote.

But a few facts get in the way.  First of all, the National Voter Registration Act (usually called Motor Voter), invites private third-party groups to play a role in policing the nation’s voter rolls.  This was part of a compromise in 1993 in Congress to increase voter registration.  For 20 years, this right lay dormant, untouched by any party or candidate.  Not until after 2010 did groups like True the Vote mushroom all over the nation and begin to use this federal power to police the rolls.

Second, most state laws permit third party election observers.  The power to observe the election is a power used in third world elections to ensure they are fairly and properly run.  That groups like Common Cause now oppose the exercise of this right says a great deal about them.  These citizens groups are doing exactly what the law allows – quietly standing in a polling place with a pen and paper.

Apparently to some in Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s district, having someone watch and record the voting process is too risky.

In my book Injustice, I document instance after instance of election fraud.  But I also report the troubling results of a poll conducted by pollster Pat Cadell.  He found that only 17% of Americans believe we still enjoy the “consent of the governed.”  He calls this attitude “pre-revolutionary.” Free and fair elections, open to observation by all, are the best way to foster belief that we are governed by consent.  The more thugs groups like the New Black Panthers and high-browed publications like the Times seek to remove law abiding citizens from American poll places, the more we will wonder what they are trying to hide.

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  • sononthe_beach

    Liberal politics is run on emotionalism. Logic escapes them, if they ever had it in the first place.

  • kafir4life

    Without a certain level of voter fraud, there is no way that Stinky (aka BO) holds office next year, and it knows it. Seriously, can you imagine just how stupid or lazy someone would have to be to vote for that thing….TWICE!!

  • Omar

    Wow. The Holder Justice Department has gone too far. Holder's double standard is undeniable. First of all, the Tea Party doesn't get involved in voter intimidation. The Tea Party only wants responsible government. The New Black Panther Party, on the other hand, was caught on video intimidating Philadelphia voters. Yer, the NBPP got away with the crime. Of course, the Holder Justice Department wouldn't be investigating for any violations either if say some members affiliated with Occupy Wall Street were to intimidate voters (like Cuban Americans) who tend to vote Republican. Unlike the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s, Holder doesn't believe in a color-blind society. Holder believes in freedom for lawbreakers if those lawbreakers are from the far-left. This is of course the same Eric Holder how encouraged Bill Clinton to pardon the FALN terrorists in 1999. Eric Holder needs to be impeached and removed from office.

  • Schlomotion

    Voter registration fraud is a fake problem invented by Republicans to make sure that more people vote Republican and that the people who vote Democrat are subjected to harassment. As an Independent, I find it disgusting to be approached by Republicans and accused of being a cheating Democrat and then forced to jump through hoops to appease a Republican in order to cast my ballot. The Republicans don't stand for their traditional values anymore. They stand for fascism and biometric identification, poll tax, and showing your papers to the Nazis. J. Christian Adams is a Republican.

    • Choi

      You're alot of things,but Independent is NOT one of them.
      You're a LEFT-WING JEW-HATING DEMOCRAT and PAID CYBER-TROLL who likely intends to VOTE EARLY and OFTEN for the party whose AGENDA is to "transform" this country.

      • Cynic

        The more he barks the nonsense we read here the more George Soros feeds him dog biscuits.

    • tagalog

      I guess you no longer notice the harassment of the Republicans, since just about everybody does it, and it's pretty mainstream now. We just assume, don't we, that Republicans and conservatives are fascist racists who are trying to gain power in order to allow big business to line its pockets while taking the public trough away from the 99% while the poorer conservatives simply occupy the hinterlands and cling to our guns and God and hate everyone who is different while we shoot all the animals, spew toxic chemicals into the water and befoul the air with pollutants from all those factories and poison humanity with genetically altered grains, vegetables and fruits. Have I missed anything?

      • Schlomotion

        If you don't like harassment of Republicans, why don't you roll up your tinted electric window?

        • tagalog

          Because I enjoy getting rises out of folks who think as you do.

    • Ghostwriter

      You haven't evolved much,have you,Slugmotion?

    • John_Kelly

      Schlomotion you are one sick puppy !!!

    • guest

      Thanks Baghdad Bob.

    • Omar

      Nobody wants to hear your ignorance, Schlomotion.

    • Anonymous

      Worthless loser in life. Far too little money to make any difference whatsoever. When he finally leaves this earthly plane no one will ever know he was here. Or care.

  • Andy

    The New York Pravda Times has sunk to new levels in their opinion pages and ranks with the lowest of the low in yellow journalism. If you read readers' comments on their political articles you would get the impression that Obama has 99% support of their readers. This, of course, is achieved by filtering out and rejecting all comments contrary to their pathetic, fraudulent, leftist stance.

  • Omar

    Schlomotion, your ignorance shows that you are out of touch with reality. First of all, fascism and Nazism are far left-wing ideologies. Fascism and Nazism despised democracy and a free-market economy and advocated for government control over everything, much like the communists. Republicans and the Tea Party believe in limited, responsible government, a vibrant democracy and a free-market economy. There is no comparison, period. Second, voter fraud has happened often throughout history. The false allegation that voter ID laws is "racist" and "bigoted" is left-wing propaganda aimed at discrediting fair voting in this country. Also, your "appease a Republican in order to cast my ballot" story is a total fantasy. Of course you wouldn't care at all if say some Democrats or left-wing activists tried to intimidate a Cuban American voter by accusing that voter of being a cheating Republican (in which the intimidated voter would have to jump through hoops to appease a Democrat in order to cast a ballot). The GOP doesn't stand for "poll tax" at all, but many Democrats stand for appeasement with the totalitarian enemy. Look at how many Democratic politicians are sympathetic towards the horrible Castro regime in Cuba. The Holder Justice Department doesn't care about fair voting at all. Holder's refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers (who were caught on video intimidating voters in Philadelphia) displays evidence of his ignorance. Unlike the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr., Eric Holder and the current Justice Department do not believe in a color-blind society. Holder only believes in freedom and rights for lawbreakers if those lawbreakers are from the ideological far-left. That's the reality.

    • Questions

      Fascism and Nazism are not "Leftist." They are of the collectivist Right, just as socialism and Communism are of the collectivist Left. Put down that silly book by Jonah Goldberg.

      • Omar

        No, Questions. Fascism and Nazism are on the political Left. Collectivism is Leftism. That's a fact. Jonah Goldberg is right. The main difference between Communism and Fascism is the concept of nationalism vs. internationalism. Fascism believes in extreme nationalism while Communism believes in internationalism. The Nazis were called National-Socialists because they embraced extreme nationalism while also embracing socialism and collectivism. Other than nationalism vs. internationalism, the totalitarian movements were very similar. That's the reality.

        • Questions

          Your grasp of political movements is rather tenuous. National Socialism, despite its incorporation of the word "socialism," was and remains very different from the Marxist-Leninist internationalist variety. And this has been in practice as well as in theory. The differences have been great enough, at any rate, for the two to be at perpetual war with each other.

          Here is the reality: While these twin pillars of totalitarianism fitfully resemble each other, the reasons why they came into existence — and into power — have vastly different social contexts. As an aside, I don't fancy retroactively redefining Nazism/Fascism as Progressives Gone Wild so that traditionalist conservatives (especially the Catholic variety), ever so conveniently, can avail themselves of complicity helping to create each.

          • Omar

            You're wrong, Questions. The two totalitarian ideologies are almost identical.

          • Fritz

            The only difference between Soviet Communism and Nazism is that the Nazis believed in collectivism based on ethnic background, the Soviets believed in collectivism based on economic background. This was why they accused the peasant farmers in the Ukraine of being Kulaks and closet capitalists as a justification for taking their land, animals, and crops, and starving them to death. In the Soviet Union if your great grandfather was a merchant, or an industrialist, or any kind of businessman, you were barred from embarking on various careers, even if he was just a lowly shopkeeper.
            So in Nazi occupied Europe they discriminated against you, took your property or your life based on racial ancestry, in the Soviet Union they took your property or you life based on your economic or social ancestry. But it amounted to the same thing, you life was subjected to the whims of an all powerful government regardless of the nuances. Nazism and Communism are just signposts along the road to totalitarian government, yesterday it was those today it's Islamofacism and sheria law, no matter what they are called or originated from. Whenever government gains more control over your life you loose more of your freedom, they gain more you loose more, until eventually they have it all if it goes unchecked, it's really that simple.

          • aspacia


            The communists were very racist as well.

      • aspacia


        No, both communism and Nazism are totalitarian collectivist ideas. Nazi means National Socialist, communist is communal. Regardless, both support murder in the name of an ideology.

        • trickyblain

          In practice, all references to "so-cialism" were nothing more than slogans. What's "collectivist" about an ideology that is based on racial, religious and social hierarchy? What's collectivist about denying women any role in political life? Executing homosexuals (Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion)? Communists being enemy No. 2 behind only Jews? The Nazi party did not have the support of the poor, it arose out of the upper and middle classes. The lower classes tended towards actual so-cialism.

      • Cynic

        Then you should read Toland’s biography of Hitler and learn of Hitler’s 1927, 1st of May speech in which he declared that they were Socialists and that the Nazi Party was against Capitalism.

    • Schlomotion

      When I walk into a polling place, I am not concerned with the dandy and illustrious history of Fascism and Nazism. I am only concerned that nobody gets in the way when I go to vote. However gusanos want to vote is none of my concern. My only concern is that some Party representative is not telling me which ballot I can take and asking to feel me up so that I can use the black box.

      • Omar

        Schlomotion, do us a favor and keep your ignorance to yourself.

  • Omar

    Where is Schlomotion's comment? Did it get deleted?

  • tagalog

    The work to clear the voter records of ineligible voters makes the voting power of the truly eligible more powerful.

    Why should the issue of potential voter fraud even be much of an issue? Just keep the registrations of the people who actually have taken the steps to qualify and who haven't lost thier eligibility. If we allow the voter rolls to get outdated, won't that affect a number of things, like the census, jury subpoenas, and so on? We want only real voters to be on the rolls, don't we?

    I suppose there are a few George Lincoln Rockwells still hanging on out there, wanting to take away the franchise from black people, but there surely can't be very many. Those who fight that delusion are tilting at windmills.

    Somehow that seems to be getting missed by our brethren on the left. Is the effort to clear the deadwood from the voter records limited to minority areas, or is it being done in all voting areas?

    Pat Cadell is wrong when he characterizes American society as "pre-revolutionary." We're not even near what we were like in the 1960s, when the "pre-revolutionaries" did a 180-degree turn so fast it would give you whiplash watching them retreat from all that revolutionary rhetoric after Kent State and the end of the draft, and went on to grad school. We have small numbers on the lunatic fringe on the left and right who might mean it when they talk about revolution (or resistance), but I bet 90% of them, even, aren't serious. Just talk, Pat, don't let your heart be troubled.

    • Questions

      Much as I detest Nazism, the question emerges: Exactly what good has giving blacks the franchise done conservatives? Blacks can be counted to vote against the interests of whites, every time. They want a free lunch and the Democrats are the party that serves the biggest portions. Perhaps the Republicans — the smarter ones, at any rate — can be willing to attract the vote that dares not speak its name in polite company: the white vote!

      • Ghostwriter

        And you come off as a detestable person,Questions. There are blacks who WILL vote Republican. I think you've been hanging around the Stormfront website too long.

      • Omar

        Nobody wants to tolerate your racism, Questions.

  • BLJ

    The Black Panthers can bite me!

  • danseagull


  • Ghostwriter

    The New Black Panthers are basically vermin. Sadly,people like Questions think that they're representative of all black people when they are not.

  • Fritz

    Walter Durante, New York Times foreign correspondent, while working in the Soviet Union in the early 1930s witnessed the state imposed Ukrainian famine of 1933 and chose to cover it up because he wanted Communism to succeed. This was a an atrocity that ranks up there with the holocaust, but Durante decided that there was "nothing to see" and was later awarded a "Pulitzer Prize" for his work, though it has be posthumously revoked.
    Then we have the Jason Blare case where he authored a series a articles, authored because they were fiction, and was also awarded a Pulitzer for his "creative writing". Then he was exposed and the prize was taken back.
    The New York Times is a disgusting fish wrapper, why it is still considered a paper of record I will never understand, it has more in common with the National Inquirer and Pravda then a real newspaper, it's like the American version of the Toronto Star. The only thing I can figure is that it's staying in business with some sort of government handout, any business with some self respect should have anything to do with its advertising department.

  • stevef

    Bad, but not as bad as fronting for Stalin (see "Walter Duranty" for the details).

  • riverboatbill


  • Thomas Collins

    Poll tax the only tax. No representation without taxation. Kick the dead weight out of the election process.