“The Suffering of the Innocents”

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Gennarini: We were surprised by the welcoming received from the Jewish community and the amazing help from the Rabbis. The list of people endorsing the event is remarkable. Among them are:

Cardinal Timothy Dolan;

Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley;

Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick;

Cardinal James F. Stafford;

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (Archbishop of Vienna);

Arch. William F. Murphy;

Rabbi David Rosen;

Rabbi Arthur Schneier;

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik;

Rabbi Yitz Greenberg;

Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum;

Rabbi Eric J. Greenberg;

Rabbi Bob Kaplan;

Rabbi Noam Marans;

Rabbi Richard Marker;

Rabbi Marc Schneier.

Also the following presidents of the most important Jewish world organizations have supported the event:

Mr. Abraham H. Foxman, (ADL);

Mr. David A. Harris (AJC);

Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder (WJC).

FP: Tell us some more about the composer of the symphony, Kiko Argüello.

Gennarini: Francisco (Kiko) José Gómez de Argüello Wirtz was born in Leon, Spain on January 9, 1939. He studied Fine Arts in the Academy of S. Fernando of Madrid receiving the title of Professor of Painting and Design. In 1959 he received the Extraordinary National Prize for Painting. After a deep existential crisis, a serious conversion happened inside of him, which brought him to dedicate his life to Jesus Christ and to the Church. Convinced that Christ was present in the suffering of the Last Ones of the earth, in 1964 he went to live amongst the poorest, moving into a shanty made out of wood in Palomeras Altas, in the suburbs of Madrid.

Later, Kiko met Carmen Hernandez and from their collaboration originated the Neocatechumenal Way as an itinerary of Christian formation lived in small Christian communities. Kiko Argüello, Carmen Hernandez and the Italian priest Rev. Mario Pezzi, are today responsible at the international level for the Neocatechumenal Way, which is present in 120 nations on 5 continents.

In this way the songbook “Resucitó” appeared, with more than 300 songs for the liturgy that today are sung in all languages in the Churches of the world. He is also author of many artistic and architectural works; among them: seven great frescos in the Cathedral Apse of the Cathedral of Madrid and, in Israel, on top of the Mount of the Beatitudes, the International Center “Domus Galilaeae” which is visited each year by hundreds of thousands of Jews.

The Domus Galilee was inaugurated by Pope John Paul II during his historic visit to Israel in the year 2000. He sent a personal letter to the Domus Galilee expressing the desire that it would become “a center for initiatives aimed at establishing a more fruitful dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Jewish world.”

FP: Who will be performing the Symphony? What will the symphony entail in terms of musicians and chorus singers, etc?

Gennarini: The orchestra and choir of the Neo-Catechumenal Way, conducted by Pau Jorquera, features 100 musicians and 80 chorus singers, from Spain and Italy. All of them are professional musicians, who belong to the Neo-Catechumenal Way and they will play for free. And they are happy to do it!

FP: Who is paying for the event?

Gennarini:  We are really seeing the Providence of God because day by day he has been helping through the most unexpected venues. A brother from Chicago made a contribution to help bring the message of the symphony around the States and also other brothers and sisters did the same. Everything has been provided pro bono: a lawyer helped with the contract, people offered hospitality.

FP: Final words?

Gennarini: Come and see! The performance will take place on Tuesday, May 8th at Avery Fisher Hall-Lincoln Center in New York at 8:00 p.m. Admission to the performance is free but requires a ticketed reservation available by calling 201-998-9469 or emailing infony@sufferingoftheinnocents.com. For more information, click here.

FP: Giuseppe Gennarini, thank you very much for joining Frontpage Interview. We wish you the best and encourage all of our readers to make it to “The Suffering of the Innocents.” And we are very grateful to everyone that has made it possible.

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  • Ghostwriter

    I doubt Schlomotion would like this. Jews are going to attend and as everyone on this website knows,he hates Jews like crazy.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It is a nice thing no matter what the politics of any group to recognize Israel in a time of
    assault against the Israeli State as the place on Earth they belong are rooted in by thousands
    of years of History supported by the Bible and the life and blood of millions of Jews. This
    will help shed the light and dispell the falsehood that Israel is occupying Palestinian land,
    a fraudulent invention of the KGB and Yasser Arafat. Standing up for Israel, what better
    late than never, about time and every Nation on the Earth should not only recognize Israel
    but apologise for what they have been doing at the UN. Israel has been a boon to all
    peoples and the insideous, malovelent neighbors they have should be scorned and not
    given mones to continue violent assaults and promoting hate and falsehood…………William

  • southwood

    What about the abuse and suffering WITHIN the Roman system ? Charity begins at home.

  • penny lane

    Catholic missionaries accept Jews as equals?

    Beware of Romans bearing gifts!

  • wctaqiyya

    It's so sad to hear that the Catholics forgot about the Christian religion's Jewish roots. I only wish I could say I was surprised. However, having placed themselves in thrall to federal regulators with their acceptance of billions in 'Faith-based Initiative' money, I am not surprised by how far the Catholic Church has fallen. Further, with the ongoing cover-up and rationalization of the Church's long-term embrace of a predominantly homosexual priesthood still going strong, I'm not shocked that they no longer read the old testament. So, while it may be a nice gesture to have a concert, it doesn't really fix the rotten foundation. Nope, with most American Catholics eagerly embracing leftist ideals and the Church congratulating itself for remembering that Jesus was a Jew, the Church is still a gold plated, festering corpse.