Obama’s Islamist Odyssey, Part II

Editors’ note: The world is at this moment witnessing a horrific phenomenon: Islamists coming to power throughout the Middle East under the guise of a supposed “Arab Spring” – while the President of the United States is facilitating the entire process. Indeed, President Obama is reaching his hand out in solidarity to Islamists and enabling their solidification of power throughout the region. While displaying a disastrous weakness with Iran and allowing the Mullahs to move ahead aggressively with their nuclear weapon program, the Obama administration is helping the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt and the Taliban regain power in Afghanistan.

In these tragic and disturbing circumstances, the editors of Frontpage felt it timely and relevant to run the video of Frontpage editor Jamie Glazov’s speech in May 2009, in which he discussed his book “United in Hate,” which crystallizes why the Left is in league with our deadly jihadi enemies. The speech explains precisely why a leftist like Obama is pursuing a disastrous foreign policy that is helping Islamists gain and consolidate power throughout the Middle East. Below are the final two parts of the 4-part speech. We ran the first two parts in yesterday’s issue.

Part III:

Part IV:

  • http://mphtransfer.com Kent

    That is what the truth sounds like.
    It is a difficult transition for any real American to go from ease of life to fighting for that liberty.
    Bienvenidos a la puertas del infierno. It's overdue and refreshing in a terrifying way.

  • royal humanist

    In 313 CE, Constant the Great-the Roman emperor decided to accept Christianity for political benefit of the Roman Empire, and Christianity became one of the Roman religions and then the only religion of the Empire and then only religion allowed in the empire: soon all imperial subjectes were forced to accept Christinaity or be ready to be killed. I
    In 5th century CE, the Latin part of the Roman Empire had a temprary fall making it necessray for the emperor, princes and other high officials to go underground to save their skins and the empire, they became Papes, Archbishops, Cardinals and Bishops, and Roman Christianity became the political ideology of this religioos version of the Roman Empire.
    In a similar vein, the Eastern Byzantine Roman Empire started supporting Islam, using the Bedouin Arab islamic armies against Iran, India, Africa and the Middle eastern countries. The Emperor Heraculus tried to force the aristocracy to accept Islam but they refused. However, Islam remaimed, however, one of the favourite religions of the Eastern Byzantine Empire till 1453 when the Turks conquered it. With the advent of the Saudi islamic Empire, and with the offering of the Sword of Islam by the King Abdullah of Saudia to the Pope, the Vatican started thinking of favouring Islam over Christianity as being better suited for the mind-control & spiritual slavery. The decision was taken esp. in the perspective of the Renaissance, Protestant Reformation; the faith-shattering Enlightenment, Scientific and technological advancement and the liberal and secular European attitudes in life. It is clear to many scholars that the Vatican with its hundreds secret and underground organizations like Jesuits, Opus Dei, Freemasonary, Skulls & Bones etc. has secretly started preferring Islam to Christianity particularly in the West. Therefore in the presence of the Jesuit Vice President Baden and half Muslim half Christian President Obama things are moving smoothly for Islam and Vatican mariage.
    Therefore, the worries about Islamism are correct particularly in the presence of secret Christian support to isIamism where hundreds of Methodist. Catholic and Jesuits have converted to Islam; during the era of the Methodist Christian President Bush, 1000 mosques were built in USA alone, similarly hundreds of new mosques and Madrassas are being built in Europe with Saudi petro-dollars as the funding source.

    Therefore it is necessary for the enlightened scholars and the concerned people to get together and oppose this conspirarcy against humanity.

    • Arius

      royal humanist , you are Incorrect, subjects of the Roman Empire were not forced to accept Christianity or be killed. In fact your entire comment is full of untruths, made up history. Perhaps you hope some idiot will be fooled. You are a fool.

  • ronwagn

    Freedom of thought and expression is the real issue. Rationalism versus chaos on all sides. Clear your mind of all the hypnotists out to confuse and lead you astray.javascript:%20postComment(0);

  • Granny

    This man had better not steal the election for if he does I bet we have a civil war. The media is exposed. They have kept the clothes on this liar "King". He had Holder doing all sorts of unconstitutional moves and he will help him . Somebody "big" had better wake up.
    We can have something here worse than the Jim Jones travesty.

    It is said that 40% of our population is mentally ill. They are running the mainstream media and all on the big "tit' of government. That is the only reason he was elected in 08

    The people who are unemployed need to march on the white house.

    Obama borders closer to a psycho path …he passed from a narcissist….now with addiction to power…we better pray some big shots can stop this "regime" of liars and crooks.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Our foreign policy is to Islamisize the world.
    New World Order needs a New World Religion.
    School of Lies and Duplicity. Instead of School of Law and Diplomacy.
    Smoke and mirrors,