A Day in the Life of a Christian Pastor in Pakistan

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Bishop Pervaiz Joseph, the Chairman of Charismatic Gospel Ministries located in Lahore, Pakistan. He also leads the Pastors’ Care Ministry and has been working on interfaith harmony and peace promotion for the last seven years. Due to certain recent developments, he had to leave his house and everything he owned. He is now in a hiding place with his family.

FP: Bishop Joseph, welcome to Frontpage Interview. I am very sorry about the horrible circumstances you and your family now find yourselves. Please know that you are in the hearts, minds and prayers of everyone here at Frontpage.

Let’s begin with your background and what led you and your family now having to hide in fear for your lives.

Joseph: Thank you Jamie.

This is how my persecution began: In a meeting on peace promotion and interfaith harmony with Sunni Tehreek in Lahore, on October 12, 2011, the misuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy law was also discussed. Apparently, this was not appreciated by Islamic leaders Rana Tahir Advocate, Nasreen Akhtar Advocate, Mohammad Sher Afghan and Moulana Mukhtar Ahmad Qadri.

The Muslim religious leaders, who were also working with me while I was discussing the misuse of blasphemy law, during an exchange of communications, claimed that I used derogatory remarks against the Muslim Holy Prophet Mohamed.

The International Peace Council for Interfaith Harmony leader Rana Tahir Rahmat, and Mulana Mukhtar Ahmad Qadri Zei, the Muslim leader of Ahlae Sunat wa Al Jamat( Suni Terreek) and other militant groups, started blackmailing and harassing me for carrying out Evangelism through Interfaith Harmony and Peace Promotion by uplifting the voice of the Christian community rights in Pakistan.

Rana Tahir Rahmat and his group then became angry and planned to destroy and kill me by accusing me of blasphemy. Advocate Nasreen Akhtar used her emotions and started propagating against me among a Muslim militants’ group located at 85 Mall Road, Lahore, Pakistan; and Rana Tahir Rehmat gave life threats to my wife through phone calls.

Islamic leaders announced the blasphemy case to be filed against me, and attacked my house twice along with the heavily armed Muslim Militants.

The Islamic militants even visited Bishop Council’s Chairman and said that they will cut me and my family into pieces and will distribute among all the clergymen working in United Bishop’s Council.

In Pakistan, when someone is condemned by the Blasphemy Law, the militants do not wait for the court to take action; they decide themselves whether they want to kill the person or not. And the fear of the recently murdered Federal Minister Shahbaz Bhatti and Governor Salman Taseer and the burnt Christian colonies was also there. The Christian Leadership of Pakistan also warned me of the upcoming threats and discrimination of the Muslim militants on me and my family.

Thank God none of my family members was in the house when it was attacked by the heavily armed militants. They persecuted me in many different ways. The situation was so strange and unbearable, and it was getting worse day by day so it caused me and my family to go into hiding.

FP: Tell us about the “misuse” of Pakistan’s blasphemy law. What do you mean “misuse.” Is there an actual legitimate way to “use” it? Or you just mean its oppressive and barbaric nature in general. Whatever the case, tell us about how it inflicts horror in Pakistan.

Joseph: Misuse of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law is that Muslim militants falsely accuse innocent Christians in charge of 295 C(Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law) sometimes to take revenge; to occupy their land/ property; to show that they are more powerful; to earn more money; to become popular among the native people; and to degrade and discriminate minorities.

Before the official authorities take any action, the militants burn or murder those whom they falsely accuse. There is a legitimate way in Pakistan to use blasphemy law and it is same as the other laws; first complainant should file a case, then the officials should inquire deeply, then the court should decide if the blame on the victim is true or the victim has been falsely accused. But blasphemy law is now mainly used to degrade and discriminate the Christian community of Pakistan.

FP: Tell us specifically about how the Muslim individuals and groups blackmailed and harassed you.

Joseph: Muslim individuals including Advocate Nasreen Akhtar went in an office located on 85 Mall Rd among Muslim extremists and starting crying and said that Bishop Pervaiz Joseph had come to his house and used derogatory remarks against the Prophet Mohammad. By listening to this, the militants group became very anxious and immediately my wife started receiving phone calls from Rana Tahir Rehmat, who made threats on my wife’s life and the militant group twice attacked our house.

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  • LindaRivera

    It is a HUGE mistake for any Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or ANY non-Muslim to participate in ANY interfaith meetings with Muslims.

    The Quran teaches hate, violence and murder of non-Muslims and commands Muslims to wage jihad against intensely hated non-Muslims and to conquer all nations.

    Interfaith meetings with Muslims are designed by Muslims for one reason only: To advance the cause of totalitarian, global Islam.

    To my non-Muslim brothers and sisters, please don't fall into the trap and DECEPTION of participating in any interfaith meetings with Muslims.

    Barbaric mass murderer and huge slave trader, founder of Islam, Mohammad, married a six year old child when he was in his fifties. . Mohammad murdered/beheaded seven hundred Jewish men because of the Jews enormous love for, and allegiance to our Wonderful, Glorious, Awesome Creator. The Jews refused to follow another god and the new religion of Mohammad. The Jews' wives and children were seized for slaves.

    Mohammad is regarded as the PERFECT man and role model for devout Muslims who follow their religion. There is no love, mercy, or compassion for innocent humanity in Islam.

    • Sunbeam

      Yes, they are brutally cruel showing no compassion of any sort. It is just like Satan binding them, infusing them to speak and act like barbarians. It is the only religion that taught cruelty, killing, hatred,, inciting, intimidating and terror striking. Their hands are full of blood. They are the accusers of righteousness and of justice. Stop participating in their interfaith dialogue or meeting. The less you mingle with them the better. Have wisdom to detect their DECEPTION so as not to be entrap by them.

    • tariq chaudhry

      Shalom ,
      yes what you have written is very true as many try to get sympthy from them and put God aside and mix with idols and then endup in trap as in HOLY BIBLE NEVER EVER MENTIONED ABOUT MIXUP WITH IDOL WORSHIPPER .The Problem with Interfaith Belief systems

      Even though Interfaith may sound to be a worthwhile endeavour our view at askthebible.com is that there are elements within the interfaith concept that are without a doubt false and are a satanic inspired agenda which deliberately undermine traditional Christian beliefs. In fact, a number of Interfaith Organisations across the World and in Australia can be traced to Islamic groups. Where Christianity has been the strong and substantive belief in several Christian countries this is slowly being undermined because of worldly views, satanic deceptions and eastern religions. You only have to analyse the recent aggressive spread of Islam in the United Kingdom, Europe, Thailand and USA in the last 3 years.

      We earnestly believe the assumption /inference made that God has revealed Himself through all religions and therefore all paths lead to God is unbiblical, illogical and demonstrably false. We argue the case for this in the discourse below. Sadly people like Oprah Winfred are also promoting the Devil's lie, that it doesn't matter what you believe. She claims all roads lead to God. This is exactly the opposite of what the Bible says.

      What is 'Interfaith'?

      Firstly before any discussion is commenced. What is the definition of interfaith. What does it mean? The following is a definition from the Reverend James Parks Morton from New York.

      "In a word, interfaith is most fundamentally respect. The bottom line is respecting different faiths. It's coming to understand them. And more, it's coming to love them. Each of us has so many layers to our lives. We speak many languages and listen to diverse music. We eat many different kinds of food. It is time that our spiritual diet, too, becomes a healthy mixed menu. Its very variety makes us richer, deeper, more understanding, more loving. Our shared slogan must be: Communion not conversion, communion, respect and love with compassion.

  • LindaRivera

    The horror and agony of non-Muslims taken for slaves by cruel Muslims continues down to this day.
    Hundreds of thousands of Black Sudanese Christian children and women have been taken for slaves by Sudan's Arab Muslims.

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP4Fcx7AE_o

    May every slave be free one day!

  • LindaRivera

    Can light unite with great darkness? NO!

    Can goodness and love unite with wickedness and hate? NO!

  • LindaRivera

    Founder of Islam, Mohammad, declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

  • Stuart Parsons

    In the so-called free speech democracy of the United Kingdom, I am to be prosecuted for speaking out against Islam. What a mad politically correct world we live in.

    • Sunbeam

      It is like a one sided gimmick. They can speak while we cannot speak. They are superior while others are inferior or second class. What rubbish is this? They are trying to brainwash everybody into believing that their religion is the only religion that is correct and true and that everyone should live under it. Therefore they justify themselves by enforcing it upon…thinking they've done Allah the favor. This is an utterly wrong notion that needs to be address before more killings and mass murders be carried out. Freedom of speech must be preserved. It must not be taken away. If it does then nothing is left. If persecuted, don't be silent. Report it.

    • LindaRivera

      Hi Stuart, I'm British American and I am utterly horrified that in Britain even though Muslims openly declare their goal is Islamic conquest of Britain and the imposition of barbaric Islamic sharia law. Muslims are highly favored above all other people and allowed to break the law. Exhausted UK taxpayers are forced to finance Muslim males, their multiple wives and large numbers of children, who are given free housing, free money and free everything. Whilst despised and hated homeless British veterans sleep in the streets.

      As with the Somali woman Muslim gang who violently beat up the non-Muslim British woman, MUSLIMS ARE ALLOWED TO BREAK LAWS! The triumphant Muslim women walked FREE from court for the sole reason they worship the deity Muslims call Allah.

      Brits who protest against Islamic sharia law are demonized, lied about, persecuted, and sometimes prosecuted and jailed. Muslims are adored and LOVED by UK leaders. Non-Muslims are despised and HATED! It is the same all over Europe!

      • LindaRivera

        Stuart, Are you a member of EDL and British Freedom? I'm a member of British Freedom and I'm extremely proud of EDL and British Freedom who are fighting for the rights of Brits and all non-Muslims! Join British Freedom if you are not a member!

        Please tell your story at the British Freedom website: http://britishfreedom.org/

        It is so important that you tell your story! A good place to comment would be: A Small Snapshot of Cameron’s Britain http://britishfreedom.org/a-small-snapshot-of-cam

        You could make a comment in the comments section or further down in the "Discussion" section.

        God bless you!

        As the EDL declare: NO SURRENDER!

  • Christian

    I agree that, in essence, there really can never be peace between true Muslims and true Christians. However, as a Christian, I do understand that you don't have to provoke an individual on purpose to speak out against a faith. I believe Islam is a false doctrine of devils, but I also realize that there are many good moral people living within a faith they were raised to believe. I don't blast or disrespect those people, I show Christian hospitality and charity. The body of Christ is love. The attitude of God is peace on Earth, good will towards men. I do not believe in compromise, but I do believe in grace and mercy. We should always testify and defend the gospel, but lets set the example that Christ has something to offer, and not the Islamic example of a threatening demand.

  • LindaRivera

    To Christian: You state: "You don't have to provoke an individual on purpose to speak out against a faith". No one is interested in provoking an individual on purpose! And, we DON'T make threatening demands! It is Muslim immigrants to our countries who make never-ending demands for special rights and privileges not given to others! If non-Muslims don't comply with their constant demands, Muslims sue, sue, sue. What a racket!

    Islam is a totalitarian, POLITICAL ideology dressed up in religious clothing. Non-Muslims of ALL religions believe in the Golden Rule! The Golden Rule does NOT exist in Islam!

    Like the Mafia (NOT A RELIGION, but a crime organization!), the punishment for leaving Islam is death.

    Many millions of Muslims have been imported into our countries by our leaders. An act of treason because the Quran teaches hate, violence and murder of hated non-Muslims and commands Muslims to conquer all nations. Western leaders make a mockery of our wonderful and brave heroes who fought and died during the Second World War so that we could live in freedom and safety!

  • colleen wardwell urbach

    l agree with all reply’s, God bless you and your family » I am praying for you and your family’s safety “”JESUS WILL ALWAY’S PREVAIL””

  • Christian

    To Linda:
    I'm not disagreeing with your reservation on Muslim communication, the Koran is a dangerous piece of literature. What I'm saying is that, if you're a Christian, you're supposed to be dead. What does a dead man do when you kick him? He does nothing. What does a dead man do when you spit on him? He does nothing. We are either Christ-like, or we're not.

  • Bishop Joseph

    Please pray that God take me out of this problem, so that I can work for the Kingdom of God. Thank you Colleen for praying, I believe God will do a miracle through prayers.

  • Joseph D'Hippolito

    So, Christian, you are saying that people should not fight against evil, and that evil should win?

  • Ana Rich

    The Father put you and your family on my heart , much today. I am praying JOY, and the amazing strength and clarity it brings. I am praying miraculous deliverance from the situation you are in! I pray an ability to rest in Papa's arms no matter what the circumstances. You and your family are amazing and mighty Friends of God! You are advancing His Kingdom by the fact that He is in you and you are in Him. You change the atmosphere around you wherever you go!
    I thank you for being my brother and feel the Love of the lord surrounding you and you wife and you wonderful children!

  • https://www.facebook.com/paula.theobaldcoulter Paula Theobald Coulter

    Bishop Joseph, I pray that God's shield of armor protects you and your family so that you can continue to be a light in the darkness. I pray that He gives you peace and comfort and that he binds your enemies. May His angels be ever present for you and your family as you continue to do His will. God bless y'all and keep you safe!

  • Bishop Joseph

    Father I thank you and I worship you; my heart is open and is pouring out tears for the PAKISTAN. Father this country is so divided that the Muslims are taking the grounds, farms, and properties of the Christians. They are beating, killing, and raping their women in front of their kids. They are mutilating the fathers and the sons; some of the daughters they try to selloff to marry other Muslims at the early age of 12. My heart goes out to any parent who has to see this or has to sacrifice for the word of God. Father I pray right here right now for the government of this country; I pray for a sweeping change from top to bottom and that this change will bring a new life for the Christians who live there. Father I pray that there will be no more sacrificing of the children, that their lives will be whole and healthy and that they will be able to spread your word for the rest of their lives. Lift up the mothers and fathers who have been hurting and in pain, wash away their pain, and give them double for what they have lost. All that they have sacrificed, be it property or animals, give them double for what they have lost. And for the Muslims who have caused all this tragedy and pain bring them down to their knees, slowly, and give them a visitation of your magnificent love. Show them what true mercy and grace is even though they may not deserve it, but give it because you are our lord and savior and you didn’t just die for us, you died for the world therefore the world must come to you. Let every Christian in PAKISTAN have a heart of forgiveness, father do not allow their hearts to be made cold like stone due to the suffering, but give them a loving fulfilled heart of Christ that will be able to show grace and mercy to the Muslims when they are in a time of need. Do not allow our brothers and sisters to repay them in the same manner they have treated our brothers and sisters. Father I just lift everyone up in this country, pour your blood over them, cleanse, purify, heal, and uplift them. I decree and declared that any spiritual warfare, oppression, and terror must stop right now in the name of Jesus, Amen.