An Introduction to Danish Culture

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Norman Berdichevsky, a contributing editor for New English Review and the author of more than 200 articles and book reviews that have appeared in a variety of American, British, Danish, Israeli and Spanish periodicals. He is the author of the new book, An Introduction to Danish Culture.

FP: Norman Berdichevsky, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Berdichevsky: Thank you for having me and allowing me to present readers with information about An Introduction to Danish Culture which followed the publication of The Left is Seldom Right by a few months.

Tell us what inspired you to write An Introduction to Danish Culture.

Berdichevsky: The book was my answer to the moral crisis that grows ever more ominous and threatening and was brought into the public forum with the so called ‘Muhammad Cartoon Crisis’ in which, overnight, Denmark became the target of not only Muslim wrath and violence but an unprecedented and ignorant criticism of Danish society in much of the Western media as if it were the culprit for a “provocation.” It was a bitter pill to swallow for many Danes who saw their country turned into a pariah state in 2006 by worldwide demonstrations just as Israel had been by the JIHAD GENIE that will continue to run amok (an old Danish expression) and needs to be put back in the bottle. Yesterday, Israel, Today, Denmark ……. tomorrow the World! Nevertheless, the full cost of the Muslim boycott of Danish goods and services was far less than first feared and more than made up by a spontaneous “Buy Danish” campaign that was wholly the initiative of individuals and owed nothing to any formal support or statement by Denmark’s “allies” in NATO and among Western heads of state.

The record needed to be set straight and proclaimed loudly and strongly. My familiarity and appreciation of Denmark, family connections, its people, culture, language, traditions and way of life were gained through first-hand knowledge of Danes I am proud to call my friends, many years residence in the country, family connections (my son and three grandchildren) and a profound respect, admiration and sense of obligation to acquaint my fellow Americans and others with a realistic picture of what I learned. I also wrote the book as a personal testimonial to my deep sense of gratitude towards the Danish people for their conduct during World War II and especially for the aid and comfort they provided to their Jewish fellow citizens.

I had seen two Danish films at the old Thalia movie theater on Broadway and 95th Street and they had made an enormous impression on me – Dreyer’s “Ordet” (The Word) based on the play by World War II resistance hero, Pastor Kaj Munk and Ditte-Menneskebarn (Ditte-Child of Humanity) based on the book by the great proletarian writer Martin Andersen Nexø. They intrigued me – how did these writers – much like Hans Christian Andersen use the tiny canvas of their small country and ‘minor’ language (about the same number of speakers as Hebrew) to paint such a universal work.

FP: What are the central themes of your book?

Berdichevsky: The book is divided into several sections on the country’s geography, economy, important historical events, the language and cultural achievements including Denmark’s contribution to science, engineering, seafaring, shipping, exploration, literature, philosophy, the cinema, architecture, its record on human rights, democratic institutions, and humanistic traditions all of which deserve to be much more widely known; eleven outstanding ‘Great Danes’ and those facets of the national culture such as the national language, social relations, food and drink, the country’s reputation as a social welfare state, the role of the tiny but influential Jewish community, modern political issues and the role played by Danish-Americans in American society.

FP: Why Should Americans bother about Denmark?

Berdichevsky: For several reasons, Denmark is often cited in many American public policy debates as the outstanding example of a model European social welfare state and for this reason held up a model for the Left (and so claimed Oprah after a two-day visit) or criticized by those on the conservative side of the spectrum such as Bill O’Reilly for its sky high taxes and lack of initiative (conclusions he also reached after a two day visit). It  behooves us all to examine how much truth there is in each claim and what a majority of Danes have felt about these issues and whether or not the many polls cited by observers claiming that “The Danes are the happiest people in the world” are accurate.

Denmark is an ally, a member of NATO and maintains a small force in Afghanistan. It shares with us many vital interests including the treaty provisions that allow the stationing of American bases in Greenland, and more importantly our values. It is worth dwelling on how the Danes behaved as trusted allies in World War II. On March 21, 1945 at noon, 46 Mosquito bombers and fighter aircraft attacked Shell House, used by the Gestapo in Copenhagen to imprison Danish resistance fighters on the top floors. The building was attacked with precision bombing that demolished the lower floors of the building. More than 100 Germans and Danish collaborators were killed in the attack. Leading members of the Resistance managed to escape in the chaos.

This magnificent action that lifted Danish morale across the country was marred by the unfortunate accident of “collateral damage”. One of the low flying British aircraft unfortunately struck a signal tower on the nearby railway line. The resulting fire was mistaken by other attacking aircraft as the target and they dropped their bombs on the school. More than one hundred Danish civilians were killed in the conflagration that engulfed the orphanage and surrounding residential buildings, among them more than 80 children. In spite of the terrible tragedy, the attack had a galvanizing effect that signaled to the entire country that Denmark and the Danish Resistance were valued allies who were not forgotten. It also led to a significant and immediate drop in the number of collaborators who had been shown proof that the Allied cause was triumphant and could reach them in their most protected lair.

This is what we in the U.S. and U.K. have forgotten – reliable allies are only those with whom we share fundamental values – in a nation with a thousand years of history behind it such as Denmark. We cannot find them in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere in the “Muslim World”. It is also a dramatic example of why true allies understand that in spite of the grief, such accidents and incidents should not divide us and must not be the occasion for pathetic hand wringing and calls for “investigations” (that give aid and comfort to our mortal enemies) but accepted as part of the price for

FP: What makes the country’s geography so unique that you devote five chapters to it?

Berdichevsky: Probably no more than one American in a thousand can name another Danish city besides Copenhagen or sketch a map outlining the diverse areas of Jutland – the peninsula on the European mainland bordering Germany, and the two major islands of Fünen (site of Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen), and Zealand where Copenhagen is situated. In addition, there are several hundred scattered smaller islands. Probably even fewer are aware that Denmark once constituted an Empire spanning the North Sea, Baltic, and North Atlantic, ruling over much of the north and east of England for two hundred years and including the territory of Greenland (50 times the size of Denmark), the Faeroe Islands, Bornholm (much closer to Sweden than Denmark), Iceland (now independent) and reaching into the Caribbean to the Danish West Indies (sold to the United States in 1917 and known since then as the U.S. Virgin Islands – the only part of American territory where you drive on the left hand side of the road) and that this small nation was once a great naval power and exerted control over large parts of Northern Germany (Schleswig-Holstein).

FP: What makes Denmark different from the other Scandinavians nations, their history and culture?

Berdichevsky: Denmark has none of the majestic scenery of mountains, fjords and glaciers that dominate Sweden, Norway and Finland. Its gently rolling terrain, lush and beautifully cultivated fields and gardens provide a Disney like setting that go so well with the “Fairy Tales” of Hans Christian Andersen. For centuries, Denmark was the most powerful Scandinavian nation and much more intimately involved in European affairs which meant a good deal of French and German influences at the court. Its proximity to Great Britain and reliance on a powerful navy were an important element in the European balance of power, a factor that when abandoned, exposed Denmark to the wrath of unrestrained German military force and the dramatic loss of territory in the 19th century (wars of 1848-51 and 1864).

FP: What are the most common stereotypes most Americans hold about Denmark?

Berdichevsky: Danish culture and society are often portrayed by pale stereotypes and clichés about socialism, cradle to the grave security, football, pornography, Hamlet, pigs, dairy cattle, beer and more recently the inevitable and obscene charges of “racism” stemming from the Cartoon Affair. On the other hand, much of the American public under the influence of Hollywood and media personalities have retained what is perhaps the longest lived myth to emerge from the Holocaust – that the Danish King Christian X volunteered to wear the Yellow Star (never imposed on the Danish Jews during the German occupation) as a symbol of solidarity with his Jewish subjects.

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  • Torben Snarup Hansen

    Entrepreneurial mentality and skills are predominant in Jutland and other areas outside Copenhagen – the capital. Once Denmark was a country of farmers, fishermen, artisans and sailors and for almost a century industrial labor was dominant in the cities. Economy excelled in quality and therefore access to the global market (like shipbuilding). Today there is a huge cultural difference – the size of Gran Canyon – between the working and tax paying people and the street fighting lefties, the drug dealers and chattering classes in Copenhagen and their pets the dole receiving Muslims. Another group of Muslims live and behave more like provincial Danes or Thai immigrants. They work hard and are silent. The media – and generally politicians and bureaucrats – occupy themselves with red thugs and tax eating Muslims, persuading them that they are victims. Nothing particular for Denmark there.

    Best greetings from an ethnic Jute, living near Copenhagen.

    • Anthony

      Glad to hear rumours of something rotting in Denmark are greatly exaggerated. Or are they?

      Wherever one finds the deadly cocktail of leftists in power and Moslem no-go zones, it’s only a matter of time before you’ve got a Malmo Sweden or Londonistan to look forward to.

      I say round these political traitors up and put them in a Turkish Prison.

    • normanberdi

      My sentiments exactly – Mange Tak

      Norman Berdichevsky

  • Torben Snarup Hansen

    Back in the 1970'ties some young "anti-authoritarian" leftist had at least one reasonable political slogan: Less government and more society! But of course they hated the greedy capitalists. Then they began "the long march through the institutions" (a Gramscian appeal coined by the late Rudi Dutschke, my neighbour in Aarhus). The rot is here – like in Sweden, UK, France, etc……. It appears that Obama wants to europeanize America. Please stop him!

  • Alvaro

    I live only a little more than 70 miles from the coast of Jutland, and visited Aalborg as late as this easter. The Danes are a hospitable and friendly people. They seem to have a little more common sense than Norwegians and Swedes, and don't follow the same aggressive path to cultural suicide.

    Beste hilsener fra Norge.

  • Per Lysthauge

    I was born in Denmark and left for the USA in the mid 50th. I have had a lot of people ask me why I left such a wonderful country? My standard reply was"'.There are getting to be more people sitting on the wagon than there are pulling it ".

  • Eric G

    Unfortunately Denmark, like other European nations, is becoming polarized between left-wing dhimmis and right-wing conservatives wanting to preserve Western values.

    Denmark does have a proud heritage of protecting the Jewish population during WWII. Although the story of Denmark's king and queen wearing a yellow star in solidarity with Danish Jews is unfounded, Danish authorities did resist the German round-up of Jews to send them to camps in Germany. The Danish church's bishops issued a pastoral letter in 1943 to be read in all churches — an unusual move given its decentralized nature — pledging solidarity with Denmark's Jewish population.

    Although some 400-500 Danish Jews were deported to Germany and 102 died in camps, there were more than 7000 Jews who did avoid deportation.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Jamie Glazov’s interview with Norman Berdichevsky; An Introduction to Danish Culture is the most misleading; I have read in a long time. His opinions that Mr. Norman Berdichevsky must have been living in a fantasyland. Then again, his compression of Israel and Denmark as victim of an international “Jihad Genie” says every thing about his evil agenda.

    I have lived in Denmark since 1970, have been involved in politics and media debate in the country, have made yearly reports of Denmark for EU institutions and I love Denmark more than, you can imagine. It is my second home and it is one of the safest, most organized, well functioning and socially stable lands in the world. Sadly, since 2001, it has become an extremely pro-USA country to the extend of being a spineless puddle for Uncle Sam because of very rightwing government and an arrogant and anti-social Prime Minster, who was awarded NATO top post for his services to US policies in the world. During his time, the country moved from being a beacon of humanity to one of the most anti-minorities and especially anti-Islam country in Europe.

    Most native Danes – politicians, authorities, priests, media and the general public – prefer not to use the words ‟racism”, ‟racist” and ‟racial discrimination‟ in connection with the discriminatory treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in Denmark. They also flatly deny the idea that racism exists in their country. They still talk of racism in the context of the old apartheid regime in South Africa, the cruel treatment of Afro-Americans in the USA and colonial times of slavery.
    A good example of this mindset is that at the 2000 European Conference concerning racism, held by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the Interior Minister of Denmark, Ms. Karen Jespersen went on the podium and said, ‟Ladies and gentlemen, in Denmark we do not have racism. We have cultural conflicts”.
    Even the UN ‟Plan of Action to combat racism”, adopted in Durban in 2001 was changed by the Danish government in 2003 to, “Plan of action for equal treatment and integration”. After NGO protests, the words; “and to combat racism‟, were added to the above-mentioned title.
    In other reports and initiatives, the Danish government uses the term ‟Ethnic equal treatment and tolerance‟ instead of ‟anti-racism”. The official website of the disbanded Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs proudly presented the country under the headline: High degree of tolerance. Interestingly enough, the web page had not been updated since 30th June 2006”. The fact remains, however, that no matter how vehemently the Danish government denies the existence of racism in Denmark, it is widespread in all sections of the society.
    Interestingly enough, within the communities, which do experience racism and discrimination, there are also people from Greenland, adoptive children from Asia and Africa such as Bangladesh, India, South Korea as well as Danish Roma. In recent years, citizens from Romania and Bulgaria with a Roma background who come to Denmark to work, those who stay for short periods of time or even as tourists have been victims of discrimination from the authorities, negative media coverage and hostility from ordinary native Danes. There have been many surveys and media coverage that point to a very disturbing trend. The hierarchy of racism has somehow changed since 2001, when the former government took over.
    Since 2001, the word ‟Muslim‟ is used in a negative context, giving the impression that most ethnic and religious minorities have a Muslim background. This has resulted in an extremely Islamophobic atmosphere in the country, which is also reflected in the law making, media descriptions and public debates. The reality is that because of official policies, minorities from Muslim countries face an impossible task to come.
    So when you write from an American perspective, remember, there are three hundred thousands non-white and non- Americans who experience racis in their daily life in Denmark.

    • Not Bashy

      Bashy Qureshi is the General secretary of the network EMISCO – European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion. He doesn't like Denmark or Europe. In fact he uses most of his post criticizing Denmark and Danes, jumping happily into the role as "victim" of Danish "racism".

      At the same time, under this provocateur and stealth jihadist, EMISCO, with the support of the Council of Europe and the OIC, launched a contest to select the most beautiful existing minaret in Europe – the very symbol of Islamic supremacy and dominance over non-Muslims through history.

      When people react to his own obvious provocations, he can cry racism once again. That is what he does for a living.

      If he really cared about racism and human rights, he should work against antisemitism among his own countrymen in Pakistan, and maybe for the rights of the Christian minority there. But he doesn't and he probably doesn't care about racism or human rights at all. It doesn't quite fit his political agenda of stealth warfare against Denmark.

    • Ghostwriter

      Also,don't forget that old Bashy is an anti-American slimeball who hates this country and isn't afraid to show it on his posts.

    • aspacia

      You are a Muslim playing the victim game when it is the nonMuslims who are victims:

  • Anthony

    Bashy Quraishy.

    Your game seems to be guilting Europeans into accommodating those bent on exterminating European culture and identity from Existence.

    Be honest. Europe is on a trajectory to become what you really want, non-white, non-Christian majority. That is your true objective isn’t it? I don’t know if you are who you claim to be, but assuming you are the activist born in India, raised in Spakistan, and who lived in Germany and England, all you seem to profit from and thrive on is the race industry. You are a poor victim, and a person deserving of compassion because of your race and creed. Boo-hoo, you are so kept down that you apparently want to exact your revenge on several nations of Europe that took you in when you would otherwise be driving a ramshackle truck over the Kyber Pass.

    Yet despite all Western people’s have done for you, and mIllions like you, you still want more, expect more, demand and even take more in pursuit of your “racist” demons that have altered their futures enough already to accommodate you.

    Admit it friend of Jessie Jackson, you are the Moslem version of an American race huckster with every intention of demanding the extinction of first , the Danish nation you so I gratefully called “racist” in your comments above.

    If you think your presence “enriches” Europe, I would argue that the facts speak for themselves. Europeans have the RIGHT to be left in peace. If your people’s presence is causing such chaos, by what right should they be indulged? Really, Mr. Friend of real racists like Jessie Jackson, I think you are too reliant on white guilt and accommodation in advancing your agenda.

    Soon, perhaps sooner then you think, your intellectually dishonest, and subversive genocidal intentions will be revealed plainly for all to see.

    Until then, enjoy the pleasant Europe you secretly want turned into Kosovo, as part of a new hybrid civilization, multicultural, under Islamic hegemony.

    Your jive talking sob story scam cannot continue, you really should have both honesty and shame.

  • normanberdi

    Thank you nthony – you said it all and saved me the effort of responding. Quriashy and others who came to Europe are vultures who represent a culture and religion we see everyday exposed in Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistand,Egypt and Iraq for the worst crimes against humanity sine the Holocaust. .
    Norman Berdichevsky

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Norman, if your intellectual level and way of reasoning is on the level of Anthony, then I can clearly understand your article and what you stand for. I have explained my position and wrote my observations as a Danish citizen, of the country, I live and cherish. All I want is for Denmark to come back on the path of human rights and non-discrimination. I know for a fact that I am not alone on that count. There are millions of Danes who are demanding the same things. May be it is too much to ask in the so-called civilised part of the globe.
    Anthony's statement that; "Soon, perhaps sooner then you think, your intellectually dishonest, and subversive genocidal intentions will be revealed plainly for all to see". is purely laughable. For the last 3 decades, I have raised the issues, I care for and have great success in doing so in Denmark and internationally. I have the courage to use my real name in all my work, I am on the Facebook, my own website and have never wavered from what I think, say and do. One can always disagree with my opinions but no one can take away my right to say, what I wish. I am not going to disappear from the scene because some half-witted and anti-Islam people wish so.
    I work for people and they are my strength.

    • aspacia

      Bashy, do you support Iran, and most of the ME leaders who call for the destruction of Israel and the expelling, subjegation or murder of all Jews?

      A "yes," or "no" will suffice.

      You will obfuscate.

    • aspacia

      Do you support Sharia Law?

  • Stuart Parsons

    Perhaps Bashy Quraishy would care to name just one of the 57 nations of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation which does NOT discriminate against or persecute its non-Muslims citizens. He might also care to explain why the OIC is trying to obtain a binding U.N resolution prohibiting the criticism of religions.

  • Ghostwriter

    Mr. Parsons,I too have a low opinion of Bashy Quraishy. For the most part,he is an anti-American creep who wouldn't mind if this country and it's people,including the Danes who immigrated here,perished. He doesn't want you to think he's anti-American but he often repeats the appalling jihadist meme like a trained parrot that America's an evil country for fighting back against terrorists who want to murder our citizens. He also wants you to think he actually cares about Denmark but he doesn't. He and those like him,want to turn it and America into places like Iran and Saudi Arabia,where women and non-Muslims have no rights and can be killed for no other reason than they aren't Muslim.
    Sorry,Mr. Quraishy. We in America aren't buying your bilge. We've been hearing about how Christians are being persecuted in places like Egypt,the Sudan,Nigeria and you want that brought to Europe and the United States. YOU are an anti-American jihadist shill who hates America and wants us to be transformed into places like Iran and Saudi Arabia. If you had any decency,you stand up for Christians and Jews who are being persecuted in the Middle East but you won't do that. You don't care about Christians and Jews,just like you don't care about Americans. You don't see us as human beings. You see us as insects that should be stomped out of existence. No amount of pretty words can hide what you really are,Mr. Quraishy. An Islamist who hates everything and everyone who isn't Muslim.

  • Gregor Strasser

    Bashy Quraishy, we would be glad to see you leave. Why don't you go back to the Muslim country you came from?

  • Anthony

    You have the "courage to use your real name"? So did Theo Van Gogh, and many others who exacted a hefty price, remember them?

    Bashy Quraishy has the "courage" to use his real name? What courage does it really take? Answer. NONE at all. Do you fear the Danes, indeed is any European populace even fighting against your program of reverse colonization?

    Do you fear a fatwah? Do you fear the fate of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard never again able to sleep soundly? What "courage" does it take to do what a coward like you does in a place that offers you NOTHING at all to fear? You in fact cannot be trusted period, and you are the public face of many like minded people.

    All "I want is for Denmark to come back…., May be it is too much to ask in the so-called civilised part of the globe.". Gee, you seem to be a bitter dictator in the making. What would you do if you had power over the people of Denmark? Would you put them in Room 101 for special treatment? I BET YOU WOULD.

    Who are you in your ethnic gear and a big inferiority chip on you shoulder to scold your hosts and force yourself and your customs down the throats of millions in their own homes when they were far happier before you came from who knows where and noticed their "racism"?

    In your many smirking photos with the champion racist race gymnast Jessie Jackson, you pose there in you ethnic costume (shouldn't someone so in love with Denmark at least dress like a Dane?) presenting for all to see just how different in appearance you wish to be perceived. Yet at the same time you wish that nobody notice just how different in not just appearance, but mannerisms, temperance and customs you really are – or else – RASCIST!

    Then, true to your well worn script, in noticing not just your intentionally alien appearance, but your deceitful, subversive agenda, you pull out the great rhetorical bludgeon attacking all who see right through you and those in solidarity with your evil cause, "racist", you tour the Western world like a globetrotter with your sneaky racist roadshow.

    You "work for people…"? No. You work for YOUR PEOPLE, and I cannot blame you for advancing THEIR/YOUR cause.. because we let you.

    Conversely, you deceitful actor, Europeans will soon learn to work in the interests of THEIR/OUR people, and our historic culture, customs, traditions, and ancient states. It is only normal to want to survive, to pass to our children our traditions no?

    Though the spirit of the European people is battered largely through the efforts of those indigenous politicians who empowered you, and many like you, in the end there are two choices, conquest and submission, or standing up for all our fathers have died to build. We don't know yet what choice will be made.

    Finally, ask yourself Sir Quraishy "The Courageous" (Since you love Denmark so much I bestow upon you that august title you imparted upon yourself) what do we owe ourselves, our children, our forefathers and what do we owe you?

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Dear Anthony'
    I am sure that if Lord Jusus came down to earth to give you some sound advice( he was brown coloured and from Middle East), you will also chase him back to heavens, because he looked like Bashy Quraishy. I shall ignore ignorent rants of you and others from this anti-Islam blog and answer a retorical question, you posed me.

    what do we owe ourselves, our children, our forefathers and what do we owe you?

  • Bashy Quraishy

    You ask; “what do we owe ourselves, our children, our forefathers and what do we owe you?”
    The answer is simple. We all owe your children love, education and knowledge that this world is now a inter-cultural and inter-religious planet and not a place where only one race and religion rules like in the last few centuries.
    You owe me nothing but you owe yourself something important. You need to open your eyes, smell the coffee and admit that you are a bigot. I have more respect for those who lay their cards on the table than those who use derogatory language, do not know how to discuss and exchange opinions and worst of all, think that they are doing their fellow citizens a favour by being nasty to others.

    • Eric G

      "…this world is now a inter-cultural and inter-religious planet and not a place where only one race and religion rules like in the last few centuries."

      More like the current century in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Libya, Oman, Pakistan, …

  • Anthony

    Sir Quaraishy “The Courageous” of Pakistan,

    Is that the best that you can do? Are you seriously arguing that the world is inter-religious and inter-cultural and that’s that? Now that globalization is a reality I cannot argue that some nations are more impacted by open borders and democracy, the Internet, mass communications, consumerism, big corporate manifestations, etc. but you must agree that many, many nations, especially those in the Islamic world, he communist sphere, and elsewhere are not committing the national suicide you take as a granted. Why should they?

    Pakistan, the country you hail from, will never allow to inflict upon itself the importation of millions of aliens demanding to be accommodated. Pakistan will never, never allow “rieligious freedom”, only Islam? No?

    Saudi Arabia a dhimmi Denmark in the making, complete with Moslem no-go zones approved by the state authorities? Are you honestly arguing that the world is what you say, “global, inter-religious”, or just the Western World”?

    You see Sir Courageous, you are not honest, you see only what you want, and cannot escape deceit and

    manipulation, and cowardly acts like stealthly hurting people who trust and open themselves, their homes, their famies to your cause in good faith. You however, on the inside, are an agent of sin, acting in concert with the vices instilled by the evil one who you are more close acquainted with than you know. He, after all, according to Jesus Christ, who you surprisingly mentioned in your reply above, called “Al liar, the father of all lies, for when he lies, he speaks his native tongue”.

    By your mentioning Jesus Christ, you further show how mixed up you are. Christ is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life” (John 14:6), far from me caring about his physical appearance I accept his TRUTH. Far from me wanting to chase him, as you said, “To the high heavens”, you should know that Moslems have nearly chased every remaining Christian from the Middle East. Would you deny that should your people, Moslems, become a majority power in Europe, that they will do the same?

    You strangely enough referred to Christ, Jesus as “Lord”, you are correct, for he is Lordof Lords, before whom every knee shall bend. You, I and everyone who heard his holy name shall stand before him to account for that which we secretly hid inside. No sin shall be hidden from him, and we will all be judged according.

    About your calling me a “bigot”, maybe even a ” racist”, even if it were to be true, is there yet any law broken by being so inclined? Is it a crime to be a ” bigot”? Is it a crime to be ignorant? Are you telling all Europe that loves freedom of conscience and liberty of thought that they are not free to be either a bigot or a racist like you if they so choose?

    Look inside yourself and ponder what you reall are.

    • Torben Snarup Hansen

      He will never ever discuss the catastrophic conditions in Pakistan and the rest of islam – the acid attacks, the decapitation videos, the eternal vendetta between Sunnis and Shias, the hate mongering, the enormous waste of human life (documented by the UN "Arab Human Development" reports) etc. He will certainly not describe and analyze why millions of Muslims want to leave their homes and enter the West, and he will never explain why it is not the other way round. He will never stop the endless shaming and blaming of the despicable kuffaar who pay for the music. He has been doing this for decades. Over and over he and the famous taqiyyeh-talker Monsieur Tariq Ramadhan has repeated the sweet words about global intercultural "dialogue" and convivencia. It seems that finally the chattering class in Copenhagen is a bit tired of him. Just leave the poor guy alone.

  • isiswirth

    As well, among the Danish culture it is important to remind August Bournonville, the Danish School of Ballet, the Royal Ballet of Danemark. Thanks.

  • Torben Snarup Hansen

    He will never ever discuss the catastrophic conditions in Pakistan and the rest of islam – the acid attacks, the decapitation videos, the eternal vendetta between Sunnis and Shias, the hate mongering, the enormous waste of human life (documented by the UN "Arab Human Development" reports) etc. He will certainly not describe and analyze why millions of Muslims want to leave their homes and enter the West, and he will never explain why it is not the other way round. He will never reflect on his endless shaming and blaming of the despicable kuffaar who pay for the music. His has been doing this for decades. Over and over he and the famous taqiyyeh-talker Monsieur Tariq Ramadhan has repeated the sweet words about global intercultural "dialogue" and convivencia. It seems that finally the chattering class in Copenhagen is a bit tired of him. Just leave the poor guy alone.

    • Anthony

      Torbin, are you living there?

      • Torben Snarup Hansen

        Yes – in Denmark.

        • Anthony

          Do you feel optimistic about the future of your country? Indeed, I am not at all of the mind that American society can continue much longer the way it is going.

          This Pakistani activist, Sir Quarishy “The Courageous”, seems to be an intellectual lightweight. He clearly refuses to answer legitimate questions, and wallows in self pity. I detect arrogance of course, and a sense of persecution, like when he compared himself to Jesus by way of ” having brown skin”.

          How can such a person be taken seriously? Is he living in your country, if so, does he have a real, paying job.


          • Torben Snarup Hansen

            Politicians and bureaucrats are still ignorant about the mentality of the immigrant parasites and criminals, and both the former and the present (Socialist) government are clueless. So there is reason for pessimism since neither gvt. nor the judiciary have a strategy for a real confrontation. But there is also reason for optimism, because civil society is beginning to understand the threat from Sharia culture and from lawmakers trying to kill freedom of expression. The very courageous preacher of global bla bla is a charlatan. He was invited everywhere – the churches, the tv-channels, the schools. He was the pet "victimized" immigrant from the wonderful Third World and involved in funny "immigrant associations", paid by the council of Copenh. or the government. But all this has stopped a decade ago. I do not know who pays him to day. Probably some EU mandarins.

  • Eric G

    "…this world is now a inter-cultural and inter-religious planet and not a place where only one race and religion rules like in the last few centuries."

    More like the current century in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Libya, Oman, Pakistan, …

  • Western Spirit

    pakistan broke off from india because of islam and your brown skin isn't that of a jew, like jesus, but of india, and not even like an arab from the middle east.

    people like you are the reason hindu's are anti islam— from the experience of splitting up of their country, plus you people have over-populated their land, among other things.

    and the reason the western world is vulnerable to inter-cultural and inter-religious propaganda is because the left has paved the way for the inter-cultural inter-religion phenomonon to happen here and in europe. it's nonsense for them to declare all cultures and religions equal because they are demonstratively not.

    But it's all done in co-operation with the other hand of satan—the left hand that is,the left,working with the right hand, islam — both hands of the evil one working together to bring the west down.