Egypt’s Civil War? — on The Glazov Gang

Leftist film producer Tommi Trudeau goes to-to-toe with Dwight Schultz and Evan Sayet on Frontpage’s television show. Below is Part II of this three-part series. To see Part I, click here. We will run Part III in tomorrow’s edition:

  • zipory

    I'm sorry Jamie. Tredeau is an idiot and has nothing to add to the conversation. I realize he adds some chuckles but the issues are serious and he has no logic or common sense in any thing he says.

    • miscellany

      I think on future shows stuffed animals and funny hats should be mandatory for all.

  • dave

    Loving the show! I think Tommi is a good addition because like it or not he does represent a lot of peoples views. If he can be converted on the show it is more helpful to me regarding my own personal debates with my leftie friends in how to argue with them etc. Humour is definitely important to use! Seriously though he does have a point regarding dealing with the arab world. If we want their business we have to have a dialogue unless we go in guns blazing and conquer them which will never happen. If the right are serious we should stop buying their oil and making them rich and find an alternative which would completely put them out of business and render Islam impotent. Syria is different from Libya regarding the west going in. Gadaffi had no back up, was so easy to get rid of but actually it took us ages to get the job done. Syria is backed by Russia and Iran and has a serious military, so would not be a good idea to get involved in. Anyway, we have to let them get on with it and stop getting involved the whole time.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "My freinds sat me down and got me stoned……so now I'm not at all worried about Islamic domination of Western Culture"??????

    I guess drugs promote rational thinking. This says it all, ladies and gentlemen, about the left. You would have to be stoned to think like they do.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "Useful idiot"
    Those that let others play them to the tune of their own irrational hatred for the nation by those who have a bigger and darker scheme. In the end they will be the first to be exterminated because they will be a shame or discredit to those that will assume power after they've accomplished their goals and agendas. An "unholy alliance" is another term that discribes this type of relationship.

    Tommi and the entire lib/prog community fits this definition to the letter.

    • DMW

      Baying sheep that the wolves can count on in two respects. First, they bay/bark in generalities at the condition of things as the wolves circle, but still hold the sheep dogs trying to really protect them in contempt. Second, they continue to keep themselves — at bay — a safe distance from from genuine examination of the long term effects of their irresponsible political proclivities. Reminds me of the critics in the 1980s and later who excoriated Reagan for not elevating AIDS to THEIR desired level of executive and Federal government attention. Result: All Conservatives are stinkers and, therefore, want Gays to die and Christianity = Theocracy. Meanwhile, apparently Islam really does want both and Baaah, Baaah, Baaah at the sheep dogs.

  • Bartimaeus

    Tommi is a riot, but on a serious note he does represent a certain aspect of the left. When he was becoming concerned (perhaps about the direction toward which the world is heading), he got a little help from his friends. They sat him down and got him stoned and then he was no longer so concerned. I think that says it all. The left does not concern themselves with the real dangers that lay ahead. The left has no idea what they may be unleashing on the world by their attempt to “fundamentally transform America”