Eric Holder’s Amnesia on Fast & Furious — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Dwight Schultz, Nonie Darwish and Tommi Trudeau gathered to discuss Eric Holder’s Amnesia on Fast & Furious, which is Part II of a three part series and can be seen below. Part I dealt with the new evidence, unearthed by Stanley Kurtz, confirming Obama’s Socialist New Party membership. It can be seen here. We will run Part III in our next edition.

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  • Kenny Williams

    Great show! Three superstars on the panel.

  • aspacia

    Trudeau is a clown and is probably doing this show to make O look as ridiculous as he does in the uniform.

    • reader

      Tommy has definitely had me for a good while now. The jig is up as soon as he mentioned the people's cube. Now I know he's been screwing around. Good one, Tommy (and Jamie).

      • Larry

        Tommy has very definitely been running a beautiful satire for quite some time now. On his first appearance I thought he was a lefty that was capable of getting a clue.
        Then he dropped into hyper-leftard mode, but over the past couple of months it's been becoming more and more obvious, but only bit by bit, that he has been selling a wonderful satire.
        I'm not sure how Jamie and Dwight, in particular, manage to keep straight faces, and not end up rolling on the floor.

        Tommy Trudeau, my hat is off to you. Job beautifully done. :D

        • ygalg

          my thoughts exactly

        • Ralph

          I'm not sure Dwight was in on the joke at the beginning. Certainly Evan Sayet seemed like he was roped in, judging from his reactions to some of Tommi's statements in the earlier episodes. He fooled me in the beginning. Some guy who said he was a psychiatrist even diagnosed him in the comments in the first or second episode. That's some good acting, Tommi.

  • Karen Daniels

    Simply brilliant!