Heated Confrontation On Islam — On The Glazov Gang

This week’s Glazov Gang hosted a discussion on the heinous Jihadi crime in Toulouse and it escalated into an  acrimonious verbal brawl. Our guests were Rob Nelson, former Fox News talk show host, Doris Montrose, President of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Mark Tapson, Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Below is Part I of a three-part series. Yo see Part II, click here.

  • Cooper

    Note how neatly Robb Nelson throws out the word "racist". The difficulty with this word is that it is ONLY USED on 'so-called' white people (includes conservatives and Jews) to try to get them to shut-up about muslims and islamic ideology. When muslims say and display their 'criticism' of Western society (including Jews), it's never classified as racism. What Robb Nelson doesn't realise is that Glazov and others are the first to step up and defend muslim women when there is an honour killing (for example). I would ask you Robb, how is THAT 'racism'? Robb Nelson, it would appear, is an apologist and is evidently part of the problem.

  • SoCalMike

    The Left just doesn't feel right if they aren't aiding helping or enabling those warring on us.
    Since Vietnam and the Cold War they've been doing it.
    This is only history repeating itself.
    They pass off their attitude and psychology as a thought process and we tend to buy into it.
    At least I used to. Not anymore.

  • Mister Right

    Yelling "racist" is a tactic the left uses to silence their opponents. It has nothing to do with a genuine concern about racism.

    • scum

      And FPM doesn't play the card? Answer truthfully.

  • denis

    Robb has his head in the sand. Islam is on a course designed to undermine every aspect of our western society. Almost every single act of terror committed in the world today is done by a Muslim. An article from POLITICAL ISLAM outlines the goals of Muslims in America. "The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions. This is a quotation from a document called AN EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM ON THE GENERAL STRATEGIC GOALS FOR THE NORTH AMERICA 1991 now called M.B. MEMO recovered in a raid on the Muslim Brotherhood by the FBI. Robbs attitude aids and abets Muslims and the Islamist religion to gain political acceptance in our western society. America has separation of Church and STATE. In Islam church and state are the same entity.

  • peter

    Give or take it a few years and we have a religious jihad on our hands. This war will be worse than WW2 and this war will be called WW3. If I am still around then I will fight till the last men standing.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Heated Confrontation On Islam — On The Glazov Gang shows clearly that those who take individual acts of terrorism and connect it with Islam are as racist as KKK.
    It never occures to them that before USA and NATO started invading Muslim lands one by one to plunder their resources and install puppet regimes; there was almost no violence against innocent people committed by people with the Islamic faith.

    Political violence is the direct result of these atrocities, bombing, killing, torturing and looting of innocent people who have no other means to hit back. This is the law of the nature and a strategy adopted by a tiny minority to get even. It is deplorable, un-Islamic and should never happen but we do not live in an ideal world. It is regrettable that like all religions, Islam has its fair share of lunatics and zealots who commit crimes and use religion to explain their hideous acts. USA has its strategic interests, which it peruses with relentless power, leaving blood, bones and flesh on the away. This bloodthirsty nation has a long history of crimes against humanity – right from the extermination of native Indians, slavery, interference in other countries, invasions – the list is long – and now to advance cola/burger empire. It is just one thing, Americans – not all but neo-cons and Islam haters – have forgotten. Empires come and go. Good ones leave footprints on the road to eternity, evil ones are stored in the cabbage cane of history. USA can choose, where it wishes to belong. I wish it well because it had and still have potential but its leaders are selfish, arrogant and spineless. That has rubbed on its people too.

    • jimmytheclaw

      sorry you fail do some reading up on the barbary wars we had nobody in the me/na region yet suffered all kinds of attacks in international waters by muslims that said the same thing jihadist leaders say today

    • RonCarnine

      Always amazes me how ignorant of Islamic history some Muslims are Bashy. There is also an unbelievable ignorance of American history as well. America is not always right, but if that is the case she is willing to admit it. No so with Islam. When Islam came roaring out of Arabic countries millions of people were slaughtered and forced out of lands they inhabited for hundreds of years. When America goes to war, she has a bad habit of feeling obligated to rebuild. Look at Japan in WWII. America stayed out of the war until Pearl Harbor in which Japan attacked the American fleet and killed thousands of people. After her defeat America went and rebuilt a large portion of that country. Eventually the nation was given back to the Japanese people and functions as an independent country to this day. Your comments are historically incorrect and you are spouting insults that have no basis in fact. You ought to be ashamed but I guess from reading your comments you have no shame. By the way, jimmy the claw below points out that the very first war America faced after the Revolutionary War was the Barbary war. Muslim pirates captured American ships in international waters and then tried to extort huge sums of money. Thomas Jefferson said enough is enough and sent a small force which kicked butt and then returned legally captured territory back to the Muslims after the release of American's held captive.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    No evidence French gunman had ties to Al Qaeda, official says

    Published March 23, 2012

    PARIS – French authorities have no evidence that Al Qaeda commissioned a French gunman to go on a killing spree that left seven people dead, or that he had any contact with terrorist groups, a senior official said Friday.
    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/03/23/no-eviden

    • Ghostwriter

      Still protecting terrorists and bashing America,aren't we Bashy?

  • umustbkidding

    If standing up for yourself, standing against another race or religion of individuals or collectively, that is attacking you is called racism.

    Then I am proud to be a racist and will gladly wear that badge. Cowering over a word will just leave you dead.

  • nacazo

    Then Allen West is the most racist individual on earth….


  • journeyman

    A supremacist ideology which relies for the most part of deception , is going to be very good at using deceit , emotional blackmail , blame game , and a very good bad-cop-good-cop switch between domination and then victimhood , to confuse , divide , demoralize , weaken , to disguise its true purpose and defeat the enemy
    There is no such thing as " extremist " Islam and ´" moderate" Islam . No more that there exists an
    extreme Koran and moderate Koran . Neither is there such a thing as an officially approved and stamped legitimate mainstream ordinary version of Islam versus an illegitimate " misinterpreted , taken out of context , cherry-picked Islam , extremist " version of Islam . There is no difference in interpreation of Koranic text between ordinary mainstream Saudi Wahabbist officially sanctioned Islam and koranic interpretation or Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood . They hate each other of course , but the only thing they disagree on , is who should be in charge of the operation and perhaps the choice of methods that would be best to achieve Islams goal , not on how the Koran should be interpreted .

  • Prasad

    When the source [Quran and Mohammed] itself is inherently evil and unsound , it is difficult for Islam to ever become a religion of peace. It is sad that the world has allowed it to grow and now it is on the verge to spread its tentacles of evil and hatred, and consume the world. There are several girls from Hindu and Christian communities being kidnapped and forcefully married and made to accept Islam in Pakistan and other parts of the world. And their new BOMB is the WOMB to grow in large numbers. It is basically evil in nature, how can it become good or a religion of peace, unless a few enlightened men and women of Islam correct the source and finetune. As of now, as it was in the past, Islam is not a religion of peace. A good debate indeed. Thank you.

  • BUTSeriously

    Proof that all Muslims are radical: