Escape From Sharia — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Amani Mustafa, Anni Cyrus and Nonie Darwish gathered to share the horror and torture they endured under Islam.  All three segments of the three part series are posted below. Part I deals with How Islam Ruined My LifePart II focuses on Escape From Sharia and Part III involves testimony on Redemption After Sharia.

Part I

Part II

Part III

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  • J. Tregilgas

    These personal stories confirm what many feel is a major short fall of the islamic religion, namely slavery of the intellect and slavery of women. Thanks for the openness of your testimonies. I have a friend is from Turkey who is an devout follower. His wife used to only cover her head only when praying, but fifteen years later she covers her head ever since her mother visited for several years. I hate to see the regression. I now hate to visit them in their home. The only sign of moderation is his consumption of alcohol. Cheers!

  • Kristin

    This was a very moving series. All the women are amazing. It is maddening that their stories, or stories like them, are never told on mainstream television. Hearing what they went through just makes me realize how lucky I truly am that I was born in America. They are all an inspiration!

  • Lisa_H

    I am loving the Glazov gang members more and more. It's really worth it to hear what they have to say.