The Huma Abedin-House of Saud Connection Exposed

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This is no mirage; it’s real and it is why we see people like Nidal Malik Hasan attacking military personnel and military installations from within; he snapped and couldn’t wait.

FP: So it’s on all levels, military and civil?

Shoebat: Yes. In America, even the Director of the Islamic Center of Lubbock Texas Mohammed bin Mukhtar Shanqeeti agrees:

“The Muslim Minority Jurisprudence is not a heresy or a novel, it’s an ancient doctrine filled with the provisions for Muslims living in Dar al-Kufr (House of the Heathen) or Dar Al-Harb (House of War).” [link, here]

Even the Abedins’ Journal for Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA ) confirms that their program stems from these same extremist sources: “The theory of the Jurisprudence of Muslim Minorities is most easily clarified by shedding light on its founders” which the notes state are none other than Muslim Brotherhood “Yusuf al-Qaradawi” and “Taha Jabir al-Alwani”.

In a nutshell, The Muslim Minority Affairs program is part of a grand plan to destroy America from within, exactly as what the Muslim Brotherhood planned, which was exposed in the Holy Land Foundation trials.

FP: Tell us a bit more on the provisions for Muslims living in the House of the Heathen.

Shoebat: Now you are entering into how the plan combines two Jurisprudences; the Minority Affairs Jurisprudence and the Jurisprudence of Muruna (Flexibility). Muruna is the “process of permitting evils” specifically for Muslim Minorities that is “sanctioning prohibitions for the sake of an interest”. You can learn all about it [here]. This jurisprudence permits “reversing Sharia rulings” in order to “gain interests.”

So the rulings on marriage with non-Muslims as we have with Huma and Anthony Weiner now become sanctioned even if Sharia prohibits it.

While the media argues that Huma married a Jew as evidence for her assimilation, in actuality it’s more the reason for suspicion, especially since that her mother is a Muslim Brotherhood leader who never denounced the marriage. That with Huma’s years of service as part of a Wahhabi scheme provides reasonable concerns.

FP:  You keep referring to this character from Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Omar Naseef, as an al-Qaeda affiliate. What is the evidence that he is tied to al-Qaeda?

Shoebat: Besides much evidence reported on Abdullah Omar Naseef contributions for al-Qaeda, we have the WTC vs. Al Baraka, et. al. (see pp.384-386), It mentions Naseef, who arranged to meet Osama bin Laden and launch what seems like a major attack, right from one of Naseef’s Muslim World League (MWL) offices:

“…a Memo on IIRO [International Islamic Relief Organization] / MWL letterhead detailed a meeting between Abu Abdallah (Osama bin Laden), Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef, Sheik Abdel Majeed Zindani, and Dhiaul Haq, in which it is stated that, ‘the attacks will be launched from them (these offices)… You must pursue finding an umbrella which you can stay under…and I prefer the name of the League (most likely, Muslim World League) because Dr. Naseef is one of the brothers…’”

While these statements were only in the preliminary documents that were removed in later documents, possibly since they are regarding older operations prior to 9/11, yet, Naseef, according to this, was in direct communication with Osama bin Laden; this might shed a different light on the matter of Huma Abedin. For years, she had close ties with Naseef. But despite this, Naseef was proven to have been an al-Qaeda financier. The Naseef-Huma connection has no degrees of separation as many claimed. These statements made by the media were simply false.

Andrew McCarthy wrote that Naseef could have escaped the civil lawsuits on a technicality:

“…he was named as a defendant in the civil case brought by victims of the 9/11 atrocities. (In 2010, a federal court dropped him from the suit — not because he was found to be uninvolved, but because a judge reasoned the American court lacked personal jurisdiction over him.)”

The Abedins went back and forth, setting foothold in India, where Huma’s parents worked during 1978 with Maulana Muhammad Yousuf of Jamaat-e-Islami. Yusuf came after Abu Al-Ala Maududi, who was key in the Tabligh in the Indian subcontinent’s equivalent of the Muslim Brotherhood. It has extensive ties to Wahhabists, including Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. They represent an extremist Salafist brand. Then somehow they were in Saudi Arabia working with Naseef who spearheaded IMMA and commissioned the Abedins from Saudi Arabia to launch the program is the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Do you think they circulated the earth promoting this program solely by themselves as part of an American dream?

FP: What can we do about this?

Shoebat: Here are some things citizens can do immediately:

1—Petition to bring Huma’s ex-boss Naseef to face American justice.

2—Connect the dots between the Saudi Wahhabist plans and the Abedins’ IMMA, only then can we begin to unravel why the Abedin family works with nefarious characters like Naseef and Qaradawi.

3—Understand how interlinked these organizations are, their layers and sub-layers.

4—IMMA was a family affair under Saudi management, a foreign entity that intends to do harm to United States interests.

5—Ask politicians why is it a taboo to discuss Huma Abedin, and demand they refute the facts and provide answers that are void of rhetoric.

6—Support these courageous Congressmen. These are heroes, not slanderers as McCain says. They represent the interest of the people and not the policy of silence. McCain says to question Abedin’s loyalty is “dangerous” when it is silence that is, in fact, dangerous.

FP: Thank you Walid for sharing this very important information with us.

Shoebat: My pleasure.

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  • oldtimer

    And she has Hillary's ear…..and suggestions have been made that Hillary be vice prez, and maybe prez someday.
    She is a muslim infiltrator, and if Hillary has her an advisor, she is either stupid or worse…..

    • semus

      My bet is "or worse". We already have a heavily Muslim influenced President, we can see how thats working. It's been great new for the murdering terrorists and the Sharia advocates.

    • @Obama_Ointment

      The ear isn't the only part of the HildaBeast's anatomy that Mrs. Huma A. Weiner has had, just sayin'.

    • kafir4life

      She actually has both of Cankle's ears when she grabs them and pulls Cankles towards her.

    • Timothy Wooley

      Or, as I am seeing it, Hillary is now Her ear…

  • semus

    I think there's going to be a media blackout on this.

  • Confucius Say

    Now you know why Weiner prefers a media outlet for his happiness.

  • Roger

    This interview explains so many headlines that the media has been ignoring.

    The stoning of Missionaries in Dearborn.
    The ground zero mosque project.
    Time after time they have exposed their agenda, and still we rearrange deck chairs as the ship slips lower into the water.

  • Asher

    Islam is the progression of destruction for all of mankind!

    • Stuart Parsons

      You are right Asher. Islam is a far,far,far, far, far, far greater threat to the peace and well-being of mankind than Fascism and Communism ever were. Wrongly ccused of rascism by uninformed members of the public I have spent this morning at my local police station trying to explain what the beliefs practices and aims of Islam really are. However, the politically correct police were only really interested in trying to shut me up preventing me exposing the evil nature of Islam.

      • davarin

        Well, you have to remember they probably went through extensive diversity training which has disarmed their natural defenses

  • PAthena

    Does President Obama have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood? He greeted President (Prime Minister?) Morsi of Egypt recently, unlike the way he snubbed Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel.
    What is the connection between President Obama and Huma Abedin?

    • ali3nation

      I seems that Zerobamas' connection to Huma is Hillary. If you take some time to read about how Huma came to serve as Hillarys' assistant, you will be amazed that Ms. Clinton almost scrambled to hire her. Zerobama may not have known much about it early on but you can be sure he was connected to Huma via Hillary. In case you have not yet heard, Huma is the daughter of an Indian father and Pakistani mother, both university professors. They lived in the US, where Huma was born but at age two Huma and family moved to Saudi Arabia. Huma spent sixteen years being educated by the Saudis. Can you imagine a female, Saudi educated, is then allowed to return to the US, start studies at George Washington University and then suddenly is tapped by the Secretary of State to be her right hand gal? What a success story. And then Huma marries and has children with Anthony Weiner a Jewish congressman. If I were going to write a Tom Clancy type of spy novel, I couldn't think of a better plot. Stay tuned, because I think the chapters that have yet to be written will be blockbusters.

  • UncleBob Martin

    So friends of her relatives friends are insane idealogues. This proves what about Human Abedin?
    Am I responsible for every insane utterance by my relatives? If so, I am in some big trouble!

    • davarin

      Thats funny that your not at all concerned about your nations security. Your statement above is ok for casual aquaintences, small groups, but we are talking about national security. You did read ALL of the article, right?

    • ali3nation

      Uncle Bob, if that is how you think, then you sure are in big trouble. Why would you try to dissociate Huma ( not Human), from her close relatives ( her mother,father and brother) and thus construct a defense of her status as second in charge of the Dept. of State. I will agree with you that nothing has bee PROVEN about Huma but it is still unwise and incomprehensible how she attained her position and how she stays in it. Do not forget that she is Married to a Jew and in her society the only way she can do that is if she is serving the higher islamic authority, a sort of papal dispensation ( in this case dispensation from the IIC { imam in charge}) Her past, and present are suspect and need to be clarified. This interview brings to light innumerable reasons to so forthwith.

      • Rosemary Cafarelli

        Huma is performing tyquiya.

    • Morton L. Friedman

      A good thing that you probably did not work in an area requiring a security clearance. Your friends, acquaintances, relatives, and even your in-laws, would have been investigated. While I am sure that some do 'slip through the cracks', the investgative agencies were rather thorough. No problem with Huma though, her boss's boss, Obama himself, could not pass a security clearance examination.

    • Liberty 4×4

      In the U.S. where family ties are often not that strong it is entirely possible that you may break totally away from your parents values and establish your own belief system. This is not so in Islamic tradition. I am sure a few break away in this country, but, a person like Huma Abedin who was brought up under stong Islamic loyalties would not break those loyalties without suffering severe penalties. My guess is this article is correct and Abedin has close connections to Saudi Muslim Brotherhood entities and is using her state department ties with Hillary to influence U.S. policy toward Islamic positions. It would not take much because Hillary and Bill already have deep Islamic sympathies. However, Huma now has access to the deepest and most secret recesses of U.S. foreign and domestic policy. How deep her sympathies lie with the Saudi Muslim Brotherhood and her parental loyalty should definetly be keenly investigated and vetted. Of this, there is no doubt. It should of taken place before she even got her position. There is no excuse for this type of purposeful unprofessional incompetency, and maybe blatant treason. Hillary should be held completely accountable and fired.

  • guest

    In the 60s you f**kers burned black churches, now you're burning mosques.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Hama Abedin is a security threat to the United States.

  • Hokma

    "5—Ask politicians why is it a taboo to discuss Huma Abedin, and demand they refute the facts and provide answers that are void of rhetoric."

    I think this is the key. We need to know if there is a direct link between Huma and the actions of her family and am surprised that was not done a long time ago.

    The disconnect is her marriage to Anthony Wiener who was a staunch supporter of Israel and even confronted Obama over his undercutting Netanyahu (which, based on its timing, I think is why those lewd actions on his part surfaced suddenly). Why Wiener would marriage out of his religion is one thing but to marry a Muslim is quite another – and one whose family has such connections.

  • Patti Shumway McBride

    Hokma – maybe Weiner is just a clueless pawn in all of that–his marriage to Huma & him being a Jew married to a muslim. What a perfect cover for the MB to get Huma next to Hillary. And with teqiyya you know Huma won't give anything away.