Islamic “Honor” Killings in America — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Dr. Nancy Bonus, Eric Allen Bell and Karla Moxley gathered to discuss The Problem of Islam? The discussion led to an exchange over Islamic “honor” killings in America. Below is Part I of a three part series. To see Part II, click here.

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  • Leotra D.

    Fantastic show!

  • T.D. Snow

    Jamie, Eric and Nancy, you guys are great. Thank you.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Where are all the Muslim apologists telling us we're just paranoid? That this sort of thing wouldn't happen in America?

    It happens wherever Muslims go, because they bring their hate and stupidity with them. They are a cancer on the Earth.

  • Asher

    These muslims should be told in no uncertain terms by judges: "YOU ARE IN AMERICA AND WHEN IN AMERICA OBEY OUR LAWS, WE DO NOT LIVE UNDER SHARIA LAW AND ARE NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH THE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE, JUST BECAUSE YOU DEEM IT YOUR RIGHT TO KILL PEOPLE IN THE NAME OF FALSE HONOR. By the Way Islam does not stand for human rights, this is totally bogus.

  • Asher

    Dr. Nancy is a Bonus…sharp lady!

  • Guest

    Moxlie is the typical lib, and the term lib doesn't really describe the willful denial they embrace. There are none so deaf, and blind, as those who willfully choose not hear and will not see.

    Lived in Turkey in 1966-67. As a young man I was appalled by the ignorance, backwardness, and hate of the people. At the end of that year, as my airliner was lifting off out of Ankara, how clearly I remember my thoughts. A year's experience in a culture caught in the 10th century, a culture of ignorance, and hate was flooding my mind's eye. Now, half a life-time later, how clearly do I recall those reflections and musings: "if these people ever get any money, the rest of the world is in trouble – no one will believe me, even if I tell them, ." Today only the willfully ignorant believe that it will get better. But there has been progress, as many have now come to believe what Islam is:

  • RoguePatriot6

    What a surprise, California? Say it ain't so.

    Liiberalism is like an open door for this kind of tyranny. California, being the most liberal state is one of the areas where we have a huge volume of this happening. I bet when Obama was elected in 2008, every Islamic terror organization cheered for weeks.

    It's complacency like this, "oh, I don't see how anything like that cold ever happen here…", that's going to kill us dead. Oh yea, famous last words. I'm sure Great Britain had the same thoughts and comments shortly before it happened to them. Now, they along with Europe walk on eggshells and live in fear of being arrested or lynched for printing or saying something offensive about Muhammad.

  • livingengine

    Eric Allen Bell is anti-Muslim.

    Look –

    29:38 "will you condemn the prophet for killing people, this is a yes, or no question."

    30:50 again asking for condemnation of Muhammad

    31:27 "I'm not labeling you. I'm giving you an opportunity to present yourself for who you really are."

    31:40 again asking for a condemnation of Muhammad

    31:56 labels her a Nazi – "you're the equivalent of a Nazi sympathizer."

    36:40 again asking for a condemnation of Muhammad

    39:40 yelling "She's 9 years old!"

    44:55 "stop being a Muslim", and "snap out of it"

    • gray man

      which any sane person should be