It’s a Girl – The Three Deadliest Words in the World

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But nothing quite prepared me for what we discovered in India while exploring the issue of gendercide. The war against girls is particularly heartbreaking to me because it is so often waged within family and community where a girl should find the greatest level of protection and provision. The thought of my own wife and daughter suffering in such a hostile environment is unthinkable! With each story we filmed in India and China, I became more convinced that gendercide is the greatest human rights issue of our time– yet so few people I talked to seemed to be aware of it.

FP: What do you hope this film will help achieve?

Davis: The completion of It’s a Girl has left me with more questions than answers: How can husbands and mothers perpetrate such violence against their own daughters and wives? How can the government of China, responsible for protecting its citizens, justify the coercive and destructive One Child Policy? How can doctors in India, trained to save life, participate in the taking of life on such a massive scale? How can the elected officials and judges in India stand by and refuse to enforce the laws that are in place to protect girls from such widespread abuse and neglect?

And, one of my greatest puzzles: how can the world community stand by and allow gendercide to continue? As members of that world community, we are obligated to act; to know is not enough. That is what we believe at Shadowline Films, and that is why we do what we do. As we release It’s a Girl, I ask myself whether or not the world will respond to our call and rise up in defense of the innocent. It is our hope that by educating audiences worldwide about gendercide, specifically in India, China and other areas where it is most prevalent, we can end this war against girls. I believe that the stories of It’s a Girl will capture hearts around the world and will compel us all to rise up and join a movement to end gender-based violence and killings and restore worth and dignity to the girls and women of India, China and of the world.

FP: What can our readers who want to help do? Give them some advice on steps they can take.

Davis: This is the very question we are asked anytime we screen the film. Our purpose in making the film was ultimately to make a difference in the fight against gendercide. So we are launching an action campaign that includes three ways people can help. First, we are petitioning world leaders to use their influence to speak out against gendercide and specifically bring pressure against the governments of India and China. We’ve developed the petitions with our partner organizations, and hope to see significant support for them as a result of the film. Second, there are girls and women in immediate need, so we have several ways people can provide the funds to save a girl in India or China. And lastly, it’s vital that your readers tell everyone they know about gendercide. The more the world hears about it, the more action will be taken against it. We have some very easy tools people can use to spread the word on social media platforms and by email to raise awareness about gendercide. To participate in any of these actions, simply go to

FP: Evan Grae Davis, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

Davis: Thank you so much for the opportunity to tell your readers about It’s a Girl and about gendercide.

FP: Thanks so much. We wish you the best.

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  • Don L

    Over 26 million females have been slaughtered here in the sanctimonious USA since Roe vs Wade (51%X 53 million) The Democrats are the real warriors against women, since they won't allow them to even live–never mind vote. The scourge of Planned Parenthood in the bowels of the black communities of America speaks of another war that Margaret Sanger started and the left is finishing. Life itself is an inconvenience to the left's Godless people.
    And they diabolically have chosen the very two are as their main assault weapons against the GOP-(racism and war on women.) Such evil and deceit could only come from the bowels of Hades itself.

    • Questions

      Why should we be so concerned about the impact of abortion in black communities? Let those violent, rotten people do their own p.r. Let's worry more about white communities. As for Margaret Sanger, Mr. Pro-Life Fanatic, she wasn't all that big on abortion. That's a fact. And late in life, having lived in Arizona for many years, Sanger was a good friend of Barry Goldwater and openly supported his 1964 presidential bid. That's right — Mr. Conservative.

      • Ghostwriter

        Bigotry,thy name is Questions.

        • Questions

          You call it "bigotry." I call it reality. I guess you handle too much reality.

      • belengarya

        What? Are you serious? "Violent, rotten people"? I'm dumbfounded by your lack of compassion for other human beings. As for Margaret Sanger, she didn't promote abortion. She promoted eugenics where those "deemed unfit " for procreation were to be sterilized so they couldn't have children and sully the gene pool. Where have I heard that before? Nazi Germany! She actually went on speaking tours in the South to promote this idea to the Klu Klux Klan. Educate yourself!

    • James

      Yup…how about the War on Logic?
      The dems pander to the ignorant. He has 40% white support and 80% minority support. Soooo the world is now run by minorities. Forget the innovator. Forget the people who built this country who invented every single thing that made this country grow. When you shun the backbone of this country–and win…you have pulled off the greatest robbery every perpetrated.
      How about the War on the Unborn? people are voting just in case they have to kill their children? This is what this wicked party stands for and actually has ignorant people thinking "we" are evil? We know Roe/wade will never be overturned…but are we gonna say its right? The devil thinks its right…maybe you'll vote for him next?

  • CharlesWhite

    Well put Don L! You can't have a "little" evil without all the evil! Power and Greed rue the Black American community leadership and the natural selfishness of man keeps them inline, until they set themselves free they will suffer the hidden agendas of others, sad fact is Real Christ like fellowship sets you free and fewer and fewer Americans follow Christ! more and more willfully follow the Prince of Darkness, mesmerized by his words of deceit and the delusional dance of happiness he promises.

  • Schlomotion

    While I think this movie will be very good, it is no cause for Jamie Glazov to plagiarize from Mr. Davis' Facebook Bio.

    Even worse, this article is replagiarized by Ruth King under her own name.

    • kevinh

      Surely. He also used the same color text, and I'm-sorry-but-it-could-not-be-an-accident similar looking font. Why didn't he choose a different language too? Or better still, invent his own? No originality at all!

      A disgrace.


    • Russ P.

      He copied the guy's bio — and you call that plagiarism? You can't be serious.

  • Toecutter

    Umm… also include religion, the genocidal phenomenon (or is that puke-a-thon) that has raged ever since some senile, old cow-eyed cretin with a beard found the first stone to worship. Dig deeper and you will find that the mass genocide against women is at the behest of religion. All religions are paternalistic in nature, deed and execution. Killing of females is high on their agenda. Alongside that is the capture and enslavement of females for sexual gratification. How about that? The turds who murder women are the same turds who want women as their personal private property to abuse and rape at will. It kind of says it all about religion.

    It takes all kinds. But religion is NEVER kind.

    • Questions

      Finally, someone here has the guts to speak the truth. And inasmuch as I despise Islamic fanatics (i.e., almost all Muslims), Christians have a lot to answer for. It was the early Christians, for example, who instituted the practice of mandatory veiling of women. As for ultra-Orthodox Jews, they're a piece of work. Most people have no idea how badly many of the women in those communities are treated by their husbands and extended family.

      • BEASTDOGS8

        It is amazing how brain dead you leftist are Question and Toecutter, You claim Christians have a lot to answer for yet, you leftist whitewash and/or ignore the large damage path of death and distruction that follows the leftist philosophies such as socialism, which openly promotes and pushes atheism. In case Question and Toecutter you slept through last century, socialism, which again openly pushes atheism and also openly persectes Jews and Christians, has its hands, to this day still dripping with blood, to the the tune of over 100 million people murdered and still counting. Mass murders is the specialty of socialism particularly, mass killings of people of religious faith such as Jews and Christians as it pushes atheism on the rest of the people. So cry me a river Question and Toecutter you liberals disgust me, I swear you liberals are getting dumber each and every day.

    • kevinh

      You might have well just asserted that "it kind of says it all about people who drink Pepsi" or some such other silly assertion from the facts you've presented. I'm glad we agree that abortion is wrong however. Your belief that there is no god (anywhere) and my belief that G-d exists (outside of time and space) doesn't directly contradict our shared opposition on selective abortion.

    • Russ P.

      Now please explain why atheistic communists murdered 100,000,000 of their own people in the past century. Was "religion" to blame for that too, genius?

      • Bartimaeus

        If all cultures are equally valid and all religions are equally valid, why is it that Bible believing Christians are the strongest voice in our culture that is against infanticide and gendercide? When will people wake up and realize it is only a dangerous form of self deception that puts all religions in the same category and then dismisses them all. Wisdom and discernment are declining rapidly as we move to reject our Christian heritage. Are we so very far from china and India as to that which we now consider unjust and barbaric?

  • Chris

    I am grateful to the film maker for bringing this very serious issue to light. However, he doesn't need to look far for the answer to why the world community looks away–the sacred cows of multiculturalism and the view that abortion is a right make most western leaders uncomfortable with acknowledging gendercide. Abortion and multiculturalism trump every other issue.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'll be honest here. The idiotic posts of those like Toecutter and Questions really make me question their sanity. When not bashing black people,Questions now goes after religion itself,with the help of Toecutter. I think these two must have misplaced their medications before they came on this site.

    • SKIP

      What the author said and printed is true! I know, I live and work over here.

    • Questions

      I'm not "going after" religion. I'm trying to set the record straight.

      White "conservatives" who obsess over alleged "racism" by liberals are doing the Left's dirty work without even knowing it. Fact: Margaret Sanger was not only NOT a Leftist, she was a Republican conservative. She and her husband, who'd lived in Tucson since the 30s, were close friends of Barry and Peggy Goldwater. They influenced the Goldwaters greatly on birth control issues. Deal with it. As for medications, I hate to disappoint you, pal, but I'm not on any.

  • PAthena

    What is the "world community"? Good for Davis for investigating the issue of how girls are treated in different parts of the world, but there is no "world community" to appeal to. There are countries which can object, like the Western countries, but not "the world," which includes Mohammedan countries, China, India, etc.

  • kafir4life

    It's going to get interesting when women decide to abort their babies if it's learned they have the "gay gene". Many women will decide that they don't want THEIR chile to be gay (not that there's anything wrong with it…of course not), and as the left has determined it's her absolute right to abort for any or no reason at all. That being the case, I'd shout it from the rooftops.

    Let me leave you with one question…….imagine a world where Stanley Ann Dunham had available to her the same services that women have today in 1961. This could be a much better world, but we wouldn't even be aware of the danger that could have been. An aborted Obama! Tell me that doesn't bring a little smile to your face….If only Ms. Dunham had a choice.

    • kevinh

      Statistically abortion has already killed more gays than AIDS in the U.S., however this fact is not considered important. It would not surprise me to see legislation proposed which mandated the testing and the special right protection of the unborn with a specific gene makeup.

      I'm willing to say "I'm against abortion" even if the cost is having one Barry Sotero or Barack Obama or whatever name he so chooses at present. However given the racial demographics involved with the abortion industry, and the political ideologies of his father(s) it does seem likely that he would not have ever been born.

      I wonder at what point he'll understand his "punished with a baby" quote for its own irony.

  • Western Spirit

    People of color should realize that abortion serves the interest of bigots that want to eliminate them.

    Moreover the way women are treated is a good indication of what degree of freedom and civilization a culture offers. Putting the lie to equality of cultures. Multi-culturism flies in the face of common sense and equality of religions does as well.

    Clearly there are quality cultures and religions that provide freedom and civilization to a quality starved world. Putting on blinders and not seeing this is pathological.

    A government guided by Biblical Christianity, such as this country, are provably far superior to the cultures and religions of the rest of the world because there is observable superior outcomes.

    Superior and inferior are aspects of this world of duality that's why multi-culturism and equality of religions fly in the face of reality and common sense

    • Sandra K

      Western Spirit: your mention of 'religion' and 'reality' within the same sentence nearly caused me to shoot my coffee through my nose :-) Why is it that the religious are always concerned with superiority? Whose genocide was more 'holy'? Whose 'holy war' was more 'holy'? Or should I say 'hokey'? Which religious group's oppression of others' human rights – especially females of all ages – is more justified?

      We've already seen how religions and governments don't mix. We've got a stupid amount of examples of this throughout history which prove this. Yet many of us never seem to learn from the mistakes of those who came before us and just keep on bumbling through life, repeating the same foolishness, displaying the same arrogance & ignorance, and are actually shocked when – surprise surprise – there is absolutely NO difference in the outcome. As my grandmother used to say, "You put in crap, you get out crap. Every time. The flavor or type of crap never really changes, although the smell might." I gotta say, the woman had it going on upstairs.

      It truly is 'putting on blinders' to refuse to recognize that ALL religion is rubbish. All religions are based on fallacies, fairy tales and imaginary friends – or as my grandmother would say, 'crap' – so there simply is no hope of getting anything out of them except 'crap'. I fail to see why this is so difficult for so many people to comprehend. Repeating the same fallacies over and over again does not change the fact that they are fallacies. Making the same mistakes over and over again does not change the fact that they are STILL mistakes. It is our own refusal to learn from our repeated, identical mistakes and fallacies which keeps the majority of humanity spinning its wheels, ridiculously wondering why we're STILL sitting in the same pile of crap wondering why we haven't yet managed to get out. This sad state of affairs can't be anything but laughable and pathetic. Yet somehow we manage to think of ourselves as 'superior' to 'the other guy'. This is plain foolishness at its best.

      Islamic dictatorships are also very sure that a government guided by Islam is the way to go, yet we can plainly see it's anything but. The only real difference between Islam and Christianity is the name if the imaginary friend people are bowing down to and killing in the name of.

      As for which country or religion treats their women in a 'superior' manner, it has been proven time and time again that women suffer great injustices in so-called 'developed countries', as well as under Christianity. Anybody claiming 'it ain't so' doesn't make it so. Religions pretty much all have roots that began with some nutter dreaming of and demanding power over 'the other guy'. Yet once again we run into the cold, hard fact that this kind of power kills, oppresses and robs the human rights of others.

      The comparisons and similarities which a blind man could see never end. All religions are very concentrated sources of evil & lunacy which harm others. Doesnt matter whose religion it is. None of us have the right to infringe on others' rights simply because we believe our rights or beliefs are 'superior' to others'.

  • Ann

    ask your self why are they killing girls — the UN is a major player in this murder, they spew population control…but what is really worse is that if you take away women, you take away reproduction and anyway of man to produce … therefor you control humans and what they can do, which is a way to enslave humans again… it does not matter the color of the women…slavery has no color

  • Western Spirit

    The Left is at war with the reality of duality.

    For instance, they claim everything is equal rather than acknowledging the opposite nature of everything in existence. There is no weaker or stronger sex, in fact, there is no difference between anything. No good or evil, no inferior or superior, just smooth sailing through a sea of sameness.

    And so they are at war with reality itself and common sense tries to tell us this.

  • Western Spirit

    In light of this fact, of duality Multi-culturism is an illusion straight from the bowels of hell. So is the rest of P.C. and that's where the deluded are taking us to an earthy hell on earth back into a life of servitude where mankind has traditionally been until America's Christianity set the captives free.

    The captives hate those who are free and they hate religion too. But be of good cheer Jesus said he came to set the captives free.

  • Mike

    So we either treat women like crap (third world countries) and of no value or we put them on a pedestal at the expense of men (western countries). Is there no middle ground?