Leftist Feminists, Do You Have Any Shame At Last?

Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov recently spoke to Newport Harbor Republican Women about the Left’s callous disinterest in the millions of women barbarized by Sharia. The video of the Feb 23, 2012 speech, based on the speaker’s book United in Hate, is below:

  • maturin20

    It's rude and pushy to put a video of your speech on the website that you edit. It's like when Oscar Williams edited all those anthologies of great poetry and always made sure to include some of his own work in them. It's just bush league stuff.

    • Lillith

      I have a novel idea, don't watch them…how about that! Simple, practical and effective!

      • kentatwater

        maturin20 (retired) posting as "iseeyou" sez:

        kentatwater…before they wipe this, I want you to know that having me banned in order to get out of having to answer for yourself is the height of cowardice. You're a hypocrite…and you know it.

        Have a blessed day you cultic douchebag.

        How appropriate that your penultimate post to this forum,
        was one about another feminine hygiene product…


        It's a fitting epitaph, I think. You will always be remembered thus.

    • old white guy

      you do know that there is no cure for stupid, of course you do. smarten up.

    • MikeWood

      maturin: how long until you actually mature?

  • Amused

    " callous disinterest " ……yea , just the "left " Jaimie ? I dont hear much coming from the right either ….that is , other than you trying to sell another book .

    • StephenD

      That's Doctor Glazov to you punk.
      Jamie indeed; as if you could even tie his shoe laces.

    • pagegl

      Then you're not paying attention or perhaps just not going out to various conservative leaning news sites. Several, including Fox, have run and still run stories and op-ed pieces.

      • Toa

        Either not paying attention, or just refusing to look…

        "I don't hear much coming from the right either…" Good grief- can't believe I just read that…

  • oldtimer

    After all the work women have done to achieve all they have, it is hard to believe that no one, right or left, speaks up against this horrible treatment of women, which according to the religion of peace and love, is acceptable and natural.

    • http://crimevictimsmediareport.com Tina Trent

      That's because it is a grotesque misrepresentation. I have no patience with most contemporary feminist groups, but long before anyone on the Right laid claim to this issue — exploit might be a better term — Feminist Majority was the voice for these women. The received no hearing from the people on the Right who now eagerly denounce feminist inaction.

      Jamie: facts matter. Correct the record. You are doing precisely what you claim to oppose, and it is transparently exploitative. I expect better.

      • Jim_C


      • kentatwater

        Oh please. The Feminist "Majority" is little more than NOW without the patchouli and gypsy skirts.


        Same old abortion uber alles, with all the political alliances necessary for that objective.

        • Mike

          "The Right" simply pointing out that the Leftist embrace of Islam, contradicts their "support" for women. As if leftist liberal feminist were women in the first place. Compare these freaks of mother nature with the billions of woman that have ever lived.

          Leftist liberal feminist witches aren't women at all. They are TOMBS not wombs. They are dessicated dried up husks that neither nuture society nor provide. The separate men from God. They separate woman from womb. They're feminist freaks of nature; abhorred by the great Gia spirit of motherhood and fertility.

          @%#%@%$ YOU WASSERMAN SCHULTZ et al.

          • kentatwater

            Take a pill.

  • Rifleman

    They're too busy standing strong and courageously battling for free stuff on behalf the poor, powerless, and oppressed women of the USA.

    • trickyblain

      Nah. Back in the 90's, I took an especally annoying world history class from a feminist prof who made everything about women (i.e., claiming without evidence that the Minoan culture was peaceful because women ruled). I will say though — she made the Taliban a huge issue long before they turned up on the worldwide radar. The Taliban — their treatment of the fairer sex — were a huge feminist issue in the 90's.

      Like Glasov really pays attention to feminist issues. He just knows his readership doesn't, either.

      • Mike

        Your liberal conundrum: your philoosophies condratict each other. Like during the OJ Simpson murder trial: what's a liberal to do? Stand with the blacks against Whitey. Or stand with battered women? Put your fingers in the air liberals. Of course liberals forgot all about Ron and Nicole in favor of the future judges & lawyers cheering the OJ Simpson verdict.

        I mean why should the liberal blacks and their liberal massahs care….Simpson only killed a white and a jew.

        • trickyblain


      • Rifleman

        Your prof reminds me of a Bloom County strip where Milo encounters someone like that. She was interpreting everything he said or did into feminese, and he finally said “interpret this,” and stuck his thumb to his nose, waggled his fingers, and gave her a Bronx cheer. Could you imagine narrowing your mind down so much that everything is about race or gender? By their nature, and the nature of the ideology they adopt, everything is political for socialists. It’s not called a totalitarian ideology for nothing.

        I wonder if when the time came, her concern for the women of Afghanistan overcame her hatred of Bush? Some did, most didn’t.

        You know they’ve covered what passes for feminist thought better than most on this site, albeit from a conservative perspective. You can’t blame them for pointing out how quickly the left will throw women under the bus when it suits their purpose politically.

        I must point out, Christian literature kept up on it back then, and has all along.

  • Beth

    Notice how the lefties attack the messenger instead of dealing with the actual issue and facts?

    • Jaz

      Thank you for reminding us of that pathetic method.

  • http://freedomradiorocks.com Pat C

    Nothing to see here, what's a little head chopping between friends. /s

  • BS77

    I wonder how these lib leftist women would fare in Sudan or Egypt…….

  • Jim_C

    Name one rightwinger who's been as vocal an advocate for women worldwide as, say, Hillary Clinton. Name ONE. And Hillary's just the highest profile "lefty."

    For decades, "leftist" feminist groups that would normally be the object of scorn on this website have been advocating for women's rights worldwide. Suddenly, Jamie Glazov is interested because it means he gets to bash Muslims? Why, how very touching, and not at all agenda-driven! FPM is oh so concerned with women's rights! Not to worry, women everywhere–FPM has just the lip service you need!

    • Ricardo

      I challenge you to go into any college, find the "womyn's studies" bulletin board, and find anything posted about the mistreatment of women in Islamic Republics. Because of the cancer of political correctness, liberal professors often choose to remain silent about the injustices perpetuated in the name of Islam. There are of course forums about the "meaning of the veil." Here's one meaning I never here at these forums: so little is thought of the self-control of adult males that women are forced to cover most of their bodies. How ridicuous has it gotten? A woman seriously asserted having to wear the garments liberates her because she can wear pajamas underneath the clothing and no one knows. Oppression is freedom. George Orwell must be smilin'.

      • trickyblain

        Please see my reply to Rifleman. I remember one of my profs that organized anit-Taliban meetings in a world history class.

  • Ricardo

    On college campuses, the most important feminist issues are (a) the canard that women only make 78 cents for the same work for which a man receives a dollar–apparently evil, profit-seeking businessmen are too stupid and keep hiring men– and (b) making others pay for the birth control women use. Mention the treatment of women in Islamic Republics and you are excoriated. I, valuing freedom and social justice for women, choose not to remain silent.

  • Tom

    Feminists are after white male Christians. That's who's power they want.

    It's not about freedom or rights. Those are just means to an end.

    White male Christians don't say much because they get shouted down as racists and Islamophobics if they open their mouths.

    With all the anti-Semitic noise going on from Islamists, white Jews keep their heads down in an effort to keep them attached.

  • maria

    Feminists started their battle for women right 100 year ago and won. Time flies and they started to exploit their own victory to make money on it. Now they denigrated themselves. Now they are bunch of Leftists cowardice.
    They don't want to notice how badly women treatment in Islamic world because it is too dangerous and no profit for them. They are on Nazis collaborate George Soros with his hand in Jewish blood. All those Pink Ladies protested against war in Iraq and Afghanistan during GWB just vanished when our Hussein grab the Power. Soros as main BHO financier and main taker of money back from BHO orchestrated Pink Ladies, despicable feminists. Overall all Leftists use nice names (feminists, liberals, etc) to hide their own mean, greedy nature in our time. Useful idiots don't understand that if (G-d forbid) our country continue under BHO and his socialists accomplices Islamize this country they are done. Under shari'a they are just men's property.

  • tagalog

    Feminists fought a fight for women's liberty and then sold out to collectivism. Good luck, girls!

    • kentatwater

      Ain't that the truth. The problem with the label, is that some liberty-oriented women eschew using it because of the association with the likes of NOW and the Feminist "Majority." Still others use it in a manner analogous to how some groups adopt a term used to malign them, as a weird empowerment bid, such as the use of the word "queer" by homosexual activists.

      In my opinion, the former tact is the best, but I won't dismiss fine organizations, such as the Independent Women's Forum, for trying to wrest the word back from the harpies.

      Perhaps the word "choice" will soon lose the taint it bears from decades of abuse from the same quarter.

  • Chris

    Jamie Glazov speaks with passion based on a knowledge and experience of totalitarianism that was the USSR. The new threat radical Islam is now waiting in the wings to take over in the West. And if it ever does, the femo-trash that he refers to will be the first to go. Does anyone remember what happpened to the communists/lefties in Iran who fought with the Islamicists to overthrow the Shah?

    Jaimie Glazov is a courageous man. From this speach he will face femo-trash who will want to scratch his face, lefties who will sneer at him and Islamicists who will bear him severe malice. You're a good man Jimi, I repect you no end.

  • waterwillows

    We can look at right now, the present and it is very telling.

    In 1950's Holland ten boys were castrated and the Catholic Church is blamed. The news went wild. It is in all the newspapers and all over the internet. Articles and blogs aplenty. Attention of great magnitude is paid to the issue.

    Compare that to 163 million missing females from fetus abortion. Or 130 million women 'castrated' into baby machines. Or the tens of thousands honor murdered each year. The many thousands of women attacked by acid on their faces for disfigurement and the many thousands more who have their noses and/or ears chopped off because some male considered himself insulted.
    How about the billions of women who endure daily beatings and enslavement because there are men who think of this as their 'right' to do this to them? And we haven't even touched upon what happens to little girls.

    Where is the media? Where are the women's rights groups? Where are the protests?
    Is a world without mercy or pity what we want to build? A world of no compassion or justice?