Madison Rising: Singing For America

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FP: I’m looking at some of the lyrics: “Defenders of the free / The fourth pillar they were meant to be / Masters of duplicity / The fifth column they’ve become.” It all looks very profound and interesting:

And the lyrics of the other song, “Honk If You Want Peace”:

“Summers on the campus / Not a lot to do / The smog hangs low and the boredoms grow / Among the jaded youth / Idle hands breed righteous plans / They miss the anarchy / ‘Let’s find a way to rule today / and fix society’ / ‘The war machine must stop’ / ‘Life can’t go on this way’ / We’ll scream of greed and all our needs / We know just what to say.”

Certainly sounds like a lot of people in the Occupy crowds.

Bray: Exactly. Honk is a dark, epic, song about the pretentiousness of “peace” protesters and the damage they do. It was something we wrote and recorded last summer, but when all the Occupy protests started a couple of months ago, it was the perfect vehicle for us to use to say hey, take a look – this is what these people are really about.

FP: You have a song, “In The Days That Reagan Ruled.” Tell us about it.

Bray: It is a hard rock tribute to Ronald Reagan, the kind of man he was and all he did for this country. It is about individualism, optimism, pride, patriotism, honesty and integrity.

FP: You were the main event at the We Stand With Gibson Rally a few months back. Why did they choose you over all the other bands out there and how did that go?

Bray: It was an honor to play the show for Gibson. The show went very well and the crowd in Nashville was very responsive to us. I think we were chosen because of our strong patriotic and constitutional message as well as the fact that we appeal to all ages.

FP: Any plans to tour?

Bray: Yes, actually quite a bit. We’ll be launching the American Dream 2012 tour in Washington, DC next month and expect to be playing all over the country. Ironically though, we’re having problems getting booked in NYC, our home base, because it’s so liberal. I don’t think we’ll be playing Berkeley any time soon.

FP: What do you hope to accomplish through your music?

Bray: A big part of what we’re doing is to leverage great music and popular culture to improve the conservative image, and unfortunately, thanks to fifty years of media bias, they need all the help they can get.

FP: What do you think are the biggest problems that conservatives face in the upcoming elections?

Bray: The swing vote in this (and all) elections is the younger demographic and the only way to get that vote is through influencing popular culture. If conservatives can’t get that swing vote, everything else they do and say – and I mean everything – is a complete waste of time.

FP: I just wanted to mention for our readers that your group recorded its debut album with a multi Grammy winning producer Ron Saint Germain (who worked with artists such as Creed, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Muse) and that it is receiving incredibly strong support from  fans — like so many other popular bands that seem to come out of nowhere to suddenly become a house hold name.

You’re starting to develop an impressive reputation in conservative circles and have generated a decent amount of press. As a result, the band has been in and out of the top 100 on iTunes and over the past several weeks and has been ranked as high as #29.


Bray: What can I say, Jamie, we’re musicians, but at the end of the day, we’re musicians that are fueled by an eternal gratitude and love for our country and that seems to resonate with a lot of people.

FP: Dave Bray thank you so much for joining us. Best of luck to Madison Rising and thank you.

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  • Alex Kovnat

    I dig Madison Rising, but they are not the first non-liberal intellectual, non-leftist rockers. As much as I appreciate what they're doing to promote American values, I am disappointed I saw no mention of Ted Nugent, who's from Michigan (I admit I'm a little prejudiced here, as I have lived in Southeast Michigan since 1977). T.N. has done a great deal to promote ideas like free enterprise and the right of law abiding citizens to possess guns. Its nice though, that M.R. is now also doing the same.

  • Mike Elmore

    Nugent was a draft dodger or some would say a chicken hawk, no comparison..elmore

  • umustbkidding

    Um Alex Ted days have come and gone.

    These are the new flag bearers. I am thrilled that there is a new band to pick this up. I wish them TONS of success and I hope their messages resonate with today's youth.

    Today's youth have been indoctrinated from elementary school through college in Marxism. But you know that when marxism is confronted with the truth and liberty, the light bulb goes on for many.

    GOD bless guys.

  • Lisa Mei

    Madison Rising is doing fantastic…and we are proud of them. Want to add that there are MANY pro-America, pro-military artists at our site, BigDawg Music Mafia, where we are uniting patriot artists (musicians of all genres, graphic artists, painters, cartoonists, comedians, radio hosts, filmmakers, photographers, poets, authors, etc) to change our culture…and it's FREE to join. We invite you to join the Culture Revolution at

  • Flipside

    Attn Dave Bray: If you are going to be a band with lackluster or warped worldviews, YOUR BAND HAS TO SOUND GOOD in order to overcome that.

    • Frank

      You believe you are better than that? Explain please. Just the solid undeniable facts. I want you to convince me.

  • JustSayin'

    I respect this band's point of view, and the lead singer's military service (my own family has several veterans) but am a little lost as to there juxtaposition of "entitlement" vs. "hard work." The hardest working people I know are the Mexicans in my city who do all the dirty work, then are chastised by the American right for being here "illegally." They harvest our food, clean our homes, mow our lawns, etc., while black and white Americans, including a heckuva lotta Republicans, sit on their asses and bitch. And the whole point of the Occupy movement was to wake up folks to the fact that Obama let the entitled folks on Wall Street off the hook for robbing hardworking Americans. Were there jerks among the Occupiers? Of course! But I don't judge an entire movement by a few jerks just as I don't judge the brave men in Afghanistan by a few douchebags who decide to piss on a corpse! I hope this band does well, but I also hope they realize an artist doesn't take a "side," an artist tries to capture the world in all its complexity. Other than than, I hope they rock on.

  • RonPaul22001122

    Honk if you want madison rising to stop playing.

  • Sally Hill

    JustSayin', I'm guessing then that you either don't consider movie celebrities (Hollywood elitists) to be artists, or if you do, you think they don't take sides?

    I'm beginning to think Obama has joined that celebrity crowd and has gotten a bit too tight with them. I would say he has lost touch, but I don't think he was ever in touch.

    As far as the illegals, what part of illegal do you not understand is against the law? I'm all for them being here, as long as they come the correct way. As far as the jobs, yes, many do the jobs that Americans don't wan to, but that doesn't excuse their being here illegally. Work to get your papers, don't take short cuts, and above all learn English and speak it. Nothing more that I can't stand than a group of Mexicans standing around speaking Spanish while they are living here in America. We speak English – if you want to speak Spanish, go back to Mexico. Either embrace the culture here, or leave.

  • Andrea Bouchard

    I am so impressed with this group! As a senior citizen, I value your committment and beautiful music!

  • RogerDodger

    While you style is other than what I prefer, I REALLY appreciate your service in the Marines and getting the word out on gun control. Who was it said, "Gun control is hitting what you aim at."? The other kind is just control.
    Now, take a look at nebraska republic (one word) dot org and watch the video. Let me know what you think, rd6475 at hotmail dot com.