• Frank Meyer

    I am continually amazed at the quality of work produced by Mr. David Hayden and Mr. Jamie Glazov.

    Frank Meyer
    Nassau, Bahamas

  • D.A. Pirzada

    If you will send me a copy of book in PDF form, I can comment on the book. But fromj the interview of the Author I judged that he said truth that ' PROPHET MOHAMMAD SAW ESTABLISHED WRIT OF ISLAM UNDER THE COMMAND OF GOD' and waged war with the JEWS. Prophet Mohammad have not done things ON HIS OWN. AND see in the Quran that GOD almighty destroyed unlimited NATIONS when they bcome aggesssive againsgt prophets of God and did not obey the command of God preached by the prophets at that time. So please we the human beings have no right to criticiaze the acts and command of God whio is creator of the whole world.

  • Just A Reader

    Is it possible to make the full PDF available in the internet. This book is not available in stands yet and probably will never be available in India.