Obama Knows More About Judaism Than Any Other President? — on The Glazov Gang

In this week’s edition of the Glazov Gang, Dwight Schultz, Rob Nelson and Tommi Trudeau gathered to discuss Obama’s recent curious boast that he knows more about Judaism than all past presidents. This is the case because he “read about it” and “all of his friends” in Chicago were Jewish. The Gang members dealt with this in Part II of the three part series, which can be viewed below. To see Part I, which focuses on Lady Gaga and Islam, click here. We will run Part III in tomorrow’s edition.

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  • Larry

    The obamessiah is on the record as having developed his knowledge and views on the Israel situation from his good friend Rashid Khalidi, former spokes terrorist for the PLO, and current genocide desirer.

  • Paula Schmidt

    Tommi is absolutely hilarious!!! A great addition to the show! And wow, Dwight really nails it on the button about Obama's narcissism. Keep it going Glazov Gang!!!

    • southwood

      I like Dwight but like most people he doesn't have the full picture on Syria. Rob is sometimes right and tries to look at both sides. But do you think Tommi is serious. Is he not a set up ?

      • Ralph

        The first episode he was on I didn't think so but now, after snugglebuns and his 'revelations' etc, it seems pretty obvious. I'm guessing he really is a leftist but for some reason likes to play it up to ridiculous extremes. But the real flakes are out their and they're not playing at all.

        • Ralph

          Yup, I just started watching and Tommi does not disappoint. Chairman!

          • southwood

            It's a caricature. The 1st time he was on the show he said he was centre as I recall. Then after that he insisted on being referred to as a leftist. The dope taking with his friends enlightening (?) him. The 'revelation' that Jamie was born in Russia; anybody who knows anything about Jamie knows he came from Russia originally. That snugglebuns and now the Chairman hat and Maobama. Obama can do no wrong etc. It just doesn't ring true.

          • Paula Schmidt

            Kiss the Chairman!!!

  • Marty

    All that obama knows about Judaism he learned in indonesian mosques and all that was learned is wrong. The mullahs he listened to and learned from delivered sermons after being trained by medieval islamic regimes to condemn Jews and Israel. This is simply one more illustration of presidential narcissism and self-righteousness. The truth of the matter is that the current administration is the most racist and anti-semitic in history. It supports islamic theocracies in iran and saudi arabia with the excuse that we need to engage them. The administration is impervious to the reality that both countries terrorize their own citizneries on a daily basis. The iranian mullocracy is despised by most iranians if only because of rigged elections and the murder of people who have the courage to protest rigged elections. The saudis run the largest family estate in the world and siphon off the wealth to support their interest in sexual slavery, terrorism, and casinos. And these are the types of monsters from whom the president has "learned" about Judaism. No wonder Israel doesn't trust him.

  • scum

    And so Bush is a Jewish Theologian? Please………..

  • semus

    The only comment I want to make is if you continue to have Tommy Trudeau or Rob Nelson on I'm not going to watch the program anymore.

    • Kenny Williams

      Yes I am begging you semus to discontinue watching the show! All of my friends watch the show specifically to see Tommi and we have started a wide-spread email campaign to Jamie to encourage him to keep having him on, as well Dwight who is just magnificent. So please, yes. stop watching the show, as every day we get at least 10 people to start watching just because of Tommi.

      • semus

        That's cool I can't stand Rob or Tommi.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Well, unlike most communists, at least Tommi is being honest. Most of congress needs to go ahead and come out of the closet also.

    Like most evil or oppressive ideologies they don't reveal themselves until it's too late for you to oppose them and your personal freedoms have already went "bye-bye". They can never reveal themselves too early. If they did most would tell them to take a hike.

  • Kelly Fields.

    This was one of the funniest things I have ever seen….!!

  • Tommi Trudeau

    On the subject of Tommi Trudeau:

    "Allah did not create man so that he could have FUN. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no JOKES in Islam. There is no HUMOR in Islam. There is no FUN in Islam. There can be no FUN and JOY in whatever is serious." – Ayatollah Khomeini.

    "One of the virtues of freedom and democracy, is our ability to have FUN. Aww, such a simple concept. But, in the Islamic world, FUN is banned. And to make sure the people are stopped from having FUN, you have the moral police. Is there any wonder Muslims are so ANGRY? Hell, it's the only emotion allowed!" – The Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

    There is Brilliance in Buffoonery!

    and, Jamie Glazov is indeed, brilliant in his use of comedy in the struggle against oppression and tyranny.
    Comedy is a very powerful weapon and our ability to laugh and have fun gives us great advantage over our adversaries. Indeed, throughout the Islamic world and in many places like North Korea, political satire is banned and considered to be so dangerous and its influence is feared so much by the government, that the use of it usually caries a death sentence or if you're lucky, many years in prison. A dear friend who was imprisoned in the Dachau concentration camp by the Nazis told me a story of a famous Jewish comedian who was also a prisoner. He said that the comedian began to do a routine that he was famous for in which he satirized Hitler. To the horror of everyone watching, the guards came in and beat the comedian to death. He said that from then on, no one ever laughed again in that horrible place..

    And.. maybe, the most interesting thing of all.. My biggest fans are people who actually suffered under totalitarian regimes. I have Muslim apostates and Soviet dissidents who call me and tell me how much they love the show! One of my videos is actually posted on, "The People's Cube" which is a really brilliant website operated by a Soviet dissident who was a Communist propaganda artist. http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-blog/i-said-kis