Obama’s Socialist New Party Membership Confirmed — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Dwight Schultz, Nonie Darwish and Tommi Trudeau gathered to discuss the new evidence, unearthed by Stanley Kurtz, confirming Obama’s Socialist New Party membership. The debate took a curious turn when Tommi Trudeau, a comrade at ThePeoplesCube.com who is leading the Kiss The Chairman Campaign, began to celebrate the confirmation of his “Chairman’s” socialist ties. Below is Part I of a three part series. To see Part II, click here.

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  • Larry

    It's official, Tommy has been running one of the great satires :D

    • aspacia


      • Johnny R.W.

        I predict this actor/character will skyrocket into big fame thanks to the Glazov Gang.

  • Kelly Fields.

    Wow!! Simply genius and brilliant! Go Tommi go!

  • Lara D.

    Hahahahahahahahaahahahaha LOVE IT!!!!

  • Frank Adamson

    Keep up the satire…..Tommi rocks….go Jaime go!!!

    • Pauline Schields

      I second that….my whole family killed themselves laughing!!! Can't wait for the next segment!

  • dave

    Tommi is a really hilarious guy! Nonie hit the nail on the head regarding Obama and Dwight needs to sort his haircut out!! Jamie for President!

    • Christine Thompson

      I agree Dave! Jamie for President! This show rocks!

  • ygalg

    Tommi is a good addition. people should lighten up

    • Pauline Schields

      You are absolutely right ygalg. He is awesome! The kiss the chairman campaign, lmao!

  • Tom T.

    "It's mandatory!" LOL

  • Nadia

    Love you tommi….

    • Karen Pierce

      I love you also Tommi!

  • Ralph

    Tommi was real good in the first couple of episodes at portraying a barely together leftist, slipping in and out of hysteria. Many of have met people like that for real. Then he went into full-blown parody, which runs the risk of getting repetitive, but what the hell, it's fun now (maybe he should have strung it out a few more episodes).

    Two more observations. Dwight Schultz is very well informed. Interesting how he mentioned Robert Oppenheimer, since he played him in Fat Man and Little Boy, a movie I didn't like because of Paul Newman's over-the-top portrayal of Gen. Groves as the sort of villain. Knowing now what I do about Schultz's politics perhaps he himself wasn't happy about the film. Not that it was a bad film but it did have that leftist overtone to it.
    In any case I think Dwight is a much better actor than to be identified solely with the A-Team, which was a cartoon. But if he's good with it then what the heck.

    The second observation is that Nonie Darwish must have been a real stunner in her youth. Hell, she looks good now.

    • Kenny Williams

      I agree Ralph. Dead on with everything you say.

  • http://fee.org RanScot

    I had seen the first clip of this & was very surprised when that silly leftists mentioned thepeoplescube.com, because it's a vary pro-liberty anti-marxism site. He either had not read it or could not understand the sarcasm. BTW, the author of that site is from the USSR. I think he lives in NY now. He also has been a guest on GBTV.

    Try the site. It exposes the hypocrisy & stupidity of the left.

    I was then surprised that this author commented on it without even reading it.