Redemption After Escape From Sharia — on The Glazov Gang

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This week we are replaying a Glazov Gang episode from our summer season that received massive interest and feedback. On this Glazov Gang, Amani Mustafa, Anni Cyrus and Nonie Darwish gathered to share the horror and torture they endured under Islam. Below is Part III of the three part series which focused on Redemption After Escape From Sharia. To see Part I, in which the guests give their testimony about How Islam Ruined My Life, click here. To see Part II, which deals with Escape From Sharia, click here.

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  • Kufar Dawg

    Thank you for this expose Jamie Glazov. What's hardest to believe is the treatment Annni Cyrus received seems to be completely legal (married against her will at 13, beaten and incarcerated by her "husband") in Iranistan. I doubt this kind of treatment was legal under the Shah.