Russia and the Communist Past

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Today, the regime does not even bother with plinths. A huge execution site near the village of Toksovo outside of St. Petersburg where approximately 40,000 victims of the Stalin era terror are buried was discovered in 2002 by volunteers from the Memorial society but it is unmarked to this day except for a wooden sign put up by Memorial at the entrance to a road leading to the burial pits that says that thousands of people were shot in this place and asks passersby (of whom there are very few) not to disturb the victims’ graves.

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  • tarleton

    No other country in the 20 th C has suffered like Russia…..the First World War , Civil War and Communist takeover resulting in a tyranical '' Utopian experiment ''…..but it's like an old russian woman said after the fall ''couldn't they of tried it on animals first '' ?
    The irony of the Soviet Union was that the future was known without a doubt , but the past was changable ; you never knew what was going to happen yesterday in that soviet paradise

    In a broader sense, the utopian impulse is but the religious impulse shoehorned into secular form …..those Bolsheviks were essentially religious fanatics , burning with the zeal of the converted , but determined to build '' heaven upon the earth ''….in a former century it's easy to imagine Lenin as a wandering ''holy fool '' in a quest for God ; or the Iconic face of Felix Dgerzinsky as ''Grand Inquisitor '' during Medieval times ; or even the scholarly Buhkarin reading his Marx for devine guidence , like a Bible reading Christian from a bygone era

  • Dispatcher

    It always embarrasses me when so called experts lack an obvious knowledge of the subject. "There is no national monument to the victims in Moscow…" – this is wrong, because there is a GULAG museum just in the center of Moscow, where pretty much impressive report on Stalin's atrocities is given. I think it is better than just the monument… still not enough, of course, I agree, but anyway…

    • Fred Dawes

      Thank you.

  • Fred Dawes

    One thing people will never talk about is if the people want the Reds back the Reds will take power once more, its always about what the people will stand for or not.

  • EugLem

    What is the "feelings of aggression"? Who feels it – author or someone else?

  • Jim

    The Communist party is gaining on Putin's party. The Communist party is officially anti-Semitic

    You may long for the Putin days

  • Master of Plaster

    Another portion of the lies and manipulation of facts. We normally live as us like. Why do not you do your own problems? Leave us alone, dirty bastards!