See No Jihad, Hear No Jihad — on The Glazov Gang

Leftist film producer Tommi Trudeau goes to-to-toe with Dwight Schultz and Evan Sayet on Frontpage’s television show. Below is Part III of this three-part series. To see Part I, click here, to see Part II, click here.

  • Nakba1948

    Against my better judgment, I decided to watch this video. What a bunch of clowns! Heck, the idiot with the teddy bear was the most rational member of the "discussion." What a perfect microcosm for neocon-Zionism: a bunch of paranoid hysterical buffoons who see "Moooslums" in their breakfast cereal and hiding under their beds at night.

    • ProgDestroyer

      You are probably one of same sphincters that lampooned folks like McCarthy in the 50's too. Too bad for you that we now KNOW that Alger Hiss etal really were friggin commie spies. Given your fellow sphincter's record on the red (now green; either moosies or enviro fascists, so very adaptable), threat I can say with absolute certainty you are completely wrong about us being irrationally treatened by the moon god worshippers. Your wretched anti-American ass won't admit we have a problem until one of those stinky hadjis are sawing you or your family members empty heads off. Of course you are too stupid to realize you are their enemy as much as we patriots are. Clearly you would rather live on your knees than die on your feet for what is right. Correct sphincter?

    • reader

      This is funny, actually. If the idiot with the teddy bear just excluded islamonazis from his imaginary "religious nuts" list, he would be just fine with the Nazi1948.

  • dave

    Tommi has exposed the ignorance behind the classic argument the left always use vis a vis 'religion'. They honestly believe all religions are the same without even bothering to study them. The scary thing though is that even when they are presented with the facts about Islam, it doesn't seem to permeate and they continue with the party line. Tommi epitomises this moral equivalence the left cling to.

  • esperantominoria

    When you read the history of Islamic civilization you see a degree of violence (sex-slavery,royal princes killing each other for the throne,etc) that never happened in the West.Muslims are in denial about the atrocities of their civilization.Read:

    "The Custom of Several Muslim Dynasties of Killing your own Royal Brothers after the Ruler Dies"


    "Unexpected freedom for one captive Christian after six months, and promises of freedom for another a months hence"

    "Razia Al-Din,the Only Female Sultan of India,and one of the Two Women Sultanas in Muslim History"

  • Mark J. Koenig

    Tommy, God bless him – has simply been so inculcated into the leftist/liberal dogma of moral equivalence between religions that he can't see beyond his preconceived notions. As with most modern "liberals, " facts and logic don't matter. You can see this in the course of this discussion. When presented with alternative viewpoints, instead of challenging them on factual grounds, he either pretends they don't exist, or dismisses them as "boogeymen." Sadly, whether Tommy is really serious, or simply trying to be contrarian and humorous (and I'm not sure what to think based on his reactions to Jamie and the others on the panel), there are many people in the liberal enclaves of entertainment, the arts, the gay community, the Jewish community, et. al., who actually DO believe the things he espouses in this segment, and get seriously upset when challenged with facts and evidence. They seem to emote rather than think. Jamie actually does an admirable job here of keeping a straight face as much as possible when engaging Tommy, and trying to present him with rational arguments. Unfortunately, like many "liberals," he simply doesn't want to hear them, or even acknowledge that they have merit. I've seen this exact mindset for 30 years in the liberal gay community all over this nation, and once someone has accepted this way of thinking, it is very difficult to get them to walk out of Plato's metaphorical cave.