The Heart of the Unholy Alliance’s Darkness

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As Islamic Jihad, including its “stealth” variety, is rapidly succeeding in destroying our civilization, the Left continues its shameless and bizarre denial — not only about the threat of Islamic Jihad, but also about its own complicity with our enemy and its war on our society.

The latest example of the Left’s Jihad-Denial concerns me personally: it involves an intriguing post, written by Brian Tashman in, titled: Beware: Human-Hating Liberals and Islamic Extremists Seek to Build Shariommunism. The post ridicules my recent appearance on CBN’s “Stackelbeck on Terror” in which I discuss the Unholy Alliance between the radical Left and radical Islam, which David Horowitz has masterfully documented in his masterpiece Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left and that I have analyzed in United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror.

The ingredients of Right Wing Watch’s attack on me are pathological not just in how they deny blatant reality, but also in how they in and of themselves substantiate the very realities they are denying.

Below, I will demonstrate and deconstruct the pathology in these assaults. It is more crucial than ever to expose the nature of the Left’s duplicity, lies and inner contradictions, since the Unholy Alliance’s malicious and destructive war on our civilization is now making more dangerous inroads than at any previous time.


In the first sentence of its attack on my appearance on Stakelbeck, I am ridiculed for believing that “progressives and radical Islamists are secretly working together.” First of all, I never said anything about this alliance being a “secret,” basically because there is nothing really secret about it. They are screaming it from the roof tops. Leftist author Naomi Klein isn’t hiding who she is rooting for when she writes “Bring Najaf to New York,” an article in the Nation in which she yearns for Muqtada Sadr’s killing fields to come to America. Noam Chomsky doesn’t ask the cameras to be turned off when he embraces Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon.

The Chomsky-Nasrallah love-fest in Lebanon in 2006

Progressives and Islamists are completely out in the open about their alliance. Just go to any “Israeli Apartheid Week” on any North American campus and see who is taking part in the Hate-Israel bashing. Take a peek at who marches side by side in the BDS (“Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions”) rallies against Israel. This whole alliance is symbolized best by the “peace” demonstrations that we saw during Bush’s liberation of Iraq in 2003, when leftist and Islamist demonstrators in the West marched arm in arm and chanted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is Great”) — the phrase shouted by Muslim suicide bombers before they blow themselves up along with innocent people. This behavior and the whole alliance in general is all meticulously documented in Horowitz’s Unholy Alliance and my United in Hate.

In any case, while mocking the position that there is an Unholy Alliance between the Left and radical Islam, Right Wing Watch curiously never utters one word of truth or criticism about Islamism, Sharia, Islamic Jihad etc. — and does all in its power to stop others from doing so as well. So here is the paradigm: You deny that you are in league with the enemy of our civilization, but at the same time you do everything in your power to prevent the truth from being told about that enemy and its agenda — and thereby make us more vulnerable to its attacks.

If you look at the comments of Right Wing Watch’s readers under the short video clip posted on the site of my guest appearance on Stakelbeck, it is fascinating to see dozens of my critics engage in the key behaviors, and in the articulation of the key themes, of what comprises the Unholy Alliance – while they simultaneously mock the idea that it exists. Here’s an analogy of this absurdity for us to ponder:

Imagine that you are a person who sees Jewish people being exterminated in an Auschwitz-style Nazi death camp, and, because of your own personal and political identity and agenda, you don’t want to save the victims or bring attention to their plight, and you hate your own society so much that you want, and work toward, helping the Nazi exterminators themselves come to your own territory and destroy the foundations and institutions of your own society.

Then there is someone who calls you on it. They point out how you deny what the Nazis are doing, how you deny the suffering and existence of their victims, and how you even deny the very existence of the Nazis and the threat they pose. The key here is that your silence/denial and the silence/denial you impose on society in this matter aids and abets what the Nazis are trying to do in destroying your society. It makes your society fragile and vulnerable. It makes you complicit. Your response to being called on this is ridiculing the person for saying it, mocking their shedding of light on the Nazi threat and denying that you and your ilk are in any kind of alliance. And yet this ridicule, mockery and denial you engage in are exactly what the Nazis need to keep the gas chambers busy and to empower them to bring them unto your own territory.

No wonder the Muslim Brotherhood is so very grateful to you, the deniers of the Unholy Alliance, since you are serving the manipulative, deceitful and malicious agenda that the Islamists pursue in their stealth jihad, all explained in their Explanatory Memorandum that was seized by the FBI in 2004 and used in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2007.

This kind of toxic and contradictory maneuvering by the Left is typical of course. The Left is always habitually attempting to distance itself from its own history and to obfuscate any straightforward analysis of its political motives, goals, and allegiances. In so doing, leftists intentionally blur their own complicity in the greatest crimes of the twentieth century.

For instance, one of my haters in the comment section under the short video clip Right Wing Watch posts perfectly represents this morbid mindset:

“PrometheusRumiHuxley” scoffs at me for using the word “classless” in a pejorative sense, when I point to the dangers of the Left working toward its dream of a classless utopia. He clearly thinks a classless society is something humans should strive for. I guess the history of the 20th century, and the 100 million lives that were extinguished on the altar of class hatred, have not made much of an impression on this individual. Somehow I doubt that another 100 million deaths would sober him up. That a classless society by necessity mandates a terrorist component just doesn’t register with the believers — even when they become the victims of the terror themselves, as I document in United in Hate. Yet what does register with Prometheus is that I am an idiot for saying that people like him want to destroy our society, which he says is false — while he hopes for the destruction of capitalism and the building of a classless society. The logic is fascinating and I urge my readers to glance at the comment section under my video clip where Right Wing Watch readers offer their wisdom on where and how I am a deluded evil man. The cesspool in which the leftist utopian mind-state squirms and slides reveals itself in a telling and priceless form.

Overall, what Right Wing Watch does in this context is a carbon copy of the Left’s campaign against David Horowitz’s database, A Guide to the Political Left. It’s a campaign that is important to briefly mention here as it crystallizes the concrete point I am making about the Left in general and Right Wing Watch’s attack on me in particular:

Launched in February 2005, became the first website to define the Left comprehensively and map out its networks of individuals, organizations, and financial supporters. Within hours of the website’s first appearance on the Internet — before there had even been time to read a fraction of the site’s content, which includes thousands of files — leftists lashed out in fury.

A typical assault came from author Kurt Nimmo, who called the new database a “smear portal” and alleged that it unjustifiably lumped together too many disparate people and forces, especially leftists with Islamist terrorists. Nimmo made this charge even though simply catalogues the support that leftists have given to terrorists — as exemplified by Michael Moore’s praising the insurgents in Fallujah and promoting their victory over an imperialist United States. meticulously demonstrates, in its profiles of individuals (Moore, Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill, et al.) and organizations (National Lawyers Guild, International ANSWER, Code Pink, et al.), that the radical Left consistently takes the side of Islamist terrorists in their jihad against the United States.

And here’s the clincher: the absurd irony in Nimmo’s condemning the implication of a leftist-Islamist alliance is that he himself is a leftist who supports and affiliates himself with Islamist terrorists (especially terrorists in Iraq’s Sunni triangle). [1]

Nimmo’s logic clearly exemplifies the Left’s traditional dismissal of any criticism aimed against it. Dedicating their lives to erasing individuality — including their own — and becoming part of a group from whose party line they cannot waiver, progressives nonetheless react with moral indignation when they are classified as being members of that group. This tactic is a desperate attempt by the Left to avoid an honest dialogue about its own historical record. Rather than confront the bloodbath that its ideas have spawned, the Left finds it far safer to engage in historical amnesia and outright Gulag and Jihad Denial.


The typical personal attacks and attempts to smear an opponent’s character that the Left engages in cannot, naturally, be missing from Right Wing Watch’s attack on me. Tashman writes that:

“The claim that progressives and radical Islamists are secretly working together would be considered laughable if it didn’t inspire violent terrorists like Norway’s Anders Breivik and emerge as a frequent talking point among right-wing activists.”

This attempt to associate truth-tellers and truth-telling with a lunatic mass murderer because he mentioned certain people in his manifesto (he mentioned over 1,600) has become tired and also been totally discredited. For instance, Breivik references leftist radical Naomi Klein in his manifesto and talks about reading the first few chapters of her book Shock Doctrine. Should his crime be placed at her doorstep? His manifesto mentions Karl Marx 27 times, Herbert Marcuse 24 times and Antonio Gramsci 23 times. Where is Right Wing Watch’s campaign against these leftist thinkers and its accusation of their influence on his thought? Where is its demands that their works be banned?

Breivik also champions pro-Islamic viewpoints in his manifesto, showing especially his endearment to the Islamic notion of “martyrdom” and talks about how he yearns to emulate some of the Islamic rituals performed by Jihadists. He greatly admired Osama bin-Laden’s al-Qaida terror network and aspired to create a European counterpart to it. He wrote in support of a restored Islamic caliphate in the Middle East, taking the side of the Left on this matter. Don’t try, of course, to find any talk about this in the mainstream media or at Right Wing Watch, because it diminishes the leftist agenda, so you won’t find it there.

In any case, for one of the best pieces that exposes and discredits the absurd and shameful attempt of the Left to pin Breivik on Islam truth-tellers, see Robert Spencer’s piece “Islam’s Critics Won’t Be Silenced” in the L.A. Times. It is really a must read, written by a modern day freedom fighter, courageous truth teller and one of the sharpest thinkers of our time. Make sure to digest it, for it makes the key points against the totalitarianism of our age.

To read and order David Horowitz’s and Robert Spencer’s pamphlet “Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future,” click here.


Right Wing Watch’s post ridicules my position on Mark Basseley Youssef, the maker of the infamous “anti-Islam” film, who I say is America’s first political prisoner – as Daniel Greenfield does in his brilliant blog, The Point, at Right Wing Watch’s Brian Tashman says the filmmaker is in prison “for violating his probation agreement following a bank fraud conviction.” Right. And then we woke up. News tip: There are criminals free at large all over America today who have violated their probations for much greater offenses than that committed by Yousseff. He is in prison for the same reason that he was dragged out of his house in the middle of the night by law enforcement on national television. Question: When was the last time you saw that happen to a probation violator? It is the same reason that lies behind Hillary Clinton telling the father of the murdered SEAL left to die by Obama and Hillary in Benghazi, that the administration was going to “prosecute” the filmmaker. Youssef was arrested in the manner in which he was in the eyes of the entire world and is sitting in prison today because Obama is doing the bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood, carrying out Islamic blasphemy laws, and telling the Muslims who rioted against the film: “You are right.”


Tashman also holds up for ridicule my warning about our enemies’ infiltration of this country. He writes: “Later, Glazov explained that Islamic-aligned leftists ‘are in the White House’ and ‘infiltrating the State Department’ to advance their goal of ‘destroying this country.’” Right Wing Watch finds that this is the view that only a paranoid right-wing conspiracy theorist could hold, and the commentators under the video clip they post mock with derision how evil and deluded I am to have such views.

Here’s the problem though: It is true. Islamic-aligned leftists are indeed in the White House and they have indeed infiltrated the State Department to advance their goal of destroying this country.

Who do you think Huma Abedin is? Her father is Muslim Brotherhood. Her mother is Muslim Brotherhood. Her brother is Muslim Brotherhood. She worked for an organization (Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs) for twelve years that is Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to the destruction of America. And Huma works as Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, but doesn’t even get a security clearance.

One doesn’t even know whether to laugh or cry in watching this all unfold.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. For those interested in learning about the heavy penetration of the Obama administration by the Muslim Brotherhood, read Frank Gaffney’s must-read pamphlet: The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration.

We have, of course, seen this all before. During the Cold War the Left mocked those of us who were concerned about communist penetration of our government. Now we know, of course, from all the declassified information, from both sides of the Cold War, that Joseph McCarthy underestimated the Soviet penetration of our society and government. Alger Hiss is proven to have been a Soviet agent, etc. etc.

But don’t wait for any mea culpa from the Left, because being Left means never having to say you’re sorry.

And I guess Right Wing Watch won’t be sending me an apology any time soon.


[1] For examples of Nimmo’s feelings of kindred connection with Islamist terrorists, see the collection of his essays for Alexander Cockburn’s in Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire: Life in Neoconservative America (Tempe, Ariz.: Dandelion Books, 2003).

To watch Jamie Glazov discussing the Left’s romance with Islamists on “Stakelbeck on Terror,” see below:

  • Mary Sue

    Anyone else noticed that the picture above with the guy's head in the sand looks EXACTLY like some Muslim bowing to Mecca?

    • atthebeach

      That is (ostensibly) a Leftist, bowing to Mecca, per point of article. Sad, frightening and worse; these 'useful idiots'; working tirelessly to the detriment of our world 'at-large' and the one we personally and dearly, hold to.

      • Mary Sue


  • AdinaK

    There is so much evidence tieing the left to their Islamic counterparts it is beyond a shadow of a doubt. But to start the readers off, let us meander from here to there –

    here –

    here too –

    and the above is just for starters!!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Dianne Mueller

    I felt a chill when Jamie reminded me of the similarities between the Cold War Communist threat and this modern-day Islamist one. It's only since acknowledging my Right Wingedness that my Chicken Little complex has been exascerbated. I have to ask the question, rhetorically, of course: Why in the world would anyone want me to believe that there are no enemies? That there's nothing to be concerned about, to be afraid of? I just imagined myself saying to my five-year-old, "Don't worry about touching the stove. You'll be just fine." Again, I feel a chill. Could it be that the Leftist ideal of a "Classless" utopia can only be attained if there is never anything to be concerned about? Is that why new-age parents are enrolling their children in sports programs that don't allow score keeping? (I have no problem giving every little kid a trophy, but they should know what they got it for.) Does any Leftist see the long-range consequence of removing all fear? Maybe we should round up all the Leftists and send them to an internment camp where all they do all day is smoke marijuana, and sing John Lennon songs. I'd pay tax money to support such a program

    • Deborah

      Dianne, I guess it is because they are too busy using each other to further their causes. I am left to wonder what the big implosion is going to look or feel like to the rest of us Americans. Will we even still be an America at that point since everything is happening so breathtakingly fast. Deborah

    • atthebeach

      Yes; a 'zombie jamboree' camp experience; whereby; at it's conclusion; these Lefties are begging for 'Reason' to prevail. If only ..,

      (We know of course; there is no such thing as a 'classless society'. Someone makes the life/death rules; and hires the gate keepers.)

      These a-religious, just cannot give up their own version – need for – the 'Garden' MO; nor their own fanatical belief that they have the right to recreate; and impose upon all; their version of it.




  • aspacia

    Good Glazov. Levy who often contributes to AlJiz also cannot debate the facts, and continually returns to the Arab/Muslim laws and traditions while completely ignoring Western views and laws.

    That is, many liberals simply cannot refute the facts regarding what most ME Muslim religious leaders calls for violence against NonMuslims.

  • Deborah

    Thankyou to everyone involved with this site and jihad for fighting for our freedoms and our country! I do appreciate the higher level of educated communication to the public that beckons to us to really think about the issues and not to rely on others to do our thinking for us. Thankyou for treating us like intelligent beings which the left never does. Just an idea though – sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and maybe if the rest of the world sees what the muslims bow down to five times a day – a vagina shaped bowl with a meteorite in it – maybe this would shock many people into the realization of what a misogynist 'religion' islam is. I do not have a problem with using some of medias more extreme methods of getting peoples attention and in fact thought that was missing from this last election. Sometimes we need to be louder than the enemy.

    • atthebeach

      It is both frightening and sickening; to see how Repub Leadership has avoided this 'truth' per our many, enemies within; given that most of these, certainly know just how pervasive is the threat and the danger posed by the reality. A brave few have gone there; and been 'zapped' for their efforts. Meantime; was hoping for a Petraeus rescue; whether by Presidency or 'coup'. Hoping that is; until Obama invited General Petraeus to CIA. Like most; knew then that Obama had a plan; and no doubt; Petraeus would eventually be compromised and so eliminated as potential threat to Obama. Realized this diminished possibilities for America's 'rescue'; but did not give up hope. . .(The General did resign, of course; and Obama confirmed worst fear.) And Republicans did not 'disappoint' either,

      . . .

  • nina

    I have this experience many times with people I know. Even presented facts that I consider to be alarming they give me a "deer in the headlights" look and change the subject or leave the room. The extent that this pathology has permeated the lives of otherwise intelligent people is absolutely stunning. It comes down to the fact that these people have been brainwashed to fear conservative Christians more than Islam. I live in Minnesota. Before the election, if you read the papers here one would have thought that the most important issue of our times was gay marriage. Nothing about the Middle East being in flames and why. My neighborhood was plastered with signs supporting gay marriage. In this country we sold ourselves out to the Islamists for gay marriage and abortion. It truly sickens me to think of this.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah, and the irony is, those that sell out to the Islamists for gay marriage and abortion soon won't have either.

  • Mo_

    Since Leftists love Islam so much and hate America and the West so much, why don't we send them all to Muslim countries? Especially the women?

    Problem solved. It's a win-win!

  • g_jochnowitz

    Way back in 1988, my essay "Marx and Islam" was published. Anti-Zionism is the most powerful political force on earth today, as it has been for the last 30 years or so.

  • Rebecca

    I just went to their website. That's two minutes of my life I'll never get back. Nobody and I mean nobody attempted an argument. It is all ridicule. I felt sorry at their inability to form a coherent rebuttal.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I just went to their website. That's two minutes of my life I'll never get back. Nobody and I mean nobody attempted an argument. It is all ridicule. I felt sorry at their inability to form a coherent rebuttal."

      Yep. No matter how much tact and diplomacy I use, they simply reply with my alleged motive; hate. It would be hilarious if not for the implications. Not to criticize your dedication, you're a lot smarter than I am because I spent a lot more time there before I gave up. I return now and then to remind myself just how delusional and irrational they are.

  • Thomas Wells

    Islam IS Insane.

  • Ghostwriter

    Those on the left who don't think that the horrible things Islamist do to others won't happen to them isn't just stupid,but it's also delusional. They'd be on the chopping block right alongside everyone else.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Those on the left who don't think that the horrible things Islamist do to others won't happen to them isn't just stupid,but it's also delusional. They'd be on the chopping block right alongside everyone else."

      No way, Abu Hitler is my BFF:>)

  • NuritG

    Erick Stakelbeck is terrific and you could not have made a better choice than to appear on his show. We must not be scared of the intimidation of groups like "Right Wing Watch" ; their goal is to silence us from telling the truth about Islam and the Left and we MUST NOT shut up no matter what they have to say. Stand strong Jamie.

  • kender

    does anyone else find it odd that a group called rightwingwatch and calling liberals human hating?

  • Cordell Wan

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  • Mr. Polly

    Well, at least if Communism is now Muslim, we won't have to worry about Communism being Jewish anymore.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Bird brain, nobody cares about your lame jokes. Communism is obviously atheistic. That's why they arrogantly believe they can use Muslims (who worship the god of cheese and bow to a vagina replica 5 times a day, among other signs of lunacy) to attack Christians and Jews, starting with those who clearly articulate the fact that they are not deceived by the alleged religion of peace.

  • dougjmiller

    Thank you, Jamie, for having the courage, wisdom and integrity for defending us from the forces waging existential war against civilization. Truth is an important weapon. Maybe you will open the eyes of leftists. After all, liberals weren't always aligned with our enemies.

    • Jamie Glazov

      Thank you Doug! I really appreciate it!

  • Connister

    It appears we are all fiddling while Rome burns! When are we going to DO something