Are Jihadists Dying For a Fiction? — on The Glazov Gang

Robert Spencer, Bruce Thornton and Nonie Darwish recently joined The Glazov Gang to discuss Are Jihadists Dying For a FictionAll three parts of this three-part series can be found below. Part I deals with The Islamic War on Free Speech in AmericaPart II focuses on Trayvon Martin, Race Hustlers and Media Bias and Part III sheds light on Robert Spencer’s new book: Did Muhammad Exist?

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

  • gamma

    End of part III Bruce Thornton said election depends on what happens on September. Illegal immigrants will vote for Obama in September and the justice department will not allow anyone to stop it. Thousands of illegal Muslims are coming in every month and they will vote.

    • scum

      oh, please.

  • scum

    Perhaps the law firm in question didn't want Spencer to embarrass himself for denying the historicity of Muhammed. Silliness, regardless of one's opinion of Islam. And yet, Spencer still considers himself a scholar….

  • stephengolay

    Has scrum read the book? Don't think Spencer's saying that there was not a (in the sandy desert) some body running around named Muhammad – but that he was a useful and fairly empty idiot, someone readily available in the following century, for others to stuff and remold to their liking.

    But seriously, the bottom line here is the origin (and textual history) of the Qur'an. Unscramble that and the man gets fairly undone himself. One cannot bracket the Qur'an from being analyzed, scrutinized, and torn asunder. The discovery of the truth is the prize of such labor.

    Why is that objectionable?

    Any honest-to-goodness Muslim should be the first one to toss the book on the table and confidently say "Let's go at it".

  • Win

    what a lame-o thesis and waste of time! to us non moslems, it doesn’t matter whether Mo existed or not – we don’t follow his bloody example or cruddy “book.” question is – will moselms take this thesis seriously? call me a cynic, but I don’t think they’re going to abandon islam because mr. spencer – someone they all perceive as a hatemongering islamophobe – says their prophet didn’t exist. spencer should stick to writing things like “truth about Mo,” books that are helpful to us europeans and americans who may actually be listening to him, not write books whose only conceivable value is to influence moslems – a laughable waste of time!

  • Babyann

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  • Federale

    Americans have the right to carry guns at all times. He did not follow Martin. He reported Martin to the police. Self defense is a right. Disappointed to see such stupidity on Glazov.

  • Motomaniac

    That ignorant Nonie..she says Arabian conquered great civilization like Egypt, Persian and Ottoman???. Ottman were muslims prior being based in Turkey. There were over population in Arabia??? The population of Arabia (almost the size of Indian subcontienant)never exceeded the population of the city of Alexandria or Constantinople in 800's up to the 1900's. What a useless bimbo?.