Shot For Being White

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Colin Flaherty, an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in more than 1000 new sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and others. His story about a black man unjustly convicted of trying to kill his white girlfriend was featured in the Los Angeles Times and on Court TV and resulted in the release of Kelvin Wiley from state prison. He is a former ghost writer for a Chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights and author of White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It.

FP: Colin Flaherty, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about the recent murder of 20-year-old Joshua Proutey, who was shot for being white by a gang of four blacks who were out targeting white people who were “bound to have money” – as you reported in your story on this for

Tell us what happened.

Flaherty: Four black people in Wilmington, North Carolina needed money for marijuana and traveling. So they set out to get it by robbing white people.  They tried to break into a house, but were seen, so they fled. They stalked a woman through downtown Wilmington, but she escaped. Finally they came upon a 20-year-old college kid named Joshua. They took his money, cell phone and sandwich. Then he asked them to only take his money and not his ID because he explained to them it was hard to replace. Then they shot and killed him. The reason I wrote about this for and for my book, is not that it is special, but because racial violence is increasingly common and most media ignore it.

FP: What do you mean it is not “special”?

Flaherty: Racial mob violence and lawlessness ignored by the media and downplayed by the police is now so common I could write a story about it every day.

My backlog is enormous. There have been recent examples of black mob violence and lawlessness in Norfolk, Los Angeles, Tacoma, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Haven, Gaithersburg, England, Ireland, Canada, Baltimore, Phoenix. We have black mob violence against gays, women, Asians, and on and on and on. These are all in addition to more than 400 cases I have already reported from 80 cities around the country.

Much of it is on YouTube.  Yet no one is connecting the dots. They even refuse to admit the dots exist.

I received this email from a reporter in the Seattle area:

I check the police reports regularly and what you are saying is simply not reality here. I don’t see “black on white” violence. 

I haven’t been beat up, had my car broken into, etc. Actually, I had my car broken into in Bellevue and Arlington, Wash. in places that are predominately white or Asian and have few blacks. 

So no, I will not run your piece, now or ever. 

Maybe where you live is some completely alternative reality. But other than maybe some isolated incidents, I just don’t see any pattern or anything. 

Frankly, I don’t think there’s any more black on white violence than any other violence. In Seattle and Portland? 

This is from an area where many accounts of black mob violence are on YouTube — and in my book.

FP: Where is the media frenzy similar to the one that happened over the Trayvon Martin case? I have been checking Pierce Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Geraldo, MSNBC…to no avail. What gives?

Flaherty: We know that answer to that, of course: The usual reaction of the press and its liberal allies is silence and denial. Here is what they almost always say — almost always in the same breathe: One, racial violence is not happening and two, here is why it is happening.  The press is afraid to report an epidemic of black mob violence — which of course just encourages more of it. You might be surprised at the virulent, hateful emails I get  — from reporters — when my readers confront them with the fact they ignore racial violence and lawlessness.

FP: Can you give an example of a virulent, hateful email you got from reporters?

Flaherty: I have an entire chapter on this in White Girl Bleed a Lot. But here are a few:

Tom Parkinson at the NPR affiliate in Orlando, WMFE, replied to one of my readers when she suggested he read White Girl Bleed a Lot: “F–k You.”

Steve West of WKVT in Vermont has peppered me and several of my readers with nasty emails. The only one I can print is this: “Are you freaking kidding me? I won’t take the time to write the long list of reasons why I’m not interested in your premise. Don’t write me again, please.”

My favorite came from Chicago, an ABC news reader by the name of Ravi Baichwal:

So blacks are implicated in crime in the summer. 

Not news. Your perspective is not fresh or particularly interesting. 

If you’re such a great writer and commentator, work to solve problems… not put this trash out — and expect someone like me to ape your perspective.

 It isn’t riots. It’s disaffected youth for sure but you’re just race-baiting here and it’s meaningless. 

 I re-read your stuff and looked at your website. 

It was late last night when we were conversing and I wanted to double-check my sense of you and your thesis.

I was right.  You are an idiot.

There are dozens like this to my readers and me. This is representative of the attitudes of reporters toward reporting racial mob violence: Disbelief to outright hostility.

FP: So why is this happening?

Flaherty: The psychiatrists tell us we are only as sick as our secrets. And nothing is more secretive in the media than racial violence and lawlessness. This secrecy is breeding racism and sickness among people black and white all over the country.  And the first step to doing something about it is to stop denying it.

FP: Why the denial? Why don’t people talk about racial violence and lawlessness more often?

Flaherty: A lot of people do not know how to talk about race without sounding racist. So when I wrote White Girl Bleed a Lot, I decided I was going to avoid stereotypes, generalizations, and explanations, which get so many people in so much trouble.

But I also wrote the book without apologies. It is amazing how often people who do not like racial violence feel they have to apologize for noticing it.

I wrote the book for the deniers in the media and elsewhere. After reading it, it is impossible to say this problem does not exist because so much of it exists on YouTube.

FP: Ok, I know we know the answer to this, but just to crystallize the truth one more time: How come we haven’t heard from Obama yet? Maybe in a few days he will be making a statement on behalf of Joshua, saying how he could have been his own son? What do you think?

Flaherty: The most dangerous thing liberals do to encourage black mob violence is create a sense of victimization: That somehow people are somehow entitled to commit violence because they are members of an oppressed, protected group. That of course is the actual language of affirmative action: Some people belong to protected minority groups.

In this case, one of the killers from behind bars said he did not like being stereotyped as a tough guy. The fact that even an admitted 17-year old killer from behind bars uses this language of victimization is indicative of how widespread this attitude is.

Many look at black mob violence and other high rates of black crime and explain it away, saying it is not surprising because of 400 years of oppression. So they switch it around: The predator becomes victim. And the victim is predator. I see this all the time, from police, reporters, ministers, community leaders, you name it.  To point this out is to risk being labeled a racist. So many do not.

When the President intervened in the case of Henry “Skip” Gates and Harvard (remember the beer summit?) and the Trayvon Martin case, he may have contributed to that feeling of victimization.

FP: Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? How come we are not hearing from them about this murder of Joshua? They are against racism aren’t they?

Flaherty: Many black leaders scorn those who pay attention to this black mob violence — often directed at white people — because they say violence and lawlessness has been an every day fact of life in black neighborhoods for a long time. It is only now that it is seeping out of these neighborhoods and into other places that white people are paying attention, they say. Lots of examples of that in the book.  Jackson, Sharpton and others, of course, like to say that black people are not capable of racism. They are the victims of it.

But White Girl Bleed a Lot is not about explanations or solutions. The contribution of White Girl Bleed a Lot is to catalogue this epidemic and say: “This is happening and you cannot deny it any longer.”

FP: Thank you Colin Flaherty, we are grateful to you for being a truth teller in this time when truth is suffocated.

We highly encourage all of our readers to get their hands on White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It.

And to watch a news report on the Joshua Proutey murder that you will not see in our mainstream media, click here:

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  • RedWhiteAndJew

    Remember the LA riots? Remember Korean merchants being targeted? Remember marauding punks targeting whites? Remember Reginald Denny?

    Has anything changed? Yes, the claim that black can't be racist, because they don't have power, a claim which was never credible, is now laughable. (See the joke in the White House.)

    It is not racist to be prepared for violence perpetrated by those whose violent intentions are motivated by the aggressor's own racism.

    • jackiecox

      the joke in our white house is destroying the United States of America, its hardly a joke when an unelected usurper does 2 terms

    • Snow White

      Those LA riots were organized by a graduate of the Patrice Lumumba U. (of terrorism in Moscow) named Anthony thigpen. Thigpen's mission in East LA was funded by a $250,000 grant from Ted Turner's New World Foundation. Hillary Clinton served as Pres. and on the New World Foundation's Board of Directors. I know this from personal knowledge since I was on the BOD of the organization this product was "washed" through. Thigpen arrived in LA in Nov. 1991 and the riots occurred in March 1992. And yes, I wrote the gov. of Calif. and warned him Thigpen was comming. Unfortunately he turned my letter over to the CA version of the EPA and no action was taken.

  • carrie

    I see and hear about this epidemic everyday .
    I've been a victim of it.
    The seething hate and simmering violence are always right under the surface in IL & MO.
    Mob violence,as in over 30 people isn't as common , but the knock out game,pizza delivery/robbery ,cell phone snags and black on white verbal abuse/threats occur all the time.

    IL has the strictest gun control laws and every criminal is armed. They have no fear.

    • jackiecox

      if they get arrested it like a paid vacation where your fed, free laundry, and play games all day while making new contacts, its like a community for crime,

      they should be locked up in 3x7x3 coffins for a few months, bread water and a couple of small cups of bean soup a day then let out to crawl around for a few months without social services, repea offenders should receive serious mental counseling, then back into the cell

      • johnnywoods

        I think "caning" would work better. No repeat offenders then.

        • jackiecox

          or perhaps cannimg, ha ha ha

    • Mary Sue

      has nobody ever bothered to tell the people that accost them, "You know, you're NOT HELPING with the whole racial stereotype thing, you're actually making it worse." ?

      • RedWhiteAndJew

        I think that would qualify as "dissing." Bad idea. Along with the artificially inflated ego which seems to be standard issue among dysfunctional American subcultures, comes the profound inability to accept any reproach, no matter how mild, or sensible.

        • Mary Sue

          Sure would loooooooooooooooove to know if anybody ever did actually say it to a single black mugger, and what the results were, just out of curiosity.

  • Joe Ordinary

    How do we replace the vile MSM? How do we replace the culture of blame?

    • GWst

      Quit watching, quit reading, quit supporting them in any way!

      Get your news through outlets like Drudge, look around for blogs that you like – and support them with your donations and buying from their advertisers.

      We have a lot of potential power – we just have to use it.

      • jackiecox

        violence reacts to violence, words are cheap and have no meaning, the time is rapidly approaching when the vast black populations will try and perform more massive reallocation of assets, obama sees this, his reaction is to disarm whitey and the mexkins so this ilk cannot be stopped with guns

        • Drakken

          The day they try to disarm US citizens is the day the Balkans on steroids comes to pass. There will be no amount of talking about it that is going to stop the enevitable.

    • Questions

      How about replacing blacks? The MSM, for the most part, play an enabling role, but the actual wrongdoers are murderous predatory blacks. And can we conservatives please get away from this nonsense about how blacks are "victims?" Far from being "slaves on some liberal "plantation," they own the plantation. White liberals and white conservatives alike are the slaves.

      • Ghostwriter

        And how about you joining the 21st Century,Questions? If anyone deserves the label racist,it's you.

        • jackiecox

          My post was deleted before the admin had time to read it, disrespecting freedom of speech deleted it, and I never even used the " N " word, actually my entire comment was Truth, and simply pointed out what happens when people are hired with priorities other than the job integrity, and also addressed the gang cultures arising in america, when considering the fact that black communities have a 70 % born of wedlock ratio, while doubling their population every 20 years, while white communities have 1,9 children per family. pointing out an eventual confrontation between the 2, while considering the disparity of seeing education as a priority in life styles. I have a problem understanding why it was deleted, as no reason was even given, I'm thinking about blocking anything WP on my Mail, as it appears to be a one-sided group, where nothing constructive will come of it when all perspectives are not addressed, Its like an obanomics black blog website, where I_D_I_O_C_Y is the predisposing influence

    • Roger

      It's collapsing. The question is can our society out live the dying media.

      Have you heard about the print empires filing bankruptcy?
      McClatchy is one.
      NY Times had to sell their building, and is laying off staff constantly.
      Newsweek sold for a dollar and didn't even survive that, they are no longer printing.

      Each low rating for MSNBC drains funding for Charter to spend on their marxist agenda elsewhere.
      We have to keep listening to the right sources, and encouraging all our friends to do the same. I finally got a brother started listening to the Savage Nation. Not my first choice, but it's better than Maddow.

  • Bamaguje

    The nitwit lamestream media, leftists, Obama and other socially destructive retards may not realize it, but their unreasonable stand on Black-on-White violence is far more detrimental to Blacks (whom they want us to believe they care so much about) than to Whites.

    For the simple reason that Blacks are the number one target and major victims of Black violence.

    Addressing Black-on-White violence rather than sweeping it under the carpet, will also ultimately address the social pathologies responsible for the epidemic Black-on-Black violence.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    This racist hate perpetrated against whites goes way back, the blood trail is ever where
    you find solid black communities bordering the white. Look at New York City, over four
    million people emigrated to Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey or farther away
    to be free of black crime. Entire communities in Queens disappeared as white places of
    life and the tag was blockbusting, disreputable realtors would move poor black families
    into homes in quiet residential white areas to frighten away the inhabitants. The story
    is longer and deeper than what you know. My late older brother was accosted by two
    black men as he walked home, they both drew guns demanding his money, he shot one
    in the head, the other ran. The uspshot was he waked away and half and hour later the
    mugger with the head wound was gone, why whas't it reported, my brother said it wasn't
    worth the time, he should have known being a retired cop………………………..William

    • tagalog

      Blacks were known to hate whites as far back as the time of Thomas Jefferson. He wrote about it. It probably goes at least a century and a half farther back than that in the United States. The fear of the vengeance of freed slaves in the South was one of the emotions that drove the Southern fight in the Civil War. It's what drove a lot of gun control laws, voting rights, a lot of other things.

      I'd be interested in an explanation of why whites hate blacks, because that's been around for a long time, too.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        If you go back one hundered or one hundred & fifety years you would predate the
        United States, Jefferson was president in 1800…….What drove the Civil War was
        a complex of issues, slavery came in half way through when Lincoln's conscience
        took hold of him. Hate is ugly and much worse than anger which is confused by
        many as real hate. Much as I think on it I believe hate is first taught, then with
        the malicious guidelines cultivated or discarded a person makes thier own choice.
        Ignorance, lack of Charity, loveless lives but most prominent lack of self esteem
        is a projenitor of hate. I have known only a handfull of people that have actually
        had any hate for anyone. White's hating blacks, not in my crew but it is there,
        it can be felt but is surpressed. Evil is the basis of hate and true hate, the real
        thing can only live where evil is in the heart………………tough topic……….William

  • Deep Space

    "A small town in Wisconsin"? LOL

    • jackiecox

      I worked in milwaukee, before free trade when it was an epicenter of manufacturing, the north side was german, since there were more jobs than people only disabled people were on welfare so they developed liberal welfare, 180 dollars per child in the early 70's, the result was south chicago immigrated into center city, and spread out from there, now milwaukee's north side is black. Then Tommy Thompson ended welfare, a tad to late as affirmative action had invaded the city, county, state, and federal evaluators for social services recipiants, reserved for the inner cities, as whiteys homelessness continues to exponentially expand, denied social services until they are out of house and no address, then are unable to receive c]social services listed as no address remaining factories have been forced to move as only highly educated people can operate the high tech machinery. the future of america is difficult to see

      • johnnywoods

        Welcome to Obummer`s America.

  • jacob

    Evil can triumph as long as good people do nothing about it, which is precisely what has brought this
    sad state of affairs as reported in this article….and, if since the last four years it has exacerbated so-
    mehow, I believe we have to thank the reverse of King Midas we had at the White House and was
    just reelected, because nothing good came out of his interventions in issues of that nature, such as
    tat one of the black Harvard professor on which he jumped the gun in such a pitiful way, only to have
    to pedal back full speed and some others mentioned in the article….
    But his abjectly servile and shameless media will never criticize him and will sweep under the rug
    such happenings and law enforcement likewise somehow…..
    All this contributed to give these black hoodlums a sense that by being "African-Americans" and all
    the crap that has been written and spoken about their conditions, has given them the notion that they
    can get away with anything, murder included….
    Is the pendulum ever going to swing back….????
    So far, it hasn't and I honestly wonder it will ever do….!!!!!

    • Drakken

      When that pendulum does start swinging, it will be sudden and brutal. I like to call it backlash.

      • johnnywoods

        Unfortunately I fear many Black people who are the majority will pay for the sins of the punks and thugs.

  • RedWhiteAndJew

    You are a particularly nasty Moby, aren't you?

    Definition of Moby

  • Penny Haulman

    The media is in with the devil and the dead ones with all the killers, who don't even realize it'll be their plight forever. Down with evil. Get a gun and be prepared to shoot first.

  • Stephen

    Wilmington, NC Story has some mistakes!! The kid was 19yrs old that got shot and the black scum bag that shot him,told him to get back in the vehicle.The victim would not and the black scum bag killed him. I live in Wilmington,NC and that is what was reported.Police interviewed,the 3 man and 1 women.

  • GWst

    Thank goodness for Drudge consistently linking to stories on this.

    Readers of our online state (Alabama) newspaper were invited to "join a conversation" on race some time back. Anytime I tried to post statistics on black crime within this forum, I was banned. When I complained about being banned for posting facts… I was banned again. And I wasn't the only one, by far. The amount of post deletion and poster banning was truly epic – dozens of posts were disappearing every minute.

    Needless to say, we "racist" readers (the reporters of this online paper have tweeted how "racist" they think their right-leaning white readers are) have not been invited back for another "conversation".

    The truth doesn't fit their agenda, so they delete it. They have no shame about this; on the contrary, it makes them feel quite good about themselves.

  • Patd

    This nation is lost to the criminal because the CS PC politicians and courts believe that we owe worthless people something for being born human….the difference is most grow up to be nothing but freebie grabbing trash and we allow it!!!! As soon as they can get the guns out of the law-abiding Citizen this place will be no different that the warlord areas of Africa and Haiti….just watch.

  • Patd

    One last point is the police captain stating that the gun violence needs to be stopped….I sure the hell hope and pray that he ISN’T speaking about banning legal citizens from owning???? First of all the shooter was in jail for 2.5 years. Isn’t he a Felon and a no possessor? Proves the fact that criminals will have weapons and numbers and the law abiding citizen will always be the victim.

  • Sadie

    They (blacks) have always been racist. Every time they don't get their way they hollar racism, they are the biggest of racist. Others are too, but blacks are by far the worst. They blame whites for what happened years, and years ago (slavery), never mind it was their own kind that sold them!

    They also are called African-American? What's up with that, most if not all were not born in Africa. I'm of German decent, should I be called German-American? Should a Mexican be called Mexican-American? No, we that are born in the USA are American. The blacks are the only ones who think it meaningful to be addressed this way, I would love for them to explain why this is, being proud of your heritage is fine we all are. Secondly I wonder why it is if white people try to do anything about their heritage it is considered racist while blacks thrive on this for themselves and we are not supposed to say anything or question it. Any takers care to enlighten the rest of us?

    • Dennis X

      We were brought here against are will, made slaves, raped, lynched and our history stolen. Why would we want to identity with you.

      • Clare

        No, you weren't. Your ancestors were. That was then, this is now.

      • Ghostwriter

        You're a slug,Dennis X. Go back to the ooze from which you were spawned from.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Yes, and it was the worst decision Whites had ever made. We are still paying for that awful decision to bring Blacks here to our country in the form of Black on White crime, massive Black welfare, uncouth and degrading Black culture, the utter ruin of our major inner cities by Blacks, and on it goes.

        Moreover, what occurred to Blacks in the past has been rectified to the Blacks of today. Whites not only ended slavery, but we have done everything in our power to give contemporary Blacks every opportunity to advance and succeed! The fact that so many don't and remain hostile to Whites in spite of the preferences given to them, tells me something about them as a people. It's not pretty either.

      • UCSPanther

        If you hate us whiteys so much, then why don't you move back to Africa?

      • Mary Sue

        There is no "we" for you in that context, Dennis, as none of THAT happened to you personally.

        Are you going to excuse those that follow up on the marxist dialectic and commit crimes in the name of "fighting oppression"?

      • Western Canadian

        Look turkey, your ancestors were bound into and sold via slavery by muslims, so your first complaints should be to them. And it was the Christian west that shut down slavery, where ever it could be. It still is practiced in muslim countries…. So why are you not bitching at them?? Stupid, or cowardly??

  • PAthena

    Add Washington, D.C. to your list, Mr. Flaherty. Gangs of Negro teenagers attack whites on the Metro transportation system in Anacostia.
    See the Moynihan Report, by Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1965, about the disintegration of the Negro family. Boys raised in single parent families tend to be violent (girls tend to be promiscuous). This has nothing to do with race but with biology.
    See also J. Christian Adams, INJUSTICE, about the black racist policies of the Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder (and his boss, President Barack Obama, who would like to have Travor Martin as a son). Attorney General Holder dropped the case against the New Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia, and President Obama is a friend of theirs. This encourages Negroes to attack non-Negroes, since the Department of Justice won't prosecute them.
    As for Travor Martin: he is an example of black attacks on whites, for he attacked and was trying to kill George Zimmerman.

    • colin flaherty

      wrote about it two weeks ago…already on the list …colin

  • Stephen_Brady

    Were you the DEM activist that showed up at our Tea Party Rally in St. Louis in 2010? You know the one I mean. He posed as Klansman and tried to pass out "literature". If it was you, you should remember that it didn't work.

  • tommy scott

    The bottom line is everyone protects blacks in everything they do. when the mob targeted and pulled out a white truck driver and beat him almost to death it was not considered racist, if it had been a black beaten it would have been, blacks for years have been conditioned to hate whites by the blacks leaders and the panthers, it is ok for blacks to talk about murdering whites like jammie fox and the sista solja and the panthers and you can believe the young blacks are affected by this. you get mobs like the one in Wisconsin targeting whites all the time. our cities like detroit , memphis and st louis or cincinnatti are crap hole infested with black crime. our schools have become unsafe for our kids all in the name of diversity and the busing issue put white kids in harms way because many young girls are rapped every year by older black thugs and kids are bullied every day. the race issue is not going away any time soon. for years whites have been programmed to feel sorry for blacks and pass every law to benefit them. but black leADERS such as obummer and his preachers have preached death to the devil white race. bottom line is that a few whites brought a lot of black slaves to the United States and the rest of us that had nothing to do with it will pay for it for the rest of our lives.

    • Lady_Dr

      AGREED – I wish that Fox and others would stop inviting Rev. Shapton and Jessie Jackson on – the are among the worse and ought to be ignored instead of celebrated.

  • jackiecox

    buffalo soldiers helped end my ancestors who were once 10,000 tribes living free off the land and nature here in the america, when you were freed by the deaths of millions of whites, then got 30 pounds sterling for native american indian women with child and 20 for braves, you people refuse to publish the real holocaust here in america, by the likes of you

    • Mary Sue
    • johnnywoods

      Native Americans were more vicious toward other than whites were to them. Yes there was much injustice against Idians but be sure that there is enough blame to go around for all. GOD will judge each of us for our individual sins and crimes and none will escape. Whites, Blacks, Indians, Chinese and whatever else you have will be judged by the MOST HIGH GOD. You can bet on that.

      • jackie cox

        Your understanding of the reality that your ancestors murdered the peoples who lived here and took what was their lands, is without merit, as you were not here, their elimination is obvious, because they are no more. historical proof that your ancestors were paid bounties on native americans 40 pounds sterling for squaw with child, 20 pounds for a buck, led to their genocide, their attempts to defend themselves mostly armed with bows and arrows against guns were futile——Your using the words—-MOST HIGH GOD—– implying there was more than one god came from emperor Constantine preliterate scribe Esubius, when he wrote up the worlds 78 book bible known as the Holy Roman Catholic Bible, not the be confused with King James 66 book version inspired by Martin Luther, The german monk who broke from Rome's church, The Catholic Bible was written up with the intent purpose of replacing Paganism, which believed in many Gods, the official roman church before emperor Constantine changed it into Roman Catholicism, Both Books omitted many christian writings from the 400 early years of Christianity, The one I found Most interesting one " The Book of Mary " Christ"s companion, Like all christian writings did not refer to other gods, because the ancient word God, intended to describe absolute truth did not include many gods or more than one version of the Absolute Truth. I often wonder about the early days of language and all the lost languages, like the 10,000 indiano americano languages, lost as these tribes were murdered in cold blood, man, woman, and child, by your ancestors, not you, yet since your ilk harbor anger against native american indians, an effort to disguise your ancestoral guilt. The account is still unsettled. Your broken belief system, permits your condemnation of the victims, not recognizing we would be little different from one another if we had lived each others lives, and cannot judge or condemn anyone, yet the actual spiritual world, undescribed in the words of man, does serve God or the Spirit of Truth, which is all we have in our quest to discover God, The absolute truth, and religions were written up long ago by preliterate scribes writing up tales to empower their kings tribes perpetually, in the 10,000 years or so our languages have recorded history, the blink of an eye to time, and since time changes all things, and spiritually is truely undefined, yet wors of man, claims to have the words we need to see our spirits through time, fills the world with belief systems that confuse the search of truth for truth itself, which will be lost to time, because truth is the only element of literacy that stands the test of time—there can be no blame by you or anyone else who did not live in the genocidal times of native america as we were not here then, and a god of many gods not exist, and will judge no one, since its just so much fiction which you speak—The Book of Mary, states she said to Peter that Christ said he wanted his desciples to meet together in congregations in an effort to do the right things, While Christ wrote nothing in the words of man in those preliterate days, and only related parables, in an effort to teach the route to truth ( God) was also said by Mary to have said " The mind rests between the spirit and soul " which creates more questions than answers, as does most truths we discover in the long road to Truth, My response to your statement that there is more than enough guilt to go around and your belief system has it all figured out is without merit. do not allow transgenic truths to guide your life, considering searching for actual spiritual reality in a life of study, meditation, prayer, arising each day in an effort to do the right things in our where time changes all things, and few constant elements of reality are without change

    • eddyjames

      Just please remember it's the same type of lowlife that runs the government then is running it now. And they couldn't care about what race they control, just as long as they do the controlling. As long as they can pit Whites against Blacks. Backs against Whites and the Natives against everyone else "They" will be the only winners. It' has always and always will be just about controlling the rest of us

  • tommy scott this is what every white should read, blacks are all about helping other blacks they are programmed to hate whites. what do you think would happen if these states were given to the blacks and they ruled them, Louisiana , Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and south Carolina. how long would it be before they were war zones not fit to live in and all of the people would be crashin the Tennessee and North Carolina border to get out like the Mexicans

    every city with a high pop of blacks is a worthless debt ridden city not worthy of living in and they are making crap holes by breeding like rats and destroying good cities like Jacksonville Fl and others

  • jackiecox

    you were sold into slavery, by your own family, in a world that practiced slavery for thousands of years and still does, to this day, a chinese coolie makes 3.8 cents for every dollar an american makes when you buy slave made goods you are practicing slavery.

    • burt

      "Savings will go to a customer" – American businessmen told us when "outsourcing started.
      Before, an average CEO was making about $4 mln a year.
      40 to 50 million dollars/yr.

      • jackiecox

        Your perspective does not include america, before free trade was bribed into law, when we made in america, what we consumed, and exported more goods and services than the entire world, when 40 % of our workforce most in the manufacturing infrastructure worked under labor contracts, insuring the absence of employer abuse, when america had more jobs than people, and our quality if life was far superior to that which we experience in the new goods and services country where most states have adopted right to work laws, where employer abuse is rampant such like our nations largest employer, walmart, whose avg wage has descended from 12,000 a year to near 10,000 a year in the last 4 years, actually sams, costco, and wallys, allowed to import goods without having to pay customs and duty, or the same accrued taxation american industry is required to pay, costs our nation more than 2 trillion a year in lost customs and duty, the goods generally cost more than when we made them here, as the owners charge whatever they want without american competition to compete with them on an equal basis. and the unemployment figure is meaningless as those on unemployment has ended and they still have not found jobs, nor the exponentially increasing homelessness, those in jails, prisons, probation and parole, in asylums and group homes, the numerous small towns across america, who work harvest, and grow their own food, hunting and fishing for food, with the introduction of affirmative action who dominate city, county, state, and federal agencies, has created an underground economy where people manage to get by, without food stamps or any form of social services reserved for the affirmative action crowds that fill our inner city welfare society, unable to work at the remaining 10 % of our high tech manufacturing companies in the defense industries, obama et al are shuttering, in their stimulus plans, with massive funds being funneled to political donors in the wind, solar and electric car industry experiments, and other non productive sectors or those like wind and solar that cost 40 % more than existing suppliers, without paying back the billions of wasted money on chinese supplies that fail in the field, while shuttering or defunding most defense equipment make the equipment cost more than quoted to the other free countries who are canceling their buying plans ending another 2 million jobs and losing our science teams telling us its a cost saving when in reality their closure cost our treasuries more than saved by closure. the obvious election frauds permitted in government, combined with free trade, affirmative action with one culture, the federal reserve and pseudo electorate looting our treasuries, creating massive laws invading virtually every venue of human activity,with predatory law, where the several hundred thousand judicial districts jail more people than the next 20 nations, supplying positions of authority for the nobility degrees our academic caste system graduate at the ready to join the legal-medical-insurance fraud-extortion mafia, or the related prison economy political ventures, financial magnates, all of which are technically obsolete because if we embraced modern information instrumentation, continually modernizing governmental processes, in the legal-medical-education-financial systems, allowing information systems to provide us with direction considering the actual variables, as opposed to now where the frailty of human opinions made without access to the variables are enacted into law, in an ongoing experiment endorsed by the obsolete academic caste system used to create positions of power, that are long obsolete, if information systems were integrated into government changing all job descriptions, virtually eliminating, malpractice, wrongful incarceration, and the currently overwhelming cost to our society on the verge of terminating government, replacing it with chaos and virtual civil war, inviting tyrannical nations who are ready to combine forces and invade america, the prize they are willing to die for, our farmers and agricultural science produce 1/3rd of the world food supply—pretending we spend more on military than the nest 10 nations without considering china pay their soldiers in food clothing, and a place to sleep, and little else, while supplying them with american designed modern equipment designed by americans made on american equipment—your ballot box installed when americans were illiterate, retained for its corruptibility, has caused more than 90 % of america to lose faith in the political and financial federal reserve that have power over you,

        • jackiecox

          discounting those who vote many time each election with multiple ID's and addresses. less than 1/2 of america still vote aside from the affirmative action sub-culture who vote for the rest of us in addition to themselves. If barry continues on for another 4 years, and attempts to take our 2nd amendment, he is counting that america will dissolve all in accord with his handlers the fed, or world class mafia finger on america, they fear could stand in their path to a one world government where their cartel of oligopolies they own or control would supply the world with whatever they think we need—you know as well or better than I about the 250 world dynasties or proxies who live apart in secular societies , virtual nobility above the law, controlling our money supply. the 3 presidents who tried to oust them, Lincoln, Garfield, Kennedy were all murdered.

          We are rapidly approaching a crossroads in american society as you well know, attacking the right to work under contract is a mistake and will only hasten the end of our nation, in similar matter to affirmative action, and the fed looting our treasury calling it a loan charging us interest on the theft, or their last act of so-called lending us 85 billion of our own money, each month with 80 billion going to the banks of their underlings, while charging us whatever interest they decide on in their creative accounting, already taking 40 % of incoming tax revenue.

          The coming confrontation with america will not go well for the current senate, congress, oval orfice, including city, county, and state governments, the UN will be removed from american territory, as free trade will continue, while adding customs and duty equalizing slave goods with those made in america, which will restore our manufacturing infrastructure, and small business sector, embracing information technology will change current job descriptions and responsibilities leading to a better quality of life for america, unfortunately the obsoleted positions will require retraining and man may well move into other more primitive countries, who still practice human opinion based decisions, in the legal, medical, insurance, financial, prison economies, but not here, because responsible government will replace the current criminality in charge of america. One Way or another modernization in government will take place, Our nation will embrace instrumentation, and Truth will reign over the lies, which will fail as they should if we are to arise each day in an effort to do the right things, as opposed to practicing political science, or the art of swindling, and green fees, in the petty kingdoms of lawyers, judges, politicians, lobbies clients and green fees to enact cloutish laws throughout our land as protectorates of the world class mafia, in the return to nobility and serfdom<<< its not gonna happen >>> change or move off before the confrontations began.

  • tommy scott
  • jackiecox

    thousands of south african farmers are being murdered as south africans go on white man killing sprees, the news media never print a word, the united nation turn a blind eye to genocide, to an innocent folk who tended the land for hundreds of years feeding much of africa, now starving in untold thousands, because they took the farmers land and are unable to grow crops

    • Dennis X

      Pay back is a bi_ch!

      • Drakken

        Yes it is kaffir !

  • jackiecox

    whites have 1.9 children per family and place a high value on education, while black communities double in numbers every 20 years, I am old now and have seen it happen, its sad when a society takes the wrong turn, to their own demise, take a long close look at haiti where AID's in indigenous to the soil, illiteracy impales them, as they die young, ruled by bully cowards like here in america, will they/we " Change " ?—highly unlikely when our government uses the ballot box for criminality

  • jackiecox

    prisons are free cots, three meals, no laundry, where they play dominos and spades all day, making new contacts, its like a community college for crime. When you get out and are black your entitled to social services who provide living quarters free dental and meds, paid for by whitey the werkin class.

  • Adriaan

    Not residing in America but in South Africa. Exactly the same racial problems occur in our country. Your Dr Gregory Stanton also wittnessed the black racism that take place in South Africa. The only difference is, those culprets have been caught and there is a possibility for them to be jailled for life. in South Africa Whites , farmers have been killed and are still killed on a daily basis, supported by the ANC government, as a matter of fact, it is caders from the ANC government which are appointed to go and kill White. We are called SETTLERS therefor they want to and do kill Whites on a dailly basis. None ever get caught or appear in court On all the ANC meetings a song a sing which soungd like this " KILL THE FARMER, KILL THE BOER " A court rulling now try to prvent the black racists to sing this song with no availe. It appear to me that the blacks in general, espescially those who claim to come from Africa or is still in Africa is trailler park trash. Please note I do generalise now. The feeling in South Africa amongst the majority of the Whites is, is that the blacks are barbarians with no sence of responsability. Takers and destroyers, nothing positive come from them, they even messed up our beautifull country, whith bribary and corruption. Good luck America tou got an African rulling your country.

    • Lady_Dr

      Yes, although when I taught it was in an upscale private college (mentioned above). I have seen the animal size o the black community. In 2008 my biggest fear was that 'the one' would but too much money down that rat-hole called Africa. Then I read his biographies and realized he is a commie. Frankly living in America in 2008 felt like Germany in 1938 – it was VERY scary. And it still is – be informed, he did not win in 2012 – he stole the election. Democrats (most are communist, or at least socialist) cannot win on their ideas because they are irrational and have never worked anywhere, also they believe the government is the answer to every problem. They are a bunch of totalitarian thugs.

    • Dennis X

      You mean the land you stole from them, go back to europe.

      • Drakken

        Well in the same spirit kaffir, go back to Afrika, where I am sure your machette wielding friends will have nice things to say to you.

    • jackiecox

      The land you stole ?
      South white farmers tilled the land for hundreds of year, feeding south africa and much of south africa as well, when mandella/mugabe took their lands, the new owners unable to master agricultural science, untold numbers starved, Now like the south african lady states the blackes go on killing sprees of whites, combined with the north african muslims, whites in africe are being literally exterminated, the white south african farmers tilled their soil even longer than when america consisted of 10,000 indiano americano tribes, who were largely annihilated after the civil war, when illiterate whites, and black buffalo soldiers, were paid 30 pounds sterling for scalps of a (squaw) women with child, and 20 pounds for a brave——I would advise you to go back to africa where your ancestors sold your grandparents into slavery, for cash, when the entire world practiced slavery, but its not in eubonyx and you probably couldn't get the gist of the words. Ha Ha Ha—no one would be little different from anyone else, if we had lived each others lives—failure to grasp reality— would cause the words " Go back to africa " to be lost on people like you, however it would be good advise, considering what lies ahead, when black america decides to displace the rest of our multi-cultural america, and become afroamerica, at which time you and yours will probably cease to exist, or end up on some island like haiti. Unless you change, which I cannot tell if it will happen or not, but I certainly hope so, for chaos is already destroying our scientific and military centers that made america what we were before free trade, and obmerica, the free nation providing the free world with defense equipment to keep tyrannical nations at bay, now barry et al is ending our defense industry, as we a re now a nation under occupation, where criminality rules

  • Thomas Wells

    The Commandment : Thou Shall Not Kill, is color blind, even if some killers are not.

    • Arlie

      The commandment should be thou shalt not murder. Murder is different than killing in self-defense. So whoever translated from Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic choose the wrong word for translation.

      I have have had first hand encounters with violent, racist, lying blacks in Minneapolis. I was not ready for it because I grew up believing the best of people and that other people where like me, and I always gave other people the benefit of the doubt. Boy, what a rude awakening. I can honestly say, from experience, that ghetto blacks, drop outs that are reared on section 8 and welfare are the worst example of inhumanity and are the biggest criminal elements plaguing all of civilized people in the USA. They have no discipline and are taught by their very welfare parents to hate white people. They are as bad as Islamists that are taught to hate. This is what happens when the 10 commandments and the Holy Bible is not taught – there is no love shown and all they know is bad language, hate and revisionist history – which is a lie. They are taught a lie and believe the lie and so they live a lie.

      • jackie cox

        what would Christ say if he were living in this age ?

    • jackiecox

      the last good samaritan died or was murder for what little he had left long ago, do unto others before they do unto you. if you respect your family and friends because they sure do not

  • queezy

    It walks hand in hand with their attempts at music, except Blues and Jazz. The rest is rubbish; see, Rap, Hip Hop, tech-filth.

    • jackie cox

      its all rubbish

  • Larry Robinon

    I have always lived in the South–MS, grew up with and played with blacks, have blacks as some of my best friends, and they hate what is happening as much as we do. In the late 60's the younger generation both black and white began to change for the worse where there were no fathers in the family and it continues today. Many of my family lived in Jackson and fled. The voting population elected the previous mayor; wealthy ex-narcotics director and self made millionaire who brought 17 troubled kids into his home to raise (one went bad); on a platform to clean up the city. He went out with officers nightly, broke up porn shops and after Katrina began removing the gangs that moved here from New Orleans but was hounded by the DA. He hired his own bodyguards but the DA tried every way to oust him; why—maybe we can all guess. The older black population fully supported him but he died of a heart attack, probably due to stress. Now we call Jackson—Jafrika. Day and night killings by primarily young thug blacks. I traveled all the time and never felt fearful; not so in Jafrika. All that can afford to, black and white, have moved to surrounding smaller towns that will not stand for this type conduct.

    • Mary Sue

      Tom Leykis said (but he didn't make any racial distinctions) that single mothers are raising "the future Carjackers of America".

  • Ghostwriter

    Great! Another idiot. You make the rest of white America look bad. And you prove imbeciles like Dennis X right with your rhetoric. You're not helping matters any.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Nonsense! Johnny is correct, though admittedly it's difficult to hear it put in such blunt words. Whites must come to grips with the nature of Blacks. MLK wanted Blacks to be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. Well, this is precisely what perceptive Whites have done and this also explains why they have reached certain conclusions about most Backs (though not all).

      • Mary Sue

        It's not the nature of blacks, it's the nature of the effects of Marxist Dialectic!

      • Lady_Dr

        Agreed. I use to teach college students and there were only two kind of black students – those willing to get an education and willing to work for it and the entitlement crowd. The former were very often Christian and (while not a Christian myself) I believe it has a civilizing influence. These students were attentive, polite, wiling to learn, willing to work. Some were at the top of the class, most were in the middle (as were most white students). But the entitlement students came late, didn't do their homework, were rude, agrogant and lazy. I kept careful records (note to teachers: make a list with a signature line, have every student sign in at every class – you might need evidence) so that I could justify the grades I gave, and every time I did fail a black student I got approval first from the chairman of the dept. I went out of my way, coming from a pretty humble background I know it is hard to move up, to provide every opportunity for ALL students. But the entitlement types never appreciated it – or anything else done for them.

  • Ghostwriter

    I agree with Larry Robinson. Not every black is like that bigot Dennis X. The sad truth is also that people like Questions and angry white man also fan the flames of racial hatred. We don't need this. As long as idiots like Dennis X and Questions walk the earth,we'll continue to have racial problems.

    • GWst

      "As long as idiots like Dennis X and Questions walk the earth,we'll continue to have racial problems. "

      …and Eric Holder. Just saying.

    • Drakken

      Well lets see how your wishful thinking and kumbaya work out for you, the rest of us will deal with the reality.

  • Thomas Wells

    I am an equal opportunity defender. If some one attacks me, my family, or other innocent people, I will use lethal force against any MF, regardless of their race,color,creed,national origin, or taste in beer. The issue is not one of the external physical qualities of the person, but rather of the human qualities inside the person.
    Some of my best friends are………..

  • Reis Kash

    The worst mistake we as a nation ever made was bringing in savages from Africa as slaves. The second worst mistake we made was not taking them back to Africa. There was a back to Africa movement quite a long time before the Civil War. Many Whites paid into a fund started by a relative of George Washington which provided transportation for Blacks to Africa, bought them land, built houses, and furnished them with agricultural implements. This was in the new country of Liberia. The government immediately became so cruel to the indigenous Blacks and the repatriated Blacks immediately bought themselves slaves . . . A Black visiting Monrovia said the best plantation in Monrovia was far worse than the worse plantation in the Americas. If the Blacks don't start acting more like people and keep on with their killings and other crimes, armed conflict between the two races seems inevitable.

    • Mary Sue

      Liberia wasn't exactly the poster child for successful back-to-Africa countrymaking, though…

    • Ghostwriter

      Not this again! Does stuff like this bring out the Klan supporters or what?

      • Loyal Achates

        Well, natch – that's who reads (and likes) FPM.

  • omar kahlid

    Being Egyptian I have always been puzzled by one thing typical of black Americans. This is NOT stereotyping but observing and looking at the facts. 1. Blacks unashamedly support ANY democrat running for office while democrats have perpetrated genocide against them. It is estimated that 50 MILLION blacks have been flushed down Planned Parenthoods toilets. A few black leaders, Jackson, Farrakhan, Sharpieton who have become tremendously rich because of supporting democrat values man the lines sending their brethren to the gulags.
    2. When possible blacks will do violence to their own communities like they are in a blind rage. With 85% or better having, less than, prostitutes for mothers and flipping a coin with their siblings as to whom was daddy, has destroyed any value system normally in place within a "normal" family.
    Like the blacks that became rich selling slaves to whitey the president and his cronies line them up for their flight to the CZ. Full of hate and rage because the dems made their mothers into hos by giving out free abortions and welfare payments. Cannot get a check with a husband around. Read Sanger, a dem from the 50's and 60's who wrote the plan to get rid of the blacks. They, dems, did what the KKK could only dream of. They got blacks to exterminate themselves.

    • Mary Sue

      I would call it Stockholm Syndrome, and also it's like being in a cult, for them. Which is why some refer to them as "drinking the purple koolaid" because notorious dead cult leader Jim Jones served poisoned purple koolaid to his followers, who drank it KNOWING it was poisoned.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    The media that ignores this or responds as shown in the article is puttilng itself out of existence. Increasingly, no one is paying attention to them and their viewership is very low. Newspapers are going out of business daily. "Journalists" will learn that you either become credible or you're nothing. As for the criminals, one of the white kids said he felt sorry for one of criminals — said he was "unlucky" because he just fell in with bad people. That's the problem, folks. We don't recognize that people have a choice in life. These thugs are not victims. They're victimizers. The kid they murdered was the victim.

    Now – anyone want to cry over the high numbers of black girls getting abortions? I didn't think so.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Not once in the entire video does anyone mention race even though this was a primary motive for picking on this particular young man to victimize.

  • Questions

    This becomes painfully evident when reading all too many lyrics penned by rap/hip-hop "artists."

  • Drakken

    The press, political and religious leaders can only keep the lip on the boiling pot we now live in for only so long before the lid blows off and the backlash begins. Let one of these black gangs go after the wrong European/American who is a combat vet and armed and then you will see Balkanized Amerika unravel, and there will be no amount of Government intervention that will stop it as we begin to side and protect our own.

  • Ghostwriter

    And it'll be fools like you Drakken,that'll be the cause of it. And both blacks and whites who DON'T want a race war will suffer because of idiots like you and Dennis X.

  • Drakken

    Ghostwriter,If you cannot see that society is unraveling before your very eyes, it is you who are in denial. It is not a matter of me wanting anything, it is facts not feelings that are at play here.

  • kafir4life

    Where is the media frenzy??? Really? For a dog bites man story?

  • Guest

    The feral savage who shot that kid should get death–within one week of conviction. The rest should do years of hard time; I'm not talking some prison where they get three hots and a cot with little to do but lift weights and "hang wid dey homies", but hard labor, six days a week. Make it so they rue they day their were born and beg God every night for mercy and parole; make it so they're so tired by the end of the day it's all they can do to eat dinner before they pass out from sheer exhaustion, knowing the sunrise will bring another day of misery; make freedom so precious they will never forget their time in prison, and do everything to make sure they don't go back.

    • Thomas Wells

      "Feral savages" does indeed characterizes youth who have not been raised by parents, but have had the street gangs or the leftist government gangs as their mentors and providers. In many cases the "parents" are gone,having been only egg and sperm donors. The absence of caring fathers in the homes are often compounded by the presence of immature young girls who are "mothers" only by virtue of having given birth. In such a pathological septic atmosphere, it is no wonder that these children run wild forming a cesspool culture that is more deadly than a culture of the plague bacteria. Blaming the external physical features of these feral children and the feral "adults" who produced and abandoned them, can only lead to a misunderstanding of the real criminal element here-the lunatic leftists who promote,aid,abet, and profit from such aberrant behaviors.

  • jackiecox

    printed news media are kept afloat, largely by the political ventures, and our oligopoly of cartels our business community has become. time and instrumentation has terminated it, it is decidedly obsolete, like the scribe was replaced by the printing press, and journalists. Now information systems have essentially replaced both. because journalists have lost integrity that information systems provide

  • Dutybound

    It has recently been suggested by several libtard journalists that white people are arming themselves because they are afraid of black and brown people. So, what’s your point?

  • jackiecox

    education, literacy, is the key to peace, if other cultures abide by the natural law of respect, if they fail to respect other cultures, aware our culture is something we are born into, like the other cultures, then there will be confrontation, like now where parents teach their children hate without reason and shun education, hopefully the children will embrace instrumentation, join the information revolution, mature and elevate their magnitudes of literacy over coming the intolerance of other cultures, as the worlds youth join together in the search for real truths permitting us to change as time changes all things, requiring change lest we fail our civilization, and replace nature with fashion and law, Like Now, denaturing earth, and disallowing change required to survive time.

  • jackiecox

    God Blessed america, obama possessed by the demons of ignorance is ungodly, and purposely trying to destroy what took ages to develop, but he does not understand science or economics, he is a real mess, it may have been the bath houses in chicagos south side he frequented for 20 years, or his youth in indonesia without a man to protect him from sexual predators<<<whatever>>> he puts america at risk, like his handlers the federal reserve, and many other agencies, that must be removed from any position of authority– angels will end his time ruining our christian nation

  • jackiecox

    you must respect freedom of speech, its the natural law of respect at issue here, violate it and perish, time changes all things,

  • jackie cox

    watching facebook try to convolute the internet, shutting down accounts who do not agree with zuckies homosexual agenda pro obama perspective is disgusting, to watch people like this trying to impose their homosexual manifesto on christian america be allowed unlimited briadband and billions of dollars, when they should be isolated from youth, until such time as their predation is cured.

  • RCRN

    The writer doesn't know what he is talking about. I live in Wilmington, NC and know more about this incident than the writer. This wasn't a crime of race, but a random crime of opportunity. You even heard this in the footage straight from the police chief. I attended the event that night at the art center, a comedy show, and any one of us could have been a victim of these lawless thugs. And yes, I'm black.

  • Missouri

    I did not hear about this on the news as Travon Martin and the St. Louis shooting. Why? This is a hate crime ignored because he is white?

  • Missouri
  • Missouri
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