Surrendering to Sharia — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Josh Brewster, Leon Weinstein and Dwight Schultz gathered to discuss Surrendering to Sharia. The discussion took place in the first segment of a two part series analyzing the Obama administration’s foreign policy disaster in the Middle East. The second segment focused on The Persecution of a Filmmaker. Both parts of the two part series can be seen below.

Part I:

Part II:

To watch Jamie Glazov on The Arena discussing Obama’s Betrayal of Free Speech, click here.

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  • mikeb

    To what extent was local law enforcements move on the move maker precipitated by:
    1. media attention
    2. federal / fbi / white house / justice dept pressure

    The film maker, I believe, is a Coptic Christian. Does the film maker have direct ties to persons in Egypt?

    Has the State Department or White House ever focused on a private citizen and some act of a private citizen in the way it has on the film maker?

    • dmw

      Good question. I can imagine some political operative in Washington D.C. getting on the phone to another political operative/appointee in the Department of Homeland Security who has direct access to a local/State data base or calls someone down the DHS food chain who does, to include the local Los Angeles Counter-terrorism Joint Task Force (manned by federals, city, State, and local operatives). It all begins with the questions: "Who is this guy? What do we have on him? What can we do?" asked by a high level cabal of Justice, State, and White House political appointees. The "Dragnet".

      • MaryS, CA

        This President of ours in his speech at the United Nations 10x's used the movie as the reason for the attack in Libya where our Ambassador was killed, yet they knew it, they knew it within 24 hrs. that it was a "terrorist attack" do we get it, they lied, he lied, Hillary lied, Rice lied, they all lied to the American people. Then they send their "KGB" out to find something on the guy who made the movie so they can look like to the Muslim idiots that they are doing something about free speech here in the United States… it is imperative, repeat imperative that every person gets to the polls and votes this Svengahli out of office or we will be in such deep doo doo starting on november 7th we will wish we were living in Soviet Russia.

  • Stephen_Brady

    No matter what anyone thinks about this film, or the filmmaker, this is America. Freedom of speech is not … repeat not … intended to protect popular speech. It's intended to protect unpopular speech. Every day in office, Comrade Zero stomps his foot on the rights of individuals, while he actively seeks to increase the scope, power, and intrusiveness of the federal government. He must go down in November.

  • Stuart Parsons

    The film is appallingly directed and acted. Nevertheless, it contains more than a grain of truth about the mythical Allah's so-called 'Prophet and Messenger'.

    • Kufar Dawg

      That's the really interesting issue, no one lieberal can debate the facts the movie presents, all they can do is call it offensive while calling piss-Christ "art".

  • Sunbeam

    All that can be told by restricting our free speech is for their (enemies) own advantage. We only have free speech as a defense. By taking it away will leave us nothing. The point here is they are afraid of being exposed. There's always an underlying motive to want to stop free speech. Free speech has been in Western society for a very long time since the coming out of the Middle Ages. If freedom of expression were to be threaten, our present day democracy of rule will also be threaten, putting the whole of our today's society in jeopardy of returning back to what's in Medieval time. And let us be reminded that we do not wish to go back to that again. Unless we learn and unlearn, history will repeat itself. And that would be a catastrophic result for the whole globe. Never submit to evil. Stand firm on the right side, and we'll prevail, though the enemy never sleeps or tire, so must we all who love truths.

  • Ghostwriter

    That French magazine should be praised. It takes a lot of courage to do that.

  • Sunbeam

    France has been a good example of democracy. It has not allow itself to be intimidated into giving up its own rights, and the laws of its own country.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I don't know if I would completely agree w/the above statement. The persecution of Brigitte Bardot for criticising islamofascism was nothing but disgusting appeasement of the first order. A persecution so effective they silenced her.

      • Sunbeam

        For all of us who love truth, we must continue to be consistent in our calling. Let us not be intimidated or pressured into giving up our freedom of expression which the enemies would want us to. The governments of the respective countries of the West has a responsibility to play by allying itself with its local citizens, to disallow its own laws to be bend by the radicals of the aliens, thus submitting to them which is exactly what they're pursuing. The West have to learn. Stop being naive and gullible, and start preparing to face the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

  • amused

    For all the blather and bullsheet , there is not , nor was there ANY plan to release the Blind Sheik . This is just another TYPICAL strawman , with NO BASIS in fact other than Egyptians want him freed . It aint gonna happen , Glazov knows it , Brewster Knows it , The Glazov Gang knows it .
    No one has offered any proof that ity has even been remotely considered by the Present Administration , and it has been categorically denied with a definitive NO , by Clinton and State .
    So stop your lieing fellas .

  • amused

    ….and since there exists here no compunction NOT to lie , in order to satisfy your obsession , why not just come right out and say things like Obama made deal to sell the Russians one of our Los Angeles Class Nuclear subs ?
    The usefull idiots here will believe it , as they take slander and innuendo as Bible .
    You can always quote another "confidental source " at , thereby fooling yourselves with the delusion that you're not "really " lieing . And you can count on all your sycophants here NOT to fact check as sure as the sun will rise tommorrow . .
    If Karma is real, [and I believe it is ] you all had better duck , as well as your fellow brainwashed parrots on the Left .And your "stories " are not convincing ANYONE with half-a-brain , you all are just massaging your own biases , heaven knows there's been more than enough examples of monkey jokes , and hundreds of code words for blackman used , that you think have anyone who t hinks has been fooled .

  • amused

    I have no problem with either candidate winning the election …that will be my President , THE CHOICE OF THE MAJORITY VOTE ,and at the end of the day , given the stage we're at REALITY WILL be addressed , because AFTERALL it's the idiots we put in Washington who collectively will have the final word NOT the President .
    We'll see what happens after the election and I can gurantee you all this …anyone who wants to continue to play " my way or the highway " will get a rude awakening in the midterms .
    But alas given the vitriol many of you here may have to be put on a suicide watch should the object of your hatred get re-elected .

    • Kufar Dawg

      WHy bother with suicide watches when the obamanation regime can merely arrange for our disappearance a la Molly Norris?

      • amused

        Take an aspirin , go hide under your bed ,and seek professional counseling first thing in the morning …poor deluded fool.

  • amused

    LOL….hey wait a minute , what happened to that phony " Obama gonna release the Blind sheik " story ?
    Uh -oh bet the FACTS got in the way HUH ?

    Shame on you .