The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin

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Editors’ note: Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has denounced Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) for including Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, among those she has noted for having Muslim Brotherhood ties in her recent call for government agencies to investigate the Brotherhood ‘s penetration of Washington. Robert Spencer’s article in this issue crystallizes why McCain is wrong, and Bachmann is right, on this matter.

On this occasion, Frontpage’s editors have deemed it important to reprint a Frontpage interview (from our June 24, 2011 issue) with Walid Shoebat about The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin The disturbing facts that Shoebat reveals in the interview, which appears below, legitimize Bachmann’s concerns. 


The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin.

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist and Muslim Brotherhood activist who is the author of the new book For God or For Tyranny.

FP: Walid Shoebat, welcome to Frontpage.

Shoebat: Thanks for having me.

FP: You were the first to break the news on Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife, being linked to her mother Saleha Abedin, who, as you have exposed, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

First, let me ask you: how credible are your sources?

Shoebat: Al-Liwa Al-Arabi (translated here) leaked an extensive list, which was partially published by Al-Jazeera and several other major Arab newspapers. The detailed list included Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin.

Another piece of the puzzle and what was common knowledge in the Arab world is that Huma Abedin has a brother named Hassan Abedin who sits in on the board of the Oxford Centre For Islamic Studies (OCIS) where Huma’s brother is a fellow and partners with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members on the Board, including Al-Qaeda associate, Omar Naseef and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi; both have been listed as OCIS Trustees. Naseef continues to serve as Board Chairman.

This becomes an issue since Huma sits in the U.S. State Department with eyes and ears to classified government secrets. Was Huma unaware of all this as she accompanied Hillary Clinton to the Dar El-Hekma women’s college in Jedda-Saudi Arabia? Huma’s mother is the co-founder and a Vice Dean at the college and an active missionary on issues regarding Muslim women and is considered by the Egyptian security services as a dangerous member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

FP: What would you say to those who would argue that the Sisterhood organization is a farce and that the Egyptian Al-Dostor broke the news but that there is nothing really to substantiate this case?

Shoebat: The “Women’s Division” within the Muslim Brotherhood can be found at the Muslim Brotherhood’s official website. Here is an excerpt of its goal translated from Arabic states:

The Womens Organization’s goal in accordance with the Muslim Brotherhood rules, is to gain and acquire a unified global perception in every nation in the world regarding the position of women, and the necessity of advocacy work at all levels in accordance to the message of the Brotherhood as written in Women in Muslim Society, and the rearing of women throughout the different stages of life.”

Al-Dostor’s article is confirmed by top experts in Egypt including the Arab Center for Studies, headed by researcher Abdul Rahim Ali. That with the Muslim Brotherhood’s own official statement gives us a solid case that this clandestine group called The Sisterhood exists, very active and very influential. So influential that they succeeded in getting Hillary Clinton to speak alongside two of its members; Abedin and Suheir Qureshi were also listed as members by several major Arab sources.

Then we have the links, which shows damning evidence that this list was not created haphazardly. We did the research which we shall release shortly; so many of who are on the list are official members or wives/daughters of members ranging from spies, Nazi-style propagandists, Nazi affiliates from the Brotherhood’s inception, Hijab advocates in Europe, and prominent conspiracy theory advocates with a span of influence over several international organizations from the United Nations to women advocacy groups worldwide.

All these are not without a central direction and seem to follow the same agenda shown on the Brotherhood’s official website.

Our research will show links from the Muslim Brotherhood’s own website and other media regarding the list. Be tuned in for the next press release and get ready for some serious shock therapy.

FP: Can you please give us an example of one case?

Shoebat: I will give a taste of one case.

Keep in mind the Muslim Brotherhood is Egyptian and so is Huma’s heritage. The Sisterhood List includes wives/daughters of top Brotherhood leaders mostly from Egypt. We have Najla Ali Mahmoud, the wife of Mohammed Aidalmrsi, who is a member of the Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood and the current leader of the Justice and Freedom Party, (the new name for the Muslim Brotherhood). No one can deny his affiliation and his wife is definitely following his footsteps.

So what is the leader of the Justice and Freedom Party (Muslim Brotherhood) saying these days under the new guise of moderation? We have volumes to fill worth of doublespeak that would take decades to translate. But perhaps to show how sick these people are: He recently stated on national television as to “why Egypt needs to ban western dress” and “no one with a full mental faculty can believe in the Trinity”. He even condemned Egyptian monuments as “idols”.

Idols? Does this set the stage for what happened to the Bamian Buddha statue in Afghanistan? Will we see the Sphinx be blown up if this party wins? And according to this “moderated” leader, all Christians have a mental deficiency? And he is serious.

This brings us back to Nazism. This is Nazi-style propaganda and nothing more.

We have much-much more to say about this clandestine group called The Sisterhood. So stay tuned.

FP: What do you say in response to those who would say that bringing Huma Abedin into all of this is an unfair and unwarranted “guilt-by-association” tactic?

Shoebat: When westerners say “guilt-by-association” regarding Huma, they are comparing the Middle East with the Middle West. Westerners need to shift gears into the Muslim World and when they do they will begin to comprehend the significance of this connection.

Huma’s links to a family that is directly tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, including her brother and mother, creates a question that no one on earth can easily answer:

Other than Huma Abedin, has there ever been any member of the Muslim Brotherhood or a prominent Islamist who will not openly denounce a “daughter” or “sister” that married a non-Muslim Jewish male?

It is extremely rare to have Muslim women marry non-Muslims, much less to have conservative Muslims look the other way, unless Huma has a “higher calling” and a unique exception was made for her, since she is an ear into top U.S. sensitive information, or Anthony Weiner has converted to Islam or even both.

There is no other way to answer this unless Huma comes up with an astonishing revelation. The highest authority in Islamic Sharia Faculty in Kuwait has deemed Huma’s marriage to a male Jew as null and void, yet no word from her family or the Muslim Brotherhood to affirm the Isamic Sharia Faculty? Huma—keep in mind—was in contact with her mother when she visited Dar Al-Hikma University with Hillary Clinton. Huma’s dress code alone would be a problem for her mother, much less her unequally yoked marriage to a male Jew.

Huma’s marriage should be a stab in the heart to religious Muslims. She comes from a prominent family. It’s like saying a nun stabbed the Pope in the heart, yet the Vatican issues no condemnation and instead was sympathetic to the woman for simply being a woman. Something would be very fishy. Huma’s Muslim Brotherhood connected family still has contacts, admiration and appreciation for her.

FP: Ok, wait a minute. What do you mean exactly by saying that Huma might have a “higher calling”?

Shoebat: The Middle East has already addressed Huma’s “higher calling” long ago while the West slumbers. Take Dr. Mumen Muhammad in a news piece (translated from Arabic) gleefully wrote about Huma:

Abedin assures in press releases her continuance on the path with Hillary Clinton, even if Clinton failed as a candidate. The candidate’s aids and other influential figures in the Democratic Party assure that they do not disregard Abedin running for election or taking her position in the political arena by the help in successive political administrations with the aid of the Clinton family itself.”

Huma has higher aspirations already to get well entrenched into the system and the Middle East is all but excited while the Brotherhood stays silent.

FP: Look, some skeptics would still say: “So What? Huma is still not a member of the Sisterhood. And that’s that.” How would you respond?

Shoebat: Imagine during World War II, the U.S. government accepted Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress or one of Hitler’s henchmen daughters to work with our State Department and even be with the Secretary of State 24/7?

After all “Braun” they argue “is not a member of the Nazi Party”; how will that bode with the American people?

FP: H-mm. Ok, well then why is the U.S. State Department not taking this issue seriously?

Shoebat: The U.S. current policy is to gain what they deem a “moderate Muslim Brotherhood.”

This is like saying that in order to win the Cold War with Russia, that we needed to promote “Capitalistic-Communism” or during WWII we should have promoted “pro-Jew Nazism” in Germany.

To take our Nazi example during World War II and compare this to today’s attitude, this policy is as if we decided to engage the Nazis through an inclusion policy in order to moderate them.

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  • DogWithoutSlippers

    When Weiner got busted wasn't it said Huma was pregnant with child? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KID? Apparently it was a sympathy ploy. There is more to this than meets the eye. It seems that besides being a pervert Weiner is also a possible traitor. And Hillary should be investigated too.

    • Lisa_H

      According to wikipedia: She gave birth to a baby boy, Jordan Zain Weiner, on December 21, 2011.
      Still, I'm with Bachmann on this one.

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        Thanks, Lisa. Weiner is a Mr. Mom – hardest job this creep has probably ever had.

        • Lisa_H

          Apparently Weiner now aspires to become the next mayor of NYC. I mean, Bloomberg is bad enough but come on!

    • http://frontpage richard sherman

      Weiner’s mother was not a Jew. Therefore he is not a Jew!

      • Scott kemp

        People are you serious? Bachman is only trying to stay relevant and she should not have fostered more division in our country in this ridiculous manner and she should have brought her proof to the security government agencies to investigate. Which in case you havent noticed by the way…there is still NO PROOF! This article is hearsay only and speculation. Use your common sense people. The only conspiracy is the one that Republicans and democrats In DC are simply puppets for huge corporations and that they are all seeking to destroy the middle class and protect the top 2%. That's should be the story and the outrage not this nonsense McCarthy-esque baseless witch hunt.

      • Lloyd Coskey

        Really? A person is not born into Judaism. Wake up

      • Hazmat77

        rich … judaism is a religion – a belief system – one is NOT born believing anything … it is a learned belief and ANYONE can adopt ANY religious belief system they want … That some Jews claimed jewishness if the mother was jewish (a theory adopted by Adolf Hitler and his ilk) is really intellectually frivolous.

      • Van Grungy

        He's non-muslim, that's all that matters

    • Panchito42

      Hillary and Huma are two peas of a pod. Hillary is such an Alynksky devout that her graduation thesis at Weslesley College ( is a shameless glorification of Alinsky, who in gratitude offered her a job working for him but she rather went to law school, Then Hillary, relatively well-connected as her parents were, chose to do her law-internship with the Oakland (CA) law offices of Robert Treuhfat, who was not just a Marxist-Leninist of the Bolshevik strand, he was a Stalinist-Bolshevik, from his own words and writings. And here Hillary is, the Secretary of State in the Obama regime.

      Who would give any serious consideration to any vouch from Hillary for Huma? The two women are two femmes with a dubious past…and present.

      Fortunately all those vermin and ruderal –starting with obama– will be out by noon, January 21, 2013, when the eviction by the ballot of barack hussein obama off White House premises will be consummated.

      • Panch <====8

        Great job, now go prove the Moon landing is fake, the CIA killed Kennedy and Big Foot is a communist.

    • John

      The WHOLE Obamanation needs to be investigated for crimes against this country. Not next year, NOW!!

      • Jack

        Glad to see you just gloss right over the Bush years with the illegal wiretappings, Karl Rove blowing the cover of an undercover agent, the firing of Justices because of their party, WMD, the creation of Homeland Security which was the LARGEST government expansion ever, but, you know, that Obama is a Kenyan.

  • Steve Chavez

    What National Security secrets were both Weiner and Huma learning? I write often on "FAKE JEWS" so is Weiner one and could he also learn info to aid in the destruction of Israel including from within?

    OBAMA AND HILLARY HAVE A "HIGHER CALLING" TOO: THE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES FROM WITHIN! They are of the World View and that's why Obama and Hillary make Apology Tours, agree with the UN like on the Small Arms, and their support for the Arab Spring but only as long as the overthrow and takeover is by a group that will trash their treaties with Israel while dismissing a massacre in Syria, a puppet of Putin, Obama's friend, and allowing Iran to continue building their nuke program.

    • Jack

      Keep wearing that tin foil hat.

      • mataxas

        hey jack u have the tin foil hat of non thought wake up and smell the smoke of satan it is all around you!!!!

    • bobbie

      fake jews are kenites and have been around for a long long long time read Numbers 24: 21-26

  • patriotwork

    Mr. Glazov's article gives rise to the thought that Huma Abedin might very well be the leak of Israeli and U.S. military secrets in the Middle East. And would Secretary of State Hillary Clinton play any part in it. Well, her record speaks for itself, doesn't it?

  • Linda Rivera

    John McCain is a TRAITOR. Tragically for America, he is not the only traitor in government. Obama, Clinton and Huma Abedin, have no allegiance to our nation. Their allegiance is to totalitarian, colonizing, expansionist, global Islam.

    Wonderful Michele Bachmann is a very strong woman and extremely patriotic. If only she could become our president, she would save America!

    • Jack_Kennedy

      and mccain wonders he did not get a lot of the support from the real American when he ran for second place

    • wehadadream

      John McCain's a neat guy – but he does non understand DOD – and his milk- toast Campaign approach ushered in the current administration making him instrumental in shooting the American dream to hell. Any of his "denouncements" are entirely irrelevant.

    • Lloyd Coskey

      Bachmann? President? Did you miss that Romney is the nominee?

    • LindaLoveless

      Oh Linda, get back in the kitchen and stop making us regret letting women to vote.

  • Éamonn Gavin

    With all due respect to John McCain's military record, his performance in his attempt to become the President of the United States of America showed that his days of valour, flair, dynamism and guts have been left a long way behind.
    He should now allow those who have the steel and the guts to take on Islamism to do so without his making appeasing comments towards those connected with terrorists, and/or apologists for, terrorism. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

    • Dave

      He's also a loser.

      • Blather

        YOU PEOPLE? Is that you, Ross Perot?

  • John Daniels

    So, websites like this are where you people get your misinformation.

    • Drakken

      You are no patriot but a self loathing self hating leftist/progressive, big difference Sparky.

    • NCMike

      Typical response. Instead of refuting issues or disputing facts, you simply assail the intentions of people and make generalized smears. Your tactics expose you as the conformist, lying lefty you are. You're irrelevant, inconsequential and and wrong.

      • Hiernonymous

        Mike, it's a bit frustrating trying to dispute facts with folks who aren't really interested in them, but let's give it a whirl. The Muslim Brothers are not a terrorist organization, they're a political party. Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are no more (and no less) sinister than ties to the Moral Majority. The MB renounced violence a half century ago and has been busy fighting the military dictatorship in Egypt through charitable work, elections, information campaigns, etc. It's a bit ironic that the folks in the U.S. who are most up in arms about the MB are the ones who most resemble them – that is, the religious conservatives distrustful of elitist, secular liberals.

        • Guest

          Just where does someone register for the Moral Majority party? Who are their leaders? Who are their candidates? How many representatives, senators or governors are there in the Moral Majority party?

          I'll await your non-answer.

          • John Garrett

            Wow! Is there really a moral MAJORITY party? Where are they hiding? If the MAJORITY did have MORALS, how did we end up with Obama and his cronies?

          • Hiernonymous

            Who said that the Moral Majority was a party? It was a Christian evangelical lobbying organization. Its leaders were Paul Weyrich and Jerry Falwell. As it was not a party, the Moral Majority didn't field candidates itself; rather, it (and its state organizations) endorsed and supported candidates. One of these was Ronald Reagan, who named Moral Majority executive director Rev Billings to be his campaign's religious advisor, subsequently granting him an appointment in the Department of Education. (An interesting parallel, as the Muslim Brothers frequently looked to the school system to extent their influence as well.) Did you have any other questions?

          • Cool Breeze

            Yes, has the Moral Majority killed anyone to gain power? Have they advocated the violent overthrow of public officials that disagree with them? Has the Moral Majority consorted with known terrorist groups to advance their agenda. I will eagerly await the FACTS that you can bring forth on this.

          • Hiernonymous

            Okay, let's look at some facts. In the wake of Qutb's execution, the Muslim Brothers engaged in a bit of soul-searching and renounced violence. Those members of the Brotherhood who rejected moderation and thought that Nasser's dictatorship should still be fought through violence left the Brotherhood and formed more radical organizations. Gamia'at al Islamia and Egyptian Islamic Jihad, for example,were formed in rejection of the MB's shift to purely peaceful political activity. They are not part of the MB, they are not a covert arm of the MB. The MB itself has been, since the 1960s, a rather staid, conservative organization that one might see as admirable in its refusal, on the one hand, to give into the attempts by three dictators suppress them, and on the other, to retaliate for mass arrests, torture, and murder by engaging in the same.

            Both the Moral Majority and the Muslim Brothers were movements, not parties (the MB could not legally become a party until the revolution); both supported and sponsored candidates who supported their legislative agenda – both of which were heavily focused on educational reform in a manner designed to increase the influence of religion on children. Typical MB tactics for extending influence included providing books and school supplies to students in areas such as Asyut and Minya, while inviting them to meetings in an attempt, often successful, to win support.

            Perhaps you could provide some facts – sorry, some FACTS – about your concerns. You'll want to be careful about guilt by association, as we learned from the McCarthy hearings. Or rather, as I hope we learned from the McCarthy hearings. MAJ Hassan, for example, shot a number of soldiers at Fort Hood in the name of Allah; MAJ Hassan was a psychiatrist. This does not suggest that the APA is a terrorist organization.

            As for your question about the Moral Majority's actions, well, yes, you could say they did consort with known terrorist groups. They supported, and were even memebers of, the Reagan Administration, which famously had links with both the Iranian theocratic government (and thus also having 'ties' to Hizballah) as well as the Contral organizations who committed terror attacks in Nicaragua. Do you see how easy this game is to play?

            As for advocating the overthrow of public officials, it's probably worth bearing in mind that the Muslim Brothers do not and never have lived in a democracy. Egypt has been a military dictatorship since the Free Officers overthrew the Monarchy – and prior to the independent monarchhy, during the time the MB was founded, Egypt was under colonial control. In short, the MB has never been part of a free country. In this sense, instead of comparing them with the Moral Majority, we might note that the Founding Fathers did kill someone to gain powere; they did advocate the violent overthrow of public officials that disagreed with them; they even arguably consorted with (or, alternatively, *were*) a known terrorist group (Francis Marion comes to mind), and we venerate the Fathers for it. Context is so important, isn't it?

            I'd suggest that the historical record, particularly post-WWII, suggests that demonizing and attempting to isolate governments that don't meet either our ideologica tests or seem insufficienntly inclined to offer favorable trading terms hasn't worked out so well. The Castros, Kims, and Ayatollahs are firmly entrenched in their respective states decades after the administrations that initiated the isolation regimes against them have faded into oblivion, and it's pretty clear in hindsight that our open hostility, far from hurting those regimes, is pretty much responsible for their survival. So as matters of fairness, respect, intellectual honesty, and healthy self-interest, it behooves us to deal with the new government of Egypt in a reasonable manner, instead of indulging in hysteria and trying to invent reasons to hate it.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "In the wake of Qutb's execution, the Muslim Brothers engaged in a bit of soul-searching and renounced violence. Those members of the Brotherhood who rejected moderation and thought that Nasser's dictatorship should still be fought through violence left the Brotherhood and formed more radical organizations."

            You're a tool. Those "more radical organizations" are still MB. They split in to cells to operate with plausible deniability and dupes like you just lap it up. Where'd you get your little propaganda narrative?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Perhaps you could provide some facts – sorry, some FACTS – about your concerns. You'll want to be careful about guilt by association, as we learned from the McCarthy hearings."

            Fool, McCarthy had evidence that could not be used at the time. Do a little research and find out that McCarthy was right.

            Second, how about Andrew McCarthy's investigations? Is he disqualified in your view because of his name? If you can't find proof but you found these BS apologist propaganda narratives, you must be a Muslim convert or a complete psychotic dupe. Don't quack about lack of evidence until you show familiarity with McCarthy's published summaries.

          • Hiernonymous

            (Apologies in advance if you see two responses; I typed one, it appeared, and then disappeared.)
            Who said that the Moral Majority was a party? It was a Christian evangelical lobbying organization. Its leaders were Paul Weyrich and Jerry Falwell. The Moral Majority didn't field candidates, but it, and its state organizations, endorsed and supported candidates. The most prominent of these was Ronald Reagan, who named Moral Majority executive director Rev Billings as his campaign's religious advisor, and provided him an appointment in the Department of Education after he took office. (The Moral Majority concentrated a great deal of effort on influencing education policy; interestingly, the Muslim Brothers also focused on the schools as a way to extend their influence.)
            Did you have any other questions?

        • Bert

          Muslim brotherhood is a political party. A political party that supports beating and disfiguring of wives as a right, the stoning of homosexuals, many of there supporting clergy refer to the united states as the great satan.
          Yes, you are correct, it is a political party.

        • Guest

          Really??? That seems to run counter to the commentary coming out of the middle east and absolutely runs counter to the intelligence agencies of the U.S., Israel, and Great Britain. Are you citing intelligence sources or simple looking through rose colored glasses. Haven't the KKK and the Black Panthers renounced violence? Doesn't mean that they aren't working toward a subversive goal. It's always the naive who are so shocked when reality sets in.

          • Hiernonymous

            Of course they were working toward 'subversive' goals. They were trying to subvert a military dictatorship. Not sure what your problem with that might be.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Of course they were working toward 'subversive' goals. They were trying to subvert a military dictatorship. Not sure what your problem with that might be."

            They're not interested in a regional or global caliph. Just justice for the people of Egypt. Smoke another joint you silly leftist dupe and or Muslim liar.

            If you still haven't changed your views, you might do a little reading first before defending them. How are those Copts in Egypt these days? Do they feel liberated by the MB? Oh yes, or course.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "The MB renounced violence a half century ago and has been busy fighting the military dictatorship in Egypt through charitable work, elections, information campaigns, etc. It's a bit ironic that the folks in the U.S. who are most up in arms about the MB are the ones who most resemble them – that is, the religious conservatives distrustful of elitist, secular liberals."

          Do you feel like an idiot yet?

    • Jack_Kennedy

      is that you………..obama ………………… or just another of the obama mob of America haters?

    • Rachel

      We get our information from multiple independent sources…as opposed to drones like you who get all your misinformation from the clowns at CNN and the comedian Jon Stewart..

      • Hiernonymous

        @Rachel: Try using multiple news sources, reading good secondary source books and articles on politics and religion in the Middle East (Albert Hourani's a good start), then go on to read the actual primary source material – read The Neglected Duty, MIlestones, Man and Islam. Dig into the Quran, the Hadith, and make sure you do it for yourself and with a variety of explanatory material, so you're not relying on Islamophobes such as Pipes or quali-apologists such as Armstrong. Read the history of Spain, of the Ottoman Empire. Get a less Eurocentric take on the Crusades by taking a look at Amin Malouf's account of the Crusades and by reading a good history of the Byzantine Empire. Read Ibn Battuta. If you can afford it, hop on a plane and wander around in Cairo and Amman and Muscat and Sana'a and talk to people about how they actually live and what they actually believe. If you can't, find a local mosque or two and ask to visit and talk to some people there. Once you've done that, you'll be offering opinions worth considering; if you can't be bothered, you're just another ten-fingered parrot, repeating what you've last read on the WSJ or Slate…

        • objectivefactsmatter

          " Try using multiple news sources, reading good secondary source books and articles on politics and religion in the Middle East (Albert Hourani's a good start), then go on to read the actual primary source material – read The Neglected Duty, MIlestones, Man and Islam. Dig into the Quran, the Hadith, and make sure you do it for yourself and with a variety of explanatory material, so you're not relying on Islamophobes such as Pipes or quali-apologists such as Armstrong. Read the history of Spain, of the Ottoman Empire. Get a less Eurocentric take on the Crusades by taking a look at Amin Malouf's account of the Crusades and by reading a good history of the Byzantine Empire. Read Ibn Battuta. If you can afford it, hop on a plane and wander around in Cairo and Amman and Muscat and Sana'a and talk to people about how they actually live and what they actually believe. If you can't, find a local mosque or two and ask to visit and talk to some people there. Once you've done that, you'll be offering opinions worth considering; if you can't be bothered, you're just another ten-fingered parrot, repeating what you've last read on the WSJ or Slate…"

          But above all else, do not read or listen to Islam-o-phobic claims that deviate from the position that Islam is a religion of peace. Everyone knows that it is. Anyone denying the fact that ISLAM is a RELIGION of PEACE is not qualified to comment on any matters related to it or to Huma Abedin.

          Good luck and don't forget to pray to the god of cheese 5 times each day or you'll end up in hell.

  • Jack Janski

    Come on John. At the very least this article should prompt some additional questions about this woman's possible ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, who as YOU KNOW are not friends of the USA. John, you seem to quick to dismiss this in the name of political correctness. Don't underestimate the lengths our enemies will go to attain their goals.

    • alan

      McCain is a party boy. People mistake the serious jam up he got himself into in Hanoi with gravitas, of which he never had so much as an ounce. He was hated by nearly everyone in the Navy and would have been kicked out for his reckless disregard for life, limb and expensive military hardware if not for his Admiral father.

      The only lesson he ever truly learned was how to weld a knife into someone's back.

      You can always count on McCain to come to his first loyalty, Washington DC's power elite. He will always be at the front commanding the wagons to be circled. Yet that is precisely where our enemies have their first priority, getting their noses into the tent and corrupting us from within. McCain is their most ardent supporter and protector once they are members in good standing.

      His instincts do not serve America well, and he must be opposed and eventually retired by all well intended Republicans who recognize him for the weakness within that he is.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "People mistake the serious jam up he got himself into in Hanoi with gravitas, of which he never had so much as an ounce. He was hated by nearly everyone in the Navy and would have been kicked out for his reckless disregard for life, limb and expensive military hardware if not for his Admiral father. His instincts do not serve America well, and he must be opposed and eventually retired by all well intended Republicans who recognize him for the weakness within that he is."


  • Ronald Johnston

    islam is not a religion, it is an evil ideology!!!! We will never have peace until it is iradicated!!!!

    • Ronald Donald

      eradicated… NOT iradicated.. go back to school and learn to spell correctly before you make comments

      • Dave Johnson

        So Ronald, what happehed to the Mc in front of your last name? I'm glad that you have a new gig, as spellcheck. The difference between you and Ronald Johnston is that, he can always brush-up on his spelling, but you are an @$$hat, and, unfortunately for you, there's no cure. Have a nice life! :-) Thanks, Dave

      • grya man

        actually, I think he meant irradiated.

    • Peace

      You wish to "eradicate" something to promote "peace"…. How does one destroy something peacefully? What a painfully stupid thing to write.

      • alan

        Did not eradicating the Nazis bring about some measure of peace? Peace certainly does deserve the scare quotes you give it in connection to Islam. It is the 'religion of peace', remember? And peace is achieved through submission to Allah. Does that sound like the kind of peace you would be interested in? Submission?

        • Hiernonymous

          To your first question: not really. Elapsed time from defeat of Nazis to former allies turning on one another: less than two years. Number of years of real peace since 1939 – a bit less than 2, between the fall of the wall and Desert Storm. And you might want to reflect that the Nazis arose more or less directly as the result of the "war to end all wars." One of the causes of THAT war was the lingering French resentment of the Franco-Prussian War. Which, itself, was a logical consequence of the Prussian defeat by Napoleon at Jena-Auerstaedt.

          Given Christianity's history – expulsion of the Jews in most European countries, conversion under pain of torture in the Reconquista, the savagery of the Crusades – it can be hard to distinguish the religions in terms of demands for submission, proclivity to expand using the sword, and rationalization of barbaric behavior.

      • freedom

        Didn't you learn anything in your history classes? Peace is a time after the war is won by the defenders of peace and freedom. The Muslim's evil ideology must be eradicated from our country.

        I've never seen a basket with one or two rotten apples turn the whole basket good unless the rotten ones are removed and the rest washed clean. That's a fact! Hope you have the sense to apply it.

        • Hiernonymous

          Which amendment gave apples the vote?

        • premium brewed tea

          Do you realize how large Islam is? Are there extremists and lunatics? Of course, but look at the size. There's literally over a billion followers. You're comically delusional if you think a solid chunk of the world populace is somehow our to get our American way of life by way of some absurdly nefarious hive mind concoction. The evil are mere grains of sand in this overarching beach analogy, there's millions upon millions upon millions of good people — but if you don't pay attention or simply don't care to understand, all you'll find is the more vocal negative side.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "You wish to "eradicate" something to promote "peace"…. How does one destroy something peacefully? What a painfully stupid thing to write."

        When you're at war, it's not unheard of to destroy the enemy to achieve peace. At least it was not unheard of when we were a sensible nation as a whole.

        You're welcome.

    • Don Kent

      islam is a form of government not a religion and it flys in the face of the first admendment.In order to protect the first admendment we must adhere to the second admendment

    • Van Grungy

      nuke mecca

      would allah have willed that?

  • richard sherman

    Weiner's mother was not a Jew. Therefore he is not a Jew!

    • lol

      eh..check again…finklestein is not russian

    • GoGoGoBigO

      If you say so. And a reasonable question is, therefore, sir, what IS he? A pervert, perhaps, but, has Anthony Weiner any religious conviction at all? Not a Christian, almost certainly. Nor a Mormon, nor a Zoroastrian, nor a Baha'i, perhaps a Buddhist? Aha – he is a Progressive!

    • TheAntiIdiot

      That's just wrong. His mom was totally Jewish.

  • Bill Franklin

    With an individual like that having the ear of the Secretary of State, we are still wondering where the security leaks of high-level secrets are coming from? Man, are we stupid or what? To the Islamists, we in our ignorance are what we would probably call “low hanging fruit.”

    • David Stiefel

      I would compare what John McCain is doing to get the media to ridicule and dismiss Bachmann's lead to what Whittaker Chamber had to endure with Congressmen in his day. They also demanded that the media ignore any evidence he had, look the other way, and gave their "sincerest confidence" that Alger Hiss was not a Soviet spy.

      With McCain and the Brotherhood, we are witnessing a perfect repeat of history. And Bachmann, who is as misunderstood as McCarthy was, is getting her information from the likes of Wallid Shoebat, former Brotherhood affiliates who know full well what they're talking about, just as Chambers, a former Communist, knew what he was talking about.

      This is almost a verbatim repeat of our own history. Our own Congress, now like then, refuses to see an enemy infiltration when it's happening right in front of them. And will treasonously shoot the messenger rather than investigate the message.

  • matismf

    Huma is too busy "servicing" Hillary to do much damage elsewhere. After all, Slick has better "things" to do…

  • Jay Johnstone

    If there was a 1% chance Huma is MBH then she should be gone. FBI report today on Hassan and howw PC got 13 soldiers killed and now PC will get who knows how many Americans killed. Crazy times we live in.

  • bob the builder

    the number one cause of death of westerners, will be their insatiable desire to appear tolerant and political correctness.

    Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.

    • bob the builder

      the number one cause of death of westerners in the 21st century is what I meant to say…

  • Dennis

    This is typical of why John McCain lost in 2008. He is too worried about how the liberal MSM will perceive him. He'd rather allow this penetration to continue rather than expose it and risk being attacked by the MSM. I remember when McCain stopped his Presidential campaign in 2008 due to the financial issues. But did Obama? No, he was (and is) in it to win at all costs…

    • Joe

      McCain HAD more balls than anyone you could find during Viet Nam. Since then he has become a whimp. He should have registered as a democrat or at least change parties. We don't need him in the Republican party. BTW, take your ditz of a daughter with you.

  • Patriot

    The usual Rino milquetoast backstabbing so-called Repubic's join in condemning the very legitimate and obvious concerns of a patriot like Bachmann

    • Scott Nelson Kemp

      A patriot? She's the opposite of a patriot. Patriot's would not try to further divide our country and promote fear against millions of American Muslims for no reason. She's wants attention and is trying to stay relevant by any means necessary. A patriot and a leader would have brought their proof to several national security agencies currently in place for them to investigate this. There is only hearsay in this article which at least is more proof than Michelle BAuchman has provided. Like the comment a few above this one that talks about being doomed to repeat history if you dont recall the past does anyone remember McCarthyism? Or what about common sense? Scary folks on here if you truly believe any of this!

  • Patmos

    In 2007 Pamela Geller (26 November if you search the Atlas Shrugs archives) wrote about this. That article is worth reading also. Hillary is a "Shande" in her official role and may be, wittingly or unwittingly, a pawn in the downfall of our Constitutional Republic.

    • Scott kemp

      The only downfall in our nation are uneducated people first (and remember we rank between the 15th and 25th most intelligent nations now, and the second reason is our new imperialistic nature where we are the worlds police and occupy and impose our will in other countries for no reason at all and what's worse is that big government Republicans pay for these wars with credit (loans from China). I'm 36 (have a masters degree and two companies) and if we dont stop the imperialism we will be a third world country in my lifetime. Imperialism is how all great nations and governments have been toppled for the past 3,000 years.

      • Lee

        Agreed but this is how the elite "merchant" class has operated since WWI. The masses are at the mercy of globalists. Everyone always assumes our uber rich are loyal to US, nada never were, they do not think like that and are open about it. Our media always control the messages and have conditioned us plebs on every level. We're softies. Even writing this I feel like a tin hat, but I'm not. Turns out the good ole John Birch Society has been right on nearly everything this whole time, and even they were successfully schwelched, demonized, trivilized. Nice decent caring people do not like hearing that the progressive movement is at its core you know what.

  • Logia

    After 9/11 Al-Qaeda boasted haughtily that it would "bring down the US Government 'from the TOP' in a way the American people will NOT understand until it is too late."

    Hillary has been had!

  • Tim Richardson

    looks like terrorist, acts like a terrorist and associates with terrorists…..guess what it is a terrorist

  • MadCharles

    Had the woman not married a pervert no one would have remembered the Clinton's are terrorist friendly..

  • Dave Barnes

    You people are nutjobs.
    Not all, but most.

    • alan

      Lenin had a favorite term for your kind.

    • Scott

      Aren't they insane!?!? I almost think this is a joke like the onion. People can't be this stupid or hateful. Well it is America I guess they can :-(

  • Sid Carton

    Wow… from vulgar sexual references about this woman to downright anti-American comments, one would never know this website is a safe haven for the morons of this country. No wonder Donald Trump was once a front-runner for the Republican nomination. All of you please commit suicide and help raise the general IQ of the American people.

    • Scott

      Couldn't have said it any better brother. Bravo!

  • Kathleen

    We live in dangerous times and we can't rely anymore on the Republicans to protect us. They are pathetic.
    Of course Michelle Bachmann is doing exactly what she should be doing in her position on the Intelligence Committee. Yes, please find out how this woman got a security clearance, For God's sake wake up American before it is too late!

  • SgtPendleton

    Weiner's Jewish and the "evidence" against her is like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. I'm not buying it and Bachmann is nuts anyway. This is a ruse meant to distract from the real thing.

    • toninobologny

      yep, it even could be a plot to destroy America or Christianity by the Jews and Muslims… check out HJ Res 104 from 1992…

  • joe

    I am going to post this article everywhere.

  • Petercinc

    No wonder she ddint care about him cheating !! Woman are slaves in Islam and bow to to men! Lol how archaic ! Like cavemen! She is nit allowed To question anything. What a joke religion!

  • John

    Sounds like Bachmann has some REASONS for saying this. Republicans had better have their ducks lined up, especially John McCain.

  • Rich711

    Maybe that is why she has the job. Everyone goes straight to the Hollywood Movie plot of double agents and terrorists but maybe her contacts and insight into the Muslim Brotherhood is exactly why she is working for Clinton?

  • Jim

    Was Joe McCarthy as dumb and vicious as Bachman ? Her punishment is sex with a gay man — for the rest of her life.

  • Paul

    It does not matter if Weiner is Jewish or not. Huma would be able to marry him as long as the objective was to undermine the enemies of Islam or to advance the cause of Islam. It is even acceptable for a Muslim to publically claim they are of another religion if these are the objectives. Deception to undermine the enemy has been acceptable within the Koran and by some Imams. Don't confuse the Christian teaching that says that those who deny Christ will be themselves denied before God. Islam is different.

  • Rachel

    Of course she should be vetted! She's related to people who are enemies of the USA. We are supposed to just ASSUME she's OK because she lives here? Hassan lives here and he wound up shooting up a military base. When you are war with people, you vet anyone who might have ties. To do less is irresponsible. And that's all Michele Bachmann is asking for. Due diligence.

    • iamhungry

      She was vetted. Even Bachmann's campaign manager says that Huma was vetted. That's why there is no vocal Republican support for these claims.

  • waitforflash

    John McCain is a moron! Why do they always jump to the conclusion first? Find out the truth FIRST, then if Michele Bachmann is wrong denounce her. McCain is acting more like a DemocRAT every day and is rapidly losing any respect he may have gained as a war hero.

  • Honesty Counts

    John McCain is a jerk, that is why he did not win the Presidential election. He cannot wipe Bachmann's shoes. Obama is too close to the Muslim Brotherhood. Him and Hillary need to stop faking it and face the truth that Obama is a Muslim, he hates Jews and he does not like Christians either. He is a self-centered ego maniac who is still trying to sperate himself from the white race and is a racist against white. The thorn in his side is that he is half white and hates it.

  • iamhungry

    If you investigate the claims about her brother being in a society with known MBH members you'll find that none of them are members of that society.

    It's stated that MBH has roots in Egypt just like Huma does. Except neither of Huma's parents are from Egypt and she has never lived there.

    Those are 2 claims I randomly picked to check. 0 from 2 is not a good start.

  • SteveOrama

    I know one thing for sure is I would trust Michelle Bachman every day of the week before I'd ever trust a Clinton. The Clinton's are some serious evil people like Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Do you really feel safe around those people, or do you sense evil… man I sure do and I am not a believer in any religion.

  • SteveOrama

    Weiner described his ethnic and religious background in 2011: "We weren't a very religious household," he said, "but we had a very strong sense of our Judaism. – Wikipedia. Weiner has the typical inbreed Jewish look, like Wasserman Shultz and Bill Maher. Get real people. Does it always take people like Reverand Wright and Louis Farrakan to point out the obvious. Jews are the most racist people on the planet and the people they despise the most are Christians & the traitor Jew named Jesus. You want the truth! Type in Brother Nathenial on You Tube! But you know what, Hollywood got it right one time: You can't handel the truth!

    • Nathan jacklund

      Sir please get an education and strive to become more Christ like. This is a despicable witch hunt further dividin our country and this article is not proof of anything, it is hearsay. Inadmissable if this were a court of law! So ridiculous. The Biggest threat to America is Our imperialism and the Citizens United erroneous and absurd supreme court ruling.

  • jat walcott

    Towel heads in charge of security………..Brilliant!

  • Sheeple Shearer

    Walid Shoebat, the Elmer Gantry of reformed terrorists, is a complete and utter fraud:

    It is sad that so many sheeple are willing to accept what he says as gospel when he is nothing more than a second-rate false prophet sent to spread misinformation and dissension. Sheeple, beware who and what you follow lest it turns out not to be the lamb of God but a Judas goat bent on your destruction!

  • @Nick_Hentoff

    Walid Shoebat says: "Imagine during World War II, the U.S. government accepted Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress or one of Hitler’s henchmen daughters to work with our State Department and even be with the Secretary of State 24/7?"

    During World War II Herman Goering's blood nephew flew heavy bombers on missions over Europe for the U.S. Airforce while his uncle was the Reich Marshal of the Luftwaffe.

    What Walid Shoebat does not understand is that – unlike the rest of the world – most Americans judge people as individuals based on their own actions and not based on what family they are from.

    • Tom

      You can't be that stupid can you?????? I just went to your link and actually read it, it clearly states that Herman Goring and Werner Goring WERE NOT related. Maybe you should take a reading comprehension course before you post stupid comments.

  • Scott

    Well well well so this is where the toothless in-bred people in the Klu Klux Klan go to not only write articles that are as fictional as the Harry Potter series (and equally as entertaining) but also to get their information. You people are scary freak shows. Michelle BAuchman is a fame whore and this is McCarthyism all over again. She should have quietly brought her proof to the security councils in place to conduct an investigation. But instead this was her last ditch effort to remain relevant by going to the media and using the typical Republican fear tactics they use to rally their uneducated base. Are you people serious or is this a joke? So Huma has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? Is this group coming up now because of Egypt? How convenient and how stupid. The illegal Patriot Act and the rampant racism and anti-Muslim sentiment in this country guarantees that Huma probably has all of her phones tapped so what exactly is she giving this Muslim group and how is she getting it to them with all of the eyes and ears on her and around her at all times by the sheer nature of her job? And FYI if anyone is trying to destroy the country it's the Republican Congress who just voted against stopping tax breaks for outsourcing jobs and using that money instead to bring jobs back to the USA and they also voted 2 days ago against saying the multinational corporations that really control all republicans and democrats in DC had to state who they were when they donated over $10,000 to a politician. This way the favors can't be tracked when their money gets these people elected. Between Bush starting illegal and senseless wars that cost over 2 trillion dollars and 250,000 civilian lives and paid for it with a loan from China – with credit basically. Bush and Romney are the people that started this recession and they wan to enslave the American people and widen the gap and destroy the middle class. True Christians could never be Republican. Do you think Jesus asked lepers for a co-pay? He would be disgusted with this rich nation denying anyone health care even a loser that mooches off the government he would want to have health care. You people are scary and the allusions to Nazi-ism are perfect for the target audience that would believe this ridiculous story that does not provide evidence of anything except someone's interview from years ago which is hearsay – meaning if this were in a court of law it would be inadmissable as evidence. This is too good! I'm so glad I found this new comedy website I will make a donation to it actually so it stays online so I can come here to read it when I need a good laugh. Haha. This is too good people! Thank you! Good yet scary cause I think some of you might believe this garbage? Where do you people come from? Oh ya

    • Steve

      yo scott…you do realize that McCarthy was right, don't you? He uncovered dozens of communist sympathizers and card carrying party members – all of which were democrat appointees. There was no witch hunt…he was on target and was only derailed once the democrats realized they were in trouble. I just love the way history gets rewritten over time. We need another McCarthy today to clean house in DC.

  • Mike_in_Kyiv

    Let's put Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Trail Posse on this. It is something that will not be investigated fairly by Mr. Holder nor will the drive-by media give it a fair hearing. RINOs like McCain are being knee-jerk on this – what else is new?

  • joecool

    Hum a Weiner – hope she was vetted by Hillary! 100 to 1 odds she wasn't.

  • Tomas

    From the Times of India, 29 November 2007. "Huma herself is under scrutiny now for her years in Saudi Arabia, and everything that her father wrote, including some tracts about communal violence and the Muslim minority in India, is being studied carefully." 2007? I also wonder how she can travel around the world with a new baby? She was pregnant during her husbands scandal, right?

  • Bert

    John McCain voted and promoted the legislation that legalized detaining American citizens indefinatly for suspicion to any ties to Al Qeada which was spawned by the muslim brotherhood. This is insane, im starting to wonder who'd side he's on. Does he hate this country because it spit in his face after he endured torture to protect it?? something is Seriously wrong here it makes no sense, he's supporting our destruction from both ends of the spectrum._I'll admit, its a weak link, but those who govern and thier families(to some reasonable degree) subject themselves to public scutiny, its part of the job. We are at war with an orginization that spawned from the muslim brotherhood, and they also spawned hamas. We need to investigate, Im not saying start detaining citizens without charge or trail indefinately or anything.

  • Noah Vaile

    If McCain is against Michelle you know she's right (as in correct).
    What is with this coordinated attack ion Bachmann anyway?
    It looks as if there IS a conspiracy of izlamic/muzlim brotherhood supporters in our government. Doesn't it?

  • Bamba57

    Funny how that website listed for… is suddenly offline.

    Leave Michelle B. alone and focus on the other Michelle. The one who has NEVER been proud of her country.

  • billcrawford

    "Editors’ note: Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has denounced Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) for including Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, among those she has noted for having Muslim Brotherhood ties in her recent call for government agencies to investigate the Brotherhood ‘s penetration of Washington. "
    Lets not check our back door for terrorists or terrorists ties lets instead keep checking and groping senior citizens and babies. Where does the thought process come from for these people in government and who in their right mind would vote for them. It is very apparent they are out to give this country away to the non deserving. The USA has prosecuted people for less than what Pelosi, Read, Obama, Holder, Jerrod and many others are doing to this country and it's citizens. There followers are like sheep no different then any of the other dictators of the world have.

    If not stopped these people will bring this country down!

  • corry oakes

    The only valuable pronouncement from Sen. Mc Amnesty will be that of " I quit".

  • Ron Demers

    Bachmann is a patriot for stating the facts and bringing this to the attention of the American people. I am totally ashamed of the Republicans who would want to speak out against her. We need a new political party that consevatives can support.

  • Melvin Leppla

    Republicans are easily forgetting that we are at war with radical Muslims to included the Muslim Brotherhood by which has placed high level spies within the Obama Administration. Huma is the perfect spy. Her father participated in the Muslim Brotherhood's hierarchy. Huma has the beauty, intelligence, and extreme, extreme likeability.

    Bring all those personal attributes together, a person in effect is the perfect spy. How did this woman with Huma's father having deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, how was she able to secure a top secret clearance, let alone secure a position of being Hillary's drinking buddy? The situation dictates that the questions that should have been asked about this woman's past were not.

    Now Michelle Bachman is going to be the sacrificial lamb to the Muslim God's to appease Huma's character that was allegedly maligned. Hillary Clinton is one of the most cutthroat females on the face of this earth, but she is also one of the most naive.

    Plus how could this woman be married to a infidel that turns out to be one of the bigges perverts in political history. What is even more amazing is that she continues to be married to Mr. Weiner. Isn't Weiner's perverse behavior an affront and insult to Allah? Muslims across the world have rioted for seemingly minor insults, but in Weiner's and his wife's case, everything is cool, no problem with this infidel.

    Is this woman a high level spy working for the Muslim Brotherhood? But a even more direct question should be asked, Convince in why she isn't.

  • Pkpost

    I'd like to know why John McCain feels the need to publicly condemn Michelle Bachmann for citing Huma familial connections to the Dark Brotherhood? She didn't lie or make it up, Huma connections are genuine. Too much time the the Hanoi Hilton apparently makes one more accommodating….

  • Kevin Dougherty

    I'd say the CIA, NSA, FBI or whomever should do an indepth investigation into Huma's family ties. This should be considered an National Security matter and Huma should be removed from any political contacts until said investigation is over.

  • fred

    This Shoebat fellow is known to stretch the truth or even down right lie for his own gain; so I would be careful taking his word as fact..

  • Peter

    The country is collapsing from within and nobody is noticing, or at least not wiling to confront it.

  • Brian

    Remember when John McCain took to the Senate floor to defend Sarah Palin from the nasties?….Oh..Wait ..he never did that. Pig face McCain only defends media darlings.

  • GuamVet

    This is well worth looking into. Now we have both Clintons having possibly committed an impeachable offense

  • Joe in Houston

    I wonder if any of the radical right have ever stopped and analized if they have been correct about ANYTHING in the last 15 years. I look back and the last time they were right about ANYTHING was the blue dress. Thats it… You have this football team of knucleheads getting paid to spin old white guys up into a lather and they have been proven wrong EVERY single time. Why do you listen to them???? If I was wrong on the job that much I would be fired. so old white guys…. keep paying limbag, liar hannity, crazy beck and drudge and on and on…. they tell you what you want to hear. I get it. But realize they have never, ever, ever been correct on anything.

  • Reader11722

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like "America Deceived II".

    Last link of "America Deceived II" before it is completely censored:

  • tonyg101

    How come McCain was not this outspoken when Bachmann and other women running as candidates for Presidential nominees were being portrayed as everything from witches to crazy women by the press and democrats. Now he finds it so easy to come to the aid of a Muslim woman working for Hilary Clinton.

  • Deskboy

    Bachmann is asking a legitimate question. This administration is a threat to Israel and Hillary is definitely pro-palestinian. The fact that McCain and Graham are speaking out against Bachmann tells me all that I need to know.

  • Deskboy

    Now let me say that I would Huma all week long

  • jason

    i studied this article with great attention, read it twice. but i still could not find how a mother's/brother's presumed connection to Muslim Brotherhood means Huma (the daughter) has the same connection. in many families, children do not necessarily agree or follow the path of their parents or siblings. in my family, my sister is a diehard liberal, i am a conservative. i have many friends whose political and cultural views are different from their families. Bachmann is wrong on this one unless she has proof to show Huma is a member of or sympathetic to Muslim Brotherhood.

    • littleleers

      Jason, you would be correct if your were speaking of a young woman whose family had connections with the KKK or if her family was far left wing and she were conservative.

      However, Huma Abedin, was born in Michigan, and her family moved with her to Saudi Arabia when she was two years old. Huma returned to the U.S. at age 18. Her father was associated with the Brotherhood (he was Pakistani), and her mother, too. Her mother STILL lives in Saudi Arabia and is a professor at a university in Jeddah.

      Huma is a Wahabbi Muslim. She CANNOT turn from the faith she was born into. Sure, she might turn away from it, but if she did, her ENTIRE family would disown her (this is very common). I became friends with a Saudi women who was here temporarily with her husband. Through the internet I helped her to DEFECT. Do you understand that Saudi Women are completely controlled by their government.

      Now, if Huma's mother was living a regular life here in the U.S. teaching and such, I would be less suspicious. However, the fact that her mother CHOOSES to live in a Wahabbi Islamic country and to teach there speaks volumes as to where her sympathies lie. All women there must wear the Hiqab, and that would include Huma's mother.

      And why hasn't Huma's mother lost her teaching position for marrying an American Jew? Marrying outside the faith and a Jew at that, would "shame" the entire family and would bring a real chance of harm to Huma.

      No, there is more here than meets the eye. The question is: What is Huma's relationship with her mother? Does Huma make visits to Saudi Arabia? And did Huma receive the same vetting for a security clearance that my own brother-in-law had just to work as a supervisor for Boeing? The FBI did a THOROUGH search in his background. I would venture that Obama and Hillary Clinton "waived" that requirement for Huma. If so, why. Bachmann is on to something.

      • Joe in Houston

        littleleers PLEASE… Jason is the only person on here that is actually thinking and making a determination for himself. You and fatboy and and drudge and the lady thats married to a gay guy and dosent know it, are FULL OF CRAP. When have you and your football team of Jesus entrepenurs been correct about anything?
        I cant wait to see you go vote for a mormon. That should go over well in you local super church.

    • dan

      Comparing radical muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood to liberals vs conservatives is not exactly the right comparison. Neither the Democrat or Republican parties are trying to kill westerners, Americans and Israelis. So I dont think vetting people close to high level officials is wrong. In fact common sense says that is a very logical thing to do. Critcizing something because you have an opinion without facts is not the way to keep our country safe. Keeping your eyes closed for whatever reason and letting them into the henhouse will ensure problems from our enemy. If the State Dept is clean after due diligence, then all the better.

  • On the Ramparts

    It seems to me that a couple of months ago there was a flash about certain muslim brotherhood elements having been invited to several high level meetings at the Dpt of State. Then, a number of members of Congress were all apoplectic and demanded answers! It went nowhere. Now, they are slamming Bachman for daring to shine the lights on a very serious situation? What!!! are these people stupid? Even I have read the tea leaves, starting with the Iranian / Arab Spring.Syria is the begining of who will become the ruler of the new Caliphate,then they come after the West in earnest. Oh, and throw in a defaltionary spiral. Get ready for it! Have a good day

  • Brian

    Frankly I get the impression that her background wasn't investigated properly because she was the wife of a congressman. If in fact her Father was a member of MB as is her Mother and Brother then there is cause for concern and Bachman was correct in bringing this up. What we're witnessing is once again the PC culture not wanting to admit facts, Islam is fighting a war against the west and using every means at its disposal. If our Media was doing its job and if we as a country weren't so afraid of offending Islam, Huma would never have gained a position in our government.

  • KDR

    In order for normal people to hold security clearances they have a complte family background check and any associations with individuals from foreign entities. If the associations are from Communist or Socialist or in this case terrorist organizations there is no way our clearances would be approved. But this person is sitting next to the Secretary of State while discussing strategies and such and yet she is approved? NO WAY THIS SHOULD BE HAPPENING. My son is in the USAF and this just stinks to high heaven of inappropriate behavior by everyone except Michelle Bachman! God Bless Michelle for having the courage to ask the difficult question and help to look out for our children on the front lines.

    • Joe

      I did a search on your background, i talked to family members, work people and found out that your a moron. Im going to put it on drudge and tell fatboy… God bless me!

  • jvskitty

    Send to John Boehner, John McCain and every member of the house and the senate.

  • Jeff Sherman

    Whether this story has merit or not, you shouldn't rush to the senate floor and defend someone of whom you know nothing.

  • American by Birth

    Mrs Hummin Weiners is absolutely a Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist sympathizer. For Hitlary Clinton to defend her, shows just how deep the muslim terrorists have penetrated(sorry Monica) the Dumocrat party of fools

  • Alex Deimel

    OK. Let's see if we have this right. One of Hilary Clinton's top aides has known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Middle East is now mostly controlled by this organization. Michelle Bachmann has some questions about this little coincidence. The Republicans are up in arms at Bachmann!!! This is why we conservatives have turned to the TEA Party to represent us because the Old Guard Repubs. are not any different than the Libs. That is why we are in so much trouble. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that at the highest echelons of our government the Radical Muslims are being catered to. I don't particularly care for Mrs. Bachmann all the time but she is right in this instance. We should be investigating why the Secretary of State thinks that it is just peachy that the Radical Muslims are taking over the Middle East.

  • Mickey Dineen

    John McCain was brainwashed in Vietnam and is a complete idiot. He is worse than President Obama in his hatred for this country. No one should believe anything he says.

  • mmilesll

    First of all Billary should be back in Little Rock baking cookies, second, we don't need a radical Muslim in the State Department, it is screwed up enough now

  • Ouida Johnson

    I have" 4. questions, " and if anyone does not agree with them ,Then PLEASE Remember ,,, This Is Still *America* I have just as much right to my opinion as the Un Godly people who are allowed to Be in Positions they Have No Right to be In ,but are… !!! 1. Why do the People here Not see what has Happened To this Country ? 2. Why Do they not turn back To" God and repent ?" 3. Can They Get these"" Muslims ,All of Them "" Out Of There?4. Who is responsible for Sneaking Those Things In There to begin with? You Had Better Wake – Up America!!! God Please Forgive "The American People "…

    • dan

      You have stated exactly what I have been wondering for months!!! Our country is on the edge of disaster and no one seems to be raising the alarm. Think back just ten years ago. How many Muslims/or middle easterners did you see on TV or in the higher levels of the government? None. This has really snowballed since 2008 and I dont see anyone that seems to be concerned.

  • Maxwell12648

    I have alot of respect for McCain as a war veteran, but after seeing him on Pierce Morgan, I am totally disgusted. He totally blew off Bachmann's simple question as to whether she had been checked out. McCain snickered and belittled her and stated he knew Huma and Hillary, and trusted that there was no problems. Then, just for good measure, he compared her to Sheriff Joe Arpio's announcement that Obama's B.C. was forged. I guess we shouldn't look at the facts that Al Jezera reported about Huma's family or the layered B.C. documents alledged by Arpio and just trust John. No John, remember, THE TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA.

  • Stanford

    Frankly I'm far more concerned about the Dual Israeli citizens who serve Israel yet have immense us power. Wolforwitz , pearl, Bolton, ( the scariest ) Rabbi Dov Zachiem, Cristol, Feith, Frum, zoelick,….seriously. These War Profiteers whose aliegance to israel is paramount….yet they have immense US influence WTF??? We are Israel's biath… Disgusting

  • karen

    Shoebot said something so …obvious. Wow. Right. Huma married a Jew, Anthony Weiner. . . .and then she is permitted to parade around in Muslim countries? What happens to young Muslim girls, in the US, who defy their families and date non-Muslims? Honor xxxxings

    If Huma is so smart, such a wise and trusted confident of Hillary, then why did she marry an extremist, cheating nut like Weiner? The person you marry is a profoundly important choice. What kind of JUDGMENT does Huma and for good reason. Clearly, she has extraordinarily poor judgment. . . . What did she admire about Weiner, seriously? He's not even a trustworthy mate?

    Shoebot is right. Also, I read the entire article written by Debbie Schlussel and was shocked by her behavior more than I was shocked by Shoebot. In this matter, Shlussel is applying tactics of ridicule and bullying that remind me of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Seriously.

    Shoebot makes a good case. Not perfect but there's enough here to warrant demanding answers to serious questions about Huma's loyalties, quite frankly. There's no logical reason to question Bachmann's loyalties. We know she where hers lie — with the United States of America.

    What is the RESULT in the Middle East? The Muslim Brotherhood is sweeping that region. WHY?

  • karen

    The other day, on Drudge, I read the headline that Anthony Weiner is now … not going to run for Mayor of NY. Didn't bother reading the article but did think: "what would ever possess Weiner to believe, in the first place, that he had any hope of winning more than 2 or 3 % of the vote?

    Ya know what? It's not Shoebot that's delusional. It's Weiner who's delusional that was my instant reaction to that headline. The problem is that Muslim Huma Abedin — who has the ear of the US Secretary of Defense — is married to the delusional, unethical, creepy, sleezy . . .and shockingly Jewish man, Anthony Weiner.

    Why didn't Huma's family, at least, disown her? After all, they are devout Muslims. Why didn't Huma divorce Weiner after he humiliated her in front of the world? Is the Weiner marriage really a marriage, other than on paper?

    I don't like Huma — a woman with such poor judgment skills that she would marry Anthony Weiner — having the ear of our SecState! Bachmann is RIGHT. Something IS wrong.

  • Damon Whitsell

    This is a very easy way to let your congress people know you want the Muslim Brotherhood in our government investigated. Takes less than two minutes and sends an email to all representatives in your district. Set up by ACT for America


    As many of you know Congress members Tom Rooney (Florida) , Michelle Bachmann (Minnesota), Trent Franks (Arizona), Louie Gohmert (Texas) and Lynn Westmoreland (Georgia) have called for an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the US government. They are coming under very heavy fire for doing so because this issue is a pivotal one, and we must encourage them and help them. Those of us who have been studying Islam know that violent and non-violent jihad work hand in hand – and it is the non-violent jihad that is a bigger concern because too much violence can awaken non-Muslims to the dangers of Islam. But with inward subversion – the frog never knows the water is getting hot in the pot.

    So if we do not stop the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into our government and institutions,, we are screwed – and we are rapidly reaching a point of no return. So I have gathered contact information to these brave congress members and ask you to please contact them and thank them. And I have also listed contact information to reach the rest of the Congress to let them know how you feel. AND PLEASE ,,, write to John McCain to tell him to shut up, get out of the way and go do some studying on Islam.

    *John McCain

    *Tom Roony

    *Michelle Bachman

    *Trent Franks

    *Louie Gohmert

    *Lynn Westmoreland


  • Perfected democrat

    There are a lot of suckers out there… There may be good reason to doubt Mr. Shoebat's general credibility:…. But that doesn't in itself disqualify or negate Michele Bachmann's legitimate concerns in her congressional intelligence role as she attempts to separate fact from fiction and the broader compelling issues with this case. The Abedin family Muslim Brotherhood connections are not remotely fictitious, though that doesn't confirm her personally as a traitor. Unfortunately, the morass associated with Islamic "terror", duplicity and "extremism", and the left-wing world's complicity, is becoming so complex and voluminous that people are often responding in uninformed knee jerk fashion, without doing their homework; after all who has time for these endless details but historians. For example, for a "little" relevant historical and cultural background reading, check out Carl Savich: Bosnia and the Kama Division – . Liberals, Democrats, and RINO's need to do a lot more homework before they eagerly participate in the denigration of Michele Bachmann and Company's motivation and mission. People best pull their heads out of the sand and stop being willing suckers, an ounce of common sense indicates that 9/11, as just one example of the dangerous implications, wasn't an isolated incident. Michele Bachmann is not remotely, just some McCarthy style demagogue. Grow up!

  • Tim Richardson

    mccain must be getting a huma from hillary to be this stupid

  • Hiernonymous

    Before getting too excited about this story, google "Walid Shoebat."

  • toninobologny

    Well you could replace Muslim Brotherhood with any brotherhood for that matter… the reality is there are people trying to destroy this country and they will do it from with in or with out and they will use the subjugated to do it! It is the "conveyor" of this stinky fish bowl! Welcome to Earth, now go home! As if the Israeli's never participated in a false flag operation or in hustling Americans! Too funny! I know, get the dual citizens out of Congress, start there!

  • Timothy Rea

    I can’t wait until Oprah. Hillary, and the lezzbos on the supreme court get a taste of sharia law.

  • TS1776frdm

    Saleha Abedin is a PhD Sociologist, Doctorate from U of Penn. She calls herself a socialist. Translated that means: I put up a face of Extreme Caring for People through the Muslim Brotherhood within which is the Muslim Sisterhood. We Will Be Known by Media as those that do good works. Our Real Goal is to inculcate Islam into as many women/children as possible to further our theocracy throughout the world. Under Jihad we can lie, falsify, mislead and misinform if the end is Islam.

    • Ossian

      Spot on! One word ALL Americans/Christians should know and learn is – Taqiyya (lying for islam) which can include ANYTHING and EVERYTHING up to and including renouncing allah, the taking of vows, swearing allegiance, proclaiming anything as truth (against the infidel). Just because a mooslim has “good manners” or isn’t screaming “jihad” doesn’t make that mooslim a moderate OR that they wouldn’t slit your throat given half the chance.

      • TS1776frdm

        I’m a little late.. But An Egyptian told me that Now Islamists R Suggesting their followers Dress in suits and cut their beards to fit in. Isn’t that the Alinsky Principle…If you can’t beat them join them and change them from within? So all Fascists are exactly alike. We Were So Screwed When Obama was re-elected..!

    • frosty7530

      That is an excellent response. I have been following this bizarre issue of Huma Abedin for a few years now. This relationship between our former Senator & Sect. of State, possible Democratic front runner for U.S. Presidency in 2016, is mind-blowing. How can any educated American endorse such a dangerous situation? We have very little bi-partisanship in Congress right now, and yet when Rep. Bachman had the courage to bring this up, she was condemned by members of her own party as well as Democrats. Rep. Bachman did not accuse Abedin of anything, all she wanted to to was to have her vetted, like we would have anybody else,
      Here is this woman from Middle East, with possible links to Middle East terrorists, and we are giving her carte-blanche entry into our State Dept., and all the classified intelligence that goes along with this position. Thank you TS1776frdm!

  • Yahudikiwi

    Islamic Sharia law is based entirely on the words and deeds of Muhammad as recorded in the Hadith. As Muhammad was a thief, mass murderer, rapist, terrorist, kidnapper, slave trader, pedophile and an avowed liar then you get the picture as to what Eurasia will look like under Islamic Sharia Law. Or better still, just read and become enlightened to this plague on humanity. Then read and learn who God is and who He isn’t.

    • LarryVelasco

      SCREW Mushammad and all of the Islamist around the world. They can EAT PORK. Sparky


    Uma Abedin subversive work fits right in with the Global hoax to come as in “The Coming Storm of the Black Flags” available on Amazon by author JD Loeb prophetic suspense.

  • Larryvelasco

    Huma Abedin and Mohamed Elibary are both dangerous people and should be thought of just that way. Hillary Cliton is a total MURDEROUS person. She along with Billy Boy, Bob Cliton are two of the most evil people in OUR country. PERIOD. Larry Velasco, AMERICAN and Hispanic who DESPISES Assbama Insein Obastard. the MUSLIM PUNK

  • Jay Effkay

    Her father is from India, and mother from pakistan

    They are troubled souls who are obsessed with Islam and so pretend to be arabs (lol)

    THey should stop living, for the sake of humanity

    Islam is the worst religion of all time