The Left’s War on Ann Romney — on The Glazov Gang

Leftist film producer Tommi Trudeau joins Dwight Schultz and Evan Sayet on The Glazov Gang — and the fireworks ensue. Below is Part I of the three-part series. We will run Part II in our next issue.

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  • Steve Chavez

    ANN VS. MICHELLE. So Ann is giving advice to Mitt? Troubling? I’m more worried about the BEDTIME STORIES Barack and Michelle are having. Barack's favorite is the Three Bears named Vladimir, Dimetri, and Vladimir. Barack is only telling her our National Security secrets and negotiation strategies that she surely passes on to all of her friends till all our secrets end up where they always end up: Russia and China. Why these countries even bother to send spies when we have so many Americans who will do their Internationalist duty for free.

    What Michelle does keep secret are the gardeners planting full grown vegetables in her garden in the middle of the night and the weekly back door Black Op deliveries of pallets full of five gallon Ben and Jerry’s, chocolate flavored only, ice cream.

    Michelle and Hillary Clinton are more radical than their husbands and they give them, NOT ADVICE, BUT ORDERS! And yet we’re to fear Nancy, Barbara, Laura, Ann and their advice and their circle of friends?

  • dave

    Tommy definitely livens up the show! I'm loving mr Snuggle-bunny!

  • wctaqiyya

    OK guys, can we begin to show some discipline with our language? For cripes sake, does every little tempest in a tea pot really have to be called a war? For once, can you give the left this old wrinkled piece of hyperbole? Their rhetoric is always boring anyway. How about cat-fight, hissy fit, panties in a twist maybe? War? not so much.

    Hmmm, do I see an angle between the insults against Mrs. Romney and Obama's failure to control fleas and pests in the OWS camps? PETA membership might have something to say about how the bug infested OWS campers pose a mortal threat to squirrels and rats. No joke, they do. Meanwhile, Obama's flea bitten lackeys attack poor Mrs. Romney for keeping a clean home and almost never killing her pets for food. Animal lovers unite! Quick, somebody toss a web ad out there.

  • denis

    Keep bringing Tommi (with an i ) back to your show. He brings great comic relief. Can you ask him to stop pouting. The quivering on his lower lip drives me into laughing hysteria.

  • wctaqiyya

    Maybe next time you compare strong blacksmith Michelle, who dropped her first child beside the patriotically roaring fires of the forge with smooth skinned, ample bosomed and blond haired Ann whose children didn't need to be defended against starving wolves in the bleak, wind swept steppe? Now we see what true work looks. Dropping second child beside patriotic tractor while harvesting rocks, Michelle was soon smuggled into the the U.S. and A. where she mastered all capitalist tricks on way to leadership post. Meanwhile blond Ann shakes pretty money maker and lands on Park Avenue. No work, just boom boom. Is no contest comrades, Michelle is great worker who can power large bellows with strong thighs, spend money like drunk sheik in Monte Carlo and conceal all records of self and husband for past thirty years. Poor Ann is weak pampered kitten. Is very clear, Michelle wins leader post again and guides stupid Americans to worker's victory.

  • Asher

    Ann Romney has overcome so many obstacles in her quest for improved health. M.S. and Breast cancer, and stil raising 5 boys. She is a strong mom and great wife for Mitt Romney. Romney is very capable of turning Obama's mess around, and he has a great sense of humor which really catches you off guard. Better than ole pickel puss Barry!