To Release a Blind Sheik — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Josh Brewster, Leon Weinstein and Dwight Schultz  gathered to discuss To Release a Blind Sheik. Below is Part I of a two part series. To see Part II, click here

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  • don morris

    Jamie-watching your show discussing the Blind Sheik-listening to all the guests comments-viewing this in Israel-self serving I admit but may I send you a review copy of my new fictional book, based upon actual events, The Lion of Justice ( can be contacted via you and all the best-don morris, Ph.D.

    • amused

      Ph.D. ? Ph.D. ?????

  • Amused

    How about addressing the the fears of "concerned citizen " John Smith of Wyoming , regarding " troubling indications " that Obama is going to release all black rapists from prisons by Presidential Pardon .
    John Smith heard from a " confidential White House source ", that a "plan " is in the works with DOJ to release them with a "time served " shortened sentence .
    And if that wasn't bad enough Obama and the evil ,hatefull Left , have been preparing a diabolical plot , to release all imprisoned muslim terrorists ,who are willing to "say they're sorry and promise not to do it again "'s investigative reporter O 'keefe has got the evidence on video , when he posed as a White House tourist and broke from the guided tour , snuck up to Obama's Office where the door was left ajar and filmed this unbelievable plot !!

  • amused

    This MUST be stopped . vote for Romney in November , you very lives epend on it !

    • fiddler

      Quit with your sarcasm. We are not fooled by your attempts at somehow baiting people.

  • Zara

    Barack is releasing a snake from the cage. Be careful America! Something big and dangerous will happen. Barack and Hillary have turn the country upside down. Never before America was spineless.

    • benjabo

      Let's put it this way
      A snake is releasing a snake

      Nuff said?

      • dmw

        While snakes have/are slithering into our government, our politics, our physical nation, and our culture. Time to throw down THE snake that will consume the other snakes.

  • amused

    No it's a really BIG snake releasing a HUMUNGOUS MOTHER OF ALL SNAKES , I tell you .!!

    • Kufar Dawg

      So you had to repeat your idiocy, just to make sure everyone appreciates it.

  • guest

    This was agreed on before. Obama and some hater did that. Egyptian of Libyan, no difference.

    But this supports Islam, like our president. The concessions we will get will be far greater violence against America, which is the white house goal. I hope he does it before the election, and the Internet media picks it up.
    The regular media won't touch it.

  • benjabo

    One snake releasing his family of snakes