Trayvon Martin, Race Hustlers and Media Bias — on The Glazov Gang

Robert Spencer, Bruce Thornton and Nonie Darwish recently joined The Glazov Gang to discuss Trayvon Martin, Race Hustlers and Media Bias. The second part of this three-part series is below. To see Part I, click here. We will run Part III in tomorrow’s issue:

  • Mark J. Koenig

    Good discussion – but to correct Prof. Thornton – this case has NOTHING TO DO with FL's "stand your ground" law. That law applies only within a person's domicile. The media again deliberately distorted the facts here to attempt to place blame on the state of FL and Jeb Bush, who signed it into law during his time as Governor. Darwish and Spencer make excellent points, as does Jamie. The so-called "mainstream media" decided early on that this was a racially-motivated unjustifiable killing, and that Zimmerman was guilty – LONG BEFORE all the facts were known – which are still emerging. It's quite possible that this was a justifiable self-defense killing. As Robert rightly notes, however, George Zimmerman's life is now in danger, and he will probably need to leave the country to escape harassment if he is acquitted. The entire spectacle is a sickening but illustrative example of just how the mainstream media distorts the facts and selectively reports only the pieces of a story that fit its chosen agenda – in this case – that an innocent black teenager was murdered simply because he was black. Beyond reprehensible, and indicative of the necessity of alternative news outlets like Fox News Channel, Internet news and talk radio.

  • digdigby

    The endless and universal use of a baby-faced three year old picture of Trayvon is the most outrageous example of media bias I can remember. He was 6'2" with prominent tattoos, gold 'flash' teeth, and was a known thief and drug dealer with multiple suspensions. Goodbye justice, goodbye free speech, goodbye news, goodbye America.

    • digdigby

      You do not know what happened. There is an intense investigation going on. The media is playing this so outrageously to the Left and the Race Hucksters – it is no longer my America. YOU can have it.

      • David Olds


    • Kreiger

      This reminds me of a news item that happened a 4 or 5 years ago in Texas. The national news report was about two Hispanics that were killed by "Texans" after a traffic accident in which a child was hit by their vehicle and injured. There was no video of the interviews, and it was read this way.: TWO HISPANIC MEN WERE DRAGGED FROM THEIR VEHICLE AND BEATEN TO DEATH BY A GROUP OF TEXANS". The attackers were repeatedly referred to as "Texans". Now when I think of "Texan", I picture White Redneck Cowboy with a huge Belt Buckle and a Cowboy Hat. Something about this story did not sound right so I looked it up later and the "Texans" were in fact blacks loitering around were the accident occurred in the ghetto section of the area. No whites were involved in the entire episode, unless you think of the Hispanics as "white", but we all know that was not the case, because "blacks" never attack "whites".
      I honestly believe that the way this news report was reported was deliberately presented to make it look like it was a bunch of white rednecks minutemen types killing Mexicans.
      This Tryvon Martin case is just more of the same. It was portrayed as poor minority kid just went to the store, to buy candy and soda (after spending all day playing with his Tonka Toys), and gunned down by white guy just for being black. As the story unfolds we find out that Tryvon Martin was not the 12 year old shown in the pictures, and in fact attacked Zimmerman because Zimmerman had the gall to actually care about his community. Zimmerman might be a little weird, but he was not required to allow a thug like Tryvon beat him to death.

  • mrbean

    This is typical Black youth behavior that is largely ignored by the media and the white man's fault in the eyes of the race baiters. Watch the videos!