Monica Crowley Speaking in Los Angeles, July 12, 2012

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In the immortal words of Rev. Al Sharpton in 2010:  “First of all, then we have to say the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama.”  So the leftists knew it at the time, but did most of the American people?  Apparently not.

This is why Obama has had to move with such dispatch: he had to slam as much of the redistributionist agenda into the first two years, before the American people got wise to what he was doing and began to put a stop to it, as they started to in 2010.  When Obama spoke in 2008 of “fundamentally transforming” the nation, many people assigned an innocuous meaning to that statement.  We now know what he really meant, and we’re getting ready to reject wholesale that sick, destructive socialist agenda.

FP:  Is there anything about Obama that strikes you as impressive?

Crowley: Yes.  His absolute and unwavering commitment to his philosophy and his steely discipline in affecting it as policy.  He is single-minded and uncompromising in his beliefs and relentless in seeing through his mission.  It’s truly astonishing.

FP:  What’s your view of Governor Mitt Romney?  Can he take on Obama effectively?

Crowley: I think Governor Romney is exactly the right man at exactly the right time.  He may not be the conservative dreamboat for whom many of us pine, but he knows that the very existence of exceptional America is at stake.  After years of supremely effective business and political leadership, he knows how to put this country back on its traditional rocket path of job creation and economic growth and innovation.  He’s a man of tremendous personal and professional integrity; even Bill Clinton called his business record “sterling.”  Romney has the potential to be a truly great president given the enormous challenges he will inherit.

First, however, he’s got to get there.  And as a candidate, he’s been far more formidable than many people—not least of whom, Team Obama—expected.  Romney is NOT John McCain, Bob Dole, or George H.W. Bush, God love ‘em.  Romney is a different political animal.  He’s a political killer, which is what we need to go up against the quintessential political killer, Barack Obama.  I would like to see more of the Happy Warrior in Romney, though.  If he adopts that joyful stance that comes from a genuine love of America, this race will be his.

FP: What would the great American comeback that you are calling for entail? Do you think it is really possible? What if the comeback doesn’t take place?

Crowley: The great American comeback involves a few things.  It involves first the American people carrying out a version of the Hippocratic oath: First do no MORE harm.  We must begin by handing Obama and his band of leftists (what I call in the book “the kooks”) a thundering repudiation in November.  Leftism in all its forms must be halted and turned back resoundingly.

Then we must focus on getting this country back to limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free market capitalism.  This is going to be exceedingly difficult to do because the kooks aren’t going to go down without a fight, particularly if they lose their grip on power in November.  But again we must recognize that we are in a war, and as with all wars, this one is going to require pain and sacrifice in order to get the country back on track.  None of this will be easy, and it’s going to require enormous courage, tenacity, and good humor—on the part of our (hopefully) new leaders and on the part of the American people.

The nation is at the proverbial fork in the road.  One path will lead us to Obama’s ultimate vision of Orwellian statism.  The other path will lead us back to what made us exceptional from the start: individual freedom and economic liberty.  If we choose the Obama path, it will spell the end of America as we’ve always known it.  This is not your grandfather’s or even your father’s Democrat party; today’s party morphed into a far more radical and determined leftist army long ago—and without much notice.  The kooks have been running the show for several decades, but have done it in hyper-speed once Obama took office.

Once the tentacles of redistributionism wrap themselves tightly around every part of the economy—and around our psyches—they can never be unwound.  Once the majority is dependent on government in significant ways, we will have passed the tipping point.  America as an economic dynamo will be no more, America as an international superpower will be no more, and America as an exceptional nation will be no more.  It’s not too late to save her.  The choice is still before us, but time is running out.  We’ve not a second to waste.

FP: Monica Crowley, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

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  • mrbean

    Amazing. 100 plus comments on propaganda about destroying the pyramids and non about this which is real. Obama is a tribalist and a socialist. Socialism operates as a parasite on the body politic. It takes the earned wealth of the productive members of society and redistributes it to the less productive members until all the accumulated wealth is dissipated. If unchecked, the process continues until all members of society, with the exception of the ruling elite, are living in deprivation and poverty. Average citizens are eventually reduced to a state of servitude to the state.