When Obama’s Mask Comes Off — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Dwight Schultz, Nonie Darwish and Tommi Trudeau gathered to discuss When Obama’s Mask Comes Off. The discussion occurred in Part I and focused on why Americans embraced the pain of more “hope and change” and what Obama’s second term means for America. Part II focused on Obama carrying out Islamic blasphemy laws and what the true motives are behind his Islamist odyssey. Below are both parts of the two part series:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • harrylies

    Frontpage did not see Obama winning. Could have told Romney supporters not to waste time and money. You did not understand the American people. Clueless.

    • Cerise Rowan

      No, they did not understand the gullibility of an American people spoon fed bias by broadcast media, entertainment media and newspapers that pick a candidate and skew the news to fit him. The Emperor's New Clothes…. the people who see through the glitter are not wrong. When Universal Studios presents a crude skit insulting Romney (not billed as a political rally) and msnbc recuts a rally to make it seem Republicans do not like Romney, the miracle is he had as many votes as he did. The low class promos run by the democratic party were a simple indication of their expectation of intelligence and to a society hooked on reality tv shows, they hit their mark. It is not about politics or economy any more, it is an entertainment industry. Sadly, we all pay the price.
      They were sadly over hopeful about the intelligence of Americans. And sadly not able to do anything about voter fraud.
      It was a test, and America got a "D" in 2012, but what do they care, they are sitting at home waiting for the great new world they were promised, again.

    • Guest

      I think people critiquing harrylies are missing his point or maybe he made the point without realizing it. Frontpagemag as well as most conservatives don't understand that the American people, majority, have changes. We are not a centrist right nation anymore. We are a nation divided into sub-groups all wanted their own thing and that thing they believe can come best from the government. The majority of the American electorate are stupid and ignorant. They are now a consumer class. They do not understand that lots of rich people got rich working hard. They really don't even care if rich people did get their money by working hard. They are selfish and want what the rich have.

    • Jen

      You let the left bamboozle you into signing up for a healthcare program that you think will be free. Ha-ha, and all they really want to do is document and compartmentalize you. Ha-ha. And it isn't free. Ha-ha

  • Steve Chavez

    OBAMA BSed his way with jokes, one-liners, and slogans that were repeated and repeated and repeated just like a CULT. "War on the Middle Class." "War on Women." War on the poor." "The Rich need to pay their fair share." THAT'S ABOUT 90% OF THE COUNTRY RIGHT THERE and they heard in that message: "Romney is at war with me and my family."

    "Romnesia." "Hope and Change." Every speech was filled with JOKES many the people laugh who then said, "He's so funny. He's cool. Like really cool. I'm voting for him." They didn't care, or aren't capable of seeing through his BS.

    I HAD A LINE FOR ROMNEY, among other advice: "Mr. President, if you had writers for the economy and foreign policy that are as good as your jokes, one-liners, and slogans, we wouldn't be in the biggest mess since the Great Depression that I'M ABOUT TO INHERIT."

    HOW TO FIGHT COMMUNISTS: Take advice from those who were former Communists, David Horowitz, and from those who have been in the ring with them and know how to fight them, Steven Chavez.

    • NomoreB

      I am a witness, Steve. Soviet Union was destroyed by their millitary officials, they stupidly were spanding all money for their millitary and country turned to extreme poverty. When this administration will contnue unnecessary spendings but necessary to gain grounds for Dems, probably we'll have the same situation . So in our case, the worse is better.

      • Cerise Rowan

        Military spending was not the entire picture. The decision making failed on a lot of levels and the socialism not the least of it. Sadly, you will get to see it first hand as the USA is transformed into an economic mess… so many want to live here because we were so successful… the shame is they do not want to share the responsibilities.

    • John

      I dont' think Americans are stupid but we have been brainwashed by years of indoctrination. i have high school age children and the social drivel they feed our children is offensive. We also have a pavlovian reaction to government spending. I think a valid action to oppose the illegal occupation of the Presidency by a man who has yet to verify his legitimacy to hold the office is a grass roots effort by the people to have him impeached.

      We are The People and government is ultimately accountable to us.
      We need to take back our power through legal constitutional means.

      • hktony

        John people are stupid and lazy. Critical thinking and hard work is tough. Add the indoctrination of the libs and you get an apathetic lazy stupid class of people. The govt works for it's self not for the people- this govt is self serving and will not hand power back to the people without a revolution. Look at Europe- people from 20 countries protest yet the govts are ignore them. Fires, battles with police and no change from the socilist brigade. Europe is further down the socialist road and the govts know to simply ignores problems. They don't care because the police and army are still in their pockets. Obama and his cohorts will do the same. They won't even blame the Reps in future they can just ignore and dictate- welcome to Venezuela. The final outcome is to take power back through force and never allow socialist into your home. And it must be remembered the muslims are waiting in the wings, thanks to our dear leader, to cause untold damage too. If there was a god I would learn to pray.

  • Gaye

    Obama did not win. Romney won.

  • http://weroinnm.wordpress.com/ weroinnm

    Demand a Full Recount of the 2012 Presidential Election!

    What are we a Third World Country or a Republic?

    Many brave Americans have and continue to make the ultimate sacrifice to uphold and defend our “Constitution” and “Bill of Rights” and it’s a disgrace that their votes were suppressed again across the country.

    I just signed the petition “United States Federal Election Commission: We Demand a Full Recount of the 2012 Presidential Election” on Change.org.

    It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:
    Additionally, please take some time out of your busy day to visit the following website for daily updates regarding voter fraud and sign the other listed petitions:

    Barack Obama Voter Fraud 2012!
    Petitions for Recount:

    Petition to Congress

    Petition to White House

    Petition to GOP

    Vote Fraud – What They Aren’t Telling You!

    God Bless Us All-God Bless The USA!
    Semper Fi!


    • benjabomachal

      Dream on, get used to it, Obama would be out of his mind to consent to a recount

    • C.S. Webster

      This presidential election was RIGGED. Obama won in the states that did NOT have voter ID and was declared winner before even 5% of the votes were counted. There is ample evidence of RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD in addition to the proof of this electronic voter machine fixing in Ohio:

      Please sign the petition below to DEMAND A RECOUNT!! Please don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t accept this horrible travesty of our freedom and waste of our votes:


    • Cerise Rowan

      I have heard from so many of seeing many people voting, saying they were from "out of town", three at my polling location. Two friends have told me they went to vote and were told they had already votes… there was a signature on the line at their name.
      It seems the fraud was massive.
      Yes, it seems we are now a third world country.
      I tried to get the two who found signatures at their names to complain… but I bet no one will pursue verifying the signature.
      If they were minority people some one would be screaming about taking their right to vote…

    • Mary Sue

      It's obama's crowd that's treating it as a third world People's Republic.

  • riverboatbill

    Obama won,America lost.

  • C.S. Webster

    THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED. Obama won in the states that did NOT have voter ID and was declared winner before even 5% of the votes were counted. There is ample evidence of RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD. Sign the petition below to DEMAND A RECOUNT!! DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T GIVE IN. DON'T ACCEPT THIS HORRIBLE TRAVESTY OF OUR FREEDOM AND THE WASTE OF YOUR VOTE.

  • Victor and Jeanne

    The person on your left distracted from the program….We were disappointed. The others were right on.

  • RaduP

    Is so obvious we are marching towards communism. On of the fiercest dictators of all times Joseph Stalin said: ”I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how: but what is extraordinarily important is this – who will count the votes, and how:

  • ffortnightly

    Trudeau's point, while humorous, is off the mark. They still have 4 more years to blame every problem on Bush!

  • marios

    Sure, it was fraud but even if they recount nothing will be changed. Obama+MSM won and America lost.
    Dem's worked on crippling socialistic revolution almost 100 years. They had very successive and smart: they seized power over MSM and over Educational system (schools, Universities) and they pampering their ally Big Labor Unions. "Union is school of communism". They used Marxism and they won. Rep's who should've fight for GW Bush when Dem's/Liberals/'socialists smeared him and instill on common people that he was evil, did nothing and gullible, ignorant people, naive youth, etc trusted to that propaganda. Plus Dem's bribed illegal's, women (for $9.00!), homosexuals, etc spending OUR taxpayers money. Rep's did nothing to fight with that one too. When Dem's started talk about "fair share" on radio talk show why Rep's used that one and made counter idea to get fair share on all TV stations? What they did to help Romney? Romney campaign was almost repeating John McCain when he actually handed in victory to Obama. Cowards can not win.

  • Cerise Rowan

    Romney was not a coward, he was not an abuser.
    I agree, frustrated by the lack of assertiveness toward the media, in fact, why does no one sue msmbc for recutting material and using it to defeat a candidate? It could at least cost them, a class action suit? would buy a lot a media time?
    The only thing I can think to do about it is not buy from the sponsors, I will not go to Universal studios for their part in it. Money talks if enough people participate.

    When Californians voted to allow the unions to take money out of their paychecks to promote union political choices, adds more proof to your commentary.

  • Jim

    Youssef was imprisoned for Obama's sins.

    There is no" bigger Benghazi bungler" but Obama and Yousef is His Scapegoat.

    Mali is attacked by Muslims and murdered ; so Obama what was their sin? Did they make a movie?

  • http://twitter.com/mary1351 @mary1351

    As long as Boehner is Speaker Congress will allow Obozo to have everything he wants.

  • semus

    I keep hearing about this 3,000,000 Republicans that didn't vote and I thought well there you go that's why. Then I heard that this 3,000,000 were for the most part from NY and California , which the Republicans were going to lose anyway.

    • Johnconrad

      More than 100,000 Republicans didn't vote in Ohio

      • semus

        Really. Who did they think would win if Romney lost?

  • http://twitter.com/11thdegree @11thdegree

    Yes Tommi needs to tone it down, but it's true: we need to redistribute wealth away from Ted Turner, George Soros, Oprah, and the rest….

    They are at the intersection between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street.

  • Austin Sims

    Loved it,