White Girl Bleed a Lot

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FP: What about the press?

Flaherty: The book is about the racial mayhem, but even crazier, is how the press does not cover it.  Lots of papers flat out tell you: We are not going to report on the race of criminals. Fair enough. But when it starts happening in mobs, and gets more dangerous, and virtually every mob is the same race, then somebody should be able to figure it that something is happening here. Some newspapers say if you notice the race of the mobs, you are a racist. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch had to discontinue letting people comment on some criminal stories because people were just demanding an answer to the question: “Why is it so important that you hide the race of the people involved?”

FP: And so why is it so important?

Flaherty: We are the most race conscious country on earth. We learn that every day from black caucuses, black teachers groups, black police officers, black public employees, and hundreds of other black groups that are featured so often in local media. With stories that are often written by members of the National Association of Black Journalists. Which is different from other groups of ethnic journalists.   Over the last 50 years, they have constructed a paradigm of racial quotas, affirmative action, and race consciousness in almost every part of our society.  These riots and lawlessness at least beg the question: How’s that working out for you?

FP: So from these realities, it doesn’t really appear that race relations are getting better.

Flaherty: The gulf between the races is wider and deeper than I thought. The psychiatrists tell us we are only as sick as our secrets. And the biggest secret today is that we are not allowed to talk about black violence in any way that asks people responsible to take responsibility.  That has bred a sickness in some black people and some white people — the Aryans, the haters, the Nazis, etc. — that is a lot bigger than I had imagined. Or that most people say.

FP: Crystallize for us why our leftist media, higher literary culture and our public officials condone and deny this racial violence.

Flaherty: The growth of racial violence and lawlessness creates a statement that everything these folks believe and have done over the last 50 years is not just a failure, but is harming the people they think they are helping.

FP: What has been the reaction to your book? Has the Left even acknowledged the existence of your book?

Flaherty: We are getting a tremendous amount of reaction to the book from talk radio, opinion pages and the Internet. Most of it from people who are grateful that finally, someone is talking in a clear and factual and compelling fashion about the topic of black mob violence. Attention from the Left is mixed.  The overwhelming reaction is this: In the same breath they deny the widespread racial mayhem exists, then they explain why it exists. But I do get the feeling from many on the Left that the facts are so overwhelming that they are getting tired of standing up in the public square and proposing yet another program they know will not work to solve a problem they do not acknowledge even exists. I think many are ready for a new era of honesty on this topic.

FP: Colin Flaherty, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

Flaherty: It is an honor to be featured in a magazine connected to David Horowitz, one of the great intellectual pioneers of our day.

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  • Pkorman

    When the police show up in force at a Walmart, Target or 7/11 and start making mass arrests, the behavior will subside. When cities impose and enforce strict curfews on teenagers unaccompanied by parents, this behavior will subside. When some Bernard Goetz figure is approached and opens fire on three black teenagers in Chicago, Peoria, or Atlanta (where a mob of 30 black kids beat and robbed two Delta flight attendants on a train), the story will make the news and we'll have an honest discussion. While some specific facts are unclear (who approached who), we will watch 2 weeks of uninterrupted news when George Zimmerman has his trial. In the meantime, suburbanites are arming at record rates because they know this is an undeniable pattern and they no longer trust the media or police to step in and do their jobs.

  • oldtimer

    A mob(black) of 300 robbed a Walmart in Jackonsville Fl. after the police broke up a party where guns were fired.

  • ★FALCON★

    The Agitator in Chief is to blame ALL for the recent racial tension.

    White Americans have been forced to re-examine race relations due to one sided hate crimes, reverse discrimination and flat out race baiting by Obama.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Can't you just see him and Michelle eating dinner and her watching one of these mobs and smiling.
      She's finally proud of her country.

  • Crosscut

    This is why American citizens are purchasing weapons for self defense in record numbers. Citizens must be allowed to defend themselves and their families when urban savages and nut jobs attack. Citizens that legally can, should be allowed to openly wear sidearms. It would be the responsible thing to do. The police or government agencies can't protect you. The public should be educated about threatening venues and neighborhoods to avoid, as well as informing tourists. These animals are full of rage and anger and do not only want to rob you and your family, they want to hurt you too.

    • intrcptr2

      The frightening part is that legal purchasers of weapons are buying high quality arms and training themselves how to use them.
      The thugs are continuing to buy pistols and SKSs, and abjectly not learning how to use them.

      When push comes to shove, one side is going to simply cease to exist…

  • Jimi Belton

    White hater Holder made it clear when he came to power in the Justice Dept. that he would not prosecute black on white crime…..This will cease when there is another reply from a Berney Goetz…Or someone just opens up with a pair of Glock 40s….When we get a real American Prezz, i think we will see a lot of this race violence done away with…Hopefully we can put Holder in prison where he belongs….

  • Tim

    I fear the worst if Obama is not re elected…..this is the beginning…

    • Ralph

      What then, you want us to vote for the POS just to appease black and brown mobs? It's time this boil was lanced. This has been going on for decades (look up the Zebra killings) and we whites are damned tired of it. Tired of being called racist and even being threatened with jail for defending ourselves. Tired of the hands-off policy of the police when it comes to sub-humans, just because they are the left's favorite pets. Tired of our tax money funding our own dispossesion in our own country. It goes on. It's time to hit back hard.

      • Danny

        Hey, is this the same Ralph who blames rats in his house on his Indian neighbors instead of his own garbage, which he apparently piles up until there's no more room to store it?


        • YLEM

          You're a "useful idiot".

        • Ralph

          Keep your snot-nosed little snarks, Danny. This is the real world we are talking about, not your narcissistic little narratives.

    • YLEM

      You are a "useful idiot".

    • http://www.facebook.com/blossom.kelley.9 Blossom Kelley

      So what is worse, if Obama is re-elected he will stir up more and more racial hostility – if he is not re elected there is a slight hope that the racial hostility will abate and all colors will concentrate on the lack of one color – green (as in money) and unite to bring us back from the cliff's edge.

  • PhillipGaley

    Order is brought to bear upon chaos, by forceful intelligence: OK passed "stand your ground" for businesses, and "open carry", . . . I kind of think that, this mob mayhem as described, will simply bypass Oklahoma, . . . lottsa luck to y'all, . . . hope t'see y'on th'other side, . . . after the war's over, . . .

  • Spider

    The black groups have already promised a race war if Obummer is not re-elected. This may only be the beginning of what is to come. However this could also trigger a nasty backlash where we will have two way riots. Unless what Jimi Belton suggested starts happening all over the country then things might calm down.

    • Drakken

      What those groups that must not be named for fear of the race card being thrown at you, don't quite realize is that keep pushing crackers, those same crackers will shoot back.

    • wsk

      I call that a target rich environment.

    • intrcptr2

      Problem is that they actually take white folks for what they see in movies; scared, feminized little wimps who will run and hide.

      I dare not call the coming massacre a mere "backlash".

  • clarespark

    I wrote about the rise of black nationalism here, during the 2008 campaign: http://clarespark.com/2009/10/31/the-offing-of-ma…. "the Offing of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ralph Bunche. But see also http://clarespark.com/2010/07/18/white-elite-enab…. "White enabling of black power." It was white liberals who put them in power. David Horowitz is always correct on this disputed question. (Read Hating Whitey and everything else he has written.)

  • kong.ming

    They should do sting operations and setup fake convenience stores. Once the mob comes, bars drop and they flashed mob themselves into a prison.

  • Mo_

    I didn't even know about the Chicago Memorial Day riot – and I live here!

    "Lots of papers flat out tell you: We are not going to report on the race of criminals."

    Nonsense. If these were overwhelmingly white groups rioting, it would be all over the news 24/7.

    "Flaherty: We are the most race conscious country on earth. We learn that every day from black caucuses, black teachers groups, black police officers, black public employees, and hundreds of other black groups that are featured so often in local media. With stories that are often written by members of the National Association of Black Journalists. Which is different from other groups of ethnic journalists."

    Which shows who the REAL racists are! Ask yourself, how many white special interest groups like these are there?

    • wsk

      It's true. In my area they will not describe a balck criminal, only white or Asian.

  • kafir4life

    In a similar vein to the threats that Stinky (-bo) has made to SCOTUS and Congress, I'd expect some sort of veiled threat to the American people of the consequences of "incorrect" voting in November. Maybe even an executive order delaying elections until we're "thinking more clearly". His stanchest supporter is his pal, mentor, and idiological equal, Hugo Chavez.

  • Atlas_Collins

    I've been posting about Negro Youth Mayhem and Violence (NYMV) on news commentary boards for years. As a general rule, my posts regarding NYMV are usually deleted within minutes by the individual board moderators. Frontpage has been no exception to that general rule.

  • Castrate Pisslam

    An armed populace is the only deterrent. To black violence. I live in new Orleans and we haven’t had ‘mob.s.’ of blacks attacking whites luckily. But we’ve had hundreds of examples of if an argument breaks out among a white and a black numerous unrelated blacks will automatically get involved and start gang attacking the lone white guy. Irregardless of whose at fault or what even the issue is about. A fair fight with a black never happens. My advice….hit them hard. And hit them fast. Hit them dirty. Hit the road

    • wsk


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  • BLJ

    Until the traditional family structure (Dad. Mom & kids) returns to black America these problems will continue. You can blame LBJ's Great Society for this. Black people's real enemies are themselves and the Democrats, liberals and "black leaders" who keep them in a victim/taker mode.

    These mobs are all a bunch of cowards who don't have the guts to take on anyone one on one. Maybe if the police were allowed to do their jobs (and use the good old billy club) these animals would think twice about pulling this crap.

  • http://www.facebook.com/herbert.quetschenbach Herbert Quetschenbach

    Correction: The inaugural "Beat Whitey Night" took place at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines, not Ames, Iowa.

  • Ghostwriter

    Not every black person condones stuff like this. Most blacks want to live their lives in peace. Stuff like this isn't helping matters. I also have a theory as to why the media is covering this stuff up. They're afraid that there'll be more race riots and unleash violent reaction from whites if these incidents are played up too much. They're afraid of lynchings like what happened in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries will happen again. They're also afraid of KKK growth and racism from whites as well. Unfortunately,if things like this continue,it'll have the opposite effect. That's what I think.

    • johnnywoods

      It is worth noting that MOST Black Americans are not like these little "beasts".

      • BLJ

        I wholeheartedly agree. I feel bad for the majority of them who have to live in constant fear.

    • Drakken

      Well it is not going to matter when the proverbial sh-t hits the fan, we will all gravitate to our our own out of safety. It is going to get extremely tribal.

    • jm323

      "…a theory as to why the media is covering this stuff up. They're afraid that…unleash violent reaction from whites if these incidents are played up too much. …They're also afraid of KKK growth and racism from whites as well. Unfortunately, if things continue, it'll have the opposite effect."

      Yes, I agree. The idiots in the media don't understand that many whites, trying to find out what is happening, will simply turn to sites like Stormfront, Councils of Conservative Citizens, Vdare, and other white nationalist sites to get their information. That's why I am glad that Colin Flaherty has his own website where people can read each others' comments to find out what's happening in other parts of the country as well as their own: h(yper) t(ext) t(ransfer) p(rotocol) colon slashslash whitegirlbleedalot dot com.

    • Rurik

      They may not "condone", but they nod in silent assent. During the 1950s and 1960s vast numbers of white individuals actively spoke up, stepped forward, and more over perceived injustice to Blacks. And communal guilt was applied uniformly to White Southerners, a legacy still with us today (and perhaps part of the problem). But now where are the decent Blacks just wanting to live their lives in peace, while collecting the fruits of Affirmative Action? Tom Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Clarence Thomas and a couple more individuals have spoken, the resk just keep voting for the race panderers. There were many (perhaps even a majority) of "Good" Germans who had never even seen a Jew in their Bavarian mountain village, but they still ended up sharing the responsibiliity for what they had not done.

  • gthoamstlh

    In the 1990's I was a deputy sheriff in a predominantly black neighborhood of Broward County, Florida. Towards the end of every school year, there was one day (the same day every year) called "cracker day", in which white students unfortunate enough to be bussed into schools in black neighborhoods would be attacked randomly and beaten by blacks after school. The existence of this day and the beatings were always covered up by the schools and the sheriff’s office. We were under a gag rule as well, and told that if any white parents asked about Cracker day, we were to deny it. Schools also denied it when parents asked and it never made the papers. However, at roll call on Cracker Day, every available deputy was told to report immediately to the local schools before afternoon release, in order to protect the white kids unfortunate enough to attend school that day.

    • https://www.facebook.com/colin.flaherty Colin Flaherty

      would love to hear details on that… colin flaherty

    • Shawny

      What were the parents told when their unfortunate white sons or daughters came home bruised or bloodied that day? Were they enrolled in the next "how to deal with bullies class", told it didn't happen or it was their fault or accused of starting a fight? Were those who knew about the yearly ritual allowed to keep their kids home from school to protect them? This is just so wrong on so many levels it's sickening. And I guess what really hurts is that I wasn't raised with any racial bias nor were my children so we have trusted what the media, the police, our leaders have told us at our own peril. If it hasn't already, these gag rules will get people killed. This aiding and abetting is criminal assault. And where so many are told to cover it up, it's conspiracy.

    • http://iwinonline.org hoacomay

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  • Drakken

    Sooner or later one of these black mobs is going to run into the wrong person who is going to exercise the 2 nd Amendment with extreme prejudice, then watch as the black grievence mongers demand reparations from us or else, I say give us or else and we shall give them a taste of grapeshot.

  • R.S

    I do not understand why these blacks blame all their problems on the whites. They keep having babies that they cannot afford to have and run right for the welfare office. Those kids grow up and do the same thing. There are no opportunities for anyone that has no education or skills. They do not want to work and want everything handed to them on a platter. They think the white man owes them something. They need to look to their ancestors for selling them to the white man and put the blame where the blame belongs. Their own people. THEY are their own worse enemies. Not us.But if it is a war they want ,then bring it on. I will say this. Their bodies will litter the streets.Plus when it is all over with and they have LOST, we will take back the freebies that we have been giving them that they have NOT earned and they can start at the beginning and get what they want the way we do. Work for it.A race war will do them more harm than good. But they are too stupid to realize that.

  • fightwarnotwars

    SPLC, the "liberal" organization had some pretty critical words about these flash mobs too – http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2011/08/12/black-fl

  • Schlomotion

    Like terrorism, racial tension is a product sold by the media. These items go on the market at strategic times. Mr. Glazov is an advertiser, writing an advertisement for a book promoting the idea that racial tension is on the rise. His internet radio program and appearances are not much more than an infomerc.ial. You cannot sell "the rising trend of antisemitism" in the United States without also selling "the rising trend of racism." Blacks are 13% of Americans. Jews are only 2%. Antisemitism in the United States has always been "and Antisemitism," a caboose added onto the product of racism. Mr. Glazov is adhering to the 1980s strategy of Hasbara advertising that we used to find in Time and Newsweek. The irony is that this is the crap the CPUSA used to do to sell its magazines and books and lure people into its parties and conventions.

    Racial tension is not on the rise. Hype by people like Mr. Glazov is on the rise.

    Look at that sad attempt to take a swipe at Hip Hop! Compare: How many Americans like Hip Hop vs how many people listen to Klezmer Music? Look at how this article courts skinheads and Klansmen and tries to put a positive shine on record burning. Yes. It's the evil music that's making racial tension "rise." Is FPM going to launch its full scale culture and music war? Is it going to be better than the first feeble lurch in 1999?

    • Drakken

      You are living proof that you can't fix stupid and liberalism is a mental disorder, have fun when things go south, maybe if you sing enough kumbaya events might spare you.

    • Ghostwriter

      Is it any wonder why you're called an anti-semite,Schlomind? Because you attack Jews in nearly every single post you write.

      • Schlomotion

        When Jews wage warfare, you must attack Jews.

        • Ghostwriter

          Well,I'm not going to attack Jews,because they haven't attacked me. You attack Jews just for the heck of it. You're a piece of garbage,Schlockmotion. You have no decency or humanity,you're just a slug. You deserve to be attacked for the type of garbage you spew every chance you get.

        • Enojado

          Yes, in your twisted, evil, hateful mind, the Jews are attacking you…they have driven you meshugah, and now you have devoted yourself 24/7 to attacking "them". You have even driven the rats from the sewer…they want nothing to do with you.

  • chester arthur

    I've been reading this book the last few days.It's shocking,and as someone who has been through an incident a few years ago,I know it's true.The problem with the print version of the book is the lack of proofreading of the material.There are quite a few mistakes in minor items like spelling or having a word left out of a sentence.It's annoying to pay for a book and find more than a couple of errors like that,and there are more than a couple.That being said,it's a minor point compared to the content,which is right on the money on the mob violence issue and the refusal to confront it due to the race of the perpetrators.

    • http://www.facebook.com/terri.johnson.98284 Terri Johnson

      the building is on fire and you don't like the color of the fire engine. nice. is that all you have to say? no wonder those guys chose you for an 'incident."

  • wsk

    The fit will hit the shan when the blacks start coming out to the suburbs to inflict there mayhem instead of concentrating in the cities.

  • JohnG911

    On the first page of Mr. Flaherty's book he wrote, “hundreds of episodes in more than 50 cities since 2010…” Certainly Mr. Flaherty doesn't believe the liberal media's censorship of black crime and violence is a recent phenomenon. I worked for a major newspaper for over 25 years and I can assure you the media have collectively censored black crime and violence since the 1980s. Nearly a dozen of my white co-workers were attacked during the 1992 Rodney King riots and at least 4 were hospitalized. I don't know the exact number because management refused to discuss it. My employer refused to publish one word of condemnation about the bigotry of the rioters or the bigoted attacks on their own employees. The subject of black crime and violence has been taboo in the news industry for at least 30 years. Last week, I heard a radio news report about a women who was brutally tortured and left for dead in her own home. The announcer provided a worthless description of the attacker but he suggested we go to their website to view the police artist drawing. The attacker is obviously black and he had two prominent tattoos on his neck and head. This animal tortured a woman for nearly two days and he left her for dead but that wasn't important enough for the radio station to override their liberal policy.

  • oldvet

    Glad to finally see something is said about this situation.Was seeing incidents like this 25 years ago,and until the last couple of years NEVER would you see any word of this on TV or written in the papers.

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  • Robert


    Thanks for the interesting article. But I think most commentators are missing the real reason for the black crime spree. Nobody mentions the real reason, but I will.

    1.Exploding black population and declining white population. Blacks have been having 10 children each and the Democratic party is bringing more blacks from 3rd world countries to import voters. White do not have children or maybe 1-2 children. As a result, whites are now becoming a small numerical minority so many cities have lot more blacks that can attack the few remaining whites. It is a numbers game. Groups that have more members are more powerful and feel more empowered.

    This country is becoming like South Africa and the future is going to be even worse. Whites will be beaten up, raped and murdered in broad daylight.

    Unless whites wake up and start having 10 children each and ban immigration (such as by amending the constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda to ban immigration), white genocide is going to only get worse. For whites, my message is: procreate or perish.

    2.Blacks are genetically very aggressive and violent and whites are generally mild, prosocial and compliant. Only whites have the mental illness called liberalism whereby they pander blacks! Blacks perceive this pandering by white liberals as a sign of weakness and it actually makes them more aggressive and more likely to attack whites.

    Our liberal media and criminals in our govt. have been pandering blacks. The democratic party is a criminal enterprise that panders blacks to gain power and has been flooding this country with aliens and oppressing whites. Unfortunately, the Demogangsters control all 3 branches of govt. and are on a crime spree against whites and USA.

    This final para is severable and shall be deemed not be a part of this post if and to the extent of any inconsistency therein with any applicable law: Our army (which is mostly white) has been quite docile and impotent and lacks the independent thinking, the culture of constitutionally permissible or mandated rebellion inspired by the love for this nation and its own white race, requisite to evict our criminal and illegal govt. owned and operated by the criminal Democratic party, sua sponte, as and to the extent mandated under the US constitution. Since Obama is illegal and Democrats steal elections (eg. Harry Reid), our govt. is illegitimate, all its laws and the orders to the Army are null and void as a matter of law and the Army does not have to follow such illegitimate orders, but must act independently in the national interest. If our military becomes patriotic and very independent and can stand up and save the country from the illegitimate criminal Democratic party (and many now feel that white military rule would be preferable to the criminal Democratic party that we have now illegally controlling all 3 branches of govt. and decimating and destroying this nation), that may also save this nation.