Petraeus’ Fall and Benghazigate — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, our guests were Gary Eaton, producer, singer and writer in the band, “The Army You Have,” Tommi Trudeau, producer of films and music videos, and Josh Brewster, a concerned citizen.

The Gang Members discussed Petraeus’ Fall and Benghazigate. The discussion occurred in Part II and dealt with the peculiar ingredients of the Petraeus scandal — and their curious links to Benghazigate. Part I dealt with Why Aren’t Conservatives Cool? The dialogue focused on why being “hip” somehow eludes the GOP. Watch both parts of the two-part series below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • dave

    Great show as usual with some excellent points made. It's true that conservatives aren't cool, but only because conservativism is not an anti establishment movement like the left, which is cool precisely because it is anti authority and rebellious. We need to show that leftism today is infact anti human rights and totalitarian, racist and sexist. But also we need to show humility and not pretend we are above reproach and can provide a perfect solution, no one can.
    I wish I lived in the USA as you guys can actually talk about stuff that we can no longer do here in the UK without being called a nazi, seriously. We can change peolples attitudes if we can be bothered, by shaming them about what their beliefs actually mean. However I feel a bit like Tommi and think we should just let them get on with it and just wait until they see it for themselves, it's gone too far and the hatred of 'capitalism' is so ingrained into peoples minds that it doesn't seem to make any difference what you say. Having said that, I think there is a new movement of normal, quite cool people who are emerging to counter all the brain washing, so keep up your amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace

    • Jamie Glazov

      Thanks Dave! I really appreciate you sharing and giving not only your wisdom, but also support! Keep the faith and keep up the fight!

      • dave

        Thanks Jamie! Will do!

    • brucefancher

      I disagree completely. The Left is a movement that protects and privileges various "establishments", such as labor unions, college and university faculties, government employees, big businesses (many of which lobby for additional regulations precisely because they can absorb the costs much more easily than small entrepreneurs who threaten to compete with them), etc., at the expense of everyone else. It's the so-called "conservatives" who believe in free markets and personal responsibility that are truly anti-establishment.

  • Steve Chavez

    CONSERVATIVES, REPUBLICANS, THE RIGHT doesn't have a "Jokes, One-Liners, and Slogan Department" like Obama has. In fact, that's the Department he meets with everyday and that's why he doesn't have time to get security briefing. Obama has the best comedy writers too from the Tonight Show, Letterman, Stewart, Colbert, and Maher which is a mix of COOL TO ANGER TO BITTERNESS! BUT REMEMBER WHEN ROMNEY TOLD THE BEST JOKES AT THE DINNER WITH OBAMA? Those were really zingers against Obama and Biden. JUST THINK IF HE HAD DONE THOSE JOKES AGAINST OBAMA AS A CAMPAIGN PLAN.

    THINK ABOUT IT: Listen to an Obama campaign speech and it was full of all three. "HE'S FUNNY, REALLY FUNNY. HE'S COOL. I'M VOTING FOR HIM." When did he ever propose a plan except a pack of lies and promises he had no intention of keeping. Is Gitmo still open? All his speeches were attacks with slogans like the "War on Women" which is half the population right there so they were successful in repeating it like a CULT on top of his "War on the Middle Class" and the "Rich need to pay their fair share."

    The bigger lies were Bain attacks that were lies and proven lies but he, and his media kept repeating them. Then the gullible believed that Romney was responsible for the death of a woman. How stupid do you have to be to believe that commercial after more facts were revealed?

    THEY MADE UP LIES ON PURPOSE AND REPEATED THEM FOR DAYS then moved on to a different lie and then to a different lie. When the truth was revealed on Fox only or websites like this, the ones that repeated the lies never retracted the lie and if they did, it was a one second exposure.


  • Dwee

    I'm an artist, so the only conservative among many virulent liberals. This makes me an outsider among outsiders…ultimate cool. lol I am a Libertarian Conservative. Liberals can not rationally defend taking away personal freedom, and I debate self righteous professors for a hobby. Start with the social issues then move on to the fiscal. Once they resort to irrational bias, which they will, they are caught in a web of bs. They become the racists, the haters, the whiners. Not cool. Conservatives need to get out of people's personal business and get back TO business. Then it will be the cool party in town. Religion is not cool, spirituality is. Morals are not cool, respecting others is. Liberals are mostly a bunch of scared losers, or to put it more kindly, people who feel capitalism made them losers, boo hoo. Rich Hollywood liberals are scared narcissists, even more stuck in a self doubt loop. The Republicans need to go deep, not wide. You dig baby? ;)

    • fiddler

      "Rich Hollywood liberals are scared narcissists"

      That's why Bill Clinton could say: "AHH feel your payyyne"

  • patron

    Most conservatives I know when they were young were apathetic to politics. They focuses on their careers and business.

    Leftists had to be activists when they were younger. It's how their careers started.

  • Ghostwriter

    I've written a lot of fiction. I used to express some of my opinions in my stories and skits. That began to wane after a while when I discovered other things. I rarely use my stories as vehicles for my own opinions and I rarely write skits any more.

  • hrwolfe

    Madison Rising is a young patriotic bunch of young rockers as well. That said, you guys got a conservative song on Radio Pacifica/Democracy Now? Awesome, congratulations and thanks. Amy and her legions IS scary folks.

  • Vic and Jeanne

    We're sorry…we just felt that your show was a serious take on happenings…but with that strange fellow…Tommi…we just can't watch it anymore…We'll keep checking back to see when he's off….and watch again.

  • Spiritof1776

    Patriots are always cool Jamie.

  • "gunner"

    i'm something of an "old guard" conservative, dating back to the goldwater campaign, and happily voted twice for ronald reagan. i firmly bellieve in the free enterprise, free market way, and the rights and responsibilities set out in the constitution and bill of rights. i've moved in fairly liberal circles and found, to my surprise, that many of the younger people around me considered me "cool", so perhaps there is hope that the younger generation may outgrow the shabby cult of marxist "liberalism" and return to the values of reagan's "city on the hill" as they see and understand the debacle of the present "progressive" regime.

  • sinz54

    The main reason why conservatives aren't perceived as "cool" anymore, is that they're not young anymore. (The elderly are rarely perceived as "cool.")

    In the 1970s, there was an infusion of new young talent into the conservative movement. Ditto with Gingrich in the early 1990s.

    Today, decades later, polls and surveys confirm that the GOP base definitely skews older. It's just not getting enough young people into the movement. "Our" protest movement, the TEA Party, looks like a bunch of stolid middle-aged people. Few college or high school students are represented there.

    Beyond that, the GOP has been chased out of the cultural vanguards–California and the Northeast–and has been reduced to a redoubt in the Mountain States and one in the South. And those cultures are not regarded as cool or avant-garde.

    The conservative movement desperately needs an infusion of new young blood, young people from both coasts. But to get those, it really has to address issues of interest to them.

  • bluffcreek1967

    The 'gang' makes some valid points, but watching them I sort of got the impression that at least two of the guys (e.g., Gary Eaton and Tommie Trudeau) are just unsuccessful or, at best, washed-up entertainers. Almost everything about Tommie Trudeau I find repulsive – obese, dressed in black, black painted eyebrows, black dyed hair, etc. Is this what Conservatives are supposed to emulate? Is this what it means to be 'cool'? Good Lord, I hope not! Conservatives ought to be less concerned with looking 'cool' and more concerned with conveying their message accurately, with sincerity and passion, and in ways that people can understand without being caught up in appearing 'hip.'

    Besides, whenever Conservatives try to look 'cool' before a brain-dead and liberal media world, it almost never comes off good. Something just doesn't look right about – and that's because Conservatives deal with real issues that can't always be explained in a slogan or in a 30 second sound bite. The web of deception that liberals have made takes time and serious thought to unravel. A simplistic answer to it all is not always possible. We must also recognize that today's youth have been deeply indoctrinated, and many are hostile to contrary opinions, especially of the Conservative sort. I think we need to recognize that we are dealing with intellectual children here, and I don't think it helps our cause to lower ourselves to their level. Even the more dumber ones can see right through that.

    • semus

      You were right is some areas, but pretty repulsive in others..

      • bluffcreek1967

        Sorry, even the 'repulsive' points I made were right also.

        • semus

          I forgive you…!? and No you weren't.

          • bluffcreek1967

            No need to forgive anything. And yes I was right.

          • semus

            I don't see any point in calling people who agree with me on major political points names on how they present themselves. Yes Trudeau looks weird, so what. A lot of people dress pretty strange these days. The fact that he's heavy is his business. I liked the fact that he's not a brain dead Democrat. Anyway both of these guys are more successful than I am.

  • Looking4Sanity

    I know that sex sells copy, but I wish you folks would drop this angle of the story. It's nothing but a smoke screen and misdirection. The real story is hiding behind the lies!

  • dannyjeffrey44

    American's with a more righteous than thou attitude should take a closer look at the General.

  • fiddler

    I tend to see it as Tommi does. I think we are done. One thing that was not mentioned by the gang is that we are going to end up with a politically leftist majority in the SCOTUS. And that for all intents and purposes will be it.. Remember the Robert Bork confirmation hearings? This will be in reverse. Plan on radical minority candidates being appointed coated with teflon and a complicit media falling in line a la Susan Rice. We are done. I liked the discussions about being "cool" and staying on course instead of being liberal lite, but somehow I think the ship has sailed. It may be too late to rescue this nation from inevitable irreversible decline.

  • Johnconrad


    It will be interesting to see the reaction when the gravy train stops in its tracks.

  • Johnconrad


    You asked a serious question, yet you know the answer.

    D. Horowitz writes how his parents were "secret agents". They believed Israel to be a transitional state and it would no longer be necessary when the workers of the world united and overthrew the existing order.

    Then, their Jewishness would not be an issue.

    Obama still got 70% of those true believers.

    Amazing, but true.

  • semus

    I think Tommy is right about the brainwashed electorate children were getting indoctrinated everyone knew it and no one did anything about it.. He seemed a little irritated. It's going to have to get really bad for these people to wake up, if they ever do. If it's 30 years or something it probably won't be in my life time. In the mean time Republicans are going to have to find some courage and learn to fight. I'd hate to go to my grave thinking the future of this country will be controlled by America hating Marxists.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Sorry to inform you, but this country is ALREADY controlled by America hating Marxists. It began incrementally about 45 years ago, and it has morphed into the full blown situation we have today. The future will only be darker for our country unless there is some sort of revolution, civil war or some other unforeseen incident. If things get bad enough, there might be enough of us to overthrow our shackles – but we simply haven't reached that point yet. We are still all too comfortable.

      • semus

        Why are you sorry? Actually I don't think I indicated any time when it began. In my opinion it was long before 1967 which would have been your 45 years ago, it was well on it's way by then. See the following link:

        Read "Venona Secrets"

        There's no point in us arguing we agree it's happened, we have to get others to realize it.

        • bluffcreek1967

          It's merely an expression, that's all. I never did say you indicated a time. Those were my words and I was merely trying to provide a timeline in which the Marxists have actively tried to take over America. Moreover, it was a general time frame that I provided. It's origins can be traced to at least a decade or two prior (some would say it was even much earlier).

          True, there's no point in further arguing this.