Obama 2012, Get Used To It? — on The Glazov Gang

Leftist film producer Tommi Trudeau joins Evan Sayet and Rob Nelson — and a verbal brawl ensues on Frontpage’s television show. Below is Part III of a three-part-series. To see Part I, click here. To see Part II, click here.

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  • Paula Schmidt

    Wow!!! Best show yet!! Tommi says he will one day host the show and not invite Glazov!! LMAO! Can't wait!! Brilliant script-writing!! Kudos to Frontpage!!

  • Jules

    Jaime continues to exhibit his sartorial excellence; Evan Sayet continues his intellectual logic, Rob Nelson continues his deft disputation, and Tommi Trudeau continues his endearing but convoluted, sincere rebuttals.

    My vote remains, however, steadfast with Mr. Snugglebun in November. I will pen a write in (if i have to) but i don't think i will (have to.)

    • Paula Schmidt

      I agree Jules 100%, my vote remains with Mr. Snugglebun as well!!!!

  • Truman Adamson

    Love the program…especially the lesson on semantics. Tommy Trudeau should have his own show…NOT!

  • dave

    Evan Sayet was quite deep in this show, I'm finally getting the 'exceptionalism' theory and it is so true. Not sure how it relates to gay marriage though, but regarding successful countries/ unsuccessful ones, it is an interesting concept. Would love to see them all get stoned and do the show!

  • Ralph

    Homosexuals are living in a fantasy world. Everything seems to be going their way because they are supported by the almost entire weight of mass media. If it were so natural no one would need to enforce compliance. Evan is right. Homosexuals can achieve all the 'rights' of straight couples (except homosexual adoption which in my opinion should be outlawed) by setting up healthcare proxies, etc. But they don't want that. As Sayet said the process never stops in the middle. This is a cultural statement by the left and the endgame for them is to overturn all traces of traditional order.

    The reason homosexuals have gotten as far as they did is because we live in a highly structured technological society which (theoretically, anyway) can provide amply for the physical needs of large numbers of people and can easily indulge for a time any kind of deviation from the norm. So homosexuals were able to push further and further in a fat society increasingly conditioned for 'tolerance'. And so many of the rank-and-file gay drones actually believe this to be a permanent condition ("We're here! We're Queer! Get used to it!"). However, if things turn so economically and socially ugly that regular people find themselves truly threatened all that enforced tolerance will go out the window. Blacks and idiot pimple-faced 'anarchists' are also in the same boat (where blacks will also find out how deep into fantasyland they've wandered. The so-called Black/Brown alliance is largely fiction).

    The whole thing will be an unholy mess in which there will be few winners and certainly none among the masses of people. But it is notable that the one group that is most vulnerable is the one that thinks it's the most untouchable, by divine fiat (or what amounts to it). Who knows, maybe this is gay narcissism taken to its final result. Yet they laugh and keep poking the hornet's nest.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "Homosexuals can achieve all the 'rights' of straight couples (except homosexual adoption which in my opinion should be outlawed)"

    They need this to in place of reproduction. It's the only way they have to further their survival through future generations. That and recruitment is their only way and they know it. That's why they are pushing so hard to have "gay history" taught at schools and silencing those who are opposed to it through threats of lawsuits and suspensions (if you are student with guts to say "it's wrong")etc.