Will Islam Self-Destruct? — on The Glazov Gang

Fireworks set off when leftist film producer Tommi Trudeau confronts Evan Sayet and Rob Nelson on Frontpage’s television show. Below is Part II of a three-part-series. To see Part I, click here. We will run Part III tomorrow.

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  • Steve

    Is Tommi Trudeau for real??? Or is he a brick short of a load? Having him on the show lowers the quality and integrity of the show.

    • davarino

      Yikes, who brought this guy on the show. I couldnt even watch the first 5 minutes.

    • Kenny Williams

      are you kidding me??? i only watch the show because of this awesome character! it is brilliant and i am getting all my friends to watch! best thing in years! go tommi trudeau!

    • sam

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  • Crossbow87

    Jamie, show the segment that made Tommi cry.

    • Kenny Williams

      Yeah Jamie what happened during the break……hilarious!!

  • Mo_

    What on earth is this?! What on earth is the problem with that Tommi guy? A grown man with a stuffed toy? Talking like a whining child? Please tell me this is a persona he puts on to try and be funny.

    I didn't mind him once or twice, but he seems to get more outrageous as time goes on. All he does is lower the quality of the show and render it ridiculous. Between that and the shouting, this show has become unwatchable. Come on, Jamie! We have important work to do.

    • Kelly Saunders

      Jamie, whatever you do, don`t listen to people like Mo! Tommi by far increases increases the quality of the show and renders it must-viewing! Because of the dynamic that Tommi brings, the show has become an on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller! When the other guests talk, all one dooes is wait for Tommi`s turn with agonizing anticipation! Thanks so much Jamie, for humor empowers this whole battle and the work you do!!!

  • Shane Reynolds

    This is very cleverly done. Bravo to the producers and the cast. Glazov Gang for days!

  • Rudy.C

    Wow the last show was simple awesome. Can’t wait to see Tommi again!!!!

    • Peter Heinz

      Agreed Rudy C.!! The show is getting better and better! Tommi makes it stellar!! His haters are pathetic. It is pure Shakespearean art!!!! Can't wait to see Tommi again!

  • Kendrick1

    Someone please remind me to refrain from watching anymore videos in which these guys are all talking at the same time!

  • Mr. Snugglebun

    To the folks who have a problem with Tommi.. Have you ever considered that you just might be a bunch of blowhards who take yourselves WAAAAAAAAY TOO SERIOUSLY???!! and…. If you think Tommi's character on the show is actually a real-life person… then, YOU'RE PRETTY DARN GULLIBLE!! and quite frankly, NOT THE SHARPEST TOOLS IN THE SHED!! HA!!! Google him for crying out loud!! If ya do, you just might see that he's an actor!!!! and a pretty darn good one too!! (he fooled YOU anyway…) Which make his satire on the show, FREEKING HILARIOUS!!!!! so, if Tommi makes you angry… well… THE JOKE'S ON YOU… WINDBAGS!!!

    • Lorna Snow

      Hahahahahaha You are right Mr. Snugglebun, this show is simply BRILLIANT!! Go Tommi!!!! Kudos to Jamie and Frontpage for putting on such a brilliant and unique performance!!!!

  • Jules

    Tommi Trudeau is the main reason (besides Nonie) that i watch the GlazovGang! Tommi is pure entertainment! He often throws in comments that make the show stimulating to watch.

    People who don't "get" Tommi and Mr .Snugglebun are dull, dense, and prosaic. Keep Tommi & Snugglebun and you'll keep me – tuned in!


  • George

    Tommi is great. Congratulations to Jamie. Love the show.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Okay, you know, I like Jamie, but come on!!! Tommi is turning this into a Jerry Springer act. The man is few rounds shy of a full clip. Is he really crying? Or is he just acting to bring more attention to the show. Well, anyway I did enjoy his articles.

    Very informative and enlightening.

    • Lorna Snow

      More of Tommi, my whole family and community is going wild over this show! Go Tommi go! This show beats Jamie's articles by miles!!