Olympic Committee On Munich Moment of Silence Refusal: ‘Muslims Tied Our Hands’

Originally published at YidWithLid.

Ankie Spitzer whose husband was murdered by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Munich Olympics has been fighting to have a minute of silence at the London Games to remember the eleven murdered victims.

Her efforts have been supported by the governments of much of the western world, but they have been rejected by the International Olympic Committee.

The organisation and its president Jacques Rogge have been subject to intense criticism from across the international community for its continued refusal to honour the 11 Israel Olympians murdered at the 1972 Munich Games with a minute’s silence to mark the 40th anniversary of the killings, in what has been presented as a “humanitarian” gesture.

Munich widow Ankie Spitzer spearheaded the campaign by launching an online protest, which has since garnered support from across political spectrums in several countries including Israel, Canada, the UK, Australia, the US, Belgium and Germany.

In the latest development, some 140 Italian parliamentarians signed a letter to Rogge this week, calling for minute’s silence to be instituted.

Ankie wrote a letter to Olympic officials requesting and an official silence to mark the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacres, which said in part:

“Silence is a fitting tribute for athletes who lost their lives on the Olympic stage. Silence contains no statements, assumptions or beliefs and requires no understanding of language to interpret.”

Rogge’s succinct response declared that “within the Olympic family, the memory of the victims of the terrible massacre in Munich in 1972 will never fade away.”

According to Spitzer, earlier this year when the two met in person Rogge protested his inability to act saying his hands were tied by admission of 46 Arab and Muslim members to the IOC. “No,” Spitzer she responded, “my husband’s hands were tied, not yours.” 

In 1972 when the massacre took place, the IOC refused to delay or cancel the games to recognize the murder of the eleven Israeli athletes. Forty years later,  the International Olympic Committee has reconfirmed its message to the world. Jewish blood doesn’t matter –we will not do what’s right because we are afraid of upsetting anti-Semites in the Muslim world.

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  • jacob

    Then what is proper is for all the governments siding with this petition to cut off their financial support for
    this lousy organization and let the 46 Arab countries support it….
    Lets see how far will they go

  • kafir4life

    Ankie Spitzer's problem stems from the fact that she doesn't realize that islam is a disgusting gutter cult, and that most muslims follow islam. Had she understood that the founder and head pedophile of islam, mohamat, shat the contents of the terror guide (the koran) following sex with, then later a meal of his favorite pig, or "dada" as momo liked to call him, she may not have asked at all. Once you listen to muslims about islam, it's easy to realize.
    In our lives, we wouldn't hire a muslim. It makes no sense to do so. We don't shop in their stores. It makes no sense to do so. We don't patronize businesses that employ muslims, and let management know why (they appreciate it).
    allahu snackbar

    • RUI

      Don't look now, but I'm sure she reached these same conclusions long before you, at her painful expense.

    • sim

      So do tell me about the Muslims who don't follow Islam? Are they like the Buddhists who don't follow Buddhism and the Hindus who don't follow Hinduism?

  • posse101

    arab/muslim scum. plain and simple.

  • Toecutter

    Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. The IOC are a bunch of spineless bootlickers. Don’t grovel to scumbags who treat their camels better than they treat their women.

    One minute’s silence!


    IOC hands are tied?

    It's called Sharia Law and dhimmitude.


    IOC hands are tied?

    It's called Sharia Law and dhimmitude and appeasement.

  • oldtimer

    Muslims feed on fear and political correctness. It's time to starve them and do what is morally correct…

  • Jose_Can_U_Si?

    Remember: Today Islam only ties the "infidel's" hands, ~ Tomorrow Islam cuts them off!

    God said this to Hagar regarding the descendants of Ishmael. {Islam} ……

    Genesis 16:
    12“He will be a wild donkey of a man,
    His hand will be against everyone,
    And everyone’s hand will be against him;
    And he will live to the east of all his brothers.”

    ~ New American Standard Bible

    Allah is a false god of man’s making.

    Unfortunately for Muslims, and considerably more so for the rest of the world, Islam is extremely strict and uncompromising,

    • sim

      Yup. I'm going to Turkey next month. A country that is 99% Muslim. Those uncompromising bastards are going to let me (and any of their own countrymen who wish to) eat Bacon Drink and Alcohol. There are Muslims and Muslims, just as there are Christians and Christians.

  • Schlomotion

    "The right thing to do" is have a moment of athletics at the Olympics and stop trying to hoist the Olympics for political chauvinism. If the Israelis are so rabidly mad that they can't start off the games with some Nationalist theater, or erect massive and garish glass buildings, or have a shochet perform ritual sacrifice of a Palestinian boy before the cauldron is lit, then maybe they should just sit this Olympics out in protest and wait to hold the 2036 Olympics in Israel. Then they can exclude Germans, Palestinians, and Africans from competing.

    • Stern

      And the troll descends even further into insanity. I fear that there is no longer any hope for a cure.

      • Schlomotion

        One of the things that Zionists do when confronted with themselves is speak like Dr. Mengele.

        • Zionista

          You're just seething with jealousy that Israelis and Jews excel in so many areas while an irrelevant and very sick piece of human debris like you types away in a jail cell. BLING$$

        • Touchstone

          One of the things that you do when confronted with Zionists is make deplorable, wildly hyperbolic linkages between them and evil mass-murdering Nazi "doctors" because you've been detained at checkpoints for which you've decided that all Jews are not only to be blamed but must also be unfairly and outrageously linked with history's most notorious victimizers of Jews. There was absolutely not one trace of Mengele in Stern's comment and the very suggestion is so absurd and beyond the pale, even for you, that it seems likely you don't truly believe there's a link but are merely trying to follow through on your mission statement, which is to offend Jews in order to irk their sense of moral self-righteousness, or however you put it. It doesn't get any more gratuitous or inflammatory than hitting the "Mengele button", and it's asinine to think you've done something intelligent by doing so. You're just plumbing the depths.

          "when confronted with themselves" — What arrogance to presume you have the power to bring about any such confrontation. You've done no such thing and wouldn't know how to. Why don't you first try *confronting* the fact that you use hyperbole and slander as substitutes for reasoned argument. Then proceed to *confront* the fact that you've cruelly distorted the unimpeachable motivations behind one Israeli widow's request for the most fleeting acknowledgement of the Munich tragedy by the Olympic committee. Finally, consult an experienced psychiatrist who can explore your various paranoid delusions, and help you *confront* the fact that arrogance, callousness, childishness and prejudice aren't the supreme virtues you seem to think they are.

          This Mengele comment is the lowest I've seen you descend. You must have been harassed at a checkpoint VERY recently. You're now plucking the most odious of provocations from Stormfront's Official Handbook, "How to Get a Rise Out of Jews and Throw the Very Last Shred of Your Credibility in the Garbage at the Same Time". Well done.

          • Schlomotion

            Stern took it upon himself to start handing out uncredentialed psychiatric evaluations. Every day, it becomes more obvious to me that Zionists thrive on this idea that they are somehow different from the other people who annex land, who don't want a lot of immigrants, who use propaganda to push nationalism, who accuse dissidents or critics of psychological dysfunction, who stab homosexuals in the street for violating a moral code, and who live in a fortress shooting at people who for the most part only have rocks and sticks. They are really no different. Zionists are entirely capable of a Goebbelsian statement such as "we will weed out these parasites who stand in the way of the reestablishment of the Jewish People." Wholly capable of that, especially Likudniks. I am just clear-minded on the similarity. It gives me degrees of freedom to notice and state the obvious quickly.

            Arrogance. Yes. I arrogate. I appropriate for myself the right to speak to a Jew as if he were any other person and not a sacred cow or a fragile teacup. Imagine the brazenness of that. You are funny though, because you confound so readily one Jew with all Jews. I certainly don't think of all Americans, or all New Englanders, or all Bostonians, or all caucasians of French descent when you make statements about me. You, on the other hand, feel obligated to stretch these discussions into a defense of all Judea from somebody who is antisemitic/white/Nazi/Muslim or some gigantic nonexistent golem. I am just me. Somehow, in this discussion, I am all enemies of the Jews.

            My original point was simply and clearly that, the Olympics, which is about athletics, doesn't need to pay an obeisance to Israel. Similarly, The Supreme Court, which is about law, doesn't need to open with an apology for the Crucifixion of Christ, and the Boy Scouts doesn't need to begin the Scout Oath with an endorsement of homosexuality, and the Steakeaters Convention doesn't need to apologize to PETA for all the dead cows.

          • Ted G

            BS Schlomo

            There is no rational excuse for your hateful ignorance wrapped up in pseudo intellect.

          • Touchstone

            "handing out uncredentialed psychiatric evaluations." — And that qualifies him for Mengele status? Are you serious? Stern made what's called a FACETIOUS REMARK. It wasn't an actual medical diagnosis, you cretinous nincompoop (and I mean that in the same spirit with which you called me a pissant). There is ABSOLUTELY NO LINE THAT CAN BE DRAWN between Stern's harmless aside and the hideous vomit you're accusing him (and the rest of us) of. Some of your comments are so repugnant and your arguments so specious that it's no wonder some people throw up their arms and say you must be insane. That's a logical reaction to your ludicrousness, not an "uncredentialed psychiatric evaluation" worthy of Herr Mengele (who didn't make such evaluations anyway; he was too busy torturing Jewish children to death).

            I see Mengele wasn't enough for you. You had to ratchet up the Nazi quotient by likening Zionists to Goebbels. Will you now go through the list of prominent Nazis, comparing us to them one by one? Please construct an essay in which you explain as only a self-described polymath can how Zionists (or Jews, which is what you really mean) are virtual carbon copies of Eichmann, Himmler, Heydrich, Goering, and even Hitler himself. I can't wait. By the way, Goebbels didn't just make "statements". He presided over a propaganda apparatus so devilish it transformed an indifferent nation into a seething mass of murderous Jew-hunters, blaming Jews for every problem that befell them. What the hell do you think you're doing, picking on a comment here or there and likening the speaker to monumental criminals like Mengele and Goebbels? I've never seen anyone satisfy Godwin's Law so many times and still suffer the delusion that his statements retain credibility.

            "speak to a Jew as if he were any other person and not a sacred cow" — That's not what you're doing. You're speaking to every Jew as if he were any other VILLAIN, not any other PERSON. Your stated premise is that Jews (whom you euphemistically remember to call Zionists) need to have their sanctimony confronted at all times. You start from a position of "get the Jew". You're not SPEAKING to Jews, you're TALKING DOWN to Jews. It's the Muslims you regard as sacred cows, as evidenced by the fact that you regularly omit them entirely from your innumerable posts, as if they magically didn't play any role whatsoever in the Olympic committee decision, or Israel's policies, or UN votes, or Obama's exclusion of Israel from terrorism conferences, or discussions about the Iranian nuclear program, and so on. If you truly treat Jews the way you treat "any other person", then you must get punched in the face every day, everywhere you go, because you must be insulting and criticizing everyone you meet, as you do here.

            "to pay an obeisance to Israel" — That's how the hateful of the world look at it. The noble, the generous of spirit, the compassionate, the considerate, the good and decent: they'd all look at it very, very differently. It's only obeisance in your jaundiced eyes. In other eyes (as evidenced by the article), it's an act of kindness, a signal of brotherhood, and the smallest and most fleeting of gestures at that. To those filled with hate, any such gesture is too much.

            The litany of comparisons in your final paragraph could barely be more odious or irrelevant. It's just more proof of how shallow, glib and callous you are, likening murdered Jewish athletes to slaughtered cows. Despite thousands of attempts, you have yet to conjure an apposite analogy. As usual, they all miss the mark. The only points you make with them are that you can't make analogies, and that you're reptilian to the core.

          • Stern

            Touchstone, thanks for the defense. I have discovered that there is absolutely no point whatsoever in communicating with this cretin. He is a pure anti-Semite and he is getting more and more vicious with every passing day. I have frequently advocated a complete silence in response to him, but I know how tempting it is to try and set him straight – or at least not to allow him to get away with his repugnant, hateful posts.

            I appreciate the trouble you have gone to in answering him and I value your words. But honestly, he's not worth it.

          • Touchstone

            Mostly I'm inclined to agree with you, Stern. I often wonder why I bother, especially now that he's becoming even more mean-spirited and irrational. I guess there are certain provocations I can't ignore. I assure you, I do sense the futility of reasoning with someone determined to rant and offend.

          • Schlomotion

            "He presided over a propaganda apparatus so devilish it transformed an indifferent nation into a seething mass of murderous Jew-hunters"

            I know. After unsurprisingly being compared to Goebbels about every three posts I make, I decided to watch The Goebbels Experiment last night. Unfortunately, I was so engrossed that I forgot to call in to the Jamie Glazov show where he and Raymond Ibrahim advertised that they would be spending all night talking about Islamic sodomy. Win some lose some.

            Isn't it weird that they chose to do that instead of discuss the Olympics in depth? Or the Munich Massacre in depth? How would you characterize a program like that? Scholarly interest? Would you say that they fixated on Islamic sodomy but "regularly omitted entirely" whether Zionist sodomy has any bearing on foreign policy gambits? Is such a discussion deep, pithy, and sensitive, where I am shallow, glib and callous? Or is it more like when Jewish Soc.ialists accused Goebbels of being a homosexual? Does Mr. Bawer have anything at all to say about this or the "Muslims" who run the New York Times by some conspiracy? Or is this not just Hasbara trying to do warfare using a printing press, video, internet, and doing a shabby gutter job of horribly bad and ineffective propaganda?

          • Touchstone

            "horribly bad and ineffective propaganda"

            Your specialty.

        • Drakken

          Just because you depend on men greater than you could ever be to defend you. Your a pathetic spineless puzzy!

    • Boston

      Could have been worse. The IOC could have held a moment of silence for the brave Palestinian killers and condemned the Israeli atheletes for being willing targets merely for participating in the Olympic games. That would have made Shlocky real happy.

    • Touchstone

      You're just pissed because you've been detained at checkpoints. That's the source of all your indefensible nonsense masquerading as argument. Somebody stopped you on the road, and now you're out to lynch Israel. All your commentary is self-serving from beginning to end. There's no larger purpose to it whatsoever.

      And why is it nonsense? Let's deconstruct it:

      "a moment of athletics" = A moment? The Olympics will consist almost entirely of athletics. One minute of silence hardly overshadows WEEKS of events. I repeat: "WEEKS" constitutes an ever-so-slightly longer duration than "ONE MINUTE".

      "political chauvinism" = A baseless charge (aren't they all!). According to the article, "140 Italian parliamentarians" and many other NON-JEWS from many other nations besides Israel completely disagree with your hysterical view. To anyone NOT poisoned with rabid hate (see the following paragraph), a minute of silence (or a brief mention in a speech) would be a HUMANITARIAN GESTURE, not "political chauvinism". One really has to be warped in the extreme to see things through such a hateful prism. The "political" games are being played by the cold-hearted regimes who oppose any kind of warm sentiment being shown to Israel. A minute of silence is simply a gesture saying, "Israel is part of the international family and their sad anniversary is our sad anniversary". Only a mind poisoned by hatred could paint such a noble (and truly fleeting) act of commemoration and inclusion in such ugly colors as you've done. You're not unmasking Israeli intentions, you're exposing your own malicious ones.

      "the Israelis are so rabidly mad" = Mad? The Israelis aren't mad. You're just making stuff up and hurling it, as is your habit. It's bloody obvious that YOU'RE the one who's "rabidly mad". That's why you can't resist making callous remarks whenever this topic comes up. A widow grieves and longs for some closure, so she asks for a minute of silence. That's your idea of "mad"? You don't understand emotions or motivations. If the people in question are Israeli (whom you summed up as "bad people"), you invent a false and unflattering motive and ascribe it hastily. You make stuff up and hurl it, as I said. Thousands of angry posts confirm that YOU'RE the one who's "rabidly mad". And despicably callous. You'd probably enjoy insulting the widow to her face.

      "Nationalist theater" = You still miss the point that it's about the Olympic community coming together as a FAMILY OF NATIONS and commemorating what amounts to "a death in the family", so to speak. If the same tragedy befell any other country, nobody would object to the exact same minute of silence taking place, including you. Nobody would traduce the country that requested it with such ugly, hyperbolic terms like "Nationalist theater". Nobody would make the same fundamental error in judgment and confuse a broad, inclusive, international gesture with something nationalistic and parochial.

      The only reason there's no acknowledgement of the Munich tragedy is that the barbarian hordes don't want it. Be proud: you're siding with the barbarians. Why not go one step further and join their calls for even more Munich-like atrocities? Don't be only half a barbarian. Be all that you can be!

      "have a shochet perform ritual sacrifice of a Palestinian boy before the cauldron is lit" = Now you're just ratcheting up the hyperbole. Who are you to accuse anyone of "theater" when virtually everything you say is a wild, melodramatic, hyperbolic, baseless overreaction? Your histrionics come from a very dark place, full of seething hatred (which you continue to deny, and feebly). This particular line of yours is the kind of bitter drivel a Stormfront-type hardcore neo-Nazi bigot would scribble.

      If all it took was a few checkpoints for you to sing in harmony with jihadists and Nazis, I'd say you must have been looking for an excuse to do so all along.

      • Schlomotion

        Actually, no, since I have only been stopped at checkpoints in the context of Jewish paranoia within the past year. There you go, with that word "self-serving" again. Would it be better if my commentary were altruistic, somehow more palatable if I were using the Breastplate of Vengeance to defend a realm of similar racial, ethnic and religious people who I believed were downtrodden? Zionists use these terms self-serving, self-loathing, or self-hating. Again, I have to point out that the Jewish sense of self is very peculiar as the individual is accused of self-hate when he deviates and openly criticizes Jewish institutions or Zionism. To me, the self is the self. The Jewish community acts arrogantly when they claim a self as their own and attempt to override his judgments and preferences on behalf of the hive. It is nationalistic and parochial. Now, this (really transnational) entity or social blob is trying to tack a mitzvah to the opening of the Olympics. Why? Mossad tracked down and shot those guys to death in Operation Wrath of God. Then John Frankenheimer made his buck off it. Then Steven Spielberg. Finally, Michael Anderson made his buck off of it with Sword of Gideon. We have to keep doing it and doing it? every year, every five years, every 30 years? Israel is now a family member who has to be coddled and appeased? Israel is a widow who has to be schtupped by her late husband's brother? We just have to keep giving them more and more? Where is the shut off valve?

        • Touchstone

          Where is the shut off valve for your own endless stream of cold callous hatred? Actually, the answer might be simple: it's that checkpoint down the road from you. If they removed it, you might stop posting altogether, because the stimulus for your deluge of anger would be removed.

          "Self-serving" isn't a canned word owned by Zionists! You're outrageous. What's the next word you're going to ban, King Schlomo? Obviously, any word you don't want to hear magically becomes a "Zionist term" at your whim. Tell me another one!

          Nobody's "overriding" anyone's judgments, arrogantly or otherwise. What's happening here is that you start these conflicts by making a false accusation, such as distorting Israel's innocuous request into something grotesque. Then that poison of yours is deemed yet another example of suboptimal judgment (to put it charitably). Then you predictably overreact, claiming your judgment has been arrogantly overridden. Nonsense. What happened is that your errors in judgment were observed to be so. If you're going to plop your bile here for all to see, you can't whine when it gets chopped up. The group is judging your comments harshly because those comments deserve rebuke, not because we're arrogant. It's YOUR arrogance which blinds you from that reality.

          As I've explained elsewhere, just because some filmmakers depicted the events on screen isn't relevant in this context. What's meaningful is if the GAMES ITSELF commemorated the event, not if some random director makes a buck off of it. The whole world will be watching the Games. Comparatively few people saw the movies, and they weren't sponsored by the Olympics. A million such movies would be drowned out by the silence from the Olympic committee, which speaks volumes about how little regard Israel is to receive from the family of nations.

          "We have to keep doing it and doing it? … We just have to keep giving them more and more?" – We? We?! Good grief, your arrogance and presumption have no limits! YOU didn't do a damn thing, and you didn't give a damn thing. YOU didn't make any such movies. YOU didn't commemorate anything. YOU didn't offer anything but venom to the Israeli delegation. How dare you lump yourself in with the filmmakers or ANYONE who created ANYTHING to which you didn't contribute? Are you aware that the actions of others are not your own? Can you accept that? DO you understand that basic principle? Do you know what planet you're on right now?

          "coddled and appeased" – You ninny. It's the Olympic committee which is so blatantly knuckling under. You completely overlook the anti-Israel appeasement that goes on, whether it's with respect to snubbing Israel's request at the Games, or the voting patterns at the UN, or Obama's exclusion of Israel at the anti-terrorism conference, or Israel having to enter and exit through the service entrance at conferences involving the Saudis, and so on. Jews and Israel are the constant victims (your favorite word!) of pro-Islamic appeasement. Nobody on this planet gets more "coddled and appeased" than today's Angry Muslims. The Angry Muslim in England gets appeased, as does the Angry Muslim in France, and in Malmo too (where the mayor actually blamed Jews for their own victimization because they wouldn't publicly denounce Israel). And on and on.

          Any more brilliant insights you'd like to pull out of your backside, Bowelmotion?

          • Schlomotion

            I wasn't talking about my own judgments being overridden. I have only enjoyed that service accidentally when Zionists, or more likely Christian Zionists mistake me for a Jew rejecting Judaism. I was talking about actual Jews who criticize Zionism or commit the even bigger thoughtcrime of rejecting Judaism. They get attacked with all the fury of the father of a Muslim girl who discovers makeup and short skirts.

            "The whole world will be watching the Games. " Yes. So this bid by Zionists is really a mad rush for top billing. While most normal people look forward to perfect dives, excellent dismounts from the uneven bars, and magnificent swim times, Zionists look for global attention, collective guilt, and prime ad placement for the Shoah.

            If it were "Israel's innocuous request," then the Olympic Committee could just quickly and politely say "no thank you" and get on with the gymnastics. Apparently Israel's requests are not to be refused. Now the Olympics is an evil conspiracy like the UN, and a failed state like UK. I just watched three wonderful dives, and as far as I saw, no Jews were harmed or even splashed.

          • Ghostwriter

            To paraphase someone at the Army-McCarthy hearings. "Have you no decency,sir?" Apparently,Schlomotion,the answer is no. You have none.

          • Schlomotion

            Right, except today, you would be McCarthy's secretary and bottle washer and poor Fred Fisher would be accused of being a "terrorist and self-hating Jew" for supporting the Algerian Six.

          • Touchstone

            "So this bid by Zionists is really a mad rush for top billing. While most normal people look forward to perfect dives, excellent dismounts from the uneven bars, and magnificent swim times, Zionists look for global attention, collective guilt, and prime ad placement for the Shoah."

            I've responded to drivel like this far too many times. There's no getting through to you. You're an idiot, a propagandist, a provocateur and an evil creep for dehumanizing Jews like this. You don't respond to what I write, you just distort it and use it as the basis for another psychotic rant in which you blithely rob Jews of the humanity we share with the rest of the planet, in this case a shared love of Olympic sports. You just can't resist the compulsion to ascribe the basest of motives to us, reducing us to something inhuman. This is defamation and bigotry.

            "prime ad placement for the Shoah" — After such an abominable remark, please don't ever again claim that you feel sorrow for the Holocaust or that you want Israel to "thrive". It's obvious that all you want to do is slander Jews as viciously and as unfairly as possible. Next time you mention Goebbels, I'll know it's because you're trying to emulate him.

            I wonder if we're all witnessing the final days of Bowelmotion's tenure at this website.

          • Schlomotion

            The only concrete point you were making there is that Jews love the Olympics.

            Good. Run some laps. Throw some javelins. Balance on the beams. Quit complaining.

            If I type into a search engine:

            American athletes: It says "Top N. American athletes of the century"
            Russian athletes: It says "Russian athletes ready to win"
            Kenyan athletes: It says "Kenya's runners aim to drag golden haul from the disarray"
            German athletes: It says "Germany is a leading country for sports"
            French athletes: It says "breathtaking soccer player lead France "
            Palestinian athletes: It says: "first Palestinian to earn"

            For Israeli athletes: It says "Killed."

            Get over yourselves.

          • Touchstone

            The sad thing is that you genuinely believe you've written something persuasive. You couldn't recognize a "concrete point" if it fell on your swelled head.

            Why the hell do I keep responding to your intellectual vomit? It's worthless. Do you realize that? Do you?

            Obviously, anyone can cherry-pick whatever results they want out of a bloody Google search! [And who the heck knows who even WROTE all the articles about Israel's athletes. You're implying (in yet another empty, evidence-free accusation) that every article you found came from yet another "obnoxious Jew".]

            This may very well be the shallowest, weakest, stupidest "point" you've ever made, although there's enormous competition.

            And where's the evidence that Jews AREN'T running laps and such? Of course they are. As shocking as it may sound, Jews are in fact capable of training for athletics AND making a tiny request from the Olympic committee. You stupidly assume that Jews can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Jews can and do multi-task! Why must you be continually reminded of such a self-evident point?

            The other concrete points I made (easily supported by abundant evidence from your own ugly rants):

            – You can't resist the compulsion to impute the basest of motives to Jews
            – You thereby reduce Jews to something inhuman
            – In light of your palpable ill will, your claims of sorrow over the Shoah, or of pro-Israel sentiment, ring utterly hollow
            – It has become obvious that you intend to slander Jews viciously and unfairly
            – Since I've seen other posters on other sites get banned for less, it seems possible that you're flirting with banishment yourself, especially when you start likening obscure internet commentators to the most notorious, evil, mass-murdering beasts in history.

            My speculation (which you'll deny out of hand) is that you're getting increasingly frustrated that you're accomplishing absolutely NOTHING here. All your efforts will ever amount to is the generation of yet another pile of cheap provocations by yet another mean-spirited internet troll. That cruel reality clashes starkly with your grandiose ambitions. The harsh truth is that you're likely to wind up being far more inconsequential than the Jews you belittle every day.

      • Ghostwriter

        Thank you,Touchstone for chewing this creep out. He deserves a lot more than that for his disgusting,Jew-hating rants.

        • Touchstone

          Actually, Stern's opinion that he should be ignored is probably the right one. His stated goal is to cause offense, so I'm probably just giving him what he wants by responding to him at length.

    • reader

      The issue rather is that your caretaker should not exclude you from taking prozac or whatever else is needed to control your schizophrenia with – even for a day.

    • intrcptr2

      Are you honestly that ignorannt of WHY the French resurrected the Olympics in the first place?

      Considering that the only athletes to actually die during the games in over 100 years were from Israel, and the Olympics are in fact a nationalist event, how do you even look yourself in the face each morning with this sort of evil? I truly do not understand your type (I cannot bring myself to refer to you as a person, since you are so devoid of anything belonging that species).

    • JoJoJams

      Schlomo – you got blown away by real debate/arguments over your childish hyperbole. Are you going to grow up sometime soon, please? It's for your own good — really! I'm sure once you grow up we'll find you're probably a fairly decent human being. Use your brain for good and decency for a change, and you, too, can make the world a better place.

    • Ghostwriter

      Have you no decency,Schlomotion?! All the Israelis want is a moment of silence for their dead athletes. Is that too much? You're an utter piece of garbage,Schlockmotion,and a heartless beast to boot!!!!!

      • Stern

        Brief, to the point and brilliant. Excellent response GW.

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    Additional games added this year at the Olympics.

    1. Cast stones at Jews and Christians (indoors only) to be played after Stoning for Women. (outside only)
    (Saturdays only both)
    2. Camel and goat races (located at the Equestrian Center) Dhimmi grooms enter from back entrance)
    3. Muslim prayers (Mandatory) Everyday.
    4. Waterboarding (Muslims exempt from being waterboarded) Thursday evening
    5. Royal Family Roast or convert to Islam initiation. Friday before prayers at noon.
    6. Free testing for Virginity for all women and men. (mandatory) to be performed by the Iranian UN delegation
    7. Choose your next American President (men only)

    • Boston

      8. Grenade belts (a one time event with posthumous medals being awarded)

  • ★FALCON★

    When you read this – it will be a bit clearer.

    06/18/2012 18.06.2012 Munich Olympics Massacre
    Files Reveal Neo-Nazis Helped Palestinian Terrorists


    Forty years ago, the massacre of Israeli athletes and coaches overshadowed the Munich Summer Olympics. Though it was never proved, left-wing extremists were suspected of working with the Palestinian terrorists behind the operation. But previously unreleased files seen by SPIEGEL prove that neo-Nazis were involved instead — and officials knew about it.

    ( snipped )

    • ★JaJaJaJewboy★

      Does your yamaka have a propeller on top of it, Heimi?

    • NoJews

      Brilliant, Heimi, brilliant.

  • khushi

    This is horrible.
    Unless we rid ourselves of political correctness, nothing will be righted in the world.
    And i agree with the poster above – evil triumphs when good men say and do nothing.

  • Marty

    Apparently, the Olympic Committee is a new center of dhimmitude and is composed of cowards and appeasers. islam always plays the victim. A bit ironic since islam has been an imperialist and aggressive force since its founding. islam can be relied upon to bring out the worst in people: institutionalized brutality, abuse of women, pedophilia, anti-semitism (the koran contains more Jew-hatred wordage than menin kampf), and a total lack of respect for the rights of the individual. It is the complete opposite of what western civilization is and stands for. There is no way islam can be negotiated or compromised with; it is a totalitarian ideology that includes a death cult and required misery for all who come under its power.

  • sheldan

    Ankie Spitzer is right. Jewish blood is cheap. Unfortunately, she is also right in that the Muslim bloc is influential. I say let the Muslim nations walk.

    • Ben

      Details matter. It was stated that the Olympic committee refused to cancel or delay the games. Not true. There was a one day delay which included a memorial service at the olympic stadium. The stadium was filled to capacity. I know because I was there.

  • http://ampatriot.blogspot.com/ C.R.

    Those were not palestianian terrorists–they were Islamic Arab terrorists–as there are no palestinians!

    Germany has tied their own bloody hands–not the Muslims–it is Germany who foolishly chose to flood their nation with Muslims–and they are paying the price!

  • RUI

    Let us give a proper minute of silence then: I don't intend to watch the olympics, attend (even though I live within spitting distance of one of the olympic venues) or buy anything sporting its benighted logo.
    My minute of silence will last from the 1st to the last day of this display of totalitarian corportatism abbeting the spill of Israeli blood. Expecting the IOC to comply It's a bit like expecting the nazis to apologise for the holocaust. They'll shrug, they'll yawn, they'll look at their feet and soldier on as the UN of sport.

    I would conclude with "shame on them", but… we're a little beyond shame now.

  • http://frontpage richard sherman

    In 1936 Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller were denied their rightful place on the US Olympic teambecause they were Jewish. In 2012 the murder victims of the 1972 Olympics were denied a moment of silence because they werre Jewish. Nothing changes. Antisemitism is foundational to the Olympic movement.

  • ratonis

    Islime is diseased garbage.

  • Terry

    I decided not to watch this grotesque Olympics as soon as the IOC decided that the lives of 11 Jewish athletes, victims of genocide in the home of modern mass genocide, weren't worth a minute's silence. How unfortunate that 11 Jewish lives would make the arab, islamic and western leftist worlds feel uneasy. Their predecessors in 1930s Germany never had any such such qualms.

    This is a sick world, and those who claim that the Olympics brings people together under the banner of sport are the sickest of all.

    • sim

      DId you watch the last Olympics when there was also no minute's silence?

  • http://www.facebook.com/moshe.pipik.1 Moshe Pipik

    No Jew outside of Israel should be registered with a Muslim Dr. (GP) whether arab or other, no jews should visit Arab or muslim countries, no jew should eat in a restaurant owned by a muslim, no jew should purchase any goods from a store owned by Muslims, no Jew should make conversation of any kind with a Muslim. There should be no dialogue whatsoever with any Muslims, let them all go to hell where they all belong.