American Sniper

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FP: You now run a military contracting firm that helps train the next generation of American snipers. What kinds of values and skills do you try to instill in your trainees?

CK: I can’t discuss tactics with a civilian but what I can say is that we try to make sure that they learn professional discipline. A lot of the guys who come for training already have combat experience. They already have many of the skills. What we try to do is to make sure they become even more proficient at what they do and they do the right thing when its required.

FP: Do you follow the success of Seal Team Six, which killed Osama Bin Laden and which just launched a successful raid on Somali pirates, and if so what do you think of their work?

CK: It’s awesome. They did an amazing job rescuing the hostages. SEALS are bad-asses and this is the kind of thing that they do day-to-day. I’m sure there is a lot more that the public will never hear about. I’m sure they didn’t even want this hostage rescue story to get out. But it’s a great reminder of what the SEALs are trained to do and what they’re capable of.

FP: What do you hope readers take away from your book?

CK: I wrote this book not just to tell my story but to tell the story of the hardship that our men and uniform face as well as the hardships their families back home face. People always say that they want to give back to the troops but they’re not sure how. I think the best thing they can do is to perform random acts of kindness. Mow a soldier’s yard. Babysit for them while they go out to dinner or out on a date. Sometimes they can’t do those things. Sometimes they don’t have time to go out or they can’t take a nap. Help them out, even if it’s in a small way. I can tell you that goes much further than just going up to them and saying thank you.

FP: Chris Kyle, on behalf of Front Page Magazine and our readers, thank you for your time and for your heroic service to our country. 

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  • mrbean

    Liberal Female Reporter: "Tell me, as a Marine Sniper, what do you feel when you shoot someone with that big 50 calibre rifle and kill him?"

    Marine Sniper: " Just a little recoil m'am."

    Be patient with advertizement, enter your birth date, sound on and full screen ENJOY

  • kongMing

    That's awesome. Got to by the book.

    "…like a lion cornered round his young
    When hunters cross him, leading his cubs through woods –
    He ramps in all the pride of his power, bristling strength
    The heavy folds of his forehead frowning down his eyes"

  • gentlemanwarrior

    I salute you, Chris, for your service. You can't get ALL the bad guys, so take solace in the fact you DID make it possible for many of our military to make it back home to their loved ones. I'm a USN vet from the 70s and sometimes wish I were young again so I, too, could help out in the field.____Good job. I'll be picking your book up in the next few days. Any chance I could have you sign it if I send to you with return postage? :)

    • Asher

      We salute you Chris and Cheer for you…You Make Our Day!

  • Rifleman

    That .300 Win. is a fine round, long range, flat trajectory, and a heavy bullet. It's a substantial performance improvement over the venerable old .30-06, and would be my first choice in that line of work. I've been hearing about our snipers saving a lot of lives and monkey wrenching enemy plans.__ I imagine controlling my heart rate would be the hardest part. They've found that good long distance shooters squeeze off their rounds between heartbeats.

    • Stephen_Brady

      The very best snipers are those who can account for every factor which affects the placement of their shot. The .50 has such a long range, that you've even got to take into consideration the curvature of the earth. Wind … where you fire, between you and the target, and in the vicinity of the target, also has to be accounted for. And if you don't know the absolute ballistic characteristics of the round you're using, you will be dead meat.

      200 yards is interesting, and dangerous … to say the least … because the enemy can hit you back, if he zeroes in on your position. And the .300 Win is a fantastic rouond, I'll agree with that. But I get consistent groups using a Mosin-Nagant (manufactured in 1929), using handloaded casings and bullets (made by Norma), at 1000 meters.

      If you need a ballistic computer, you don't need to be a sniper!

  • mrbean

    "9/11 Truther" Jesse Ventura shot his mouth off to his fellow Seals got himself punched out. take my hat off to Chris for decking Jesse. Jesse showed up at a funeral for a decorated soldier and told these seals they "deserved" to lose a few guys over there. And this sniper did his job as an American and a solider and leveled him. In the future be careful who you mouth off around Jesse, this guys won't tolerate your nutcase crap.

    • Ennis

      He did? Is there a video of this? Or an article? Cos this is something I really want to see or hear more about.

    • Tim Nelson

      Jesse Ventura is an embarrassment to the state of Minnesota if not the human race. I'm embarrased to say I actually supported that jerk when he originally ran for Governor. (I didn't live in MN but I'm from there and have a million relatives and friends there). What a loon he turned out to be. I saw his moronic 9/11 junk and lost all respect.
      Then there's his pathetic TV show 'Conspiracy Theory' that panders to the conspiracy dopes with idiotic stuff on HAARP, (eek Earthquakes! Hurricanes! Mind Control!) Area 51… etc nauseum.
      I have nothing left for Ventura but contempt and disdain, as does the rest of my family who weathered his tenure as Governor.

  • BLJ

    This man is a true hero.

  • RoguePatriot6

    A fine article in tribute to a great American!!! I've done a few tours in Iraq and his service probably saved me along with some of my brothers and sisters in arms alot of grief.

  • xkn

    Now Chris, if you would just can the PC words like "insurgents" it would be great. You are not in military anymore, so you can speak straight!

  • Lady_Dr

    A great tribute to a real hero. Now what we need are snipers in the political arena to take out some 'insurgents' trying to bring down the greatest nation on earth.

    • Toa

      LOL- ditto that; we need about 1,000 Marco Rubio's for that task.

    • kafirman

      Yes. Political snipers, who can name the enemy, who can assert the superiority of natural law and its application to ALL men over the drivel of a mad man who sanctioned rape of non-muslims (e.g., Koran 4:3) and the religious subjugation of non-Muslims by an onerous tax "to make them feel subdued" (Koran 9:29), that is what we need. Unfortunately, Rubio is not even questioning the wisdom of granting 501(c)3 status to Islam yet.

  • davarino

    Got the book. Thanks Chris for your service. Live long and prosper.