Bailout for OWS?

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Bankruptcy makes for strange bedfellows. During its brief spell on the national stage, the Occupy Wall Street movement raged against rich corporations – “corporate fascists” in OWS parlance. But as the national spotlight has faded – and as cash from progressive donors has dried up – the movement’s soak-the-rich agitators are set to welcome a financing boost from the same “1 percent” they once denounced.

OWS’s corporate benefactor is the so-called Movement Resource Group, a funding venture backed by the left-wing founders of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream as well as the former manager of grunge group Nirvana, among others. The group has raised some $300,000 so far, and plans to raise around $1.8 million to revive the moribund movement.

Ben and Jerry’s involvement in the cause is entirely in keeping with the company’s activist giving. Driven by its founders’ Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield’s radical politics, the ice cream giant has long funded extreme left-wing causes through its Ben and Jerry’s Foundation. Dispensing funds to a broad spectrum of left-wing groups, from ACORN to the Tides Foundation, the ice cream makers have never seen a contradiction between their commercial success and their intense loathing of free-market capitalism. In recent years, for instance, their foundation has endorsed the “Earth Charter,” a document that blames capitalism on the world’s environmental, social and economic ills. The charter declares that “the dominant patterns of production and consumption are causing environmental devastation, the depletion of resources, and a massive extinction of species” and blames capitalism for causing the “gap between rich and poor.”

Considering how closely these tenets align with OWS’s class-warfare rhetoric, it’s no wonder that Ben and Jerry’s see OWS as the ideal vessel for their views. Last fall, Ben and Jerry’s issued a statement of solidarity with the OWS protestors, praising them for raising issues of “fundamental importance to all of us,” and pronouncing themselves “honored to join you in this call to take back our nation and democracy.” Ben and Jerry’s also endorsed the movement’s grievances, bemoaning the fact that “[c]orporations are permitted to spend unlimited resources to influence elections while stockpiling a trillion dollars rather than hiring people.”

To be sure, that opposition to corporate money in politics doesn’t seem to apply to Ben and Jerry’s, which is now trying to spend millions to influence the political process through OWS. Nor, seemingly, does it apply to Unilever, the global conglomerate that owns Ben and Jerry’s and which spent a million dollars on political lobbying in 2010.

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  • maturin20

    I don't think Sabra Ice Cream is going to be able to compete with Ben and Jerry's. Who wants to eat frozen goat's milk?

  • Ken

    I will never buy Ben & Jerry's again!!

  • Jim

    By the way Mr Author who is the president of the OWS or anonymous? Who is the treasurer?
    Say how about a list of the board of director

    Why do you not try to join? You know as well as I OWS is not joinable because it is not an organization.

    You must know the movement is under attack by co opters of the left who wish to turn it in to their own astro turff

  • mrbean

    Ben and Jerry are similar to couple of old limp-dicked hippies who did well in business trying to recapture their youth by joining any leftist feel good movement..

  • clarespark

    I tried to add a bit of precision to the Wall Street versus Main Street discourse, here:…. On the antisemitism in OWS see…. I do agree that anarchism and the counter-culture are important elements of OWS, but these demonstrators are also allied with the Marxist Left, equally allergic to "finance capital." Put it all together and you have old-fashioned populism, with a whiff of the fascism they attribute to the One Percent.

  • Steve Chavez

    Do Occupiers buy lottery tickets and if so why? To become "Filty Stink'n Rich!"

  • joe

    anarchist inc with capitalist model

  • pyeatte

    I never bought Ben & Jerry's and this reminds me why. The only thing OWS attracts is rats, and the main thing it doesn't attract is soap & shampoo.

  • xios

    I stopped buying B and J's ice cream back in the mid 1990's- not only because of their leftism but because I never liked the taste of the flavors- Breyers is so much better.