Guilty of Insulting Islam

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FP: On the darker side, which you hint at, you have reportedly received over 500 death threats. What has been the nature of those threats — for instance, are they all from Islamists? — and how are you coping with this menacing situation?

EP: The death threats are from mostly Islamists, namely the Muslim Brotherhood, but I have had some threats from atheists, who claim that they will “kick my ass” because I am supposedly giving atheism a bad name. I was on a radio show and made a comment that nearly got me booted from the atheist movement. I was addressing the followers of Islam and I said:

“I do not respect your filthy, repugnant, and vile views. I will not allow you put fear in my mind or in the mind of those whom I know. I will not be silent with my disdain and disgust for your culture or your terroristic ways. I am an American atheist, and I am not afraid to deal with you openly and in the same manner that I treat Christianity. I am not afraid to publicly blaspheme your pedophile prophet. I will do this on a corner, in a crowd, or a parade! While so many others draw Mohammed, I am Mohammed in open public! Am I worried about being attacked or death threats? I’m more worried that if I stay silent that the energy and emotion within me will be worse to me than being attacked or even death threats! So do your worst and I will do mine.”

That didn’t go down well with some in the atheist movement, but I don’t apologize for saying that.

FP: Since the ruling there has been a remarkable backlash against the judge, Mechanicsburg District Judge Mark Martin, and he and his staff have been temporarily relocated to another courthouse for safety reasons. What are your thoughts about that unfortunate consequence?

EP: I think it’s regrettable that the judge has to fear for his safety. But at the same time, this is a nation that has been attacked by radical Islamists. So when a judge – who is also a veteran soldier and who is supposed to be fighting for the sake of our Constitution – sides with Islam in this way, what do we expect? The nation was furious and we have every right to be furious. Moreover, the judge has been relocated and has unlimited protection, but what about me? I have zero protection. The judge could have found my attacker guilty. Then, no protection either way would have been needed. How do you become the most hated judge in America? Allow Islam to trump the Constitution!

FP: Do you think the American legal system at present is too accommodating of Islamic sensibilities in the name of religious sensitivity? For instance, the Center for Security Policy recently issued a report reviewing 50 Appellate Court cases from 23 states, and concluded that Shariah law has entered into state court decisions, often in conflict with the Constitution. Is your case just the tip of a broader national problem? 

EP: There is no doubt that Sharia law is creeping into the legal system, and my case is proof. While there has never been an American so brash as to dress as Mohammed in public, the judge’s decision to side with my attacker shows that Islamic favor is evident in court decisions. We need not be accommodating to any religion. No people are above the right to be offended. This is America. No religious belief should be given a free pass.

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  • Friend

    I am a believing Christian. Whenever Jesus was blasphemed in public, we were told to keep quiet and accept it. If laws were made to protect blasphemy against Christianity then very soon those same laws would be flouted and abused by muslims. It seems from this case that our keeping quiet did no good.
    I honour and admire Ernest Pearce for his actions and will defend his right to be atheist. I wish some of us cowardly Christians had been as earnest as Ernest.

    • Roger

      You cut right to the heart of the differences between the two religions.

      One is tolerant, one isn't. Will the judge rip on me for saying that?

    • Big Dawg

      Amen to that!! STOP BEING SILENT. If you belong to a "Christian Church" that is preaching acceptence of Islam and Illegal Mexicans, LEAVE IT, It is a cult of cultural diversity which is in its desire a death decree upon America and Americans. Once again a force of EVIL using the kind and gentle nature of our society to KILL us. History is repleat with it. And, History repeats itself.

  • Ken

    Although I may not agree with Ernest's spiritual views, I totally support his right to express them. No religion is above mockery or satire. ISLAM INCLUDED!! The double-standards and hypocrisy have to stop!! If you can make fun of one, you can make fun of all!! Islam gets the velvet glove treatment, while other faiths get bashed on a regular basis, especially Christians and Jews!! If one gets a pass, then they all should.

    • R.

      Here is my answer; Screw you Mooeehammed and your sheep…oh, you already done that. Never mind…

  • Alexander Gofen

    The case is an eye-opener on many issues…

    It appears that American Atheistic society is eager to confront not any religion… Not any religion is "as bad" as those nasty conservative Christians, who comprise and preserve American heritage. There are "good religions", you know: Those who undermined and destroy American heritage. How dared Mr. Ernest Perce to confused the two?

    Also, is it allowed to ask: Where is ACLU in this most classical case of the free – and mind, anti-religious! – speech? Nowhere found…

    And where is any decent lawyer willing to take this case pro bono? (Actually the case promises quite a pretty state compensation for the violation of Mr. Perce's rights). Nowhere found too…

    • Big Dawg

      American Citizens have NO RIGHTS in many US courts.

  • kafir4life

    The funny thing about muslims getting upset about anything that insults islam, is that islam is merely a gutter cult that deserves insults, but its very nature. Invented by a pedophilic madman (mohamat the pig face) as their "prophet", a holy terror guide (the koran) that was first written in feces, given to hate, rape, murder. What's not to make fun of!!
    I have a t-shirt that says "God bless Israel" written in arabic. It's fun to hang out outside the musks to see which one of the gutter cultists take exception. You'd be surprised how few of them do. They'll approach with th big smile and ask what it says. I don't understand why the smile vanishes when it's translated for them. and the ones that ARE able to read it will point and whisper. I just wave my American flag at them and smile.

    • intrcptr2

      I like this.

      I wonder what the inability to read such a simple statement in Arabic highlights about the education of these Muslims?

      • D S Dunlap

        MOST Muslims are illiterate in Arabic.


          As was their false prophet mohammed.

          • Roger

            Maybe he was just too busy playing with his 6 year old wife 'aisha's' dolls to learn to read and write.

    • curmudgeon

      we need to get rid of them first. then insult them. if we feebly insult them while continuing to import muslims, coddle muslems, aid and abet muslims, the joke is on us. send them to some country they dont hate. then insult them.

  • Steve Chavez

    TV SHOWS WATCHED BY ALLAH. (ALLAH: Clap Clap "Obama, I mean Osama, sorry I always get you two mixed up, get me some popcorn and some M & M's.)

    “Really Desperate TentWives.”
    “Countdown with Mrs. Fidel Castro.”
    “Extreme Takeover: Homeland Edition.”
    “Meet the Virgins.”
    “1000 Ways to Kill.”
    “Honey, I Blew Up the Kids.”
    “My Babysitter is a Jihadist.”
    “The Phantom of the Mosque.”
    “How I Met Your Mother and 200 Step-Mothers.”
    “Are You Dumber than a 1st Grader? (If not, I cut head off!)”
    “Are You Dumber than a Goat? (If so, you leader!)”
    “Married with I Don’t Know How Many Children.”
    “Camel Whisperer.”
    “The Last of the Muammars.”
    “Hardball with Jihad Jane.”
    “The Good, the Bad, and the Really (Really) Ugly.”
    “Everybody Wants to Blow Up Raymond.”
    “Bashar the Exterminator.”
    “Family Feud: The Kardashians vs. The Bedouins.”

    • WilliamJamesWard

      On the morning news… change ……."Ground Hog Day"………….William

    • Roger

      You are just too stressed out. You need to watch and laugh and relax a little.

      • Steve Chavez

        Thank you now that I spent the last two hours laughing at the other videos. I'm hooked now.

    • Ron

      LOL…You left off "Brokeback Sand Dune"

  • techwreck

    Ernest should not need to file a "judicial complaint" because of the publicity this case has received. The judiciary should police its own activist members who do not follow (or understand) the law. The fact that the legal profession and the judiciary have such a terrible record in regulating misconduct by their members accounts for the low opinion and lack of confidence that most Americans have in our legal system.

    Our politicians are fond of saying that "no one is above the law", but we have frequent examples of politicians (from our President to state and local officials) and members of the judiciary who clearly think they can ignore the law without consequences. Unfortunately, our system of government allows them to get away with it.

    There is an old saying, "The law is an ass." Well, the law is not an ass, but many of our elected officials are asses, and it is the fault of the people who elected them.

    • Big Dawg

      Get real. A Thief in a Black robe and spit on the constitution, but filing a complaint has many rules, regulations and hurdles to go through so that "justice" prevails. It all makes me want to puke!

    • tagalog

      It's "the law is a ass."

  • JasonPappas

    Folks, let's remember that Islam is first and foremost a political ideology. So while I agree that one should be free to criticize and mock any religion (although good manners suggest restraint), I would argue we can't afford Islam's religious dimension to shield it from criticism.

    One of the most important aspects of the first amendment is it's protect of the political debate needed to thoroughly discuss issues if we are to safe-guard the democratic process. In the process of a vigorous debate people will be offended. So be it. Free speech is too important to our republic to allow over-sensitivity to get in the way.

    • john

      We also should remember that any party regardless of politics or religion that advocates the overthrow of our goverment or of our constitution is guilty of treason and treason is treated with death

      • Kate

        I agree and have said so; unfortunately, those in Congress and the major media outlets are too busy pandering to Muslim sensibilities to listen. One of the major offenders is Attorney General of the U.S., Holder. He and his deputy, Perez, held talks with Muslims on finding ways of instituting UN Resolution 16/18 in the United States. Such a law would virtually end free speech in this country.

  • StephenD

    It infuriates me that the Judge gets relocated rather than made to step down. He took an oath to defend the Constitution and instead supplanted it with Sharia, and summarily dismissed it. He MUST BE REMOVED from the bench!

  • tagalog

    I HATE it when I get "chocked," especially by a Muslim guy! Islamic chocking is just plain beyond the pale!

  • oldtimer

    The religion of love and peace.

  • GenieSmith

    Where are all the legal organizations that take cases like Ernest's? Is it because he is an atheist that none have come forward to represent him?

    I am a Christian, but I support anyone's right to free speech, and I find the fact that no organization has come to his defense appalling.

    • RoguePatriot6

      I am a Christian also and I hear you.

      I may disagree with an atheist's view on our Creator however I wouldn't censor him or harm him in any way. I am a proud and stubborn advocate of the 1st Amendment.

      • D S Dunlap

        Next Hallowe'en, Mr Perce should carry a gun… just in case.

  • oldtimer

    Forgot to mention, religion of suicide bombers also using children, honor killings, poisonings, acid attacks, shall I go on….

    • Big Dawg

      FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION!!! (right here in the USA as well now)

      • Roger

        Honor killings…

  • Ruckus_Tom

    EP: People need to learn to take out their aggression in non-violent ways. When you become an American you should adapt to our way of life. You should respect the rights protected by our Constitution. Talk about your frustration, protest what you do not agree with. But don’t resort to violence to silence those you disagree with. Americans have no problem with people of any faith coming to our country. But those people should know that because we are the land of the free, we are also free to offend.

    Talk about naivety.

    Sharia law mandates violence. Our Constitution is a living document and we're subscribing to international law – as seen in this case (the First Amendment does not apply to Islam). Muslims will always use violence to support Islam. Some Americans DO have a problem with people of the Islamic faith coming to our country … check out the Samalians settling in places like Minnesota. "But those people should know that because we are the land of the free, we are also free to offend." As long as we remain free. Some would say we are not free right now (e.g. Nugent vs. Farrakhan – has Farrakhan been visited by the Secret Service? How 'bout Jerimiah Wright?).

    • intrcptr2

      It is not naivety, he is being prescriptive. The problem is that our government officials, and we the people, have stopped demanding that immigrants assimilate.

      This creeping sharia is merely another syptom of the ruin of the America of our national hymns; Star Spangled Banner, America, God Bless America, Gettysburg Address, etc. The nation that inspired these stanzas is dissolving before our eyes.

    • john

      I agree with you Tom, but also I add, we are the land of the free with the right to offend, but also we have the right to defend our way of life, even if we have to defend with deadly force. The mulims have no problem taking the the lifesa of americans, then the muslims should have no objections to our taking their lifes. A eye for an eye and a life for a life

  • RoguePatriot6

    Shocking, but should we really be shocked?

    All over Europe the same approach is taken towards those who are victimzed by this ideology. You find the same reverse logic in the U.K.
    In France a magazine store was firebombed by Islamists and of course, you guessed it, it was portrayed in the liberal-useless media as the storeowner being the atagonist for printing what the Islamists beleive to be blasphemous comments about Mohmammad. Shame on him.

    The same nonsense occured with the controversial cartoon of Mohammad was published by a Danish artist. The Islamists all over Europe incited riots that resulted in millions in property damage and the deaths of some citizens. Of course you guessed it, the Islamists weren't responsible, it was that hedonistic, blasphemous artist, why….what does he think he is? A free citizen, with the often taken for granted right of free speech? Hmmmmph!!!! (cont'd)

  • RoguePatriot6

    The incident with Terry Jones, the preacher who burned the Koran (something I wouldn't do, eventhough bibles are burned regularly in Islamic countries) and Islamists all over the world expressed their outrage with violent protests and acts of terrorism, American soldiers, died due to some of the unrest. Were Islamists to blame? No, of course not, they were just exercising their religious beliefs and shame on us for insulting them within the confines of our own country. Truly dispicable, how we accepted the obvious double standards of principals, justice and morality. They arrested him in Detroit, months later, when he attempted to protest in front of a mosque.
    Let me see if I'm getting this right, Westboro Baptist church is protected under the 1st Amendment when they say hateful and shameful things at the funerals of our fallen protectors of freedom, those who burn the flag are protected under the 1st Amendment, those that blaspheme God and mock Christians are protected……yet somehow, Terry Jones when he was about to protest in front of this mosque in Detroit, wasn't….hmmmmm. Am I the only one that sees something very wrong with this picture?
    The message is obvious, ISLAM UNTOUCHABLE!!!!!! (cont'd)

  • RoguePatriot6

    The biggest enablers of this type of nonsense are the liberal icons of hypocrisy such as the ACLU and others alike that scream "separation of church and state" (usually when it comes to Christians and only Christians), however are shamefully silent when it comes to incidents like this. Although, I'm sure if Reverend Terry Jones were to beat up someone for insulting Christianity, they would be on him like a pack of dogs on a three legged cat. Could it be that the problem in this country involving one way tolerance with Islam is greatly due to our liberal press and other organizations such as ACLU, CAIR…etc? Hmmmmm……one can only wonder.

  • RoguePatriot6

    When you appoach someone and try to explain the dangers that incidents like and what our inadequate reactions of our justice system indicate, they look at you like your paranoid and say "oh, get a grip, they are only isolated incidents". REALLY? A judge practically told a victim of a violent crime that he was out of line when he exercised his 1st Amendment rights. You hear from people, "oh come on, we have the COTUS, what's happening in Europe can't possibly happen here"… just did. That judge, in effect, said that Sharia is supreme to the Constitution by dismissing the case on those grounds and by making that asenine comment that he did, but we shouldn't be concerned? Well, tell me something, exactly when should we get concerned?

  • RoguePatriot6

    Our present generation's ignorance of the COTUS and the rights that it guarantees us as citizens is also a large part of the problem. Of course, it doesn't help that the liberal ran indoctrination centers (public schools) purposely avoid teaching it to our kids. You see, it's easier to violate and subject people to injustice when your victims are unaware of their rights and what they are based off of. These same people are in power in the WH right now as we speak. These same people, resent the COTUS and label those who do, "terrorists", "extreme-right-wingers" or "constitutionalists". I guess it's an option nowadays for our duly elected to believe in the COTUS. How silly of us to think that it should be a requirement.
    Part of their problem is, they often forget what it took to write that document that got them elected and guarantees their liberty to express their views. It was paid for in blood and sacrifice that alot of them disregard and take for granted because they were never put in harms way to safeguard it. If it came down to it, many would probably weasle out of it and hide behind the real American Patriots who truly love this country and would protect it.

  • Clarence D'Souza

    Muslims feel very easily stepped on their toes or for that matter on their genitals for they came to have big ones.

  • Kendrick1

    We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    Thomas Jefferson

    The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.
    Ben Franklin

    • Fred Dawes

      Love old Franklin.

  • Questions

    Welcome to the "religion of peace." As for me, I'll take Rob Zombie over Mohammed any day.

  • Fred Dawes

    Islam is the Great Insult to all people, it is a joke and it is insane, so i am guilty now come a get some.

  • Bartimaeus

    As Nonie Darwish has pointed out, Jesus came to save those who believe whereas Mohammed came to be constantly saved by his believers.

  • Davidka

    Mr. Perce does not need a lawyer to file a complaint of judicial misconduct re Judge Martin. In Pennsylvania, only a very straightforward form is required, and it is available online.

    Furthermore, anyone, not just Mr. Perce, can file such a complaint.

    Finally, at least one complaint of judicial misconduct has already been filed about this matter.

  • kafirman

    Ernest Perce embodies FPM's atheistic and incoherent views: e.g., "We need not be accommodating to any religion…..This is America. No religious belief should be given a free pass."

    Actually, 1. There is no such thing as religious neutrality. 2. Our "unalienable rights" come from a real, not imagined "Creator" and 3. A country divided against it self cannot stand.

    Religious neutrality is a round square: it does not exist. See for example, Roy A. Clouser's book on the subject. Politically, the widespread belief of religious neutrality serves to unite America with atheism. Perce's remark "No religious belief should be given a free pass," is code speak to give atheism a free pass.

    So tell me Mr. Perce (and FPM), from where do your rights come? The Humanistic Manifesto? From atheism? From an imagined God who does not actually exist?

    In America, God and politics are inextrinsically linked. Our rights come from God and government's perhaps sole legitimate function is "to secure these rights [from God]." Patriotic America must believe in God. America is basically a Christian nation which has been duped by Darwinists, statists and humanists who have hijacked the culture and the government schools.

    There are only seven possible world views (see, e.g., World's Apart by Geisler). One of which is theism and another is atheism. In order to develop a coherent political philosophy, one must remain within the confines of one of these seven world views.

    • Questions

      Ravings of a fanatic. Religious neutrality simply means that the State has no business either promoting or suppressing a particular religious belief. The sole job of government in this sphere of relations is to protect a person's right to believe as he wishes. Yes, Mr. Kaffir, we are officially a religiously-neutral country and have been from the start, regardless of what David Barton, Glenn Beck and other semi-educated self-promoters might argue to the contrary.

      • kafirman

        "Religious neutrality simply means that the State has no business either promoting or suppressing a particular religious belief."

        The inavoidability of a world view means that a world view must be selected. One can either select an atheistic world view or a theistic world view. But then, for coherency's sake, a nation should stay in one box and not commit intellectual hare-Kare by vacillating between the two.

        This talk that the "State has no business either promoting or suppressing a particular religious belief" is incoherent and impossible. A coherent state will promote a particular world view. Incoherent state will both promote multiple religious viewpoints and contradict the foundation for these views.

        Rather, given the muddled minds of our multiculturalist times, remarks like "the State has no business either promoting or suppressing a particular religious belief" serve to unite atheism with the state.

      • intrcptr2

        Not quite.
        Religion is, by nature, both an internal belief system and an external ethical system; there is no such thing as "private religion"; we may recall that it was politicians who invented such phraseology, as a way to justify not actually being religious. Or to get votes.

        A religion that is not, or rather, is prevented from being, practiced is nothing. The 1st Amendment actually draws no distinctions as you have here (The Constitution says nothing about freedom of thought or belief). Yes, the Federal government is religiously neutral. But the Constitution was not meant to apply to the states, as we have gradually applied it; they each have their own sovereign constitutions. And when the Supreme Court places restrictions on how religion can be practiced, when the only result is hurt feelings, it is destroying the 1st Amendment. Recall the words; "No law infringing the free EXERCISE thereof" (And no, this does not validate sharia; because it is already against the law to beat one's wife, etc).
        Perce is correct in saying that no religion is above ridicule. Where he, and most irreligionsists get it wrong is when they demand that NO religion show its face in the public square. We have managed to go from preventing people being drawn and quartered for being sinful or heretics to practically burning nativity scenes because an athiest has a chip on his shoulder to including everyone regardless of the teachings of their holy writ.

        kafirman is correct in demanding that Perce, and anyone else, justify their support for American democracy absent the Creator who has given us these inalienable rights.

        • kafirman

          "Yes, the Federal government is religiously neutral." What does that mean? That the Federal government is built on atheism and makes only token acquiescence toward "nature and nature's God"? Look at the "science" displays concerning origins paid for by the Federal government. It is all methodological naturalism. In origins, there is no federal government tolerance for a "divine foot in the door."

          Intrcptr2, you have been duped. You have taken the bait. "Religiously neutrality" does not exists and indeed cannot exist. It is code speak for atheism.

          So we have an entire political culture that scoffs at those who question their (atheistic) orthodoxy that "nothing times nobody equals everything."

  • maria

    Too many US officials became already "dhimmi"/subjugated people. Islam give infidels choices "convert or die" and for people of Book to be 'dhimmi", second class people on level of dogs or lower.
    With this administration and our Muslim President Islam is promoted in country. The judge prefered to be not proffecinal but be in main stream with government politic. BHO is disaster and proxi of MB. He said that "US is the biggest Muslim country" in his Cairo speech. The first rows was occupied by MB. BHO administration brought 3 MLN Muslim in our country as immigrans. He implement his promiss to make this country "biggest Muslim country".

  • Sue

    Terry Jones is one gutsy Christian.

  • A K Dart

    You seem to toggle between "Perce" and "Pence" as Ernest's surname, at least in the first paragraph. Which is it?

  • Kerry Scott Gorham

    The the district judge, Judge Mark Martin was right for dismissing the case, but was WRONG with his lecture. Whether we like it or not, free speech is freedom of speech, the freedom to say what you believe and think. There have been times when each of us would read of a case in the newspaper, or hear about a case in a news report on TV, and feel outraged, because the ACLU got involved and protected the First Amendment rights of the offensive speaker. And we had to accept it, because that is the law.

    You can see how the mindset towards the Muslims, Islam (one ideology that is supposed to fit all), and the Qur'an is changing…….bowing the knee because of FEAR. Admit it, you know that this is right.

    Since when do you immigrate into a foreign country, then reject that host countries Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federal and State laws.

    Then submit a book of YOUR OWN LAWS [Shariah Law – Islamic Law], and expect the courts to use them in making its judgements, and say these are the ONLY laws that I will recognize, obey, and allow myself to be judged by. In effect, the Muslim is throwing out the American Constitution and Bill of Rights, Federal and state laws.

    NO, NO, NO. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Stand up, speak up, and let your voice be heard.

    The only thing necessary for evil to dominate, is for good men to sit down, shut up, and do NOTHING.

    • Big Dawg

      Very well state Kerry! You state exactly what is happening in many areas of our current "over Immigration" problem. What sane nation brings in millions of immgrants legal and illegal when the economy is in a shambles? A nation bent on destruction is the the answer. We are bending to sharia and at the same time surrendering MILLIONS of publically owned acres to mexican and columbian cartels. National parks with big yellow signs telling me a tax paying American that my federal parks are off limits because it is too dangerous due to human smuggling and dope running and growing. Parks from Texas/Arizona/NM all the way to Idaho have been surrendered to invaders. Our founders would never have stood still for fear of the king in these matters. We have destroyed in the last 30 years what was the land of the free and home of the brave.

      All these "immigrants" seem to have super rights that Americans do not enjoy. It's time to use those tools given to us by the ultimate law of the land and take it back if it is not too late already.

  • SKIP

    And now in the news, in a stunning reversal of historic roles, WE American citizens are the INDIANS of the new world and the MUSLIMS are playing the role of the invaders. WE American citizens will next be playing the role of extinct indiginous species.

  • curmudgeon

    this is an example of sharia before its time. a radical judge allows sharia in his courtroom, against the laws and customs of our land. dont worry about sharia before its time. we will overcome that little annoyance. what we should fear is sharia IN its time. if we continue to import muslims, and pay them to breed, coddle them, pretend they are worthwhile citizens, instead of a conquering army of murderers, then we absolutely guarantee sharia IN its time. and it wont be long. when we get sharia IN its time, namely when malicious muslims have outbred us to the point that they have a near majority, it will be too late, and there wont be anything we can do about it. there is only one way to prevent sharia: prevent muslims. to allow muslims is to guarantee sharia, slavery and genocide. if you are not sure if you like sharia, slavery and genocide, ask the armenians how it worked out for them. the armenians tried to peacefully coexist with the religion of pure evil. they are dead. murdered by the religion of peace.

  • muchiboy

    By and large,I do not think much of your First Amendment,ever since I seen your law protect the rights of the Christian Right Idiot Fringe demonstrating at the funerals of America soldiers KIA in Afghanistan.Excuse me,but your law is an ass.With respect.And God Bless America.muchiboy

  • Johan

    Islam should be prohibited from our country, it is a dicease it's all about fighting and killing people.

  • dysgenic

    I can hardly wait to see Front Page Magazine — not to mention the ADL — running articles defending people who publicly insult and ridicule Judaism. Hypocrisy, thy name is JEW!

  • Kyra

    Mr. Perce, I would like to march with you next year. I could dress up as the Zombie Aisha, the child bride. Also, I will bring something to protect myself against physical assault. Please let me know when the next parade is so I can mark my calendar. I cannot stand these self-righteous muzzlims with their nazi fasciast pseudo religion.

  • EricWM

    This case wasn't based off of freedom of speech. The charges were dropped because there was a lack of evidence. Ernest Perce stretch the truth/created lies. This article was poorly written. Not only is it 2 months later and the name is wrong in some parts, but a lot of the details are missing. Anyone whole lives in south central Pennsylvania, knows that Ernest Perce is an extremist that loves to talk his mind. He was kicked out of the American Atheists because of how crazy he is. People need to know that the judge made a very brave call. The right call at that. There was no evidence at all. If Martin would have ruled in favor of the atheist, all the Muslims would be threatening him. But he sided with the Muslim, and the atheist started crying like a baby that he lost the case and started spreading lies about everything. Again LACK OF EVIDENCE!

    • Ken

      No, the charges were dropped becuase the judge would not let evidence be presented to prove the case. Get it straight!! There is a BIG difference between no evidence and having your evidence suppressed.

    • JoJoJams

      Did you even read all the news regarding this? Including the attacker's own statements? He thought it was ok to do, because where he came from it IS against the law to blaspheme mad mo. And if it was all made up (the attack) why the lecture by the judge? (it was recorded….) No matter how "crazy" Perce is, he was still attacked, and the judge still let the perp off the hook, after not allowing evidence in to prove the case for the victim. Maybe your statement, " If Martin would have ruled in favor of the atheist, all the Muslims would be threatening him. " is the REAL reason the case was dropped. ;-)

  • Sue Donym

    Does not the effort to subvert our cultural heritage and legacy of the Anglo-Saxon notions of law and propitious behavior also constitute a conspiracy endangering our Constitution and a clear violation of the Smith Act?

  • Pkorman

    Here’s a good case for Stand Your Ground laws. If a “jihadist” accosts or attempts assault, step back from striking range, warn the jihadist, and prepare an aggressive defense. If the “jihadist” attempts violence (and unarmed robbery, it seems, in this case) which is against all State and Federal laws, respond with whatever force is necessary to disable the predator.

  • Pkorman

    Additionally, I was not aware that anyone confined within the borders of the United States had a right to be exempt from being offended. The judge’s statement and reasoning is completely free of legal foundation and he should be disciplined for abuse of his position. If he is holding an elected position, I suppose he will have adequate an adequate challenge at the expiration of this term.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Is Ernest Perce deserving enough to be in such a God awful situation?……….What a hoot, just think
    of it Athiests saving the world from Islam……..the powers that be have a great sense of humor…….William

  • Big Daeg

    Our courts throughout this nation are NOT acting in accordance with our constitutional rights in any way shape or form. They are acting as regional operatives of an elitist system bent on Americas Destruction. IE. An insured American Citizen get sued at the drop of a hat and loses to a collection agency taking a $300 deductible bill and splitting it apart and filing everything seperately until it is a $4000 bill. An illegal mexican appears before the same judge on a drunk driving ticket following an accident he caused and he walks from the courtroom, no record, no fine, no confinment, no comprensation to his VICTIM! Why? The "judge" or Thief in a Robe, wants to show his "social justice" and compassion. We have lost our country. Unfortunately the only people that truly know and believe are those unfortunate enough to be DESTROYED by the new ways of American INJUSTICE. But just wait you non believers, your day is coming. Read your history of Russia and Germany and draw your own conclusion through direct historical facts. We have a president that designed his own logo to represent HIS POLITICAL POSITION AND POWER. Who else that was originally "elected" did the same thing. Look around America. Your country is GONE!!!

    • Big Dawg

      I am in the middle of trying to file against a Wisconsin "judge" and they make it nearly impossible. Then to find an attorney that will even take it on is next to impossible. "Great case. But if I take this I will destroy my career and never stand a chance in that county again". We have been been destroyed from within. Until the value of FREEDOM overcomes that of the Dollar things will not change and cannot change. Both parties have us right where they want us. Either broke or in fear of being broke. The Great Thomas Jefferson had the cure for our problem and wrote extensively to John Jay about it. But with the Patriot Act and the NDAA it is ILLEGAL to quote many parts of the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, The Federalist Papers and even parts of the Bill of Rights. To speak the real law and the truth is a hate crime and "Incitement".

  • Jose

    There is no 'religion' on the planet more controversial, more intolerant, more violent than Islam. The movement by several groups to establish sharia law within our borders might be the straw that breaks the US's back. I for one, will never ever submit to this "religion", to its sharia, to its discrimination and to its lack of tolerance for opposing viewpoints and criticism.
    One never sees people rioting and killed around the world because someone burned a bible, a Torah, a Hindu book or a Buddhist book.

  • Schlomotion

    It is a shame that the judge had to be relocated because Jews and Christians threatened to kill him for not kowtowing to Christian Zionist Sharia law. There are echos of this when Alan Dershowitz calls the Zimmerman prosecution "Stupid." Why can't these religious fundamentalists just let the law work?

    • Roger

      We do want the law to work, but our law. Not the muslim sharia law.

      • Schlomotion

        He's not hiding from Muslims. He's hiding from Christian Zionists.

        • Roger

          You can't follow a train of thought can you?

          The rule of law is that there is freedom of speech, the freedom to offend so long as it doesn't meet the 'fire' in the theatre test. (that causes panic and people get hurt as a direct result). This didn't rise to that test and the judge failed to follow the rule of law.

          We want our law to work, and it does. So, of course being a liberal troll you want to change the subject with a random straw man argument. How predictable.

          • Schlomotion

            Our law does work. So Islamophobic Jews should stop saying that it failed to work in this case and in the case of Trayvon Martin. Judges and prosecutors who make the law work should stop having to hide from terrorist threats from Christian Zionists and shyster lawyers.

          • Roger

            It wasn't our law working in this case.
            So, the judge has a complaint filed.

          • Schlomotion

            That is a very passive way of writing that counter-jihadist hooligans are attacking members of the Judiciary.

          • Roger

            It's a factual way of explaining that our system unlike Sharia has a peaceful way of defending our rights.

            The rights of an atheist to mock a religion he doesn't agree with, since the freedom of speech is still the rule of law here.

            Isn't it time you blame the Jews for something again?

          • Schlomotion

            "our system unlike Sharia has a peaceful way of defending our rights" unless that decision displeases Jewish Nationalists and the White Nationalists they pander to.

          • Roger

            Should I pretend that made any sense?

            Probably not.

          • Schlomotion

            If you rule out the part about Chinese bears that eat bamboo, it starts to make sense.

          • Roger

            You are predictable.

          • Schlomotion

            Good. Next round, I expect you to write the poignant and detailed rebuttal to the article, and I will defend it.

          • Roger

            Why would I waste time debating with you?
            You don't actually debate.

          • Schlomotion

            I do if I think the person is intelligent.

          • Roger

            No, you don't. Or you simply don't realize the kind of people that deserve your respect. I've seen the way you treat other people here, besides myself.

            You struggle to scrape even lower in the barrel each time.

          • Schlomotion

            There's still a few pickles at the bottom.

          • Roger

            And of course you see them as desirable.

  • Bob McIntyre

    Could it be that the 'Sharia problem' is enlarged by politicians at the head of the 'feed trough', who are guided by fear for themselves and family? Is that the reason even Obama has, right from the 'get go', cow-towed to the rulers of Islamic countries? Now other heads of state, such as Britain's, are playing the 'afraid of their own shadow' card. Isn't it about time wealthy cowards are replaced by those that have enough respect for their countries to stand up on their own 'hind feet' and overcome the murderous zealots who intend to enslave the rest of humanity?

  • cybergatis

    does the judge said he was muslim ?

  • Hussein

    At this moment when the US film directors purposely insulted Islam, we Muslims throughout the world should take this opportunity to unit together to go all out to claim for life compensation from the Americans not only for their latest deliberate insult against our religion but also for the atrocity and damages caused to our Muslims’ world like the killing of President of Iraq and the President of Libra and also millions of Muslims in these two countries alone. They also brought disasters to the people of Palestine and Afghanistan. To stress again, they have not only greatly insulted our religion, Islam but also we Muslims by arrogantly interfering into our respective country’s internal affairs and finally brought great tragedy to our people by helping rebels or dissident groups in our countries with troops and weapons to go against our elected governments.

  • Hussein

    Their beautiful pretext is that they are helping us to get rid of corrupted leaders in our countries. Whereas, under the same principle, they do not allow other countries to send troops or even to give military aids to their country’s dissident group to wipe up their corrupted leaders. They said they can do it themselves under their so-called Democratic system whereas others cannot. We Muslims have suffered the greatest casualty and property destruction caused by US and some by their allies under their instruction compared with any other races in the world. Therefore, this is the time we Muslims throughout the world should unit together to give this Monster the biggest blow if possible hundreds time more serious than the 911 incident. This is a noble mission that each and every Muslim has the right to strive to achieve to give them a deserving lesson or else they will still continue to ruin us in various ways. Though Obama is a Muslim but he is under the control of the White Americans. He should be killed for betraying us.