How the Rockefeller Fund Killed Keystone

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As with much of the environmental opposition to Keystone, this claim drew significant press attention. Yet it was scientifically dubious. A November 2011 review of the existing research on bitumen corrosiveness by Alberta Innovates, an Alberta governmental agency, found that in fact bitumen oil’s characteristics “are not unique and are comparable to conventional crude oils during pipeline flow.” Moreover, the report found, the historic data showed that the internal corrosion and failure rate of a pipeline transferring bitumen oil was “statistically comparable” to conventional oil.

If these facts failed to register on the media’s radar, RBF-funded groups were a major reason why. Yet another group fueled by the RBF cash was the so-called Sustainable Markets Foundation. In 2010, the RBF gave the foundation a $100,000 grant for its program. The purpose of the program was to put pressure on the Obama administration to oppose the Keystone pipeline. In a direct appeal to the president, the group claimed that the “sands represent a catastrophic threat to our communities, our climate, and our planet” and demanded that Obama reject the permit. When the Obama ultimately did reject it, claimed victory, declaring on its website: “After relentless campaigning, the Keystone XL pipeline has been effectively killed!”

The twist in the environmental left’s victory on Keystone is that it was made possible in large part by a foundation whose funds are the legacy of Big Oil. Founded in 1940 from the fortune of oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller Sr., the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gradually fell into the hands of political progressives who steered it toward anti-capitalist and environmental causes. The fund’s success in scuttling a major oil pipeline may mark the crowning achievement in its decades-long political conversion.

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  • Flowerknife_us

    Sustainability? Just how many Humans would that include? With renewable energy being such a low % of total energy production, the Human count would seem to be rather low.

  • Don Kosloff

    Reducing the number of humans has long been an overt goal of various pseudo-environmentalists and pseudo-environmentalist organization. Some have openly supported the killing of large numbers of people.

    • pagegl

      If they are so down on human life they could help out by offing themselves.

  • mrbean

    The only way to get any agreement from leftists is to first understand the Vitio Carleone technique of negotiation. "Make them an offer they can't refuse."

  • jacob

    Watching all what is going on at government level, I don't doubt that our President
    agenda must include the preservation of our dependency on foreign oil, mostly
    Middle Eastern, specially Arab funding of the World Caliphate.

    But what is truly interesting is to find out what coq and bull story did the
    environmentalists come up with to block the Keystone project.
    Because down to the nitty-gritty, what happend to New Orleans at Katrina and
    which an abject and rotten media kept under wraps is that what happened there
    was caused by the stupidity of the environmentalists stopping the Corps of
    Engineers from building the spillway that could have avoided the disaster and
    the stupid judge who sided with them, because it would have affected the
    breeding ground of an inch long sardine….
    Now tell me the road to hell isn't paved with good intentions

  • dirt

    How much of those millions went into the pockets of Obama and his cronies? An investigation should be initiated for the potential felonious bribery!

  • Tony Kondaks

    Surprisingly,the Canadian edition of the Huffintonpost has in the past few days come out with not one but two blogs supporting Oil Sands production。Run by Danielle Crittenden,wife of David Frum,HuffPo Canada is refreshingly more to the centre than its left-slanting American counterpart. I suggest that Frontpagemag editors check this out; quite significant.

    • jr.

      But we still know who they are and what they represent..

  • Linda

    Do the Rockefellers maybe think that everyone who might know that Rockefellers are the OIL KINGS of America, and a few other countries, are dead and gone now and no one will catch the brazen hypocrisy? In fact, back in the day, Rockefeller either bought out or brought down any and all competitors in the oil market, whether they were big or small companies.

    So, what do you suppose the Rockefellers' real motive might be to keep Keystone out of the oil business? After all, it was old John D. Rockefeller who said, "Competition is a sin." It's in the dna.

  • Lloyd Miller

    We need more focus on the fact that ROCKEFELLERS still control the Rockefeller Bros. Fund. Promoting global warming propaganda, opposing fracking, and opposing pipelines RAISE THE PRICE OF OIL. The Rockefellers proved they are still involved in Big Oil when they organized a stockholder bloc at Exxon to REDUCE Exxon’s exploration and drilling efforts. Also, the Rockefellers are deeply involved in recycling petrodollars from OPEC, thus their pro-Muslim, anti-Israel orientation as expressed thru the Obama Admin. The open secret is that the ENVIRONMENTALISM the Rockefellers promote keeps the price of energy high, lining their pockets!