“Kill George Zimmerman!”

Trayvon Martin’s shooter George Zimmerman has not yet been charged with a crime, but with the aid of a sensationalist media and racial agitators like Al Sharpton, he has already been tried and found guilty in the court of public opinion. Now, the hate-filled public lynch mob wants him dead, too.

The Internet now teems with death threats against Zimmerman, many of them explicit. A Twitter account called “KillZimmerman” has been active for nearly a week. The page shows a mug shot of Zimmerman, a bull’s-eye around his head, and reads: “This Page Is 4 Da Ppl Who Believe Zimmerman Should Be Shot Dead In The Street.”

The site features messages like the following:

“Every1 is going to die one day sum ppl deserve to die today.”

Calls for Zimmerman’s murder also appeared on other twitter sites. One, since taken down, read:

“Ima get a group of niggas to KILL George Zimmerman ( the fat ass racist ass white man who killed Trayvon Martin ) ! He deserves to DIE !!!!— Couldnt Care Less (@Simply_Reiona) March 24, 2012″

Black militant groups have also tried to incite Zimmerman’s murder. The New Black Panther Party made news for offering a $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman’s death and has circulated a “Wanted: Dead Or Alive” poster to inspire someone to commit the act. The message is apparently intended in earnest. Mikhail Muhummud, the group’s self-identified leader, has warned, “God dammit, he should be fearful for his life.” Yet another group, calling itself the New Black Liberation Militia, has announced that it will send its members to Orlando next week to “attempt a citizen’s arrest” of Zimmerman. A t-shirt has been marketed emblazoned with Zimmerman’s mugshot and the word “Pussy Ass Cracker.” Not surprisingly, in light of such threats, Zimmerman and his family have gone into hiding.

Even those with no connection to Zimmerman have become targets of the revenge mob. After director Spike Lee retweeted the home address of an elderly couple in Zimmerman’s home town of Sanford, Florida, apparently confusing their son William George Zimmerman with George Zimmerman, the couple was barraged with hate mail and harassed by the media, eventually having to flee their home to a hotel for safety. Although Lee has since apologized, the violent immediacy with which the couple became the victim of the Tayvon revenge seekers is revealing of the ferocity of the persecution.

Drowned out by the bloodlust is the due process to which Zimmerman is still entitled. While his self-appointed executioners don’t seem to care, he hasn’t been charged with anything yet. That may or may not change, depending on the facts of the case, but until these become known there is no justice in passing judgement on Zimmerman’s guilt, let alone in demanding his death. The fact that 70 percent of Americans now believe that Zimmerman should be arrested is a troubling commentary on the extent to which passions have been able to trump evidence.

Not the least of the tragedies of the Trayvon Martin shooting is that it has engendered exactly the kind of vigilante violence against which it was supposed to provide a cautionary tale, only this time Martin’s shooter may become the victim. “I just hope at one point everyone will go beyond the hate that they have,” Zimmerman’s father recently said of those screaming for his son’s murder. At that point maybe justice – the legal, not the mob variety – can take over.

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  • toneare

    George Zimmerman :: The New White http://mybrotherman.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/geor

    • fiddler

      Here is a snippet from that article:

      "Let’s not play this down to Zimmerman alone. The greater tragedy in all of this is THE STATE’s reluctance to take action; which speaks in overtones, to a justice system which still favors the interest of white middle and upper class communities over the lives of Black Americans. Had the roles been switched; had Zimmerman been a Black man and Treyvon Martin white, there is no doubt Zimmerman would be defending himself from behind bars."

      Question: Why hasn't Eric Holder done ANYTHING to pursue prosecution of black panthers brandishing billy clubs outside of a polling place. If this were a group of white skin heads, do you think he would have?


    It is outrageous that these violent black panther groups get to daily spread this kind of racial filth and they know they can… Why b/c sadly even with a black man sitting in the White House, ablack man sitting in as AG and many cities with black mayors etc…the out right fear of the word “you racist” is no different today then someone holding a gun to your face! Well I for one think this week shows that it is time that people of ALL COLORS who believe children seeing adults speak like this IS WRONG have got to start standing up to what has become nothing less than racial terrorism.It is outrageous that 90% of young black men are killed by other young black men that there anger is ALWAYS transferred to the white community! Just to show how scared even newspapers are they have continued to show a 5 year old picture of Trayvon NOT the picture from his own twitter account. I hope you will join me and e-mail the big news org. and nicely ask them to STOP fanning the flames by using this 5 year old picture b/c that is NOT who was there that night a 17 year old young man was NOT a 12 year old 7th grader!

    • Amy

      Well said I agree with you!. Originally I was outraged by the death of this child….turns out we have been hoodwinked by the National Media for ratings. We started investigating and found that they have twisted so much to paint a completely different picture, turns out what George Zimmerman and his friends and family have been saying checks out! so we decided to support him!, Join our Facebook page " We Support George Zimmerman" and find out what the media is covering up!

      • Im White

        zimmerman is a liar out for himself, if he would came up behind me on a darkened sidewalk I would shoved that gun up his @zz, racial profiling is all I see, and Im white! Trouble is the cops didnt do their job right from the start, and thats how it ended up this way…they shoulda took him into custody until theygot it investigaed from the start with his track history of 911 calls, and that the 911 operator told him not to follow him, that is a a direct violation of what he was told to do!

    • Oleg

      That's just like the junior high school picture the concensus media in Canada has circulated of Omar Khadar, the convicted terrorist in Gitmo for murdering a U.S Army medic. Well he isn't 13 years old anymore he's 22 and he commited the murder at 15 just a week shy of his 16th birthday. He father, Mohamad Khadar, immigrated to Canada in the 1970s from Pakistan, got an engineering degree at taxpayer's expense, and spent the bulk of his time in Canada either fundraising for terrorists, sucking off the public purse, or poisoning the minds of his children with Islamist vitriol, he was even pals with Osama Bin Laden. But you won't hear any of this from the concensus media any more then their U.S cousins will show a picture of Trayvon Martin, or about the New Black Panther party as a criminal enterprise if not a terrorist group.

    • Serafino

      It is no surprise that the Commander-in-Chief does not chime in to criticize the Black Panthers and to call for their arrest. He did chime in, however, to escalate the tension when this whole story just broke out, just like he put in his two cents in the case of the black professor who was arrested by a white police officer. This presidency is truly disgusting and disgraceful. Wake up, Americans. We have a hateful anti-American bigot running our country.

    • johnpauldietz

      call girl…george zimmerman deserves to die in my opinion!

  • kafantaris

    If George Zimmerman “had his hand up to his forehead” and seemed worried, is it possible he called his father for advice on what to tell the police?
    Could he have called him on that same cell phone he called 911 about Trayvon Martin?
    To be sure, Judge Zimmerman knows a thing or two about the facts that make out a self defense case. He certainly has plead a good case in the media — though he was also careful not to tell us what his son told him and thus keep the prosecutors from impeaching him with conflicting stories.
    No matter, they can still call the Judge himself to the grand jury room and asked him where he got his facts. They can also ask him if he talked to the police that night, or if he went down to the station house in person to take care of things.
    Judge Zimmerman has been presumed to be a non-player thus far, but may have played a critical role at the initial stages of the investigation — that important time when the police decide whom to charge, and what to write in their reports to justify their actions.

  • guest

    I wonder, just who were this kids heros? the "thugs" in the NBA? "thugs" in Hip Hop? "thugs" in movies SLee? Why would a society glamorize such behavior and then turn around and ask "gee what happened? Why and where does the young black male learn all of this hate? the "preacher" "thugs"?

    • john homes

      I agree. Go ahead and keep killing each other!!!! Never here the “Black Pussy Cats” step up and say “stop the black on black Killings” They are just trying to create hate in our society. If you act like an animal then you will be treated like one. Young black men feel they have to always prove themselves as tough and not going to take any sh_t from anyone attitude. Maybe if parents show us good examples we would not be discussing this issue. As my father “you are a reflection of your mother and me”. So why are we surprised when this happens. It starts with the adult role models if they are not setting good examples them how can they expect their children to be any different.

  • http://jc.does-it.net Geneww

    Why have not the police and DOJ executed a HATE CRIME warrant and arrest for placing a "HIT" based on color? Where is Washinton's law enforcement!

    If that is not pure hatred and vigilanty usurption of law, than what is?

  • Tziona

    I hope the other Zimmerman family, the ones who's son Spike Lee wrongly accused of being the "wanted killer" will be sueing Mr. Lee, for the hotel and extra security costs at a minimum!

    • Zionista

      a better punishment would be to force him to watch his father's overrated and mediocre movies.

  • Steve Chavez

    If Zimmerman is being labeled as a "White Hispanic" then can Obama be labeled a "White Negro, White Black, White African-American?"

    Why haven't the police arrested those who are calling for the "murder" of a person? If Zimmerman was ever thrown in jail, he would surely be a target in there too and on orders from these race pimps!

    • Steve Chavez

      "Obama, America's first White Black President."

    • billy bob

      you a dumb mexican

      • fiddler

        Okay billy, are you willing to call the reporter at the New York Times "dumb"? Steve makes an EXCELLENT point.

        For ratings, whatever, the NYT is calling Zimmerman a "white" hispanic. Zimmermann apparently had a white father and a hispanic mother. Guess who had an African father and a white mother? I'll give you a hint: his initials are BHO.

      • fiddler

        Perhaps the NYT seized on the fact that Zimmerman sounds white. What if the reverse were true and his mother were named Zimmermann but his father were named Lopez. Hmmm. I wonder it THEN the NYT would have called George "Lopez" a white hispanic.

        What if with inter-racial parents, the flip side was true with the president and his mother were black and his father's name was Washington (you know, like Booker T). Would it then be okay to call the president a white African-American, because his name sounds more white?

        Perhaps it was easy for the NYT to seize upon Zimmermanns father's side because of his name. Hey it worked didn't it?

    • KMann

      amen. would they dare call halle berry a white negro? not on your life, that would be wrong and would garner riots in the streets. but some colors of the rainbow are more sensitive than others – i'm just sayin.

      ps. and as for obama the weasel, is it me or has anyone else notice that he often looks a shade of green? could it be that he's one of those lizard people you hear about from the x-files crowd? hmmmmmm.

  • http://Baersart.com Jane Larson Baer

    I said quietly in a amall public meetingthat there were heroin street dealers in front of where some Hispanics lived near my family home. Members of my small town's city council held a press conference in front of my home and said I was racist and should be puniched. No one here in Santa Cruz ever suggested they endangered my small children.

  • Schlomotion

    The New Black Panther Party is simply the Jewish Defense League for black people. I think if we want to scratch our faces and rend our clothing over their public spectacle, we should also remember that the JDL still fiercely operates (using the Kach Emblem) under Shelley and Ari Rubin, children of the terrorist Irv Rubin, as do the Guardian Angels under Curtis Sliwa, AIPAC has still not denounced the Christian Zionist terrorist Bruce Edwards Ivins for the anthrax attacks against the United States, and in fact relies heavily on Christian Zionists to get its pro-Israel message out. When we denounce these racist paramilitary groups and lynch mobs, let's denounce them all.

    • Ghostwriter

      When will you crawl back to your hole,Schlomotion? The New Black Panther Party is little more than the black version of the Ku Klux Klan. And the world would be better off without both groups.

      • Schlomotion

        I agree. And the JDL is the Jewish Ku Klux Klan. Do you not know the story of Irv Rubin? After years of beating up American college students for questioning Israel, he masterminded a bomb attack on Darrell Issa and on a mosque in the United States. He was caught and sent to prison, where he cut his own throat. His mentor, Rabbi Meir Kahane was killed by El Sayyid Nosair, one of the Muslim terrorists of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing in 1990, but one of his drone stooges murdered Yitzhak Rabin for making peace with the Palestinians.

        So, by my accurate reckoning, Israelis are just as much of a terrorist threat in the United States as Muslims, and Black Panthers don't really place.

        • Western Canadian

          Your reckoning is not even vaguely accurate. You are not merely ignorant, you are vicious and stupid as well. There is absolutely no way anyone besides a jew-hating loon (look in a mirror) could manage to confuse the jdl with the kkk or nbp. Nothing at all in common, no valid comparison in ANY respect.

          Hate mongers like you are a real hoot, especially when you try to pretent you are educated or capable of rational thought.

          • Schlomotion

            Please. Just two months ago, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler openly called for the assassination of President Obama.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    While skin color may only be skin deep, (sorry for that) ignorant, emotional tribalism goes clear to the bone. The operative words here are "ignorant" and "emotional." Combine ignorant, emotional tribalism with a nearly complete lack of civilized standards, a paucity of moral values, and an enduring proclivity for violence, and one has a social powder keg. This is very similar to the significant problem faced by the Israelis regarding the so-called "Palestinians."

    It appears that these benighted folk are incapable of living in polite society. Perhaps Apartheid isn't such a bad idea after all….

    • FJ1

      One problem: Zimmerman isn't white. The white race has nothing to do with this. Zimmerman is a Mestizo.

      • Martel64

        That's the Black Racist ,pea-sized "mind" mindset: if he/she is a different race,and their skin is much lighter,and they appear "White enough",they're White.

    • scum

      And so here's the litmus test: The Supreme Goofy has officially called for an Apartheid state, which is of course the very goal of the black nationalists he so ardently attacks. Let's see if Horowitz or Glazov set him straight, or if they stay in their hole, which is where they generally reside unless the offense is spoken by the 'Left.'

  • FJ1

    Can we please remove the picture on the top of the article? That is the one put out by ABC News in which they intentionally lightened the photo a couple shades to make it appear Zimmerman is white and not Mestizo.

  • http://rau.3littlefoxes.com Lfox328

    Sorry, Supreme_Galooty, ignorance and "tribalism" goes both ways. To make your decisions on a racial/ethnic basis is wrong, no matter what your color/ethnicity. Some of this is being driven by advocacy groups, some of it because it is "good" media. Most rational people (not necessarily educated, but those who operate under the belief that thinking is better than FEELING) are urging restraint, and letting the judicial system work.

    I've been posting about this, and am getting agreement across racial/ethnic lines – primarily in my peer group (those who work for a living – from blue-collar and minimum-wage, to corporate types). The trouble is, we live in a world that contains MANY people with lots of free time, and no sense (think Jersey Shore and Big Brother as archetypes). Those are the ones who are screaming on TV. Those are the ones threatening violence, in part because it gets them on the news.

    Rationally, you would think that the pro-Trayvon crowd would want the justice system to move at a measured pace. It benefits them, as a hurried prosecution is more likely to favor the defense. Once arrested, the clock starts ticking, and the provisions for "timely trials" might lead to Zimmerman's freedom, regardless of the facts.

    But, I suspect that rationality has little to do with this mob formation.

    Let's work to defuse the emotions. Let's accord BOTH of the men in this case some fairness. Let's not spread rumors, gossip, and opinion, and add fuel to the fire.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Sorry yourself. Ignorance goes only one way. Tribalism doesn't do well as a social construct amongst more technologically advanced, morally grounded societies. Tribalism is a social mechanism that provides a mean level of survivability for very primitive peoples. It doesn't "go both ways." It stays put. While there is a great number of black people in America who have progressed far beyond tribalism, there is an even greater number who not only have not, but who also wallow in it. THOSE benighted folks stand to reap only misery, as is their wont.

  • Black Dougherty

    Black Power. We will have Zimmerman head

    • Zionista

      do you have any concern for the thousands of aborted black babies or for the many victims of black on black crime?

      • JakeTobias

        If those black babies had not been aborted, the socialists would have completely taken over America at least a generation ago. Do you realize it is possible, Roe VS Wade just might have saved America from the commies? When it comes to the liberal view of reproductive rights, the left are only hurting themselves.

    • Bobzilla

      I'm sure he has plenty of reload for your dumbass too!

    • gene willis

      ah,you must be the black equvilant to the white kkk or the neo nazi's.convict for not being a black terrorist in this country.

  • DogsHateRomney

    Tawana Brawley
    Tawana Brawley
    Tawana Brawley

    Sharpton's Tawana Brawley Hoax

    ~ The Tawana Brawley hoax confirms that truth and fair play are irrelevant in Sharpton's continuing quest to stir the pot of racial hate…..

    see: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/03/al_sharpto

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Don't forget the murder committed at Freddie's Fashion Mart…. Besides being a buffoon, Sharpton is a murderer.

  • DogsHateRomney

    QUESTION: – Where is Justice Brothah, Eric Hold Himself?

  • Chanel

    At this point he just need to be in jail. He needs to be accountable for his actions. Whatever happened that night Trayvon didn’t deserve to die. Point Blank. End of discussion!

    • TomS

      Oh, we all see. you were there, and know the facts. End of discussion!

  • DogsHateRomney

    Did NBC News distort Trayvon Martin reporting?

    ~What if Zimmerman wasn't motivated by race?

    See Black Racist women, baring their false teeth, in their Easter Hate-hats, & bristling their plumage:: http://video.foxnews.com/v/1537812030001/did-nbc-

    Where is Attorney General, Eric Hold Himself?

  • mrbean

    Blacks are ruinning America and every other place they go. They are intellectually inferior genetic refuse that are parasites in all the civilized societies they happen to infestate. They contaminate advanced cultures both socially and economically with their tribalism and lack of moral responsibility. There is no written language invented by blacks. Their native languages are nothing but gutteral grunts and jabber-babble. They have no history of science or art at any level. If it were not for whites they would have become an extinct race on their won eons ago. Their average lif expectancy in the African countries is between 32 and 43 with only South Africa in the 40's. Slavery still exists in the black tribes in Africa. What to do. Arm yourselves, because when Obama is defeated in November, roving gangs of black thugs will take to the streets attacking white people. And the "Hating Whitey" Black leadership will egg them on!

    • scum

      Wow! Mr. Bean, we hardly knew ye! Take a deep, deep breath.

    • Joe

      Those gluttural grunts have their own spelling.

    • Joe

      Narmer the first pharoh was black.

    • John

      The old overly rigid white-Anglo-protastant culture we had was sound, even if it was kind of a pain. Same with the Jewish culture. You know, the real one, not the fake nice one. If we do not get back to some secular version of the good old time religion maybe Islam will dominate after all. Their cult pretty much sucks but it is still in working order.

    • Joe

      As was Ramses

    • Greg

      Wow, I hope your just trying to inflame and your not serious . We are really just one race with minor variations in skin tone. I do think that people should take more responsibility for their actions however . Stay in school ,stay off drugs etc.

    • Ghostwriter

      There you go again,mrbean. Not all black people are like what you describe. There are those who don't like the New Black Panthers or Al Sharpton. I wish you'd realize that and stop acting like a KKK member on this post. You're making yourself look stupid.

  • JakeTobias

    If they are so hell bent on killing Zimmerman, the least they could do is beat him up first.

    • scum

      No, he's clearly fast with the trigger finger.

      • Rifleman

        And accurate too. Might wanna leave him be.

  • JakeTobias

    Based on the eyewitness account, it is clear to me, if George Zimmerman had not been armed, he would be dead right now. And then George would be just another dead Chicano the white racist police would not care about.

    • Bobzilla

      Yup! He had every RIGHT to do what he did. Death threats are against the law! What's going on is such a convenient distraction from the shambles we are all in, economically speaking, both black and white. The current white house occupant loves it. Lets's stay focussed everyone and defeat Obama in November, shall we. I mean that for black and for white – Obama has screwed us all!

  • Flowerknife_us

    The racist additudes of the African American Community are on full display. Odd considering it is something all have been told would not. could not, has not, ever exhisted.

    There is something very rotten about this case and it seems to be more in its reporting than the act itself.

    Zimmerman has not been charged after all this time and trama leads me to believe that he was more correct in his judgement than given credit.

    Of course that is "assuming" the shooting was an act of selfdefense.

    The race baiters are using this ONE event quite nicely while ignoring a far greater problem of Blacks shooting Blacks.

    If Whites shooting Blacks is such a problem in this Country, where are all the other examples of it?

    • Bobzilla

      Agree! I often wonder why the racism of black is never discussed, let alone in the news. Blacks shoot whites every day. Heck, blacks shoot blacks every day. These idiots should be locked up for the threats they make. The uproar certainly gives credibility to the so-called extremists who predict a race war. I certainly believe it's possible. Wait until Zimmerman goes free (and gets his gun back). He did nothing wrong and these fools know it. They are about hate – hate of white people. I'm ready either way.

  • http://www.twitter.com Cierra Cato


    • Rifleman

      You go turbo, h*ll ain't half full.

    • Bobzilla

      Good luck! If he's like me, he has PLENTY of ammo for all of you numb nuts who believe yourselves above the law. Viva la 2nd Amendment!!!!!

    • Bobzilla


  • Rifleman

    If a lynch mob can't find their intended victim, they'll usually find one or more that look like the target.

  • Bobzilla

    Why haven't Spike Lee and the New Black Panthers been arrested? Death threats are against the law – even implied death threats. Setting a bounty should be a one way ticket to the pokey. Or would that upset those who don't believe we Americans have the right to defend ourselves against attackers of color??? I was robbed at gunpoint by a black man about 17-19 years old – he was wearing a hoodie. The NRA sells hoodies for the specific purpose of concealing a gun. In fact, the hoodie is the number one clothes garment gun toters wear – I have two. I would have shot Trayvon too.

  • whogarth

    Defining a Hate Crime
    A hate crime is a traditional offense like murder, arson, or vandalism with an added element of bias. For the purposes of collecting statistics, Congress has defined a hate crime as a "criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation." Hate itself is not a crime—and the FBI is mindful of protecting freedom of speech and other civil liberties.

    A hate crime is a traditional offense like murder, arson, or vandalism with an added element of bias. For the purposes of collecting statistics, Congress has defined a hate crime as a "criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation." Hate itself is not a crime—and the FBI is mindful of protecting freedom of speech and other civil liberties.

    FBI Jurisdiction
    A hate crime is not a distinct federal offense. However, the federal government can and does investigate and prosecute crimes of bias as civil rights violations, which do fall under its jurisdiction. These efforts serve as a backstop for state and local authorities, which handle the vast majority of hate crime cases. A 1994 federal law also increased penalties for offenses proven to be hate crimes.

    SOURCE: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/civilrigh

  • joe

    He hunted and killed a 17 year old but fox tells you losers to support him so you do what you are told. Shame.

  • gene willis

    ahhh,1960 all over again.give us the head of our white opressor or we will distroy everything the white man has built.law enforcers will bow befor our might.the rule of law do's not apply to blacks in this country.we as blacks fallow our own path and no white trash crackers will stand in our way.and if zimmerman isnt found guilty,we will riot and kill any whites we find.and the white mans law will protect us out of fear of what we will do to the white mans cities.

  • gene willis

    and thats is exactly what these people will do if we do not convict zimmerman unfairly.

  • gene willis

    jew media salavating for the death of zimmerman.

  • gene willis

    because,the africans are given every opertunity to present there side of a story.where as,the whites are given nothing to say.the jew media makes race a daily thing when africans are involved and no race is talked about by the jew media when the african race is in the spotlight for hate crimes commited by them.only whites are mentioned as race haters by jew media.so when white was attached to zimmermans name,he became a racist by that word alone.and the jew media like nbc made damned sure it would stick.so zimmerman has been convicted becuase the jew media made him a white man by proxy.

  • Jim C

    Jim C

    The liberal Jewish law professor Alan Dershowitz is an Israel supporter who ha criticized special prosecutor Angela Corey so effectively that Corey has threatened to sue Harvard Law School simply because Dershowitz workd there. Dershowitz is probably the most prominent person in the coutry who has spoken out forcefully on behalf of the legal rights of Zimmerman. To a Jew, the name Zimmerman does not call up the image of white, but rather the image of German. A 28 year old from South America named Zimmerman could very easily have a Nazi grandparent–but that made no difference at all to Dershowitz who believes in equal rights for everyone.

  • Schlomotion

    I was the one who got JDL added to Hatewatch. I heckled Mark Potok until he did it.

  • Oleg

    Maybe he should add your name to the list with all the anti semitic vitriol you continually spew on here, whether it is relevent to the subject or not.

  • Oleg

    It's sort of pointless since they pretty well have 70-90% of the black vote sewed up anyhow, at least of the minority that do vote. However mindlessly agitating for show trials and lynch mobs against someone of Hispanic origin, who may in fact be on the right side of the law, may , and likely will, backfire on them since Hispanics make a a much larger minority them blacks and are less commited to the party of the jackass.

  • Schlomotion

    Yes. And maybe he should cash in his millions of dollars in the Cayman Islands and actually cure Southern Poverty.