Obama’s Open-Borders Triumph

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Mitt Romney was ridiculed recently for proposing “self-deportation” as a way to reduce illegal immigration, but at least he was trying to address the problem. The same cannot be said for the Obama administration, which has seen a Bush-era trend toward declining illegal immigration come to an abrupt halt on its watch.

In a new set of findings, the Center for Immigration Studies estimates that the U.S. illegal immigrant population stands at 10.9 million, plus or minus 200,000. If accurate, that would mean that illegal immigration stopped declining under Obama after falling by over 1 million in the final two years of the Bush administration. It’s not so much immigration reform as immigration reversal.

There are several reasons for the negative change. In a bid to court Hispanic voters, Obama has repeatedly signaled that he will accommodate rather than crack down on illegal immigration. This January, for instance, the administration moved, over Republican objections, to reduce the amount of time that illegal immigrants separated from family members in the U.S. will have to spend out of the country before reapplying for legal status. Under current law, illegal immigrants are barred from returning for a minimum of three years. But under the revised rules, they can claim that their absence would pose a hardship for their family and ask the Department of Homeland Security to waive the re-entry restrictions. However well-intentioned, the revised policy sends the message that the administration is not serious about reducing illegal immigration.

Reinforcing that message is the administration’s policy of “prosecutorial discretion,” which allows most illegal immigrants without a criminal record to remain in the country. The administration announced last summer that it would indefinitely delay deporting illegal immigrants without criminal records and give them a chance to apply for a work permit. As critics were quick to note, this amounted to a de facto amnesty for illegal immigrants. In drawing the distinction between illegal immigrants with and without criminal records, the administration obscured the fact that being in the country illegally was itself a crime, and thus thwarted the enforcement of immigration laws.

When the administration has paid lip service to enforcement, its actions have not matched its rhetoric. Obama has maintained that his administration has done its part to curb illegal immigration by providing federal funding for border fencing and security. Yet the evidence suggests that the administration has not really delivered. The Government Accountability Office noted in 2011 that Border Patrol had full control over only 15 percent of the border with Mexico. Of the nearly 2,000 miles separating the U.S. and Mexico, 873 – or 44 percent – are under only under the “operational control” rather than the full control of the Border Patrol. The broad majority of the border remains unsecured.

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  • ray

    This administration has sidestepped our laws, constitution and American values with an all out assault against anything that represents our Republic. This president along with his minions should be arrested and tried for treason. The day of reckoning is approaching for this trash in the Washington along with every boot liking illegal alien criminal he panders to and allows to vote DemocRAT. Also, the Treasonous sock-puppet Media who hides behind spin and paints this evil Devil the anointed one is so diabolical, it's rightful place sits through the gates of hell forever and all eternity along with all his ilk! You will all Burn MF!!!

  • David

    Benedict Arnold would have made a more patriotic American president than Barack Obama.

  • betwyan

    "Self deportation" is a real thing, it is not fantasy (and I'm no big Romney fan). What "self deporation" means is simply, enforcing existing laws, which thus make life for an illegal alien nearly impossible and thereby encouraging them to exit the USA.

    • coyote

      It also means a lack of available jobs. The simple enforcement of laws is nearly impossible when the Aministration throws tire spikes in front of local law enforcersment. Only white people can be profiled. Anyone else gets a pass under the "racial profiling" PC"s crippling fear. Motto: Our compassionate facade trumps your need for law and order.

  • sononthe_beach

    I detest liberalism, and most of its acolytes. These people tend to be so indifferent to the consequences of their myopic ideology that I honestly believe they were born with damaged DNA. In general, they lack the ability to think rationally and practically, and are driven by their emotions. A few generations of uncontrolled illegal immigration has given us the likes of California, and yet liberals cannot imagine that there is anything wrong with it. Their actions say loudly and clearly that they don't care if the entire United States of America goes the way of California. Some day, when their children are picking through mountains of garbage for a bite to eat, they will realize just how stupid and short-sighted they were. But even then, I wouldn't count on the ability of liberals to employ reason in their thought processes.

    • Spider

      See reply below

    • fiddler

      To quote Forrest Gump: "Stupid is as stupid does".

  • Forums4Justice

    Illegal Immigration http://bit.ly/zKUNxy

  • Spider

    sononthe_beach – I came to California about 30 years ago and at that time it was truely a paradise. Since then I have watched city after beautiful city turn into a Hispanic slum – mostly from unfettered illegal immigration. From the 1950s through the early 1980s we had the best schools and highest standard of living maybe in the world. Look at it now. LA Unified boasts a 50% drop out rate – that is probably on par with Mexico or Zimbobway. Also 35% of the welfare recipients in the US are in California (most are illegals). In Los Angeles 95% of the murder warrants issued are for illegal aliens. The media won't even talk about this stuff. Our state is bakrupt but our universities have money to teach Queer and Gender studies and give free tuition to illegals. This is what 35 years of leftist rule has brought us.

    • linebb956

      We have the same problem here in Texas.. Not bankrupt .. yet.. but a high drop out rate in schools.. Welfare on the up. WIC for unwed parents who would rather have kids than work. It is a mess..

    • fiddler

      I lived there 34 years before I got tired of never being able to afford a house. I loved the mountains the ocean, and the years of Governor Ronald Reagan. My wife and I reminisced about Panorama City where she grew up a once beautiful little city in the San Fernando Valley. Now just about every house is barred up as though it were a war zone. Tragic.

  • BS77

    Many Americans were very concerned about illegal immigration back in the 1980s and early 1990s, as the flood of border crashers increased exponentially….Several administrations refused to take action and secure the border. Now there are millions of illegals in the US…and this is compounded by increasing numbers of children born in the US to illegal parents….One thing that MUST be done….Voter ID laws are essential for representative democracy in our elections. Support legislation that will mandate valid IDs to vote.

  • UCSPanther

    Obama is a last remnant of the 1990s-era politician: Usually left wing, corrupt, arrogant and incompetent.

    • wsk

      One thing you cannot call the man-child messiah is incompetent. Look what he has done to this country. He's accomplished almost everything he has set out to do…

  • BLJ

    Obama is an evil person. He will do ANYTHING to stay in power. He is an enemy to any self respecting American citizen.

    If he gets re-elected he will make his first corrupt and destructive term look like a walk in the park. Just look at how much little regard this so called Constitutional Law expert has for the Constitution.

    Anyone who votes for him in November should have their head examined and should also be held in equally low regard. By voting for this creep you make yourself an accomplice to his insidious activities.

    • Spider

      That's why Obama became a Constitutional scholar so he would know how to circumvent the Constitution if he ever gained the power of office. This was from his training as a community organizer.

      • coyote3

        Really, he doesn't "circumvent" it, he just ignores those parts he doesn't agree with. In all fairness, this is not an original idea. It has been going on, basically, since McKinley got us into the Spanish American War.

  • Brittanicus


    We are The PEOPLE, the TEA PARTY and we don’t need a foreign court, to pressure us into adopting Islamism 'Sheria' laws as this causing the unsettling in Europe. We should also be exempt from being a signatory to being taxed on behalf of the United Nations and apply our laws in providing welfare assistance to our own countrymen in poverty. Further, every taxpaying American needs to hold accountable every lawmaker who doesn't co-sponsor the Legal Workforce Act, (LWA) that mandates E-Verify for every single U.S. business and corporation within the jurisdiction of the United States, to stop foreign nationals taking American jobs. To complete this process, the " Birthright Citizenship Act" (BCA) needs also to find passage in the Congress, to amend the 14th Amendment so no child can be eligible for citizenship, unless a parent is a citizen themselves? Go and study the massive amounts of money extracted from us, annually to pay for all these unfair benefits. These are all unfunded mandates ordered by the courts which are not just millions of your dollars, but a hundred billion. This money could go towards reducing the near 16 trillion debts that both parties have created and accommodated, these politicians grossly indifferent to accomplishing the right thing. It's time to get rid of the Sen. Dick Lugar, Sen. Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch. Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and these old long term entrenched politicians that we have suffered too long.

    Learn the ropes and stop this travesty, which is sucking the dollars from us. Don't forget to call your Senator or Representative at 202-224-3121. Don't forget to give your state incumbent lawmakers a challenge of NO RE-ELECTION VOTE, if they are anti-Sovereignty? We are a caring people, but Americans must come first and any lawmaker who represents the illegal immigrant, must be kicked out of office. This is not mean-spirited; this is survival of our nation, our flag and our language. American jobs for American people. Learn about the rampant corruption at Judicialwatch.org site OVERPOPULATION is another buried issue, which will cause major environmental problems by 2040. Go to the website of ‘American Patrol’ and research a fair assortment of fact driven articles of what is mostly concealed by the Liberal media.

  • Brittanicus

    The American People have paramount influence with their vote and they should use it. Exercise this nation of all the incumbents’ politicians who have stayed impartial to expanding government. Start with the Governors, Mayors, judges, police chiefs and all the city and township officials, who have refrained from carrying out the wishes of all citizens and permanent residents. The 2012 election is probably the most momentous in the last 50 years, and every citizen voter must comprehend the consequences if we do not unseat those legislators in both parties, who are do-nothings or repressing laws that can advance America in the right direction. The expectation of the progressive election event must not be comprised by non-citizens voting. They have been previously counseled by organizations such as Acorn, who had earlier associations with President Obama, when he was employed by them. If possession of an official picture ID, is not the collective remedy for all 50 states, the whole system of voting could be compromised.

    Whether it’s Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich, these presidential candidates must assure the voting public that they will first rescind the Socialist Obamacare program, which in due course capsize the boat if it remains in full force. Not only will it draw millions of illegal migrants across borders, but hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from foreign shores. According to those involved in structuring Obamacare, that no illegal aliens will be eligible for being part of this countrywide partnership? But no citizen-resident today believes the rhetoric, as we have seen time and time again how the laws have conscripted us all into paying. We cannot meet the expense anymore and then why should Americans be the paymaster for people with no right to be in our sovereign land? Those who step into power should have partisan affiliation, and become a standing member of the proliferating TEA PARTY. They must be ready to condense or introduce extinction for such bloated governing agencies as the Central Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency, shrinking the federal workforce to the bare minimum; substitute these agencies of the government into the empowerment of state and local entities.

    Policymakers must provide an oath that really means something, not the lies that they swear upon to defend our people from enemies–domestic and foreign. Certainly we must alleviate the unfair TAX code that has extorted by the IRS, reducing such a huge monstrosity of paperwork. It is essential to close all the loopholes, the subsidies and halt illegal aliens sending an estimated 46 billion dollars out the country on a fiscal basis. President Obama is almost genuflecting to other foreign dictatorships as China and Iran? The majority of our oil supplies, natural gas should be to benefit our country and should come from our own wells, across our mighty nation, not from people's who are unfriendly to us. Only by bypassing the incumbency of the established elites in both parties and joining the Tea Party can we return to the edicts of the US Constitution.

  • dirt

    A bad tree would not bear a good fruit without any reasonable fix-up. By allowing illegals to stay, it invites more illegals (be that people or activity). Any people, especially Hispanics with conscience should know those things (be victimized or cost-sharing) will come back to haunt them..

    By Dem's loosening of the immigration rule, fuled by Holder's (with his boss' permission of course) refusal to crack down voters fraud, any people with logic and a love toward this country would know what their intentions are and the dire result it would bring to this country!

    Many Dems argue that it's a humanitarian issue, but look at the fact that the unemployeement rate in Mexico is about 4%, who needs more help? Billions of dollars are wired back to thier home country, illegals are not just supporting their families (if any), but they are also paying the smugglers to grow their business! Not mention that the legal citizens are subsidizing that too.