Ousting Assad

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Finally, thanks to arms deals with Russia, Syria has more formidable defenses than Libya, which could make it difficult to impose a no-fly zone. According to sources in the Israeli military, Syria possesses one the world’s most sophisticated anti-aircraft systems, with over 200 anti-aircraft batteries. To be sure, similar warnings were issued prior to NATO’s intervention in Libya. When the smoke cleared, Qaddafi’s anti-aircraft guns proved no match for NATO’s superior aerial campaign.

With military intervention effectively a non-starter, the one remaining possibility is arming the internal opposition against Assad, a strategy backed by Senator John McCain among others. For all practical purposes, that would mean the Syrian Free Army (SFA). Despite lacking structure and organization and being mostly limited to small arms and improvised explosive devices, the SFA has proved a force to be reckoned with. It has engaged government forces in six of Syria’s 14 provinces, inflicting significant casualties.

Still, it remains an unknown quantity. It’s unclear, for instance, how many of the rebel fighters are members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, though some surely are. Hama, the site of a famous 1982 massacre by Assad’s father Hafez Assad and more recently of intense clashes between Assad’s army and rebels, is a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold. Even if arming the rebels is worth the gamble to defeat Assad, it’s a gamble that, for now at least, the Obama administration has rejected.

That leaves the U.S. with few good options. In the meantime, Syria’s human-nightmare continues as government forces step up their assault on opposition towns and cities. In the rebel city of Homs, 126 people were reported killed on Thursday alone. Syrian opposition groups claimed that the army shelled the town, leaving people to bleed to death on the streets while snipers picked off civilians running for cover. Hospitals and medical personal and patients have also been targeted. The death toll has risen to 7,000 since the uprising began last March. Worse, there appears to be no end in sight.

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  • Alvaro

    By all means, help the MB again.

    Syria is a horrible dictatorship, but just about anything beats the 7th century.

    • old white guy

      i wait with baited breath the fallout from removing assad. the reults around the middle east have not been good so far.

  • crackerjack

    Why is the Golan aspect of this conflict always conveniently blended out ?

    Any new regime in Damascus will have the liberation of Syria's occupied Golan region, a topic of rare national consensus, on the top of its agenda. It doesn't take much political foresight to predict that this issue will be manipulated by any new regime in Damascus to divert from domestic problems by rallying the nation behind a common goal.

    How will the West react when the Free Syrian Army marches on Golan?

    • UCSPanther

      The IDF will cut them to pieces if they so much as set foot on the Golan Heights, and I will be rooting for the IDF.

      • crackerjack

        Cut these good freedom fighters to pieces? Doesn't Israel, as the "only democracy in the region" support freedom and democracy? LOL.

        • ziontruth

          "Why is the Golan aspect of this conflict always conveniently blended out ?"

          Because it's off-topic, anti-Zionist scum.

          "…the liberation of Syria's occupied Golan region,…"

          No, the stealing of Israel's Golan region by Arab imperialists.

          "Cut these good freedom fighters to pieces?"

          No, cut these imperialist invaders to pieces like any sane nation-state would when imperialist invaders launch an aggressive campaign against it.

          "Doesn't Israel, as the 'only democracy in the region' support freedom and democracy?"

          Israel is the nation-state and sanctuary-state of the Jews, owing freedom and democracy within it only to its nation within it, the Jews in Israel, and having the duty of protecting them from any encroachment at all costs.

          Keep your "freedom and democracy means nations are not entitled to safety in their nation-states" multiculturalist treason to your own country (Germany or Austria). We here choose life.

        • Indioviejo

          I hope you know that there is no Democracy in Islam, and what we have in Syria is a fight among Fascist. Lets add a little fuel to the fire.

  • John Saunders-Smith

    Years of progressive lefty education has brought us to this:

    US Marines posed with banner of Nazi SS

    • NotaBene

      And the two things are related….how?

    • mrbean

      Very stupid, and I am sure alot of the younger Marines did not realize that is the Hitler's Nazi SS symbol. They don't teach actual history in high schools anymore. just revisionist history through the multicultural lens so it is understandable how this happened.

      • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

        Mr Bean, come on. Please.
        They dont HAVE to teach this in schools, it is on the TV, 24/7.

        But, nothing EVER on the Bolshevik revolt..

        These guys know EXACTLY what is up there.

    • Indioviejo

      It stands for Scout-Sniper. Any other interpretation is out of context.

    • Stephen_Brady

      I went to a site which deals with military abbreviations, and any combination of the word "Marine" with the acronymn "ss" had no results, along with a short disclaimer. The disclaimer might indicate that there is a controversy surrounding the combination.

      Even if there were a valid reason to combine Marine with ss, it was stupid to use Germanic runes for the latter.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Assad is a tool of Iran and Russia and they will not let him go down, they will help
    with continuing the killing until there are no Syrians left to act out against the
    government. Assad will continue the bloodbath until he purges all opposition
    which could mean a long and violent future for Syrians. Of course the violence
    will be blamed on Israel by the Muslim Brotherhood and could push Iran into
    a more active role which would cause further escalation. There is no peaceful
    way for this to end but the future owns itself and Assad may be gone but who
    then? This makes Iran all the more dangerous………………………William

  • Steve Chavez

    RUSSIA IS ABOUT TO SLAUGHTER ITS OWN PEOPLE TOO so how can they vote with the rest of the world on sanctions or military force against Syria, THEY'RE NUMBER ONE MILITARY TRADING PARTNER, and who is part of their grand scheme, with their proxy Iran, who Russia also veto's sanctions, TO TAKEOVER THE MIDDLE EAST WITH THE DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL AS THE ICING ON THE CAKE!

    CHINA, TOO has blood on its hands since they didn't hesitate to massacre its own. IT WORKED DIDN'T IT? SO SYRIA IS WAITING IT OUT since his father did the same.

    RUSSIA, AND THE FORMER SOVIET UNION, were, and still are, IDOLIZED by OBAMA and his "Circle of Communists" during their 80's college days when the CPUSA AND THE KGB were taking over universities to recruit in their wars to take over CENTRAL AMERICA! OBAMA SIDED WITH KGB FUNDED FRONT GROUPS AS EVIDENT IN HIS COLUMBIA "SUNDIAL 1983" ARTICLE which can be googled to see that he was in fact in the "Circle of Communists."

    THE GOAL: THE DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL and the downfall of the United States as REVENGE for the fall of Soviet Union, a country they loved more than their own!

  • kkkk

    i will grant that Assad is not the best. he has many faults. but at least he doesn't rule strictly by Sharia. therefore, Christians, though not equals, have more rights and protection than under Sharia regimes.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS


      If we go there, it will be a MASSACRE of Christians, NO NO AND NO to Syria action.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    the goal is a “democratic transition” that would see Assad deposed from power.

    Hint: How many true democracies are in the Middle East? Zero, with the exception of Israel. How many attempts at transitioning to democracy have failed? All of them. What is it called when one continues doing the same absurd thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome, but always getting the same outcome each and every time? Insanity.

    Why democracy in the Islamic world never ever works? Because Islam is not a religion. Instead, it is a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology that masquerades as being a religion to dupe gullible useful idiots. Hence, what do you call people that try to democratize the Islamic world over and over again? Mentally incompetent morons!

    Meanwhile, how many draconian Islamic totalitarian hellholes are in the Middle East? All of them, including even Iraq, are draconian Islamic totalitarian hellholes. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is a true democracy. How many of them violently oppress and systematically persecute non-Muslim unbelievers living as less than second class dhimmi citizens inside their countries? All of them, with the single exception of Israel.

    Indeed, if the Islamic world eventually wins its covert global jihad it is waging perpetually against the un-Islamic world, primarily via mass Muslim immigration for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest, the entire world will be one big draconian Islamic totalitarian hellhole, billions of people will inevitably starve to death, and the world will enter a 7th century draconian nightmare it may never escape from.

    Additionally, why does the news media always report what is going on in Syria as Assad assaulting the Syrian people? There is a revolution happening between the Assad Alawite regime on the one side and the Muslim Brotherhood Sunnis on the other side, and both sides are the enemy of the USA and all non-Muslim unbelievers in the world. In other words, it is a civil war being fought by our eternal enemies and that is a good thing and not a bad thing. Hence, we should be cheering, not trying to stop it.

    Meanwhile, when have Muslims ever fought jihad without killing civilians wholesale? Never. The truth is in the eyes of Muslims there is no such thing as civilians. Since the sixth and most important pillar of Islam makes it an obligatory duty for every Muslim on earth to fight jihad in the cause of Allah, in the eyes of Muslims all Muslims are jihadists, either violent jihadists or covert non-violent jihadists, but jihadists nonetheless. Hence, each side declares the other side takfir (un-Islamic) and each side then resorts to total warfare. Not to mention that the news media alleged civilians are actually revolutionaries in any event.

    Moreover, Muslims view the Geneva Conventions as an abomination because it emanates from fallible man as opposed to emanating from infallible Allah (God) as only Sharia does. Since Sharia emanates from Allah (God), it is divine, perfect, infallible, and infinitely more just that any laws or conventions emanating from fallible man.

    This is also the reason why we see civilian women, children, and elderly non-combatants slaughtered indiscriminately every time Muslims wage violent jihad against non-Muslim unbelievers anywhere in the world in places like Israel, Kashmir, Jammu, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Chechnya, Russia, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc., etc., etc. including in the USA on 9/11/2001.

    Anyway, the USA should take advantage of the civil war in Syria to eliminate the ruling Mullah regime of Iran and to destroy their nuclear weapons program, as Syria has a mutual defense pact with Iran and in fact is one of Iran's proxies. As a matter of fact, this is a golden opportunity for the USA to act. Indeed, if the USA eradicated the ruling Mullah regime in Iran, the Assad Alawite regime would be preferable to the Muslim Brotherhood regime that will inevitably replace it, because the Assad Alawite regime would help keep the lid on the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • mlcblog

      Thank you.

  • mrbean

    We really got some good results with the Ayatolla after ouster of the Sha of Iran didn't we. American citizens held hostage for over a year and a terrorist state. We also really got some good results with the Muslim Brotherhood after ouster of Egypt's Mubarak didn't we. American citizens held hostage once again. Libya after Gadffi looks much the same. Yemen you can count on to be an al Qaeda stronghold. Obama is alot like a relief pitcher who comes in with score 5 to 4 and after 4 innings the score is 15 to 7 and he blames the previous pitcher for him (Obama) pitching 4 innings of batting practice for the opposition. Obama as they say, doesn't pack the gear to be a world leader. Intellectually, courageously, or just plain good common sense.

  • dirt

    Assad was just trying to keep his minority tribe alive. If the majority Sunni takes power, he and his tribes will suffer the same fate as the Sunni does now (see Egypt and Libya as recent examples). What would the world say then? Probably nothing!

    Obama is facing a dilemma, he wants to appease both Iran and the Arabs majority, where one supports Assad and one against him. Therefore no matter what he does, he will have create one more enemy for the States.

    The West will never truly understand what the Arabs or the Islam world think or behave. Until more truth of Islam is revealed and understood, the West is best to keep out of the Islam world and let Islam deal with themselves, while keeping the infiltration (aka hidden jihad) of the Islam away from the West.

  • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

    If they oust Assad, the Muslim bro'hood will be in charge, then Israel can look to a future of bombs and rockets, non stop.

  • Indioviejo

    Has the CIA and the State Department consulted with our only Ally in the Region about the path we should follow? I am sure American interest would be better served, but Obama and the Democrat Party would disagree. The Marxist POTUS agenda has the destruction of Israel as an immediate goal.

  • azjohnny

    there's no solution for the middle east . . . too many sects that hate each other . . . how can they be expected to come together as one since they've never known another way and their mangy "religious" leaders merely exacerbate the problems. it's ironic too because for a place in the world where wealth in the form of oil merely bubbles out of the ground that its inhabitants should be the most peaceful and contented on earth. . . but it's over for them; it's unsustainable; they're doomed . . . similar to the u.s. under obammy and the donkey party dolts.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Israel should openly offer safe haven to all Christians in the Middle East. This offer would open a can the press has managed to keep unopened.

    Offering those in Syria a way out while the Press is covering the Countrys meltdown is bound to recieve the coverage it so richly deserves.

    It would be very difficult for Israel to look bad-at least in American eyes-to a problem needing a solution. Americans understand Christan Persecution.Many from the very begining came here because of it. Especially now with our own GOVERNMENT firing several salvos in its own right. A huge help for sanity-a Box squared for others to get out of without disgrace,

  • P.A

    For all to see, but no one wants to say it. So it seems.

    The only thing Assad needs to do – declare Syria an Islamic State, institute Sharia laws, grow a beard.

    This done, everything will stop. All rioting, all support. From Saudi and Turkey and USA. Assad will be welcomed back into the bosom, a not so long lost friend.

    If any one thinks the protest and rioting and daily mayhem in Homs and etc is people yearning for our liberal democratic values, needs head examined.