Romney Edges One Step Closer

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After months of styling himself as the inevitable nominee, Mitt Romney is finally poised to live up to his own hype. Sweeping victories last night in Wisconsin, Maryland, and Washington D.C. suggest that Romney is starting to shore up his support among Republican primary voters, even as his campaign is fueled by factors that seem to have little to do with his virtues as a candidate.

The key to Romney’s victory in Wisconsin, as it has been throughout the primary season, was his massive funding advantage. Restore Our Future, Romney’s super PAC, sank some $3 million into television ads in the state; Santorum had to make due with a comparatively modest $850,000 ad buy. The advertising blitz proved decisive, helping Romney to overturn an early deficit in the polls and swinging the race in his favor in the closing days. Of the 51 percent of Wisconsin voters who made up their minds in the last week, 51 percent ended up voting for Romney. High-profile endorsements, including backing from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, a favorite of Wisconsin Republicans, also helped Romney’s cause in the Badger State.

Ads and endorsements aside, there were also signs that Romney benefited from the growing perception that he will be the last man standing. In Wisconsin, early exit polls showed that an overwhelming 80 percent of voters expected Romney to become the eventual nominee, even if they didn’t support him personally. In Maryland, nearly half of primary voters believed the same. The fact that Romney is increasingly drawing more support from Santorum-friendly constituencies like Tea Party members and evangelical Christians may be another indication that Republicans are ready for the race to be over.

So too is the Obama administration. New ads launched by the president’s re-election campaign in six swing states are now targeting Romney by name, and the president is now referring to him in his speeches, a clear sign that he considers Romney his likely opponent. Romney has responded in kind. In his victory speech last night, he hit out at “Barack Obama’s government-centered society,” a possible preview of his theme in the general election. Romney is also slated to form joint fundraising committees with the Republican National Committee, a sign that he has begun to shift focus to the major battle ahead. Even as he continues his quest for the nomination, Romney has begun acting like the nominee.

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  • stevefraser

    But with his attack on Planned Parenthood Mitt may have found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. As if being a Hawk isn't enough to defeat Mitt as year after year of American youth are brought home in coffins from places that have absolutely nothing to do with our national defense. Of course, perhaps the party of stupid is counting on the bonehead Ryan to keep wa'ving his "budget plan" around to make certain of defeat. What a bunch of blockheads!!!

    • Son-of-Chezwick

      Ryan's budget proposal was the most courageous thing any politician in Washington has done in years. My only criticism is that it didn't go far enough…but Rome wasn't built in a day.

  • C.R.

    Mitt Romney is a Marxist–he would continue most of the Obama policies!

    • Roger

      And enough people realize it. That's why the establishment coronation isn't going off according to their schedule.

    • elmysterio

      A Marxist? Hardly. Neither is Obama for that matter.

    • Jacobite

      That simpering smarmy male-model, a Marxist? I think not. It is true he will continue O'bama's policies because repealing something is just so… confrontational. No, Mitt didn't spend millions to trash half a dozen conservatives to become student council president …. I mean POTUS, so he could bother the rest of his Establishment buddies by upsetting thier applecart. Heaven forbid!!!! There isn't one ball among Mitt, Boner, and McConnell.

  • Youssef

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  • Steve Chavez

    ROMNEY CAMPAIGN COMMERCIAL: Have a Romney Family Portrait with his huge family and a couple of grandchildren sitting on his lap. An honorable family.

    NOW THE OBAMA FAMILY: Barack, wearing a helicopter hat, sitting on Saul Alinsky's lap with George Soros standing above him pulling puppet strings. Surrounding them are Fidel and Che, Karl Marx, Putin with a "Vote Obama" sign, Bill Ayers, David and Rahm, Michelle holding a pitch fork, Biden with a Taliban Turban with a fuse coming out of it, Pelosi dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West, and a couple of Panthers with clubs flanking both sides.

    ALSO, ANY TYPE OF GAS AND OIL COMMERCIAL USING OBAMA'S OWN WORDS like the Brazil's Petroglas where he said he wants to fund them to find oil so we can buy it from them. Then his asking Saudi Arabia to increase output and all while he has Gulf moratoriums, regulations, and no Keystone here. EVERYONE HAS BEEN HURT BY THE PRICE OF GAS. "IT'S OBAMA'S FAULT!"

    • kathy

      Romney should hire you. LOVE your ad ideas.

      • Steve Chavez

        And then one showing a herd of bulls and Obama picking up the bullsh*t. "Shovel ready job." He then shovels it/shoves it in a gas tank. "If only cars ran on GREEN BIO-BULLSH*T since that is something OBAMA HAS PLENTY OF!"

    • Fred Dawes

      Yes it is his monkey butt fault but it is also our fault, But it is our Fault it is the world bankers who put his monkey butt in washington not the people.

      Think Joe he gets what has happened and why!

    • Dennis X

      For that romney family portrait you got to have the dog tied to the roof of a car and a all those people that bain capital fired.

      • Steve Chavez

        Don't you have to HIRE before you can FIRE? Usually firing someone means they aren't doing their job correctly, can't be a team player, personality problems and many other factors. You have to clean out a failing company to get rid of the bad apples.

  • Chris Gleason

    Please: "….must make due with…" – how about "…must make do with…" Thank you.

    Romney may be short on real understanding of the everyday life of those of us who have worked for a living, but at least we know who he is, where he is from and who his people are. That is what is driving the vote and that is what will get him elected. For many of us, Santorum is our true choice, but right now we need someone who can take out the bum in the White House and Romney appears to be that person. It's that simple.

    • Roger

      Yes it is that simple.
      Escpecially when Romney still defends Romneycare and doesn't realize how it's been a failure.

      I don't want any government involvement in my dr office limiting his options.

  • BS77

    Romney and Rubio in 2012. This is a good ticket for the election.

    • Kevin Stowell

      Drink your lunch?

      • elmysterio

        So obviously, you're not a Romney fan. Who are you rootin for?

        • Kevin Stowell

          Someone obsessed with presiding by the Constitution which, in the end, means none of the above. For my sensibilities, almost without fail, the one who would be most likely be that is the one the media deem unelectable and send packing first.

  • DogsHateRomney

    "Romney Edges One Step Closer.

    ……. a Journey to the Unknown:

  • DogsHateRomney

    RE: Romney Edges One Step Closer…

    …….."Slowly I turned… Step by step… "

    …how wry,

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Just think about it moonbat….your worse nightmare is probably inevitable. We are about to elect a Mormon as president for the next 8 years. That ought to make you sleep well for the next 8 years.

      • DogsHateRomney

        Replying to ObamaYoMoma: (QUOTE) – "Just think about it moonbat….your worse nightmare is probably inevitable. We are about to elect a Mormon as president for the next 8 years. That ought to make you sleep well for the next 8 years. "

        I sleep well every night. without concern about the Oval Office. (see Paul's letter to the Romans).

        If you are Mormon (which you dodge) – please understand that I am not against you, or, Romney personally.

        ~ You should examine the evidence presented here (from Mormon sorces) to see if it holds water.

        Moreover you should stop your personally motivated, vacant, ad honemen attacks. Jesus said that the truth will set you free (John 8:32).

        Mormonism, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS claims to be the restoration of the true gospel and a revelation of the true God.
        Logical Proof that Mormonism is False:

        If what is stated about Mormonism on that web site is true, then it should help a lot of people,

  • Looking4Sanity

    We get the government we deserve. It saddens me to think we don't deserve any better than Romney or Obama.

    • Roger

      Benjamin Franklin knew there was a risk of this happening.

      I just hope we can turn the tide, agains the wishes of the establishment hacks like Obama and Boehner.

  • mrbean

    The women's vote for Obama is driven by their illusion that he cares more about my kids than my conservative husband and the Kim Kardasian "Mandingo" sexual fantasies syndrome. Obama's base is free-loading tribalist blacks, left wing academics and the liberal MSM, government employees and unions, illegal aliens and the dead, BUT…. it is the American soccer moms and single women who may put this clown in office fo a second term.

    • Dennis x

      The klan has programs for you and your kids.

    • wctaqiyya

      mrbean. You are correct sir.

  • popseal

    If you think the left savaged Sarah Palin about her religion, wait until it starts peeling back the onion skins of his Mormonism. Media ilks will rejoice in the strange doctrines of Romney's cult.

    • Roger

      They pretend they just need a moderate to rally around.

      Do you remember the straight talk express of McCain? They had he same mantra for him.
      Why doesn't Romney realize the same thing will happen to him?

  • BLJ

    Anybody and I mean that would be better than Obama. Romney isn't perfect (who is), but I believe he is an honorable man who actually loves his country. That alone puts him light years ahead of the Dear Leader.

    Romney needs to make Obama run on his dismal record and focus on the economy. Keep the message simple and focused. Do not let Team Obama change the narrartive.

    The low information voter will sadly still vote for Obama. It is the independents who have a brain that are the key to getting this traitor out of office. God willing this will happen.

    • Roger

      The primary isn't over yet. Let the system play out.
      I for one am not satisfied with the approved establishment figurehead just yet.

      • BLJ

        Never said it was over my friend, but the math is sure stacked in Romney's favor. The main objective is to stop another term for Hussein Obama. Take off the kid gloves this time and make the Dear Leader sweat.

        • Roger

          Someone needs to feed constitutionally based quotes into his teleprompters!

    • elmysterio

      "The low information voter will sadly still vote for Obama. It is the independents who have a brain that are the key to getting this traitor out of office"

      Those on the "left" say the same thing, except the other way around.

      Go Team Blue! Rah Rah Rah… Go Team Red! Rah Rah Rah…

      It's madness. NEITHER party actually represents the interests of the people.

      • Roger

        Yes, but one party does think marxism is a solution to the problems caused by socialism.

  • Fred Dawes

    Romney a white obama, But what the hell this nation is about to disappear into the third world, who really cares who is the main monkey in washington and come on boys do you really think you pick the main monkey President?, and kids its the world bankers who do the picking not you or me or the guy behind the tree!

    • elmysterio

      So in your opinion, who was the last GOOD president?

  • wctaqiyya

    Oh sure, Romney is better than Obama. But so was Katrina. When anything is better than Obama, and the best we can do is say Romney is a good family man, it means he SUCKS. Romney is a big government loving puke and he better do something to excite the conservatives, or we are doomed. Doomed faster and for sure, I mean.

  • Fred

    Why won't any of the new media or the Republicans running for office talk about Barry's phony Birth Certificate, using another persons SSA #, phony forged Selective Service Card and so so so much more?

    Our Illegal President would be so easy to get out of office, but of course the so called "media" is composed of radical leftist who lie and cover for him. I understand it took the enemy 30 years to place their people in key positions and now they have the complete media.

    • Fred Dawes

      You can see!

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