Smearing Gingrich

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The standout moment of this week’s South Carolina debate featured Newt Gingrich confronting moderator Juan Williams over the latter’s charge of racial insensitivity. Pressed by Williams to defend his statements that “black Americans should demand jobs, not food stamps” and that Barack Obama is the “Food Stamp President,” Gingrich boldly took up the challenge. Rejecting Williams’s suggestion that such statements “belittle the poor and racial minorities,” Gingrich offered up a full-throated defense of the ennobling value of menial work and pointed out that food stamps have soared during Obama’s presidency.

In a less crudely partisan media climate, Gingrich’s response might have led to a civil discussion about the problems facing the black underclass and the proper scope of the social safety net. Instead it unleashed howls of outrage from the left and the media elite, which rose up on cue to denounce Gingrich as a “racist.”

“Hardball” host Chris Matthews kicked off the smear campaign, insisting that Gingrich was sending dog-whistle signals to racists. In Matthews’s conspiratorial telling, “this whole conversation isn’t about poverty, but about race. It’s about a candidate [Gingrich] who knows just how to make his point to appeal to a certain kind of voter.” Lest this seem too subtle, the New York Times soon weighed in with an editorial accusing Gingrich of stoking “racial animosity.” Not to be outdone, the Economist chimed in that Gingrich was pandering to “bigots.” Al Sharpton, in the ultimate pot-and-kettle act, blasted Gingrich for engaging in “racial demagoguery.”

All of this was predicable. Equally predictable was that none of Gingrich’s overheated critics could offer a substantive explanation for why he was wrong, let alone why anything he said amounted to racial bigotry. For instance, as Gingrich has noted in the past, the unemployment rate for black teenagers hit 43 percent last year. That amounts to a serious social problem, since early employment has been shown to cultivate the social skills and the ethos of professional responsibility and discipline that is so critical in job success later in life. Yet Gingrich’s critics seem more interested in condemning the former speaker for calling attention to this problem than in examining its consequences for black Americans.

That’s not to say — as Gingrich did not — that teen unemployment is exclusively a problem for the black community. Department of Labor Statistics show that overall unemployment among teenagers reached 27 percent in 2010, the highest since the government began tracking such statistics after World War II. Gingrich himself alluded to the wider implications of teenage unemployment when he cited the beneficial experience of his daughter Jackie, who worked part-time as a janitor at a church when she was 13. But acknowledging the fact that teenage unemployment is a national problem does not alter the grim reality that it is particularly destructive for the black community. To dismiss Gingrich’s point about black teenage unemployment as simple racism is not only intellectually vulgar and specious, but it glosses over a real and pressing social ill.

But then, Gingrich’s detractors aren’t interested in actually having a conversation about these realities. The New York Times descended into almost comic pettiness when it complained that, contra Gingrich’s claim, President Obama had not personally put anyone on food stamps. Even the White House got in on the act, dismissing the “Food Stamp President” label as “crazy.”

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  • mrbean

    You can always count on blacks to play the race card to cover up for the brutha in the oval office. Sorry, Juan, it is time for you to face reality. Far too many blacks have a very poor work ethic and poor ethics in general. They are tribalists and lack rugged individualism. and they can always blame whitey for all their failures, but whitey gotta supply the welfare and feed all their bastard kids (70% out of wedlock with absentee fathers) " cause dey all beez a playaw" and won't support their families. Blacks betyween 14 and 40 make up 5% of the population but commit 67% of all the violent crime. They get loans college and just take the money and run, they don't pay their bills, their bastard children assault teachers and students in public schools making it impossible for any serious student, flash black teen mobs robbing of stores in most US large cities. And they openly demand more and more handouts from whitey. What have I said that is not true?

    • aspacia

      Some of your stats are correct, many are not. Perhaps you can provide valid support for your claim?

      I work in a North Las Vegas high school, 11th grade working class area, last year I was in the Mexican ghetto (student description of I am not Hispanic, I am Mexican), This year I can honestly claim that several of my Black students are the highest achievers compared to the Mexican majority. Two blacks and one white were difficult, but after running enough paper on them they were sent to another more tolerant teacher.

      Remember, Sowel, Elder, Cosby, and many other blacks are conservative.

      Frankly, your words echo those of many older Americans from the 50's; I am one of your generation, and your words echol those of my parents.

      • mrbean

        Old Chinese Proverb appicable to the black dependency class: ""Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day but he will return each day demanding more fish. Teach a man how to fish and he will feed himself for a life time." I love your comments about the prominent conservative black people (I admire) that the present black leadership smears as "Uncle Toms" because they have strayed from their tribalist democrat plantation. Read Dr Walter Williams on the black leadership. And about the 50's – that was when less than 15% of black households were headed by single unwed mothers and the majority of black fathers supported their families, but since the "Great Society" we have an 80% illegimate birth rate in the Black community and 60% of all black house holds are headed by single mothers on welfare with little of no support at all from the black fathers for their children – "cause dey beez playaas". Ahhh yess……. the 1950's when we had Father Knows Best instead of Family Guy and Homer Simpson, Beaver Cleaver instead of Beavis and Butthead.

        • Dennis X

          Please provide the source of your claim of "60% of all Black households are headed by Black mothers on welfare".

        • aspacia


          The 50's may have been idyllic for many whites, but most minorities tremendously suffered regardless of the fact that they worked very hard.

          You are correct regarding the black single-mother households, but as a white single-mother who divorced her husband (he thought he owned me), stopped working to avoid paying child support, and raised a son, albeit with my family's help alone, this is not only a minority problem. What differs is the fact that I did not play victim, had skills, went to university on scholarships and grants.

          Too many whine, and too many women have more children than they can afford to feed as a single parent believing a man will care for her. Fools.

      • Maxie

        It's apparent that blacks generally lack a work ethic. Ancestrally they come from a warm climate; lived tribally and somewhat nomadically off the land. They did not have to build winter resistant shelters or plant crops. They left their waste and just moved readily to new location. You see these characteristics yet today in their neighborhoods which you recognize immediately from the waste paper up against protective chain link fences which they need to protect themselves from each other. It's in their genes and its sad. It will take another three generations involving miscegenation with whites and asians to alter the gene pool. Just the facts of the matter.

        • aspacia

          All first humans were probably black and from Africa! According to your logic, this fallacious lazy gene would be in all humans. Some ancient African tribes had kingdoms complete with farms, ranches, and livestock, ore smelting, etc. I suggest you take a valid anthropology class, and ignore the crackpot racist theories of the Duke and other white supremacists.

          Geez, this is sad that some on FP are bigots.

          • Maxie

            Lay off the cheap-shot bigot charge. The "lazy gene" as you phrase it was eliminated from the DNA over the centuries in those who migrated northward into the colder European climates as part of necessary adaptation and survival. Why do think there are white people and asians whose distant ancestors were black africans? Why do you think the majority of African nations are still relatively primative? You're the one who needs an anthropology and genetics class. A class in civility wouldn't hurt either.

          • aspacia

            My stone hit its mark, and the bigoted dog is howling. Just what valid scientific evidence can you provide to support your claim that the lazy gene is connected only to blacks. None I would wager.

            Again, many ancient African tribes were smelting metal and various forms of communication, laws, religious ceremonies and political systems. This is from the invalid Wiki, but I can locate many valid sources:

            You forget, the Queen of Sheba was Ethiopian.

            A lazy gene is not related to race:

            According to your logic, this is true of Native American nomadic tribes, but how do your explain the advanced civilizations of the Aztecs, Mayans, Olmec and the NE Native American tribes.

            According to scientific theory, humans migrated north to follow the critters for food. As they migrated, their skin color lightened to absorb more Vitamin D from the sun, and their eyes lightened for better seeing. This theory was developed after the Civil Way and numerous blacks fled the South, but developed rickets because their dark skin, meant for protection against the sun, prevented the absorption of Vitamin D. There is a major hole in the theory, similar to evolution, how can this explain Eskimos?

          • Maxie

            "As they migrated, their skin color lightened to absorb more Vitamin D from the sun, and their eyes lightened for better seeing."
            Yes, exactly my point. But the same genetic adaptations didn't occur in Africa because it wasn't needed.
            The aforementioned adaptations took place in prehistory – Your timing is way off. Neanderthal man perished because he couldn't adapt – survival of the fittest.
            Smelting, the queen of Sheba, Aztecs, Mayans, native Americans came along many, many centuries later. My argument holds. And the only stone involved here is the one in your head.

          • aspacia


            There is no LAZY GENE associated with any race. Actually, most scientists discount the concept of race because we are all humans with zero major physical differences. There are cultural differences, but difference in race. You have zero evidence to support your claim, and ignored the evidence of ancient African civilizations.

            The Geek Empire fell, as did the Babylonian, Roman, British, Russian, etc, all were considered white, why did they falter if whites are superior?

            My point is, historically, empires rise, and fall regardless of the color of its people's skin.

            Your argument does not hold, because the African empires mentioned are recorded, their people had dark skin and were not lazy. They built huge civilizations, were farmers, ranchers, had political systems, religious centers, etc. When Rome collapsed, Europe fell into the Dark Ages with no laws and barbarism. The nobles provided protection to the farmers with their swords and demanded taxes for this protection. If whites are superior, why did Europe fail, and the ME civilization thrive during the same time. This feudalism is what is currently happening in Africa.

            Maxie, you are a racist. You have provided zero valid evidence for your fallacious claim.

          • Maxie

            " Actually, most scientists discount the concept of race because we are all humans with zero major physical differences."

            Do you ever watch sports? Football, basketball, track? Who are the best athletes? Which race dominates? A major reason for black superiority in sports is the black male commonly has higher testosterone levels, hence greater muscle mass and speed (also higher rates of prostate cancer for the same reason). Is that a "racist" comment? Lay off the PC kool ade and get off your high horse.

          • aspacia

            I deal with valid scientific facts, not some stereotyping bs from a bigot.

            I guess black athletes are lazy?

          • Maxie

            Your snarky response is proof you've lost the argument but I leave you with ths: "Blacks also have from 3 to19% more . . testosterone than whites or orientals. This means more explosive energy which gives Blacks the edge in sports . . ."
            Now grow up

          • aspacia

            And this makes blacks lazy???? Too funny

          • Maxie

            No stupid it's still about genetics. You were the one who generalized the argument beyond the work ethic issue. Now go back to your coloring book and shut up

          • aspacia

            You claimed blacks are lazy because of genetics, then babbled on about testosterone and their energy boost, which negates your original claim about black laziness.

          • Maxie

            I did NOT claim Blacks were lazy. I said they lacked a WORK ETHIC. There's a big difference. Lazy was YOUR word – not mine. Suggest you google "work ethic". You might learn something but I doubt it. This thread is over as far as I'm concerned.

      • coyote3

        You are "Mexican"? Were you born in Mexico, or a naturalized citizen? If you were/are, then I what I have to say is moot. However, if you were born in the U.S., you are not a Mexican. You may be of Mexican descent, as I am, for the most part. However, I was born in Tejas, and most of my ancestors were born there, since it become Tejas, and then the U.S.

        • aspacia

          Thank-you coyote, I too am American of Basque, English and Scot descent:-) I am sick of the hyphenated names.

        • aspacia

          LOL, you misunderstood my claim that it was the students describing the area they lived in as a Mexican ghetto not Hispanic. They dislike this generic term and prefer Cuban, San Salvadorian, etc.

          • coyote3

            Sorry for the mistunderstanding, but it does appear, at first reading that you were claiming you are a "Mexican". Quite a few Tejanos (of Mexican descent) take offense, big time, to being called "Mexican".

    • Dennis X

      Fo mo years, buttboy!!

      • BLJ

        You hope. Better cash those government checks now buddy.

        • Dennis X

          Please sent your government checks, I don't get any. Are they still giving away chesse?

        • aspacia

          True, O is raiding pension funds to pay for his spending spree.

      • mrbean

        Yassah, foe mo yars uf dah hopey and changey. Buckwheat's sista gonna campane fah Prez Obama. Yanoewatahsayin' (smacking lips rapidly metttt-mettt-metttt-mettt!)

        • Ghostwriter

          Why do you continue with your "Amos 'n' Andy" nonsense? It's stupid and stereotypical. Please stop it. You're making yourself look idiotic.

  • Amused

    Mr.Racist…,uh …I mean Mr.Bean , the "media's" not the entity that put's " ole' Newt " in the category of a racist , that he is [ you know just like you but quite abit smarter ] .
    Newts BIGGEST ENEMY , is that little piece of flesh between his jaws , which he seems to have no control over , in his "freudian slips ".Mr.Laskin is obviously a racst himself , OR he's so ignorant [which I do not think is the case ] that he sees Gingrich as " a victim " of the big bad media . In REALITY , Newts supplies all the ammunition the press uses against him , just as it does with ANYONE under the puiblic spotlight .

    • aspacia

      True, Newt's biggest problem is putting his size 10 shoe in his size 25 arrogant mouth. Is he smart? Sure, but would you want him as president? No sure, but will vote for him not the O.

    • mrbean

      Listen and learn, if that is possible for Amused and other idiots ! RACISM is the dispensing and/or withholding of privileges and/or punishments based on a person's race. Examples of racism are affirmative action, the moratorium on the execution of blacks convicted and sentenced in Maryland, racial job quotas, racial admissions quotas, and minority contractor set asides, and the fact there is even such a thing as the "Black Caucus" in the Congress of the United States. What I do is ridiculing the real behavior, actual way they talk without their foul language and showing the mindsets by most blacks have because their so-called black leadership and the liberal elitests keep them down on the Democratic plantation. The only reason this clandestine anti semite Muslim incomeptent Obama who has zero qualifications to be president is because of white guilt and black tribalism, which means he was voted for because of his race.

      • trickyblain

        No, "they" don't talk that way, you disgusting, plagerizing moron. Your idiotic little rants are straight from 1930's Minstrel shows (which any sane person admits are plenty racist).

        People voted for Obama in the general election because — right or wrong — they saw him as an alternative to the disasterous policies of the previous administration.

        • mrbean

          Yassah he dun beez dah black messiah dat gonna bring us hopey and changey. Yassah. Yanoewatahmsayin' (smacking lips rapidly metttt-mettt-metttt-mettt!)

        • coyote3

          Don't know whether "they" all speak that way or not, but that pretty much describes the way the ones I charged and prosecuted spoke. So the, tell us, what are the alternatives to the disastrous and illegal policies of this administration?

  • speedyjerry

    And the list goes on of the media slamming everyone but Romney, their dream candidate that is the easiest for Obama to beat. Has anyone else noticed the chummy relationships between Reince Priebus / George Soros / Mitt Romney / Jeff Immelt?

    • Jim_C

      Oh, brother "the media," again. Everyone's a victim, right? Gimme a break.

      Romney was a lousy candidate four years ago. He spent that time learning how to represent himself–minimize mistakes.

      Granted, his personality is such that he's still not a good candidate–but he hasn't made a fool of himself in public the way Cain, Perry, and Gingrich have. Santorum and Bachmann play well to the fringe, but they are UNELECTABLE. As is, to an extent, Ron Paul–though he's a strong candidate in his way.

      Ironically, the candidate with the best chance against Obama, BY FAR, dropped out last week. But Huntsman is "too RINO" for every self-flattering"conservative" who have no clue what it takes to govern.

      Oh well, good for Obama!

  • Amused

    The remark that got Gingrich in hot water as far as HONEST CRITICISM GOES , was NOT taken out of context , nort was it exaggerated , it was merely patent "Newt Gingrich ", a racist with a great vocabulary , which for years has been used in the inevitable "back-peddling" used to cvonvince numbskulls like Mr.Bean , and of course the author of this condescending article . AND IN REALITY -{AGAIN } Newt's
    "statistics " are patently false , whereas more food stamp recipients STATISTICALLY ARE WHITE . But hey Newt got his coded message across nonetheless to those it was meant for – the likes of your own Mr.Bean , the author of this "defend Newt's racism " trash , and most likely the majority of bloggers with the same mentality , that coagulate on these threads, who will convince themselves that it's not Gingrich ,but that " eeeeevil media " .
    BTW ….forget about Gingrich , he dont have a chance .

    • tagalog

      Coded message? Why would Newt Gingrich's message have to be coded? Is there some secret in operation? Youth unemployment is a major concern, and needs to be addressed, for the reasons cited in this article. Is there something someone wants to hide, like the fact that no one is trying to do much of anything about teenagers and jobs? Who could possibly be trying to gloss over such a thing?

    • Stephen_Brady

      "whereas more food stamp recipients STATISTICALLY ARE WHITE"

      Could that be because there are more white people than black people, in America? Would this account for your fuzzy statistical math?

      • aspacia

        True. However, statistically blacks are 12% of the population and comprise a disproportionate number in prison.

        Stephen, there are many lazy whites too.

    • johnnywoods

      Amused, Newt is prone to stick his foot in his big mouth frequently and he seems unable to leave the ladies alone, he flip-flops often but a racist he is not.

    • aspacia

      When did Newt claim that recipients' color had anything to do with Food Stamps? Frankly, I agree that students who vandalize schools should be forced to repair the damage, and learn a trade after school and during weekends.

    • Lee Poteet

      And you have now revealed who the real racist is and it is not Newt. Amused, it is you. Yes, YOU1

    • coyote3

      Then you don't have a thing to worry about, do you? I suppose you have some way to determine if Newt's message was "coded". Of course, there are more Caucasian on food stamps, because there are more Caucasians. Tell me, let's say Newt is a "racist", whatever that is. Is that necessarily a bad thing? What if people do vote in a racist? Not that it will happen, because according to you he doesn't have a chance, but you spend a lot of time on him, when he doesn't even have the nomination yet.

  • Mikidiki

    Dear Amused . . . please take your medication .. You are an embassment to bigots.

    • Amused

      I know , I must be embarrassing the bigots in this blog . Oh wait , you can't shame anyone who has no shame . Mr.Bean your dumbed down version , is indicative of the general mentality found here . And while Mr,Bean has no shame , he does speak what most here think , as he garners approval with his juvenile slurs . WHO are you guys trying to kid ?

  • Dirkster

    Juan William's question to Newt implies that being on food stamps, welfare and any other governmental assistance is less demeaning than having a menial job. Juan thinks poor blacks should say "We are entitled to be on the governmental Dole more than we are responsible for finding a menial job". I wonder what Juan thinks of white people taking menial jobs. If Newt saying the poor should take menial jobs is racist, then what is it when Juan implies only poor whites or hispanics should take menial jobs but not blacks? Newt was easy on Juan. Juan's question reeked of racism. Juan infers that poor blacks shouldn't have to do menial jobs that poor whites should be doing. I'm a big fan of Juan but he is more loyal to his his "I am a victim of racism" view of the world than he is to clear thinking. Newt's daughter being a janitor for a church is a good thing but if she were black, it would be racism. Don't figure.

    Dirk Lemmons

  • BS77

    I wish Donald Trump had run….he is tough on economic issues, Iran, China and
    our failure oriented socialist welfare Nanny State. Ron Paul? Forgeddaboudit!!

  • BLJ

    The truth hurts the Dems and libs. The race card is the only answer they have. It is an extremely weak one at that.

    Blacks are the victims of the bigotry of low expectations. The people they need to blame are the Democratic Party, the so-called Black Leaders and the media. These groups just use them as a voting bloc (sort of how the Palestinians are used in the Arab world).

    Finally, the media once again shows it's true colors with their attacks on both Newt and Romney will not once ever looking into the very suspect fact of why NO ONE can locate any of the Dear Leader's education records going back to kindergarten.

    • Dennis X

      The dims and libs don't have to attack the repubs , they are doing it themselves. Hell I would have love for black walnut, newt or perry to get nomination

      • BLJ

        Everytime you post you just make my point. Keep up the good work. Maybe you and Jim C should form a ticket and run.

        • Dennis X

          Yo, bj you have yet to make a point. What does President Obama's devil blood have to do with the topic?

  • BLJ

    I almost forgot a couple of other facts:

    a) Obama is half white (which came in handy back in 2008).
    b) Obama would not have won the 2008 election if not for getting a big chunk of the
    white vote.

  • speedyjerry

    Dear Lord,

    These past couples of years have

    been tough… You have taken my favorite Actor Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress

    Elizabeth Taylor, my favorite Cowboy James Arness, my favorite athlete Bob

    Feller, my favorite singer Lena Horne and my favorite salesman Billy


    I just wanted you to know that my favorite

    president is Barack



    • johnnywoods

      Hey speedy, I like that:)

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Did anyone else see that interview on Fox News during Megyn Kelly's show yesterday on the 18th where she interviewed two guys that appeared in that anti-Capitalist attack ad Newt Gingrich is running against Mitt Romney? In the interview, both guys said that they were deliberately misquoted out of context without their knowledge by the producers of that attack ad video and both also said that they didn't say anything bad about Mitt Romney and that what they were talking about pertained to other things instead. This news also should have gone together with the earlier news they reported on Fox News Sunday this past weekend where some of the other participants in that attack ad had also admitted to being paid to appear in the video. In fact, I thought that news yesterday was going to hit the fan and explode into earth shattering news when I first watched it, but instead Fox News deep sixth it ASAP.

    Obviously, Fox News is trying its best to get its favorite pro-Amnesty presidential candidate elected. Which is why instead of breaking that news about the dishonesty of Newt Gingrich's anti-Capitalist attack ad, it instead blew way out of proportion Mitt Romney's hesitancy to reveal his tax returns, and never mind the fact that the real reason that Romney was a little hesitant to reveal his tax returns is because both Gingrich and Perry had been berating him about it for days to do it. Now the big story is also Romney pays taxes at a rate of 15 percent and also has some trusts in the Cayman Islands. Can we say class warfare again. Meanwhile, no one knows about how dishonest Newt Gingrich's attack ads actually were because Fox News put a blackout on that story.

    Indeed, there is no such thing as fair and balanced reporting, as Fox News is just as bad and biased as the rest of them.

  • mrbean

    I see ABC dug up Newt;'s bitter ex wife to smear him. Hell hath no fury like an ex-hag wife scorned. She will make up anything just to get him and of course ABC has their tongue in the A$$ of Obama.

  • crackerjack

    A moralist who dunks his dying wife and asks the next for an open marrig. A foreign policy advocate who denys the existence of palestine but hugs arafat. A hero aginst big goverment who made a fortune in big goverment and fannie mae.

    every party gets the candidates it deserves.

    • Lee Poteet

      Since the wife and the falsehood you repeated are both still alive, it makes you look – well, uninformed. As for the Palestinians, Newt is right. There was never a Palestinian state and those who currently use the name are only Arabs and jihadists.

  • Tanstaafl

    "What do you want?' – Nero asks the mob,

    "More bread and circus!"

    Looks like this could be the new motto of the Democratic Party.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Gringrich wants to flood the market with hispanic immirgants which hurts the blacks from getting off of welfare. Why isn't anyone honest about this.

    • mrbean

      Yassah it all be whitey fault dat dah hsipanics will work and sah blacks won't yassah.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Newt kicked John King's arse. That was special. That's the second time that he nailed the LameStream Media. Keep it up Newt. I could care less about your ex. My ex is a bee-yotch too. So what? It won't influence my vote one iota. The real enemies are BHO, the MSM, and Islam not Newt. I'd rather expend my efforts fighting the real enemies rather than waste time listening to some bitter ex-wife's diatribe against her ex-husband as told through the pens and microphones of the leftist enemedia.

  • Jose Behar

    I admire Mr Gingrich for his grandiose ideas and its ability to debate with pointed slogans. I do not disagree with him about whether he is conservative or not. I have problems with him about his arrogance and unstable personality with serious character flaws. I am concerned that he was censured by the House of Representatives forcing him to resign as a speaker. We need in this country a pragmatic -not an ideologue- that can resolve the country's economic problems by uniting and developing a bipartisan solution. Neither the republican nor the democratic parties can make the major decisions that are necessary.

  • Amused

    Neewts a moral hypocrite , a thief ,and racist , while Romney is the quintessential flip flopping lieing politician . Neither has a plan , nor strategy , but both know how to please a crowd with patented Obama bashing . While that may the redmeat the majority of Repo/Cons want to hear , in their frenzy they fail to see that neither will be able to defeat Obama in Nov. And for all your rhetoric and political memes , the bailouts hsave proven to be working , job production has risen steadily , unempoloyment is lowest since GW left office . LOL…thusfar those participans of whatever parts of Obama Care have come into effect , [ even Republicans ] lol….are praising it , Trufers have been proven to be the idiots they always have been , no one has lost not one iota of personal freedoms , thus no one shipped off to the Obama Concentration camps , Grandmas have not been euthanized , Israel still is the recipent of foreign aid , in the way of military hardware and loan credits ,and the Teabaggers have been vetted to be nothing more than a bunch of angry partisans who won't even compromise enough for the greater good of the U.S.
    Good luck with that in Nov.

    • coyote3

      My goodness, and this all comes from whom? You, and you alone in your delusions. Everytime you regulate some otherwise legal activity, someone has lost a personal freedom.

    • coyote3

      Well, as far as personal freedoms go, it is not for lack of trying. This administration filed amicus brief supporting civil rights violation in Heller and MacDonald. Not to mention intimidation, and violation of federal law in fast and furious, Solyndra. Continuing the bailouts violated a lot of personal liberties, as well, by choosing winner through bailout money, and relegating others to losers. All without authority to do so.

  • Amused

    BYW , most of the criticism of newt , is coming from his own party , and his own fsamily .As for Paul , who is sucking around for scraps , must surely have one eye on "the closet door " where his skeletons are enough to crush him and anyone standing near him…Santorum fotr all his passionate [and radical ] anti-abortion positions , is just another hypocrite i his own life , where he would deny abortion for pregnancies threatening the life of the mother , when his own wife was in that position ….HAD AN ABORTION ! Yet all Republican Candidates , have nt expressed not ione single plan regarding the mess BUSH got us into . "Restore America " !! "Get rid of Oama " ….that is the sum total of the Republican platform , there is no substance nor solutions proposed .All this may sound good at Republican caucuses , but it simply wont fly , wiyth the rest of the country come Election Day .

  • John_Kelly

    “Hardball” host Chris Matthews kicked off the smear campaign, insisting that Gingrich was sending dog-whistle signals to racists.

    Chris Matthews is a typical hypocrite hiding behind the "cry racist" banner.

    Want proof?

    When did this loud mouthed HYPOCRITE last invite a poor black person over for dinner?………TRY NEVER !!!!!!

    The same applies to Al Sharpton and a host of other hypocrites as they are all about themselves but NEVER address the real root cause of the problems encountered by African Americans.

  • tagalog

    When Newt Gingrich talks about providing poor kids from bad neighborhoods with janitorial jobs, why is it that the first people who come to Juan Williams's mind are black people? Does Juan make some kind of connection between being poor and living in bad neighborhoods and being a black person?

    Tsk, tsk, Juan; your biases are showing!

  • DrBukk

    "there has been a 44.5 surge in SNAP benefits since Obama took office." Is this a percent, a number of people or a dollar cost, like Million or Billion? Apples to apples, please.