The Ryan ‘Bounce’ Is Real

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The same can’t be said of the Democrats’ attack strategy. Ryan’s support for entitlement reform was supposed to make him vulnerable to Democrats’ “Mediscare” tactics, in which the Congressman’s budget reform proposal would be cast as the enemy of the elderly. And, indeed, Democrats made a game effort to instill terror into older voters. Borrowing heavily from an earlier anti-Ryan attack ad, which showed a lookalike of the Congressman pushing a wheelchair-bound granny of a cliff, Democratic operatives claimed that Ryan would cut off health care for seniors. Never mind that Ryan’s plan would not affect current Medicare recipients and those over 55. That didn’t keep Obama campaign chairman David Axelrod from insisting that Ryan’s plan would deny Medicare benefits to his cancer-sick 85-year-old father. Not to be outdone, left-wing columnist Paul Krugman claimed that Ryan’s budget would “kill people, no question.”

It turns out, though, that older voters aren’t nearly as gullible as Democrats seem to believe. In Wisconsin, for instance, the Romney campaign is getting its strongest support from seniors. In Florida, too, the Ryan pick has not proved toxic to older voters, as Democrats had hoped. Two state polls conducted since Ryan joined the ticket show that voters over 65 support both Ryan and his budget plan in higher numbers than younger voters. Those voters also reject the Democratic charge that Ryan’s budget would “end Medicare as we know it.” Ryan’s budget remains controversial, but it hasn’t been anything like the fatal liability that Democratic fear mongering would suggest.

Romney’s post-Ryan resurgence is all the more notable when one considers that Democrats have been burning through cash in order to finance attack ads. As of last month, the Obama campaign had spent nearly $100 million on negative campaign ads in key swing states, with the result that it is now spending more than it is taking in through donations. By contrast, Ryan has fueled a massive surge of fundraising for the Romney campaign, which took in $7.4 million in just the first three days after the announcement.

More broadly, Ryan’s selection has allowed the Romney campaign to reframe the presidential contest from one of generic opposition to one of bold vision about the nation’s economic future. Though it remains a politically risky strategy, Ryan’s proposal to reform entitlement programs to keep them solvent stands in stark contrast to the Obama campaign’s failure of leadership on those issues. Thanks to Ryan, the Romney campaign stands for a set of ideas and not just against the incumbent.

None of this means that Romney’s path to the presidency is assured. The months ahead will test whether Ryan will remain an asset. For the moment, though, it seems clear that there is in fact a “Ryan bounce,” and as a result the Obama campaign may be in for a bumpy ride.

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  • Banastre tarleton

    Obama may be a preening pretentious poseur , a milli vanilli of the political world , but unfortunately he's here to stay …he's in a better position than he was 4 years ago as back then he was an ''unkown'', but now folks have gotten used to him ; generally speaking , Libs are satisfied with his preformance and will vote in large numbers to re-elect him
    Couldn't the Reps of done better than an angular dork ,with zero charisma ,like Romney ?…the very same Romney who was beaten by McCain …….EXPECT 4 MORE YEARS OF OBAMA

    • mlcblog

      I am not going with this defeatist attitude. It is not facts, it is an opinion, a projection of a yet unknown future.


      No, Romney was the best we had, and he's not a bad guy. And remember that he was beaten by the combination of McCain and Huckabee, not McCain alone. One on one, Romney would have defeated McCain. Also, since he never stopped running after 2008, he's a better candidate this time around.

      Barry has a lot of advantages, principally the ability of the Democrats to buy and steal votes, but he's certainly beatable. Don't give up just yet.

  • Tpartywarrior

    Nonsense Banastre— So many who once supported Obama now realize “Hope and Change” were just a slogan for Obama provided neither. Expect Reagan over Carter numbers, for history does repeat itself. Landslide for Romney/ Ryan………………………Count on it.

    • Banastre tarleton

      You are sadly deluded …short of a miracle ,Obama will win

  • Hotdigittydog

    Hey Banastre, I don't know where you live but here in Georgia there is so much pent-up anger for this moron and nobody can say anything for fear of being called a racist. I agree with Tparty, they won't know what hit them in November.

    • Banastre tarleton

      Georgia is not America …Obama wouldnt expect to be popular among a group of rednecks …..he is very popular among the younger american idol generation

  • wsk

    I certainly hope you are right. However, it seems that Romney/Ryan can't pull away from the man-child messiah and the Electorial College count isn't looking too favorable. Get out and vote and pray that it works out for America.

  • Spider

    The corenerstone of my administration was "Yes we Can"

    Yes we can: Double the national debt in 3 1/2 years to 16 trillion dollars
    Yes we can: Illegally Amnesty 2 million illegals and give them work permits.
    Yes we can: Sue multiple states to stop immigration enforcement.
    Yes we can: Double the number of people needing food stamps
    Yes we can: Break the backs of small business with taxes and regulations
    Yes we can: Illegally change work for welfare rules signed into law by Congress
    Yes we can: Turn our military and foreign policy over to Valeri Jarret and the UN
    Yes we can: Make deals with our arch enemies and forsake our allies
    Yes we can: Let Iran go nuclear and threaten the whole world
    — Yes we Can ! —- I am Baack Obama and I approve this message —

  • Jim_C

    Ryan's a really good candidate. Unfortunately, he's not running for president.

    The guy who is running pretty much shared all of Obama's governing philosophies until, let's see–a few years ago.

  • BLJ

    Comrade Obama and his doofus sidekick Bumbler Biden are in trouble and they know it. They cannot run on their crappy record in the WH so the only they can do is play the gutter game. Paul Ryan was the last guy they wanted to see Romney pick.

    The big question is whether or not the Dear Leader goes away quietly after Nov 6th. Since he has never shown any class I highly doubt it.

  • Trajan

    Ryan, as everyone knows, was on the short list for months. That said I don't recall any pundit before the fact arguing that he would be the best running mate for the reasons that all the pundits now seem belatedly to have discovered and are waxing rapturous on. So I must regrettably conclude they're all making a virtue out of necessity. As for a Ryan bounce, that as everyone knows is to be expected once a running mate is announced but it surely is a pea sized bounce. Staunch Republican supporters are deluding themselves about Romney, Ryan and the campaign in general. You can't get too rational about a political campaign; it's a right brained exercise and GOP is running it as a left brained exercise. Obama is a cult figure and cult figures have resolute supporters. Very few people will vote FOR Romney but very many will vote FOR Obama despite the bloom being off the rose. Only way to win is to do the things that Romney has flatly rejected which is to attack Obama's many personal foibles but we're giving this fraud artist a free ride and will reap what we have sown. Romney DOA.

    • Banastre tarleton

      True enough …Obama is the ''american Idol '' president among the younger generation …he looks good , has a seductive speaking voice and can even sing and dance ….short of a miracle , HE WILL WIN

  • mlcblog

    Good,. because we need a landslide to overcome the expected dirty tricks and ballot box stuffing that is bound to occur against us.

  • consp77

    I was among the first to pounce upon the contradictions – apparent, real, or imagined – that were presented by the Ryan record, but despite the spin from both the Left and the paleocons, I would have to agree that my original *intituitive* assessment was correct : that Ryan was a good choice, perhaps the best choice, and that his presence will prove to be an asset to the defeat of Mr. Obama. If the author is going to make that case, though, he needs to give it more space than three paragraphs.