Tragedy in Toulouse

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Based on the ruthlessness of the killer and his choice of victims, it’s hard to avoid at least the suspicion that the school shooting was the latest act of extremist Islamic violence against France’s Jews. The fact that the killer’s victims included Muslims does not necessarily confound the picture. In the past French Muslims have been as outraged about Israel and Jews as they have been by France’s support for U.S.-led efforts in Afghanistan. Some French Muslim soldiers have even refused to serve in Afghanistan on the grounds that they refuse to kill fellow Muslims. Osama bin Laden, in one of his final declarations, had warned in 2011 that France would pay a “high price” for putting troops on Muslim soil. In that context, it’s not difficult to imagine that the attacks on the French Muslim soldiers may have been intended as retaliation for French foreign policy.

As they track down the killer, French authorities are right to focus on the evidence rather than the motive linking the crimes. The gunman may yet turn out to be a lone terrorist with no cohesive purpose. But the history of murderous anti-Semitism in France’s Muslim community counsels that there is nothing inherently inconsistent about the motives of a killer whose ideology drives him to kill both Muslim soldiers and Jewish children.

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  • truebearing

    The unfortunate truth is that there is no way any culture can coexist with Muslims. Not if people expect any quality of life or peace. The French had better rise up and drive the Muslims out or they will never have a day of peace again.

    • PhillipGaley

      "There is no way any culture can coexist with Islam."? Hey, isn't that a Moslem line?

      • PhillipGaley

        . . . . and, a call to war?

      • kentatwater

        Actually, the islam side is a little more stand-offish. Islam asserts that only islam can remain. All places where sharia is not the law (and the only law), is Dar ul Harb (house of war).

        "Live and let live" just isn't in the strictly observant muslim's vocab.

  • crackerjack

    Wake up Mr Laksin. It wasn't Muslims who handed their Jewish neighbours to the Nazi occupation and it wasn't Muslims who operated the death camps. Anti-Semitism and progromes against Jews have always been an integral part of Christian culture.

    Those who believe that the new, populistic european Right will forsake their anti-Semitic birthright for a bowl of islamobhobic soup is naive.

    • Anthony

      You dumb jackass.

      Read Andrew Bostom’s “legacy of Jihad” for perspective.

      Moslem atrocities on a civilizational ending scale, as well as many, many acts of terror against all non -Moslem humanity were, and are part and parcel synonymous with their presence to this day.

      I hope you live long enough to see what they will cause in Europe, and America.

      • crackerjack

        When it comes to atrocities on the scale of World Wars, the Holocaust and the genocide of eitire continents, Islam is a mere aprentice , while Christianity remains master.

        • richard sherman

          Winston Churchill said it best in "The Gathering Storm" in 1948: "Meinkampf is the new Koran."

        • kentatwater

          Pray tell, how is Christianity master of the Holocaust?

          More people have died in the name of G-dlessness, than the converse. That islam can't match the record, is due to a lack of means, not lack of will.

        • Snorbak

          What, may I ask was the role of Christianity in the holocaust?
          And you can exclude Catholisism from your answer as it is, contrary to popular belief, not Christianity.
          Conversly, if you need to include Catholisism, The Vatican & successive popes from Urban II in your answer, you will need to exclude Christianity.

          • Questions

            Of course, Catholicism is an expression of Christianity. It's just not your kind of Christianity. People like you unwittingly underscore the need for church-state separation — in all countries.

          • Snorbak

            Catholicism in not an expression of Christianity at all, it teaches works based salvation & replacement theology whereby the church or more specifically, the Roman Catholic church has replaced the Jews as Gods chosen people.
            Only diehard Catholics & those making an argument from a position of ignorance claim otherwise.

        • BS77

          crackerjack…you are ignorant.

        • mlcblog

          You are ill-informed. Nothing personal, just lacking in information, which you can get if you are open to it. Everywhere Christianity goes, women and people in general are better off in every way. The statistics prove this.

        • ebonystone

          Well, let's see:
          the Nazi killings ——————ca. 10 million, in a Christian culture, but under an anti-Christian regime
          the Bolshevik killings ———–ca. 25 million, ditto, ditto
          the Maoist killings ————— ca. 50 million, non-Christian culture, non-Christian regime
          the Japanese killings———- ca. 5 million, ditto, ditto
          the Khmer Rouge killings —– 1-2 million, ditto ditto
          the partition killings in India — 4-5 million, ditto, Moslem regime
          [continued below]

          • ebonystone

            Indonesian murder of Chinese – 0.5-1.0 million, ditto ditto
            the Ethiopian killings ————- 1 million , Christian culture, anti-Christian regime
            the Hutu-Tutsi mutual massacres – ca. 1 million, mixed Christian & pagan culture, no real regime at all
            the North Vietnamese killings— 1 million , non-Christian culture, non-Christian regime
            Then there's the real biggie, adding up to more than all of the rest put together, but spread over several centuries: the Moslem slaughter of Hindus, Buddhists, and others during the Moslem conquest and rule of India.

          • ebonystone

            Saddam's murders ———- 0.5 million +, Moslem culture, Moslem regime
            the Ayatollah's murders —- ca/ 1 million, ditto, ditto
            the Armenian genocide —- 1 million +, ditto, ditto
            the Sudanese genocide—– 1-2 million, ditto, ditto
            slaughter of Ibos ————- 1 million +, ditto ditto
            [continued above — sorry, these got out of order]

    • mrbean

      Crackpot jack is really out of it, and probably didn't even graduate from high school. So this be the history lesson for today. Nazism held a genuine appeal for the Arab populace, who were attracted to its messages of rejection of democracy, recovery of past military glory and Jew-hating. In 1935, Reza Shah, the ruler of Persia, changed the country's name from Persia to Iran (Land of the Aryans) to reflect that they, like the Nazis, were Aryans. A popular Arab song during the war went, "Allah in heaven, Hitler on earth." This historic Nazi connection to today's Islamic terrorism is through Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand Mufti of Jerusalem. He became a Nazi agent after meeting Adolf Eichmann, an architect of the Holocaust, in Judea in 1937, and with Nazi funds organized the Arab Revolt of 1936-39 which led to the British closing Palestine (Judea as named by the British in 1923 after their defeat of the Ottoman Empire) to Jewish immigration. This facilitated the "Final Solution" by closing off the avenue of refuge for Jews from Europe. You are now dismissed you undeducated little twit!

    • Anonymous

      This is rich: an antisemite presumes to tell us about the history of antisemitism.

      Yes, jackwad, we know all about the antisemitism of the christians, and we know all about the antisemitism of the moslems.

      One might ask which type of pig are you, a christian antisemite, or a moslem antisemite, or perhaps another kind. Guess what? We don't care: a pig is a pig.

  • David M

    She is one of many Muslim Brotherhood agents in the Barack Hussein administration. This is an unholy alliance between Marxism and Islam.

    • David M

      My comment was for the article "Obama Adviser Wants Syrian ‘Resistance’ to Israel" but it was printed here.

      The moment I heard about the tragedy in Toulouse I said Iran. Islam creates monsters who kill children whether they are in Beslan or Toulouse.

  • Zoe Brain

    "it’s hard to avoid at least the suspicion that the school shooting was the latest act of extremist Islamic violence against France’s Jews. "

    It's also hard to avoid at least the suspicion that the Sun often rises in the East, that water is not completely dry, and that grass may sometimes be more green than purple.

  • PhillipGaley

    "many of the Moslem community knew"? Well, of course they did, . . . and, while cultural diversity generally. may have some merit, realistically, is Islam more a religious part of a culture, or is it more pert to a criminal ideology, . . . a horrible anchor to any culture and to the world economy as a whole?

    • mlcblog

      Criminal ideologyy. That nails it. Those who are quiet are complicit. Those who perpetrate try to hide behind the veil of ideology.

  • Anthony

    Until these terrorists are apprehended, we don’t know who is responsible. But, if it turns out it is jihad activity, what then?

    Expect the machine to redefine the event to minImize “community” relations. Yes, the craven filth that rules what is a hostage nation offered to barbarians, will lie like hell to protect some perverse notion of Valhalla they imagine they’ve nearly created.

    Yes, these maniacs have created a misery enforced by powerful laws that protects and increases the danger white, Christian indigenous Europeans continent wide now have the privilege of paying taxes to support.

    These leaders are amoral criminals on a satanic level.

    • ★FALCON★

      We do know that the same gun was used in the murder of the paratroopers and this ghastly crime. So, using common sense – I conclude that both attacks are targeting the French military base and the Jewish component of French society that has seen a vast rise in anti-semitism.

      This is a two proned psychological attack used in warfare. Traditionally this type of approach is used to give the impression that the targets may be random – however, the second target was the actual target and uses the first murder as a cover for it's intended purpose.

      Rogue states practice this type of warfare to create fear that they (Israel) are vulnerable anywhere and everywhere. I expect more of this type of dastardly warfare that targets civilians as Iran draws closer to it's final annihilation.

  • dave

    Ironically even though I would 'prefer' the guy to be Islamic, in terms of the world waking up to their vile Jew hate, it is probably 'better' if it is a neo nazi attack as it means the French could be less likely vote for Le Pen in the election. An Islamic murderer could possibly encourage more French to vote for Le Pen, which would not help the Jews or the Blacks in the long run but I suppose they would be more likely to confront Islamic extremism. Maybe this is why the media is desperate for it to be a neo nazi attack.
    What I don't get is that if the guy has a problem with immigration, why murder Jews? They have been leaving France for Israel year after year and have decreased in number overall, whereas Muslims are exploding in population. It is all a bit weird and incredibly upsetting. Those poor children.

  • visitor

    Regarding Mr. Laskin's conclusion that "[b]ased on the ruthlessness of the killer and his choice of victims, it’s hard to avoid at least the suspicion that the school shooting was the latest act of extremist Islamic violence against France’s Jews," it's really best to wait for some evidence before drawing a conclusion rather than merely a suspicion. Of course there has been extremist Islamic violence against France's Jews. But as we have seen in Germany and Norway, there is also the danger of extremist white racialist violence directed against minority groups in general. The same neo-Nazis who hate Jews also hate immigrants and people of color. So before we blame any specific community for the actions of this killer, why don't we find out who he is? There will be plenty of time then to pin the blame.

    • effemall

      Good to hear a voice of reason. I disagree with your last line: "There will be plenty of time then to pin the blame." Once identified, it is needed to do more than "pin blame." Vigilante action would be appropriate in killing him, his family and associates.

  • maturin20

    Although this event was terrible, I think it's far too early, and the blogger far too little of an investigative journalist to concoct a thesis that the late Osama bin Ladin orchestrated it from the grave and enlisted the entire Muslim population of France to exterminate the Jews, and that this is an inherent flaw in both the French and the Muslims.

  • Larry

    Forget searching for the reason for this senseless murder of a teacher and 3 children. We all know the reason. Find the bastard that did it. Look for the murderer in the Muslim community. I can't think of anyone else capable of killing children.

    • maturin20

      I can. If a small band of children were the only thing standing in the way of the establishment of the "State of Judea," I bet Baruch Goldstein would have gladly put their heads on pikes.

      • Zionista

        A Jew hating troll like you would mention one of very few atrocities committed by a Jew but here's the difference dummy – after Goldstein's horrific act, Jews condemned, shunned and distanced themselves from him. When muslims commit their endless atrocities around the world, they become instant heroes and get streets named after them. Boy you're dumb!

        • maturin20

          Jews condemned shunned and distanced themselves from him, even Yitzhak Rabin, until Yigal Amir shot him in cold blood the next year. Then his Kach Party supporters built him a huge shrine across from Meir Kahane Park. And now you can see that people come and place little stones on his grave to commemorate what an awesome guy he was:

          The truth hurts.

          • Zionista

            again you prove your ignorance by giving an example that's so tiny compared to the worldwide adoration of muslim savages and your own man crush – hitler – yes the truth hurts when a demented liar like you gets exposed

          • maturin20

            The only thing exposed here is this: some guy claims Jews never commit murder and then when you point out a very well known Jewish murderer, there is a lot of crowing and anger about the fact that you are not supposed to mention that particular one or people will beat their chests and fling poo.

          • Zionista

            still avoiding the issue of muslims naming streets after murderers and not defending your man crush of hitler – sweet!! as much as I love this back and forth banter with an obsessed Jew hater like you, I've gotta go – I've actually got a job (I own a successful business – like so many of the Jews you envy) ta-ta matty

          • maturin20

            When you get home from your "job" use mouthwash liberally, and throw in a copy of Clash of the Titans. See what happens to Jaffa after Cassiopeia claims that her daughter's beauty (or suffering) is greater than Thetis.

          • reader

            bill mahr type wannabe troll obsessed with HBO and the Jews – that's what maturin's profile is shaping to be. Why any of other posters still feel the need to engage it is beyond me.

          • maturin20

            I love "shunners." It's like visiting Amish country. Have you ever tried their raw honey? It's amazing.

          • stern

            Why don't we all leave immaturin20 to drown in his much beloved honey? There is absolutely no point in engaging with this bigoted pig.

          • maturin20

            That makes a total of four Jews in the BDS effort against me. Can you get more?

          • Touchstone

            Your point about Goldstein is very, very weak. Yes, sadly, one can come up with the name of the rare homicidal maniac who happens to be Jewish. But what gets obscured in a petty tit-for-tat exchange like this are far more salient points, such as the lack of a PATTERN of such monstrous acts among Jews which clearly exists among Muslims. Medieval barbarism is a colossal EPIDEMIC in Arab and Muslim nations and communities, whereas it's exceptional in Jewish and other societies.

            Consider honor killings and other violent acts against women, such as stoning them in Iran (upon mere suspicion of adultery), mutilating them with acid in Pakistan, and burning them alive for being improperly dressed in Saudi Arabia (an entire girls' school was burned a few years ago with the students trapped inside); the hanging of gays in Iran; the torture and murder of children in Libya and Syria; the gang rape of Lara Logan by an Egyptian mob who whipped themselves into a frenzy by chanting "Jew! Jew!" over and over again (and she's not even Jewish); the horrific murders of the settler family by Palestinian youths; the savage child-murdering of Samir Kuntar; the worldwide plague of Islamist suicide bombers; the 24-day torture and murder of a Jewish youth by a gang of French Muslims; and on and on and on…

            There's an army of radical imams who sermonize about the evils of Jews and incite masses of Muslims across the Muslim world to go out and kill Jews. I can name only one rabbi, Ovadia Yosef, who spews racist poison, but one man doesn't equate to a multitude. One man isn't a pattern. Moreover, this particular rabbi receives opprobrium from the vast majority of Jews who disapprove, whereas Muslims don't dare challenge the endless hordes of radical imams who spew fatwas as easily as breathing.

            It's unbelievably pathetic in the extreme for any Israel basher to draw an equivalence, or even a credible comparison, between the shameful behavior committed by the occasional Jew, and the pervasive, massive, normative, GLOBAL PANDEMIC of backwardness and savagery that characterizes the Islamic world. Exceptions in one society are NOT equivalent to norms in another, so please know that you're accomplishing nothing other than grasping at straws in utter desperation.

          • maturin20

            Regarding your first paragraph, I agree that Muslim culture is more culturally barbarous than Jewish culture, at least in regard of it being more physically barbarous, or more masculine. Jewish culture is certainly barbarous in corporate sense, drawn not from the Koran but from the Talmud and the Sanhedrin. It is an economically barbarous culture and no less intellectually tortured than Islamic culture. Israel's per capita murder rate is much lower than the US but even with Lebanon and higher than Morocco. Honduras wins the award for the most barbarous country.

            Regarding your second paragraph, honor killings are indeed horrific, but these are sensationalized. Mohels orally transmitting herpes to infants via circumcision is pretty heinous, but we don't have to hear about it every day. Certainly rape is offensive in any context, and Muslims do not have a monopoly on rape. Lesotho is the world's most rapine country, Israel is at number six, far FAR ahead of Morocco, Bahrain, and Oman. Egypt actually has the world's lowest number of rapes per capita.

            I really wouldn't call Islam a global pandemic any more than I would call Judaism a global pandemic. If I called Judaism a global pandemic, I would be called a nazi. If I call Islam a pandemic, I would be sent free bags of hamentashen.

          • Touchstone

            I didn't state that Islam in its entirety is a plague or pandemic. I wrote that "medieval barbarism is a colossal EPIDEMIC in Arab and Muslim nations and communities" and that Islam can be characterized by a "GLOBAL PANDEMIC of backwardness and savagery". Islam isn't a synonym for savagery, but savagery is undeniably a prominent feature in the Islamic world today. So I wasn't summarizing Islam itself as a curse, just pointing out that Islamic societies are indeed cursed with a barbaric mindset and its predictable outcomes. I'm drawing a contrast between the very pervasive barbarism within Islam and how exceptional it is when anything similar pops up among Jews or non-Muslim societies in general.

            Accusing Jews of being "economically barbarous" is wrong and shameful for a number of reasons. For one thing, philanthropy is extremely common among wealthy Jews; Bernie Madoff is the exception, not the rule, just like Baruch Goldstein was an exception. For another, people don't generally refer to economic practices as "barbarous"; this sounds like a feverish bid to make SOME charge of barbarity stick to Jewry because you know very well how easily it sticks to Islamic nations. Since you traffic in false moral equivalencies, you desperately need to EQUATE two unequal things. Thirdly, the Talmud is not studied by most Jews and consequently only a minority of Jews are even familiar with its contents. It's ludicrous to assume that modern-day Jews conduct themselves according to little-known medieval texts, which in any case lack the authority of scripture (which itself has NO authority among many of today's Jews, who are largely secular). You don't seem to understand the concept of Jewish assimilation; you insist on portraying the Jew as "the other" in society, an evil Shylock that lives by his own rules and demands his pound of flesh from the Gentiles.

            Your line about how Jewish culture is "no less intellectually tortured than Islamic culture" is ridiculous. Consider how many Nobel prizes Jews have won, whether in Israel or elsewhere. Then consider how few the Muslim world has earned. Even YOU couldn't twist the reality of that stark contrast into anything other than what it is: a point of immense pride for all those allegedly "intellectually tortured" Jews and the enlightened societies which produced them, versus a severe indictment of the intellectual backwardness endemic to countless Muslim societies. One can't be "intellectually tortured" and still excel at medicine, physics, economics, technology, and so on.

            This was precious: "Honduras wins the award for the most barbarous country." According to what definition? Your own? How convenient. I'd say what's happening in Syria right now (not to mention Sudan) competes rather ferociously for the distinction. I'm not aware of the Honduran government rampaging around its own country, slaughtering and torturing children and other innocents like the Syrians are doing (while the Sudanese are indiscriminately bombing civilians in a vicious ethnic cleansing campaign). Where would you rather be right now, Honduras or Syria?

            Your comment about Jewish circumcision is laughable. I haven't even heard of the cases (or is it just one case?) you're referring to, yet that's what you select as an equivalency to murder?? Circumcising babies is now no different than a Muslim male MURDERING HIS OWN WIFE OR DAUGHTER OR SISTER?? Are you kidding me? As for rape, it's a major problem in countries like Australia and Sweden and Norway, precisely because of the influx of Muslim immigrants. And I wonder how many of the rapes and murders in Israel are committed by its Arab minority. You mentioned only "Israel"; you didn't distinguish between Jews and non-Jews within Israel. Perhaps you were deliberately vague.

            If you rely on false equivalencies and self-serving distortions of the truth to make your arguments, you don't have a valid argument to make.

          • maturin20

            You are going to need staples soon, if your argument gets any longer. Out of mercy for the eye, I'll do the favor of answering it in brevity.

            Islam is a barbaric religion. It's culture is also barbaric. Nevertheless, they have great calligraphy and the liturgy sounds well when sung. They endorse stoning, decapitation, and murder. Who said high civilizations cannot be barbaric?

            Judaism is a barbaric religion. It's culture is also barbaric. It's liturgical music sounds like a dead cat being slaughtered. Nevertheless, they make good cookies, and do good nuclear physics. They endorse dressing in tzniut, which is just like Muslims and burqas. They use gender segregation. Nearly anything forbidden a Jew is permissible if it's done to non-jews on behalf of Jews. Still, they are people like any other people including Muslims.

            Jews won a lot of Nobel Prizes, many of them for WMD.Good. Muslims invented Algebra and the astrolabe. Yet these two ingenious peoples fight amongst each other like wild dogs.

            Honduras is the world's most barbarous country according to Nationmaster, solely on the basis of their per capita intentional murder rate. Of course I would rather be in Honduras than Syria right now because the US and Israel are not currently trying to topple Honduras.

            Jews give a lot of money to philanthropies. True. Many of them are for their own group. Many of them come from money piped through offshore tax shelters and then donated to places like Yeshiva University. Sadly, some prominent cancer foundations lost funding when some of the money turned out to be Madoff money and had to be undonated. Certainly, Jews do not have a monopoly or an edge over Muslims in their ability to donate money. This is all racial-national chauvinism anyway.

            You're wrong about the rape thing. The figures on global rape statistics don't indicate that it has anything to do with Muslim immigration. That's what you call a cum-libel.

            Jews are equivalent to Muslims as human beings, as religions, as nationalities.

          • Touchstone

            My posts got longer only because you cram your hateful drivel with an ever-increasing number of vomitous anti-Jewish slanders. I guess what you're really saying is, you want to litter the world with your racist spewings without ever being held to account. How convenient.

            You just can't accept any philosemitic fact — not mere opinion, mind you, but FACT — without adding your own antisemitic twist to it, just like any garden variety bigot. You're keen to twist any praiseworthy attribute of Jews into something defamatory, false and self-serving. According to you, Jews don't excel at science, unless they're building WMD. Jews don't contribute to charitable causes, unless it serves their own interest. Jewish music is crap, but their cookies aren't bad. Are you done yet, you little Goebbels wannabe? You sound like Hitler himself, who derided Einstein's theories as "Jewish physics".

            Ever heard of Gershwin? Mendelssohn? Mahler? Leonard Bernstein? I've never heard music as glorious and inspired as Rhapsody in Blue emanating from the Islamic world, which in fact FROWNS on the making of music. Suggesting that Jews take a back seat to Muslims in matters musical is ignorant and hateful beyond belief.

            You even pin the mass murder in Syria on Israel, which I haven't heard anyone else do until now. Unbelievable. Not even the Arab enemies of the butcher Assad have blamed Israel for the violence. It's the Iranians, Russians and Chinese who facilitate Assad's slaughter of his own people, yet an aspiring stormtrooper like you blames Israel out of sheer antisemitic reflexiveness.

            The previous poster who said that you deserve to be ignored was right. You don't have a valid argument to make. You come here only to goad Jews, put us on the defensive, and slander us all … while appending your phony little "but all people are the same" tagline at the end of every severely racist screed. I'm sorry I indulged you as much as I have. Suffice it to say that an envious, ignorant lowlife like you will never succeed in his quest to diminish Jews one iota, except in the twisted minds of your fellow traffickers of hate.

          • maturin20

            So is this the part where the Foxman Dictionary comes out and automatically opens to the page of V-words? Don't forget "vile, venomous, vitriolic, and virulent." You did say "spew" though. Can't leave out "spew." It is amusing to me that this line of alliteration has not changed a syllable since 1988. It reminds me of a store in Brookline that is still selling a game of Boggle, dusty as you please, sun bleached, but still in its original packaging with the same price tag from 25 years ago.

            I should get you a box to stand on so you can talk down to me. I should get you three. There are lots of philosemitic statements that are true without being sinister. You are hysterically overplaying your sense of outrage. Did I say that Gershwin wasn't a melodic genius? Did I quote Wagner on Mendelssohn? No. All I said was that Jewish liturgical music sounds like cats being flogged to death with a broken donkey esophagus. It's true. It's good medicine to say so too, with you excoriating so much allegedly exclusive Muslim barbarism.

            Hear this now: the US, Israel and Prince Bandar have been trying to knock over Syria for ten miserable years now by staging bogus insurgencies. "Al Qaeda" is even joining in now. Nobody believes this blowback junk any more than they believe in the modern day threat of Kony's Christian Army. Don't cry me crocodile tears about Assad slaughtering his own people. I heard it all before with Saddam and the Kurds. Aaron slaughtered his own people for making a golden calf. "Own people" my foot. Do angry Zionists consider Jewish anti-zionists to be their "own people?" I say this and in no way do I support Assad. I hope he dies.

            So I am racist against the Jews now? Are the Jews a race for this debate? Which definition of Jews are you using for this particular nanosecond?

          • Touchstone

            OK, let's indulge you again…

            If you receive insults, it's because you knowingly provoke people with your obscene hatred. There's no Foxman playbook that we sinister Jews whip out to find the right word that fits a particular instance. Your posts sound like despicable bigotry to me, so that's how I judged them. I've read the exact same tripe from Stormfront types, folks who never allow a single philosemitic fact to stand unchallenged. There's a deep-seated, envy-derived, irresistible urge you bigots have to diminish Jews until we're equated with dirt, even when the facts contradict you. Naturally, such beratement will provoke what you disingenuously dismiss as a Foxman type of reaction. Who are you kidding, bigot?

            Your opinion of Jewish music is just that, an opinion (something you clearly prefer to facts). In light of your bigotry, it's a completely worthless opinion; after all, what else would a bigot think when he hears Jews praying? My, what a lovely sound? Don't think so.

            As for Syria, I guess you missed the telegram about the Arab Spring. You know, all those revolutions spreading like wildfire? Oh, but of course, let's make an exception for what caused it in Syria to suit the bigots who insist on blaming Israel. This is what I mean about your self-serving OPINIONS masquerading as FACTS.

            And only a wickedly hateful bigot would assume that Jews would ever go door to door, torturing and murdering "anti-Zionist Jews" the way Assad's henchmen do to their fellow Syrians (hence, "own people"). You just can't stop contorting and twisting and mutilating the truth until it condemns Jews as much as their enemies, against all evidence to the contrary. In what universe would Jews ever do such a thing to other Jews, no matter how opposed they might be politically? The heartless mindset that allows this to happen in Arab and Muslim nations is absent among Jews, but a Jew-hating bigot could never possibly understand that. There's no evidence to support your baseless hypothesis that Jews can be just as barbaric to each other. Ergo, you're a kneejerk bigot.

            FYI, the Nazis (ie. bigots who had as low an opinion of Jews as you do) didn't much care for distinguishing between Torah-thumping Jews and agnostic, secular Jews. In the eyes of bigots, we're all just "THE JEWS", regardless of whether we practise Judaism or not. When you slander Israel, you're slandering a mostly secular nation, so YOU TOO are lumping in secular Jews with devout Jews when you condemn us all. Lumping people together and slandering them is precisely what racist bigots do. So if the shoe fits…

          • maturin20

            There is most certainly a Foxman Playbook. First one gets outraged, then one proclaims the word "unacceptable" as if being being unable to accept something will stop it from happening anyway. Then one lets loose the verb "spew" followed by the V-word list. The method was standardized in Newsweek by the end of the 1980s, with the baroque version performed during the Bensonhurst Riots.

            Let's be clear. I don't envy Jews. I don't read Stormfront, though a good deal of the Jews here do. Calling me a bigot is amusing, as the word "bigot" is simply a characterization by the French of a Norman shibboleth and I am in fact almost purely a French Norman. Whence your outrage? That I balk at Jewish chauvinism? That I lampoon your Foxmanisms?

            I certainly do not hate the Jews. As is frequently evidenced here, no one hates the Jews more than themselves, because the medieval barbaric zealot ones are always trying to flog the universal brotherhood ones. I have never used the term "self-hating Jew" but Jews use the term when the Zionist community, e.g. the big self, focuses its collective hatred on the individual Jew e.g. the little self. That is a hate greater than I have ever encountered in my worst moments.

            You finished with the obligatory comparison of me to the nazis because I view all Jews as Jews and all Jews as people and all people as people. Clearly the nazis did NOT believe that.

            It is safe to say that Jewish nationalist outrage has jumped the shark.

          • Roger

            It hasn't jumped the shark. It's just realistic and understands it's enemy.

          • maturin20

            How can you not understand your enemy when you look just like him and you're in his living room stealing the olives out of his refrigerator?

          • Roger

            How can you not understand your tires if you sit in the showroom and watch them install them?

            Gibberish, that's all you know.

          • maturin20

            You make a good point though.

          • Roger

            Yes, it will probably be a major in women's studies at a liberal university soon.

          • maturin20

            That's a good thing. They tend to wear pink sweatpants. Who doesn't like that?

          • Touchstone

            You didn't really respond to the points I made. You used my post as a launching pad to indulge your masturbatory tendencies further.

            To repeat:

            There's no Foxman playbook I'm aware of. I haven't received any memos from Foxman headquarters. I just call 'em as I see 'em. If that fits a predictable pattern, well, so do the familiar rantings of people who feel a compulsive need to cut Jews down to size. You're obviously laboring under some paranoid delusions. Your conspiracy theories only reinforce the charge of bigotry.

            The origins of the word "bigot" are irrelevant. What matters is the meaning. You have no counter-argument, so you change the subject to a pointless digression about etymology, just like countless bigots do when confronted with the word "antisemite".

            Comparisons to the Nazis are important and useful reminders. Invoking Godwin's Law is self-serving and counter-productive. When a clear parallel can be drawn, it should, no matter how tedious or trite the comparison. So many victims didn't die in vain as long as valuable lessons can be learned from what happened. One lesson is that people should identify and challenge dangerous bigotry masquerading as objective, innocuous commentary.

            Since you've stopped countering my points, opting instead to rant irrelevant nonsense, this is pointless. Time to get on with my day. If you say anything worth responding to, I might get back to you later on, but you've conditioned me to expect disappointment.

          • maturin20


          • Touchstone

            What is truly "excellent" is your humiliating capitulation. If only every ignorant bigot gave up as easily as you do. Much less trouble for the rest of us!

            Another Frenchman surrenders. Quel dommage!

          • maturin20

            You're right. I am so embarrassed. I am going to go console myself with Cheetos dug out of the couch. I guess I have to convert to Judaism now. How do you all make those head things?

          • Touchstone

            In your case, an ordinary dunce-cap will do.

          • maturin20

            I want the exceptional dunce caps, not the ordinary ones. This is an extraordinary situation in which Israeli nationalists are claiming to own the new dispensationalism. I will be requiring a paper cone handmade by Meyrav Wurmser.

          • Sage on the Stage

            Yes, the truth DOES hurt; that's why YOU refuse to see it. How do you equate the killing of Yitzak
            Rabin, who by the way, was forewarned that he would be killed; with the cold-blooded murder of
            three defenseless young children, and another innocent(a teacher)? The murders in Toulouse were committed by another murderous Muslim Jew-hater. How many THOUSANDS of murders have Muslims committed; and in the name of G-d!? (Was Rabin killed in G-d's name!?) And not only murders of Jews, but Christians as well!? You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of Jewish murderers. You also forget that the murder of a child is particularly heinous
            and savage; and that killing children is the modus operandi of Jihadists. How many Jews kill children? Answer that one, muscle -head..

          • maturin20

            You can count any number of killers on the fingers of one hand. Just use each finger more than once. Man, I feel like we just did some weird math/Zen thing there. I admire your grammatical bravery in using the exclamation/question mark combination, by the way. Many would have turned aside from that path.

    • trickyblain

      " I can't think of anyone else capable of killing children."

      Well, there's Brevik. And even more recently, our own sarge, who killed 9 children in Afghanistan.

      • Ghostwriter

        And both,if I understand correctly,were mentally unhinged people who did terrible things.

        • trickyblain

          And this gun-weilding motorcyclist is sane?

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Following WWII and the Munich Olympic mass murder, Israeli specialized personnel was assigned to locate, identify and execute Nazi War criminals as well as the islamic murderous elements involved in the later case. In one case, the MOSSAD captured and brought to Israel A. Eichmann who was judged and hanged here.
    Much as we have been trying to avoid having to turn to those methods, apparently the world has not changed much and regretfully it appears to be the only way to even up the playing field.
    In the specific case in Toulouse the suspects again are either Nazis or islamics or both.
    Some months back a "hamula" connected pair of islamic beasts slaughtered in their sleep the Fogel family and the two entities directly involved are in jail, against the wish of the vast majority of the Jewish people which demanded their execution.
    Those soft touch procedures are clearly not conveying the message in need to be conveyed.
    That will change and fast.

  • ★FALCON★

    Personally, I think Iran did this. This is their modus and you'd have to be blind not to see it's fingerprints all over it.

    Add in the failed magnet bombs targeting Jews of a few weeks ago and they're your culprits.

    Motorcycle / Assassination / Jews = Iran.

  • visitor

    Wire services reporting: "French authorities said they suspect French paratroopers sanctioned for alleged neo-Nazi activities may have carried out the attacks, but are also exploring other directions."

    No disrespect to Islamofascist terrorists, but there are plenty of white "Christian" European Nazi fascists capable of killing Jews, blacks, and Muslims, including some in the uniform of their country's armed services.

    Let's get rid of all fascists whatever their nationality, creed, or color.

  • EdwinS

    Neo-Nazi theory of motive is silly. — Jews were killed because that's what Islam commands; Muslim soldiers were killed for revenge — by fighting in Afghanistan fo France they were betraying Islam Jihad and they needed to be executed.
    Common sense…

  • Amused

    Cornering an 8year old and shooting the child in the head ….smacks of islam . Paratroopers although muslim , wearing a uniform of the west ? Both legitimate targets of islam .

  • maria

    That murderer killed two French soldiers who were Muslims because in Islam those Muslims who fought agains their "brethren" consider as apostates and must be killed. Then the same murderer killed Jewish kids cool blooded. Sure, it was Muslim. Only they in contemporary time target intentionaly kids to murder. They are not human being but monsters. There is no "radical Muslims" but just Muslims. Liberals and Leftists help and embolden them. Muslims openly proclaim "Islam will dominant in the World". Killing non-muslim kids is part of their war on us, on Western civilization. It is Jihad agains all of us and Jews as it was always in history just the first victims but all of non-muslims are the same legitimate their targets. Wake up people. Demand our House representatives to stop Muslims immigration to our country. They are in war with us and we are in war with them. Can we imagine that DRF in 1940th promoted Germans or Japanies immigration to US? But BHO trying to make our country "the biggest muslims country in the world" as he said in his Cairo speech.
    He mus be one term Pres.

    • randy

      Did not the christians steal north america from the natives?

      • American Girl

        The Japanese stole Japan from the Ainu, the Sioux invaded the American Midwest from Canada, the Turks wiped out the Byzantines, and the Arabs stole Egypt from the Copts. What's your point?

      • mlcblog

        That is the myth that is being perpetrated in our American public schools. It was simple expansion. Not evil. Standards of yesterday being applied to today once again. Condemnation and judgment against anything American and successful.

        The European expansion proved to be of great benefit to many people as it brought a civilized life, with better food, medicine, living in general.

        I think "stole" is really an ignorant word to use here and actually of evil intent, i.e., anti-American, though I realize the idea is popularly, as I said, being taught to our youth.

  • maria

    It is symptomatic how Muslims (and I think that crackjack is Muslim or at least Leftist) redirect real problem. In this case he try to blame Christians. In another cases where terrorirsts are Muslims ( not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims, it's a fact) he and alike blame Jews for anything. It is their tactic. Christianity was reformed for centuries but Islam is still belogs to 7 century and reflect barbarism of that political ideology to conquer the World under, of course, disguise of religion. Islam should be banned in Western countries as Nazism, fashism and communism ideology. Other wise they annihilated all of us. At stake is just our exsistence.

  • BS77

    The title of the article calls this a "tragedy". No, a tragedy is when a ship sinks or a child dies from an illness. This was a deliberate act of evil, far from being a random tragedy.

    • Chiggles

      Good to see I'm not the only one who gets irked at the "t" word. Better to call this an outrage or an atrocity.

    • trickyblain

      Can't it both?

      I think the Holocaust and 9/11 were tragedies spawned by acts evil.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Based on the ruthlessness of the killer and his choice of victims, it’s hard to avoid at least the suspicion that the school shooting was the latest act of extremist Islamic violence against France’s Jews.

    Why is it according to this writer the latest act of extremist Islamic violence as opposed to an act of violent jihad? Obviously, it is because this writer strictly adheres to the false PC multicultural myth whereby Islam is accepted to be so-called Religion of Peace™ and the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world are moderate and peaceful people, despite what history indicates, despite what recent events indicates, and despite what the texts and tenets of Islam indicates.

    Thus, the problem is not only is the lamestream media on the left blinded by false PC multicultural myths and misconceptions about Islam, but the media on the right is afflicted as well with that same institutional blindness. Of course, our Republican and Dhimmicrat political elites also suffer from that same institutional blindness as well. Hence, for all intents and purposes, America today is basically blind and defenseless to stop the stealth global jihad.

    In any event, the truth is Islam is not a so-called Religion of Peace™. Instead it is a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology that masquerades as being a religion to dupe the gullible societies it intends to subjugate into a very draconian form of Islamic totalitarianism.

    In addition, the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world are not moderate and peaceful people. Instead, per Islamic doctrine, all Muslims on earth are jihadists. A tiny minority of Muslims are violent jihadists, while the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims are covert and deceptive non-violent jihadists, and the few that are not jihadists are not Muslims at all, but instead blasphemous apostates that per the dictates of mainstream orthodox Islam must be executed.

    In that context, it’s not difficult to imagine that the attacks on the French Muslim soldiers may have been intended as retaliation for French foreign policy.

    Actually, any Muslim that fights with non-Muslim unbelievers against Muslims isn't a Muslim at all, but instead a blasphemous apostate that per the dictates of mainstream orthodox Islam must be executed.

  • mrbean

    Eurabia is just around the corner. Europe's cultural polarization vis-à-vis its Muslim underclass is being exacerbated by socialist policies that are producing stagnant economies and high unemployment. These fruits of Euro-socialism have also created a political tinderbox of Muslim frustration and, as we saw in the two weeks of riots by Muslims in Paris in 2010. Then there is an angry refusal by many traditional Europeans to reform or relinquish their welfare state and job security benefits. This climate discourages investors and pits new and traditional Europeans against one another. If Europe continues as it is now, the rising Muslim tide will, one at a time, transform the members of the European Union into Islamic Republics under Islamic Shari'a law as Muslims become the majority population. And they will become the majority in France by 2040 with a birth rate of 6.4 children per Muslim family and a birth rate of less than 1.0 per traditional non-Muslim French family.

  • DeShawn

    Now I want you folks to know that I condemn the killing of ANY innocents, especially children, even though you satanic zionist jews have no problem killing Arab children. I even argued that point against some white nationals who supported the killing of those young jewish children: BUT you folks gotta ask yourselves: why are people going after you? Why do people hate you and your parasite state "Israel" so much? You have been thrown out of 109 countries. It is always the host country's fault? I don't think so. You Khazar jews are the worst criminals the planet has ever known and you have more blood on your hands than anyone. If you want that to change, you have to redeem yourselves. Burning your talMUD, converting to Christianity, and giving that land back to the Palestinians would be a good start. Then we can talk about you giving up your control of the media and finances. If you want people to treat you as humans, you gotta ACT like humans and not demons.

    • Samuel

      Get lost, you Nazi garbage. No one cares what you think.

    • Guest

      Normally I avoid engaging hate-filled anti-Semites, but could you provide a few dozen documented cases of those evil Jews with blood on their hands? I can for Muslim Palestinians easy.

      • UCSPanther

        Don't expect a satisfactory answer. The anti-Semite does not care about truth. The only thing you will get are phoney blood libels that are only believed by uneducated peasants like our VNN trailer trash above.

      • DeShawn

        OK, well how about we START with the 60 million Russian who were killed by jewish communists in the Soviet Union ( Then there are these:… What do you fools gotta say for THAT?

        • UCSPanther

          Then explain why the Soviets, especially Stalin persecuted their Jewish subjects and were hostile towards the state of Israel.

          I doubt you can.

      • DeShawn

        Plus, the tens of MILLIONS of black Africans who suffered and were murdered for hundreds of years on this continent because your jew slave ships brought them over? Why aren't you talking about that holocaust?

        • UCSPanther

          Nice try, freak. Trying to scrape up history history on slave ships.

          Like I said, your attacks reek of desperation.

    • UCSPanther

      Even if we did that, rodent, you still would find an excuse to hate us. Therefore, we will not compromise with the likes of you.

      You try to force us to meet your demands, or try to exterminate us, you will suffer the same fate as Haman, Antiochus IV, Hitler, Nasser and eventually, Ahmadinejad. That is probably why you freaks get so bent out of shape about Purim and Hannukah. It is due to the fact that those holidays celebrate genocidal maniacs like you getting what they richly deserved.

      And for the record, I'm a Christian-an LDS member, and will gladly stand beside my Jewish brothers against inbred freaks like you.

    • Ghostwriter

      Still going on with your anti-Jewish bile,aren't you DeShawn? You really are loathsome to an immense degree. Why are YOU even here? Why don't you go back to read "Mein Kampf" and leaving the rest of us alone?

      • DeShawn

        Sir, you can call me all the names in the book, but what you CAN'T do is deny the truth I wrote about above. Adn you murderous jews are much closers to Nazis than I'll ever be.

        • UCSPanther

          Funny. I thought you pukes ADMIRED Hitler.

          And your truth is a steaming pile of revisionist BS, and we can see right through.

          Come back and defend it coward.

  • Dennis X

    The french newsmagazine, Le Point is reporting that police are searching for three ex-paratroopers( from the same regiment as the three MUSLIMS who were murdered) that have ties to a neo-nazi network.

    • mah29001

      What about Salafists attacking Sunnis in Belgium? It's also possible they could be the lineup of suspects since they also do not like anyone else who doesn't follow their way of life.

  • muchiboy

    "Moreover, while the school attack came as a national shock in France, it is in keeping with a pattern of virulent anti-Semitism, emanating primarily from the country’s restive Muslim population."

    Now,we have yet to learn the identity or motive for the connected killings.So,spectulation is rife.But what can you say of the author and posters,given that both Arab and Jew were victims,pointing the finger at Islam.I would suggest the accusers ignore their bigotry and race hatred for now,and await the evidence.They may in the end be proven correct,as Arabs,Christians and Jews have been innocent victims of Islamism,but given the Antisemitism and Islamophobia in French society,the crime may be just as likely a racist serial killing.muchiboy

    • kentatwater

      Well, now we know, don't we?

      • muchiboy

        Yes,we now know.But sometimes the process is as important,if not more important,then the outcome or verdict.That was the point of my post.muchiboy

        • kentatwater

          Actually, no, not when the outcome is a pile of innocent corpses.

  • KKKK

    as a Christian and friend of Israel and Jews, i condem this horrific act from start to finish. these French Jews have been getting ti for quite some time, as the Muslim populaiton in France is 10x the size of the Jeiwhs population. we should help them OUT

  • mah29001

    I do not know whether or not it's France's resident neo-Nazis or possibly their resident Salafist Islamic radicals perpetrating this brand of atrocity. Think about it, Salafist radicals were behind attacking a Sunni mosque in Belgium, a Shiite mosque in France was attacked, and now a Jewish temple and a rabbi and his young children attacked.

    Look at who is gaining in the "Arab Spring" aside from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafist fundalmentalists are too. They should be equally suspected as much as neo-Nazis should be.

  • muchiboy

    A suspect engaged by French police.A brother arrested.Revenge for Palestinian children.Anger at French presence in Afghanistan and Arabs serving there.At least it's over in Toulouse.Time to greive.And the cycle of violence and revenge will once again commence.We know the root causes.We know the requirements for peace.Let us hope,at the very least, that this round of killings and destruction will not be prolonged,and that all parties consider what must be done to bring the injustices to an end.muchiboy

  • David

    I was watching the reporting of the following news broadcasters yesterday when the story broke, Aljazeera, BBC and CNN. The thing that struck me was that when this came out the first thought that I had was that this is the work of a servant of Allah, because he killed soldiers and Jews, very logical and easy conclusion to come at. But the so called geniuses who are supposed to inform the world, no they came to the far more reasonable conclusion that it was a right wing white fanatical. This leaves me with the final conclusion that to become a journalist for a large broadcaster today you have to be completely brain dead.

  • muchiboy

    Yes,a Day of Shame,one among many,for the Arab and Muslim world.Arab countries,the Palestinian leadership,should distance themselves,at the very least,from the shameful and horrific acts against the Jewish children in Toulouse.muchiboy

  • maghrebchristians

    While Egypt’s Coptic Christians are mourning the death of Pope Shenouda III, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, a controversial Muslim cleric and scholar, known for his negative comments against Christians, is causing a storm online by releasing a video in which he calls Shenouda the “head of infidels” and says “Let him go to Hell.”

    Read more:


  • muchiboy

    While the French-Israeli child victims of the Toulouse killing spree are returned to Israel for an all too sad and tragic burial,Palestinian children will never be allowed to return,dead or alive,to their stolen homeland,denied forever their legitimate birth right by Israeli Jews.While children,Palestinian or Israeli,are innocents,their respective parents,grandparents,societies,state authorities,etc.are hardly innocent.Zionism has denied Palestinians of both homeland and birth right,and both Palestinian and Israeli children continue to pay the horrific and unfair price as victims.of history.muchiboy

  • muchiboy

    "Actually, no, not when the outcome is a pile of innocent corpses. "

    I understand.But the process,it is paramount.We need separate the process from the emotion for the sake of a workable,fair society.The price we pay for a civil and civilized society.But that little girl…..muchiboy

    • kentatwater

      Were you responding to me? If so, do it to my "face," thanks.

      And no, you don't understand. You fill your posts with fluffy meaningless pap and anti-Israel talking points. You claim you want to separate emotion from the process, but then spin the "Palestine" children record, as if there is any comparison between Jewish children murdered by an islamic psychopath, and children who are fitted for bomb vests by their own parents.

      • muchiboy

        I try to reply to the poster,that is why there is a "reply",but sometimes eaiser to just post.Sorry.

        A child is a child,no matter what.Palestinian children are killed in far greater numbers then Israeli children.Whether they are shot at close range or blown apart by a suicide bomb (e.g.Jewish child) or have their heads blown off by a tank shell or cluster bombs(e.g.Arab child),they remain dead and mourned forever.We can discuss the ethics of either death or the comparitive sins or moral culpability of an IDF tank commander vs a Palestinian terrorist.I could say that the IDF are more efficent at killing..children.muchiboy

        • kentatwater

          I note that in your enumeration of how Palestinian children die, you do not include deaths as a direct consequence of their parents cooperation, if not willing participation, in terrorist activities. When your culture uses children as human shields, and "love death," the results are inevitable.

          The IDF scrupulously avoids harming all non-combatants. In events where there is misconduct, it is punished. Contrast this with the the practice of launching rockets into Israel, where the targets are schools and hospitals. Fortunately, they are usually lousy shots.

          The world should be glad that the IDF is so precise in their actions, as much as it should be glad of the sloppiness of the terrorists.

          • muchiboy

            "Palestinian children die, you do not include deaths as a direct consequence of their parents cooperation, if not willing participation, in terrorist activities. When your culture uses children as human shields, and "love death," the results are inevitable. "

            While war is indeed hell,and for what it's worth,I know of what I speak,I ,too,fail to understand the ethics or morality of terrorism and the complicity of parents/guardians in those acts.I do not think it is common practice among Palestinian mothers and fathers(i.e.parental complicity).However,there seems to be a continuum of force in armed conflicts,and even within conventional armies we have artillery batteries and fighter bombers to close quarter fighting.Is the fighter pilot dropping white phos or cluster bombs any less morally culpable then a soldier in a fire fight (when civilians are at risk)?For that matter,we could talk about the moral culpability of Jewish parents who raise their children in a country with a history of Zionist occupation and ethnic cleansing.While the history of the Jewish/Palestinian conflict is not black and white,the solution may be.

            "The world should be glad that the IDF is so precise in their actions, as much as it should be glad of the sloppiness of the terrorists. "
            The precision and superiority of the IDF merely results in one sided victories with more efficient killing of both armed Palestinian opponents and innocent Palestinian women and children,as well as mass destruction of vital Palestinian infrastruture.

          • kentatwater

            Please try something original. This boilerplate attempt to draw some sort of equivalence between "Palestinian" parents using their own children as weapon delivery systems, and Israeli parents simply raising their Israeli children as Israelis, is contemptible.

            When terrorist stop hiding behind women and children, there will be fewer causalities among the unarmed.

            vital "Palestinian" infrastruture

            When Israel stupidly vacated Gaza, they generously left behind copious resources, including many sound buildings, greenhouses, and extensive irrigation systems. They where gutted and destroyed by the people you defend.

  • UCSPanther

    Your whining suggest that you are all upset that Haman was hanged and his lackeys destroyed, Antiochus IV died in a fit of severe insanity, and Hitler shot himself like the coward he was, and your preferred hate site calls for genocide, and you yourself have openly called for another holocaust. It is so pathetic when you neo-nazi worms play the "moral equivalence" card that it is hilarious. Also, your lame disguise as a "black man" doesn't fool me.

    I also see you are using pseudoscience that died out in the 1920s. Your attacks remind me of someone who throws manure at the walls in hopes that something will stick.

  • Larry

    No, he's black, of the Nation of Islam school of black anti-semitism. That's where he pulls all his garbage "facts" from.