Fighting Back Against PA’s Blasphemy Verdict

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The judge has set “a horrible precedent,” according to David Horowitz, president of the Freedom Center. Martin’s finding has “opened the door for Muslims to legally attack Americans who they feel offend them on religious grounds.” In effect, the judge’s statements make American constitutional rights subservient to Sharia (Islamic) law, which forbids blasphemy against Islam or its prophet, Horowitz said.

“To adopt blasphemy laws would be to obliterate our freedom and democracy,” warned Horowitz.

Sharia law should not be legalized in the West because “it’s misogynistic, it’s totalitarian, it controls every aspect of your life, it’s religious law and it forbids blasphemy. Blasphemy laws would be the end of free speech.”

The newspaper ad, which will run in Pennsylvania, is part of the Freedom Center’s ongoing educational campaign, which includes information about the dangers of Sharia, Horowitz said.

“This is an educational and political mission…. The main battle is for people’s minds.”

The campaign aims to combat what he called “a movement to subvert American institutions and to suppress any criticism of the subversion of those institutions.”

This movement to advance Sharia law is being conducted by “an armada of organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim American Society and the Muslim Student Association, which are part of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is advancing this agenda,” Horowitz said.

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  • PDK

    Judge Martin should have been dismissed immediately. He is sharia compliant, not first amendment compliant. This behavoir should be nipped in the bud.
    Islam is the inferiority complex and its naturally arising emotions of hate and anger pursuing its superiority via a conquer, submit and enslave policy. Islams superiority can only be achieved at the expense of others liberty. Islami is insanity, we should outlaw this insane group of haters.
    Women especially suffer under Islam.
    I hope the freedom center can take away Martins judgeship, he does not deserve it.
    Woe will be humanity, when all are enslaved to Islamic insanity. Thank you.

    • Whatsinaname

      The Freedom Center has no right or ability to remove Judge Martin from the Bench. That is the job of the people in his district. If they decide to keep him, then he stays on the Bench. If they decide to vote in someone else, Judge Martin is out of a job. The people currently have the power. Whether or not they use it is another matter.

  • Anamah

    Is now here an executive order to ban criticizing of Muslims/Islam or something similar, like this signed by our president or I had a nightmare? Would you please investigate what is happening in America about that? Thank you!

    • jacob

      I don't know about such specifically but I know that the rotten and abject media said YES to OBAMA's "suggestion" to switch calling Muslims terrorists as such but instead as "Insurgents"
      or "Freedom Fighters" …

      In what has become the signature of this Administration, backed by the unconditionals of our
      mostly abject and rotten media, ANYTHING is possible……
      Its Attorney General thumps his nose at Congress and Congress doesn't have what's required
      (read "COJONES") to impeach him, claiming the only one who can him is his employer and so on
      and so forth ….

      And as to this Pennsylvania judge, I guess it is in order for the PEOPLE to demonstrate for his
      resignation or removal, as "Reverends" AL SHARPTON or JESSE JACKSON would for no reason
      at all, just for the hell, of raising hell….
      There is no room in the bench for such Judges….

    • michaelle

      The muslims tried to make this an universal law at the UN and thank God it failed. Obama can't stop the freedom of speech no matter how hard he tries. He is now trying and failing to get Rush off the air and the tyrant is failing because of many petitions.

      • Vermont Yid

        I think Rush Limbaugh is a horrible individual. That aside, if people don't like what he has to say, they don't have to listen to him.

        • BS77

          Rush is a funny guy….you just don't understand his intelligence or sense of humor. Yes, he has made some errors…but all in all, he is a patriotic and rational American……and makes sense to millions of people.

          • ajnn

            limbaugh is one of the great entertainers of our time. a master of his med

  • jacob


  • Schlomotion

    It seems to me that there no heroes and all villains in this story. The guy dressed up as Zombie Muhammad is a villain. The guy who who couldn't handle it and beat him up is a villain. The judge who said the first guy was out of the boundaries of his First Amendment rights is a villain. The people seizing on the event to fan it into a case of Sharia supremacy are villains. The whole thing is just ugly.

    • pagegl

      Why is the guy dressed as Zombie Mohammad a villain? He was doing nothing but satirizing a religion. So what? The primary basis of our freedom as Americans is freedom of speech. If people don't like what someone is saying they can choose not to listen. Instead of handling such a situation as adults, we have way too many people who get their knickers in a twist way too easily and piss and moan that they are offended. So, we now have this idiocy called political correctness which allows immature twits to chip away at our freedoms. They need to get real and grow up.

      • Schlomotion

        Of course he is free to do it. But if you live in a place like Dearborn, Michigan or some other ethnic enclave, you are trying to incite a riot and persecute people. I have a right to dress like Rudolf Hess and march around goosestepping for Halloween, but I am still not going to do that, and especially not in front of a Hebrew School full of little kids and grandmothers, and blowing a big whistle. I am sure the guy was absolutely hoping some Muslim would scratch his own eyes out. This has nothing to do with the wedge issue of political correctness. This is the tragiccomic bathos of pressure groups. Code Pink does this all the time: try to make an issue into something it is not. Some guy acting like an extra from the movie GORP is not a triumph over prior restraint. It is a lame publicity stunt. He was teasing a dog with a stick and he got bit on the ankle.

        • Western Canadian

          You can always be counted on to offer up utter swill in your posts…. poorly reasoned, irrelevant, and frankly stupid. You did so with this one.

          Start a riot? In my own city, we have had the shame of the hate group known as islam chanting ‘kill the jews, kill the jews’, across the road from a synagogue and retirement home for jews. No riot. Also cowardice on the part of the ‘news’ media, and the police sitting on their hands. Shameful response to deliberate and hate motivated behaviour. Deportation would have been a better response (unless of course you agree that the mass murder of jews is a good thing, and you probably do).

          ‘persecute people’?? Even for you, that is pathetic. Suggest you try to establish some understanding of a word, before you use it. In most of the world those who are actually persecuted in any manner regarding the religion of hate (islam) and it’s degenerate founder, are nonmuslims who fail to lick the boots of the self anointed ‘finest of all peoples’.

          You are dishonest in your contrived and pitiable comparison to this act in any way comparing to provoking jews by dressing as a nazi etc. The nazis were the villains, jews the victims. IF, and it is a damned big IF, jews responded with violence, that would NOT be comparable to a muslim-fascist objecting to someone failing to submit to the obscenity known as sharia.

          As for your mind reading, and claim to know what the victim of the islamic fascist was thinking, to do this you would first be required to have the equipment needed to read his mind, specifically a mind of your own. A lack that is increasingly obvious, with your each and every pathetic and dishonest post.

          • Schlomotion

            I imagine the angry Muslim reacted to this Zombie Muhammad much in the same way you are reacting now, with a bitter hatred of one of the various Semitic religions and its people, with a sense of self-defense and global mission and with a lot of sputter, trying to tell people what they can say and cannot say. What's weird is you are are a Canadian attacking Muslims in Philadelphia. Surely you must see why that's amusing.

  • Plumb

    I have to wonder how the judge would handle a Christian's attack on one of the many men wearing a "Gay Jesus Cross-dresser" costume in the Gay Pride parade? I'm sure the Christian would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and convicted, nevermind the obvious provocation.

    I'm a Pennsylvanian who will be writing my Congressman, encouraging him to take action against Judge Martin.

  • James

    Mark Martin is a Magisterial District Judge in PA. The person that the people need to speak with and put pressure on is the President Judge of the/his County. The President Judge can order him to step down, or at least place the pressure on him from above. The D.J. sytem in PA does not require the person holding office to be an attorney, nor know anything about the law beyond what one can read in some books. The major requirement is that they pass Magisterial D.J. school. Most PA Countys have 6 Districts, some have 4 ( re-figured Districts) due to persons being elected and failing to pass D.J. school- among the various other reasons one can imagin.

  • James

    I live in a PA County not to far from DJ Martin and have heard of him and his court decisions prior to this incident. The PA Magistrate Court is not a court of record. However, if given permission-one should be allowed to record the proceedings for future reference. There DJ's that do not allow recorders, just note taking. There are DJ's who record everything on tape themselves. It varies across PA. If enough people in his voting area find out about this, he will not be reelected, however, I'm beating that he is sitting back and waiting for this all to blow over-people to forget come his reelection time. A police officer must stand before him again and again and provide testimony in court/the hearing. Some police officers more than others go before him and it is very difficult to speak out against the DJ even when you know he is an utter-freakin moron. Call Mark and ask him about the law, or if he can read a book. Mark was a police officer before his DJ job and now he dispenses "Sharia law " in his District.

  • James

    He states that he knows Islam because he was a veteran of the Iraq War and learned alittle about the culture of Islam. I am veteran of the Iraq War and I learned that cultural stuff too, but I also delt with Al-qaeda sharia law almost everyday in the area I was stationed. I saw first hand what damage it did to the people. I also read books- about the truth.

    My suggetion to Mark (I doubt he cares to much.) is he puts away the Koran( the bullsh*t holy book of Islam- full of lies) and really reads the United States Constitution. His obvious mis-interpetation of the First Amendment shows how ignorant he really is….Mark, just "GOOGLE"- First Amendment Definition, it is just that easy to do before the Hearing and it's a start toward learning something completely new-for you anyway. Call the Cumberland County, PA courthouse and put pressure on the President Judge of the County Court to chew Mark a new-one (oh, and to ask him to step down).

  • Juddea

    If I assaulted Judge Martin, could I claim it was because his ruling was blasphemus in my religion?

    • guest

      yes. Then you could give him a lecture on the constitution, which he never read.

  • Amused

    Hmmmm ……half the thread has disappeared ….lol

  • Brujo Blanco

    This case was a true tragedy. The Muslims will be going for small victories to infuse sharia into the American legal system. These small victories will add up in th years to come. The way to stop them in to have the fortitude to figuratively stuff the US Constition up their noses. Also the law should not permit any person or organization to commit acts of violence against against anyone in the name of religion. No one has a right to not be offended.

  • BS77

    Welcome to the world of Orwell.

  • Mister Right

    Remember way, way back when lefties used to say "I might not agree with what you say, but I would fight to the death to defend your right to say it?" I'm not sure if they ever meant it, but now they don't even try to fake it. This judge is clearly a totalitarian creep who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a gavel or robe.

    Wherever the left has power – academia, the press, etc – freedom of speech dies.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I think it goes far far back in time to the era of Voltaire who made a similar statement and there
      is argument as to who it was exactly that phrased it so. My take on lefties is they never give or
      gave credence to good manners and colegiality in disagreement…………I admit I have a strong
      prejudice against the left as you are so correct in "Wherever the left has power-academia,
      the press, etc. – freedom of speech dies…………………Regards,……………….William

    • Amused

      "lefties " sid that Mister Right ? I think you're full of sheet asssshat .

      • Western Canadian

        I think you didn’t read the post well enough to understand it. Not unusual for you.

  • danseagull


  • Lady_Dr

    Is Martin a Muslim? I am finding conflicting information on the web – I hope that the author will follow up with an article on this. AND that everyone will do what they can to education themselves and others on the danger Islam poses to America and the free world.

    I just returned from a conference where most attendees were from Moslem countries – the organizer had put together most of their presentations – these people are still in the stone age and it is probably because their religion/culture (so called) does not permit them to think). ARRGH!

  • Amused

    Putting aside all the partisan lefty/righty bullshheet , it still stands , a crime was committed called ASSAULT&BATTERY , which by the way can range from a misdemeanor to a Class A Felony in ALL 50 States , depending on mitigating or aggravated circumstances . The victim in this case broke no law and was DENIED the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT of Due Process by this judge .As I said in a previous post , the judge has the lattitude to levy whatever penalty or fine he deems appropriate according to state law . He does not however have the right to throw the case out , once it had been established that the act of assault did indeed take place . There were witnesses . This judge need to be diusbarred and sacked .

  • Guest

    Thank you