DNC Convention Kicks Off with Debt and Controversy

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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) launched its 2012 Convention as America’s National Debt reached a record $16 trillion. A number of big controversies weighed heavy on the event, but little of that meant anything to the people occupying Charlotte, North Carolina’s Time Warner Cable Arena, as they loudly applauded strong speeches given by First Lady Michelle Obama and an up-and-coming politician from San Antonio, Texas.

“Forward” was the slogan of Tuesday night’s DNC convention – possibly the entire convention. It’s no coincidence that it’s also the slogan of the MSNBC news channel, a channel whose commentators make wild accusations at Republican leaders. Speakers from the convention labeled the GOP backward, but none of the negative attacks could hide the gaffes and controversies taking place prior to the speeches.

Following the end of the RNC convention, the reality of skyrocketing unemployment and high food and gas prices has allowed Republican leaders to ask the question, “Are we better off now than we were four years ago?” This has put Democrats on the defensive, most of whom have trouble answering it, one of whom – Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley – answered “No.” This, along with President Obama’s grading of himself with an “incomplete” in his handling of the economy, has provided Republicans with a couple of tremendous talking points.

As well, the Democratic Party platform was approved with some disturbing omissions. There was not one mention of “God” in it, and regarding the nation of Israel, there was no mention of Jerusalem being the capital of the Jewish homeland, no mention of Israel being America’s strongest ally, and no mention of Hamas as a terrorist organization. All four of those issues were part of the Democrat platform in 2008 – missing in 2012.

The platform aside, speakers at this year’s DNC convention focused on various themes. One was the “war on women” theme, using such issues as abortion, contraception and unequal pay in the workplace to make the point. Another one was the “class warfare” theme, painting Republicans as only caring about the “rich,” while shunning the middle-class and the poor. And yet another was the need for more government funding, thinly veiled within the word “investment,” such as investment in public education.

Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey and one of the early speakers, stressed the need for education. He stated, “Our nation cannot continue to be the world’s number one economy, if we aren’t committed to being the world’s number one educator.” It’s a very noble statement, but does he mean by it that government should continue to throw money at a failed Department of Education, as the Obama administration has, or does he mean that government should encourage competition with schools, something that Republicans would agree with?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had two targets in his speech, Mitt Romney and the Tea Party, which he claims has taken over the GOP. He stated, “We must stop the Tea Party before the United States Senate falls into the hands of extremists and ideologues, who leave no room for reason or compromise…” He might have been citing the Debt Ceiling compromise vote, where some Republicans wisely voted “No,” because the debt raise was nearly four times the accompanying agreed cut in spending.

A video of former President Jimmy Carter was shown, which was interesting as Paul Ryan and other Republican politicos have been publicly drawing comparisons to his and President Obama’s failures. In the video, Carter says, “Dialogue and collaboration are once again possible with a return of a spirit of trust and goodwill to our foreign policy.” Could he be talking about the Palestinian militants who he openly sides with? Or maybe Iran that moves to build nukes, while Obama and others call for (empty) diplomacy with the terror-supporting country?

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar painted a glowing picture of Barack Obama’s energy policy, while the President, in reality, has had an assault on domestically produced gas, oil and coal. Salazar claims that Obama is bringing America to energy independence, but actually the opposite is the case. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says that “ObamaCare is a badge of honor.” She must have really felt that way, because she kept using the derogatory term [ObamaCare].

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  • southwood

    As a Brit I have to say I am amazed at the level of support Obama still manages. The sad fact is that Romney-Ryan is a poor alternative and there is every likelihood that Obama will have four more years in which to finish off the greatest nation on earth.

    • Banastre Tarleton

      True enough …I never believed that Yanks would elect a preening poseur likle Obama , BUT THEY DID and then I thought it was all about ''white guilt '' and they would sober up and snap out of it , BUT THEY DIDN'T

      Obama is the ZEIT GEIST or spirit of the times and , unfortunately he's here to stay

    • davarino

      Wrong, I think 2010 gave a preview of the coming results. Obama can lie all he wants about his record but the American people arent that stupid. The polls are being skewed and I believe November will "suprize" the media.

      • southwood

        Wrong, eh ? Well that's an AWFUL LOT of opinion polls that are being skewed then, including right wing ones like Fox News. Somehow I doubt it's the case.

        • Ar'nun

          Carter was up by almost 10% even in the exit polling.

          He lost in a record setting landslide and his economic record was better than Obama's.

        • guest

          It's because they poll 2008 registered voters of Republicans who were unenthusiastic about McCain and tired of Bush with Democrats inflated due to the fraudulent registered of dead people, pets, cartoon characters and the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys.

          The Wisconsin polls had the race tied and Walker later won by 7%. The likely voters poll which shows a +4% Romney lead is correct.

          • southwood

            Well, if it's going to be down to fraudulent voting, intimidation by Black Panthers and so on then Obama's a shoe in.

          • Jim_C

            Which party is trying to disenfranchise the voters in its states, again, ostensibly due to allegations of "election fraud," which investigations found to be virtually non-existent? While one of their representatives said out loud their (court-rejected) manipulations would deliver the election to Romney (as opposed to, say, increasing the integrity of the polls)?

          • trickyblain

            Intimidation by the Black Panthers? Oh, you mean that one polling location where they showed up uninvited and unsupported. Since you live in Britain and read right-wing news, you may have the notion that Black Panthers were menacing lots and lots of voters all over the place. They weren't. One location out of tens of thousands.

          • southwood

            It was a glib comment, not really very seriously meant .

          • KellyM

            Polls are notorious for skewing results to the left so as to discourage voters who aren't for their candidate. People are lining up to see the movie "2016", venting against Obama in blogs and news sites across the board. You can't look to the polls for your view of how everyday Americans are feeling: look to the 2010 drubbing the Democrats took as a foretaste of this election. Polls lie because the left wing media shills for the left. Obama is in big trouble because he's been unmasked as the layabout do-nothing commie that he has always been.

    • Asher

      If Obama is so popular then why does he have to have his convention in a 20,000 arena rather than a 100,000 to 200,000 seater? Because he can't fill up the seats..hes already had people bused in and paid them to attend…We have the proof.

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,southwood,President Obama may seem personally likable,but he's begun a slow dip in the polls because of his poor handling of the economy. His record has been dismal and he may soon be thrown out of office. But,he has a lot of supporters in the media and that's going to be tough to overcome but not impossible. The Rommey-Ryan ticket may surprise us and pull off a win. Although the President and his supporters will still try to hide his poor record but he can't. President Obama's going to have a tough time getting reelected.

  • Banastre Tarleton

    Obama may be an epic fraud and a preening poseur but he's also the american idol , the sultan of swing and the king of cool and he's almost certainly going to be re-elected

    We are now living in the american idol era when politics is just another form of entertainment , where ''style'' rules substance …Obama is in the ''spirit of the times '' while the angular Romney is more in tune with the conformist 50's …he lacks charisma and a sense of humour and has spent his formation years in a bizarre christian cult ; he is very rich , elitist and lacks the common touch, and like AlGore , has the type of personality that folks intitively dislike
    Meanwhile ,Obama has grown with confidence over the last 4 years and like a movie actor has perfected his role as President and seems destined for an acadamy award for his preformance

    Short of a miracle Obama will win this election , even McCain had a better chance than poor Romney and if you remember he was ahead in the pols this time 4 years ago

    • Bartimaeus

      American politics is becoming very worrisome, as a president that appeals to the shallow pop culture people and at the same time the unprincipled, amoral, anti-God crowed is seeking his second term. I would think if the founding fathers could see what is taking place in the USA, they would be totally dumbfounded at our present condition. How is it that we have strayed so far from our moral and political foundations?

      • wsk

        Tony Blair and so many oters were real winners, too. Sounds like a lot of grandstanding from a former empire, now a second rate power. Maybe a little Schadenfreude thrown in for good measure.

        • Jim_C

          "Second rate power?" You don't think much of this country, do you?

          Whose country does the world flock to for college?

          Whose country can best the USA militarily?

          Which country still leads the world in innovation? Which country provides other countries with more foreign aid? Who is still called first in international disputes?

          You must have a stringent definition of "second-rate."

          • southwood

            I think he meant Britain. But Obama could well get you there too.

        • southwood

          Tony Blair was our version of Obama, a thoroughly despicable leader who virtually destroyed Britain. As for Schadenfreude. not all Brits would have that feeling. But Americans don't help when they show contempt for Britain's immigrant problem, and, I might add, utter ignorance about the NHS. I would not like to see America decline. A strong America is a force for good when it upholds the values of its founders. Conservatives (small c, not the pathetic political party) in the UK value America.

          • Ghostwriter

            southwood,we also have an illegal immigrant problem in America,and it's not being helped by the ideologues in either party.

          • Jim_C

            I like British conservatives. They're like our moderate democrats. And aside from that minor squabble 240 years ago I love Britain's history, culture, and people. Yes, the empire waned, but it lives on (too often unrecognized) in all its colonies.

            Not sure what you mean about the US showing contempt for your immigration problems? I mean, I think I know the problems of which you speak, and I agree about the political correctness you have to endure–but I wasn't aware Americans were up on those issues? Most of us aren't up on our own.

          • southwood

            "moderate democrats" lol. Not this one. I am well to the right of the Republicans except on welfare issues where Americans would consider me a socialist but my fellow Brits wouldn't.

            As for contempt for UK immigration, I have read many comments on sites like Breitbart which sneer at "Dhimmi Britain" or some such image. I know a little about America's problems in places like Arizona and the border with Mexico, illegals' amnesty and so on.

          • Jim_C

            I don't think our countries define "right" and "left" the same. Todays moderate dems are not much different than most Republicans pre-Reagan. But then, Reagan today would be called a RINO, more or less.

            What's your take on UK health care? Smashing? Dreadful? Mixed bag?

          • southwood

            I, like most Brits, value our NHS. It gives me good free dental treatment, regular check ups etc. Doctors are hard working and mostly good although some just want to give you a pharmacy prescription just like anywhere else in the world. Hospitals seem to give good treatment. I am going by visits and reports; thankfully I have rarely needed hospital. Overall it is a good thing although of course it has its discrepancies. What's it like in the States ? Medicare is your kind of NHS, right ? I don't like some aspects of Obamacare from what I have read of it , the so called death panels for example.

          • Jim_C

            Well, "death panels" (great name) mean a few different things to different people. But making end-of-life plans is a direction health care is going to go whether we have Obamacare or whatever it is Mr. Romney is proposing (essentially, Obamacare minus the 'Obama'). As I understand them, "death panels" are really a mechanism to help people plan for their deaths so their loved ones won't be in a scramble of paperwork and bureaucracy while they mourn.

            The problem with health care, here, is cost and bureaucracy–costs were projected to skyrocket whether Obama or McCain had won. Many reasons for this, but insurance companies are one–who, by the way, "ration" care and deny coverage. Also, health care can be just labyrinthine–I've no idea how people manage to keep track of who is billing them, from where, for what, what insurance will and won't cover and why. It makes a single payer system seem very attractive.

            Many have argued to make Medicare universal (as you say it is kind of like our NHS for retirees). I could see it–the large pool would keep costs down. But like my conservative counterparts I balk at government administration–to whom do providers address grievances if/when the checks stop coming in? We NEED universal, mandatory coverage–this (very American) argument against "coercion" is silly. I like the Swiss system, where you are required to have coverage, but that coverage is provided by private companies who can NOT make a profit on the basic universal package (this is key) but who CAN compete to provide packages beyond that basic coverage, based on income tiers–so the market still plays a role in innovations, costs, and variety/choice.

          • southwood

            My understanding of so called death panels was of panels deciding whether it was worth expenditure on certain kinds of treatment for the elderly (especially the terminally ill) since they were in all likelihood only going to benefit by living a few more years at most.

            The American system is beyond my understanding. It is just so different from the British method. In the UK we are fed horror stories of people being refused treatment at hospitals in America because they don't have the money although I believe that they would receive some kind of basic treatment.

            The Swiss system sounds good. It is just recently being suggested that charities and others in the UK start providing health care, augmenting the NHS. This might close the gaps in anomalies like people having to travel far to health centres.

    • Ar'nun

      Obama gave himself an "Incomplete" grade on the economy when a couple years ago he gave himself a "B+". That doesn't scream confidence to me. He will give a boring safe speech at the end of the convention leaving his followers melancholy.

    • https://www.facebook.com/WendilynnK Wendilynn Kerezman

      Actually, Romney has a great sense of humor. The media has tried to play it as if its not. Romney mostly makes fun of his own stereotype. He pokes fun at himself most of the time. And his audience has always got it. Its the pundits who try and play it as lame.

      What makes Romney hard to relate to is that this is a man who is quiet and reserved. He's a hard worker who is more concerned with getting things done then being seen as popular. This man believes in hard work, self reliance and that just giving people stuff do not help them succeed. This is not popular in this day and age when people are all looking for easy handouts so they don't have to work so hard.

    • guest

      I think you hit every point spot on. The media is complicit in sanitizing this horrific situation where we the Sheeple have no alternative other than to choose the lesser of two "evils." IMO, neither candidate bests the other in this department. I think this will force me to choose the candidate who hasn't already lied to me.

    • Spider

      You are only partially right about Obummer being a fraud, preening poseur and a celebrity. That is only his fake persona. Deap down he is much more than that. He is an anti-American saboteur sent to us courtesy of the American and International Left. He is here to fundamentally change America into just another third world hell-hole just like where he cam from. I think you are wrong about the outcome of the election. There was no Tea Party 4 years ago and I believe they will hand him his head in two months time. I can't wait to see it!

    • Chris Creighton

      Just how old are you Banastre?

  • V_O

    So many of us Yanks are too busy watching Jersey Shores and Toddlers with Tiaras to have a real grasp on just how low we've sunk….. Then we watch the Newsroom and feel like we've added some intellectual, real political thought to our outlooks…
    Dear Lord, we have a country full of blind sheep waiting for the next sparkley thing to distract us while we wallow in our self hatred.

    God help us….

    We need that miracle!

    • Asher

      The Socialist left's game is to make people believe it is hopeless and that they have taken over and are just too powerful…What a bunch of decepticons…they are loosing on every issue and are loosing Democrats and Independants…Big Time!!!!!!!!!!!! They hope to cash in on illegal voting to make up for the Business people, white people, and other minorities they have lost.

  • davarino

    Its funny how they trotted out all these guys from the past to make the sale for Obama, but how bout talking about the goods that Obama is selling, TODAY, NOW. I dont care what Ted Kennedy did, or what Clinton did (at least he moved to the center), or what Carter did (at one time the worst president ever). Can we talk about HIS record? Can we talk about his past, his history, his childhood? Can we talk about all the wonderful things he did as a non president? NOPE cause his associations with known terrorists was Bush's fault : )

    • Jim_C

      They have, and they will continue to do so, davarino. I don't know if you noticed, but democrats are proud of President Obama.

    • wsk

      Simple answer: Nope.

    • Serafino

      Davarino, watch the movie 2016 – America's Obama. An excellent, factual account of his radical, socialist and anti-American platform. Makes you think just how deeply rooted the hatred of all things American is in these marxist politicians like Obama and their supporters. It also lets you see how much he enjoys the opportunity to stick it to the country he so despises – our country. A must see for all my fellow Americans. We truly need to wake up.

      • davarin

        Yes Serafino, I read the book and saw the movie, something some of our friends listed above are terrified to see, cause "they cant handle the truth" : )

        • Spider

          I think you are right about that – denial is a powerful thing

  • 4frespeech

    Ironic the same Dem's who keep accusing the Rep party as the party of rich old White men, are the ones who had the party of old rich White men represent them at the convention e.g. Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Harry Reed ( a Mormon, guessing he's the only one not a cult member ), and an old White rich woman Sebelius.

    • Jim_C

      You must have missed half the speakers, then.

  • guest

    Last night Austin Golesbee went on the airwaves proselytizing the uncontrollable nature of the US economy, how they inherited the problem while saying nothing on the decades of Democratic housing fraud which includes Obama, the strong headwinds from Europe and China while saying nothing on the big government spending insolvency creating them, and the rising energy cost while saying nothing on the a weak dollar and the federal war on energy.

    They have shown absolutely no awareness on the current economic situation and continue to cover for their big government criminal allies to keep themselves out of prison.

    • Jim_C

      1. Why WOULD they say that? That's not their point of view. The global economy did not collapse just because the US government encouraged a relatively small amount of people to get home loans. Something tells me banking deregulation played a part….

      You think China is something to worry about? Sure, they have a lot of people. But tell me, what have they invented in the last 1000 years?

      2. "Big government criminal allies"–kind of tough to pretend that's just a democrat problem. Show me something democrats did wrong, I'll show you the same thing on the republicans side. It's a game we can play all day, but what for?

  • tagalog

    Duval Patrick said, “It’s time for democrats to grow a backbone and stand up for what we believe.”

    You mean for the past four years they haven't, as they labored under a Democrat-dominated Senate and House of Representatives (for the first two years)?

    What's wrong with them that they couldn't stand up for what they believe when they had it all going their way?

    Do they want to repeal Obamacare or something?

  • hammar

    obama will lose. Sorry for the news! And will be drinking Ice TEA to cool off!

  • IsraelFirster

    Mayor of Chicago and Obama’s first Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, called Obama a “once in a generation President

    All I can say is Thank God !!!!

    Hopefully our millstone President will meet defeat in November and NOT try a Coup D'Etat to keep his office.

    • clarespark

      That is my deepest fear: that the Dems will not go quietly if they lose. Their followers are furious with the villainy of the "one percent."

      • Jim_C

        Why would they need to? They're winning. And even if they lost–what on earth would make you think there'd be a coup? Where's your logic?

        • clarespark

          Who says that the Democrats are winning? It remains a very tight race. It is part of sykewar from the MSM to portray the "99%" as the put-upon, riled up majority. Polls are a form of psychological warfare and should be identified as such. Even when losing, the Nazis said they were invincible.

  • clarespark

    Panning the audience, the viewer could see a new "people's community" in the making. Weeping, loving the demaguery, despising the "one percent" and clamoring for a "fair share". When persons with disparate interests are mashed together by the Leader and Big Government, we should tremble for the future of the Republic. I noted the incoherence of the Democratic base here: http://clarespark.com/2012/04/06/diagnosing-potus…. "Diagnosing POTUS."

    • wsk

      I weep for our future.

  • Freida Drucker

    Hmmm…"they" are raising money for a $35 million dollar estate for BHO in Hawaii. Mrs. Robnson, Michelle's mother, says she will be moving to Hawaii by January 2013 with her daughter and granddaughters. The Chicago house is up for sale as the winters are too harsh. Also interesting is that Michelle didn't speak about the years BHO lived in Indonesia and BHO's relationship with Frank Davis, Bill Ayers and his drugging years and the fact that he also attended school as a foreign exchange student………so many omissions., guess she had to keep her speech short. Also, why did she and BHO give up their licenses to practice law? Methinks she'd like to rewrite the actual history of their lives……….Will they be vetting BHO before the 2012 election?

  • Nick

    The Democrap-in-Chief is pretty rich himself. Not bad for a kid with a "disadvantaged past". Makes you wonder just how much balance he carries in HIS bank accounts. Not that he earned that money… His "books" filled with mindless plattitudes have no doubt been written by a handful of faithful brainwashed youngsters desperate for a couple of bucks. Someone ought to order a linguistic analysis of his "masterpieces" to determine their authenticity.

  • Nick

    The slogan "Forward" is not all that authentic. Obama and his team were not able to come up with anything authentic on their own, so they copied it from… a socialist source… what a surprise! Forward is the title of the Italian Communist Party newspaper ("Avanti" in Italian), which was started by its founder Antonio Gramschi. "Forward" was also favored by many Soviet periodicals, faithfully following the tradition.

  • http://tarandfeathersusa.wordpress.com/ Iratus Vulgas

    To heck with the DNC convention. I've scheduled a beer summit with the NFL tonight, as they launch the 2012 football season. I'll let the MSM tell me what I missed. Why should I suffer?

    • twinelm

      You will at least be better entertained and hydrated. And I can tell you now what the MSM says you will have missed. The Great Orator waxing poetic about the Grand Democratic Vision (of stealing your hard earned money) and getting teary-eyed at how special America was to elect a black president who has turned out so great (not) and should reward his valiant effort with another term to "finish the job" (heaven forbid). There, now you know. Enjoy the game.

  • flowerknife_us

    "Forward" to a dictatorship. That is all that it could possibly mean. The "fundamental change" has already made us change sides in foreign policy. With Justice Roberts Supreme Court decision allowing the federal Government to "Tax" any behavior the Government dislikes, the "people" have already become Slaves of the State. All that is really left to do is give Obama and his minions another 4 years where they will enforce its unchecked power.

    Will we still "Honor" the American Servicemen when they are ordered to shoot us down in cold blood? Or the Police as they drag us out of our Homes in the middle of the night? Does anyone really believe that our voting records are really private being in a Government data base? When "Right-wingers and Conservatives" are demonized by the opposition and the press multiple times each and every day?

    There is a reason why Gun sales are growing the way they are. While the Government is stockpiling Ammunition for DOMESTIC use.

  • Andy

    I kept having to shake my head and slap my face to keep from falling asleep during Michele's speech. Not only the BS content but the writing style – I asked myself "Where are the violins?" I thought of the Irony – the camera kept taking in black faces which gave one the impression they had brought in a few token whites – and what they forget is that the Democratic Party was the slaver's party – the KKK was the party's military arm. It was Lincoln and the Republicans who freed the slaves – Rev. King was a Republican. The difference between the two conventions, at least what the TV showed us, seemed to be one of class – the RNC, the establishment, and the DNC the servants having their party. B.S. and plastic overwhelmingly smothered the viewer. If not for Clint Eastwood at the RNC all would have been lost.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama's empty words are converting into and empty treasury, loss on a scale unimagined and
    a Nation at loss to large to comprehend but the understanding is or has seeped in and for
    self preservation Obama is done.Americans who value a life better than socialist slavery
    will vote against him. Democrats will vote for Romney in greater numbers than Reagan or
    fail to vote at all. Anyone voting for Obama is a slug on the dole and bears the shame
    of changing into hopelessnes were good potential existed………………..William

  • AnnRandy

    I can see why someone like Slick Williy Clinton is effective…
    He's making nonsense sound good to drones who think 2+2 (MATH10) is the FRIGGIN' Theory of Relativity…(E=MC2)

  • bill

    all the above comments were submitted by rush limbo (he's back on meds) and you idiots keep on listening!!